Your Free Wheeling Experiences?

Hey Everyone, warm greetings! Heart

Anyone who knows Openhand knows just how much importance we associate with softening the grasp of controlling mind through "free wheeling". Essentially you take some time out, with no plan nor schedule, you relax, soften, open and say to the Universe... "Show me!" Then just take off in the direction of the pull. I also call it "Treasure Hunting", because of the wonderful signs and synchronicity that tend to materialise. So what treasure have you uncovered today?

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Hi Maricia,

Great to hear from you - what a heartfelt sharing - you have a beautiful way of writing Heart

What immediately jump out for me are two things (the two creatures): 1) Heron - for focus. Be focussed in your awareness and go only with what truly serves. 2) Squirrel - I sense change is coming for you and squirrel says to have no fear, because resources are on their way to support it.

Keep exploring, keep digging, keep unwinding!

Much love and support coming your way.

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Maricia, what a divine union! I marveled at the soulfulness of your connection with nature and with the lady friend you met. What an amazing feedback loop. <3

I will echo your beautiful sharing (though briefly) as Im feeling so supported by Nature at the moment, in particular the Japanese maple trees! Wherever I go, they are there. That amazing red they wear, so rich and fiery - and so quiet too. And the funny thing is that I didnt know at first they were Japanese, I just felt it and then found out on the net.

One of the relevances of this tree in my life atm is that I have been looking for a new place to live and the red maple trees are guiding my way (its been a challenging journey!), inviting me to connect deeply and to trust. 'They' have been 'bringing physical support to me' in the form - lately -  of a friend with the right solution! The funny thing is that there is a Japanese Bonsai tree shop (with japanese bonsai red maple trees!) in a village very close to where the (hopefully!) new house will be and which Im viewing later today :)

The significance of connecting with the red maple tree is described here:

“According to the Shinto code, the viewer on a proper leaf-viewing excursion should try to achieve a personal communion with the leaves, in a bond akin to the private communication between (wo)man and god"



Japanese maple tree


First time commenting on a post and send my love Open! I felt the urge to go free wheeling on Saturday and headed off down the woods on a lovely sunny day.The pull was very strong! I saw the biggest heron stood in a field of Alpacas so i stopped and enjoyed the beauty of him or a while then, i have not seen a heron there before so made me happy. ventured further and listened to the stream as it was different after the torrential rain we had the day before, so tuneful! while standing there 2 clouds of mist swirled right before my eyes and then disappeared, this is was anew experience. i was pulled to the branch of a large chestnut tree and sat meditating with my eyes closed it was so beautiful listening to the birds and stream! I was bounced off the branch it really made me jump,laughed at myself for jumping out of my skin! Then to my surprise a squirrel came down the branch towards me and sat right next to me chattering away for quite sometime and i just told him how beautiful etc, it was so special i felt real 'Joy' Open !we said goodbye and as i carried on walking i started singing, i have never done this before! it just came out a song about the Joy of nature and my voice didn't sound like me and i was just smiling the biggest smile and feeling so good!so i sat under a tree and wrote what was popping in my head down. i stayed for a while and found so much beauty and felt so calm and connected , it was truly wonderful! so much has happened Open and Aspasia since meeting you both and Thank you so much for everything! I have been painting, making time for me, finding me, oh i will stop now so much ..... last night i went for a walk connected with a stranger and we talked abut so much and when e said goodbye she cried and Thanked me for helping her and making her feel special. I think something big is happening, exciting times! Namaste x


Yesterday I had a free day between courses out here in sunny Byron Bay Australia. So I felt to take off 'treasure hunting' - it's for sure my favourite past time. It's a powerful tool to explore how mind-led programs rule the way choices are made - even subtle ones. I felt a pull to meditate on the beach, so someone said to me.... "Oh you must go to this one, it's the best for miles around". Of course that's going to be impactful, which I was aware of, and so worked extra hard to keep the space open. And the flow did indeed take me off in another direction.

I'm loving the exploration of metaphysical 'dragon energy' right now, and it's interrelation with the Universal Torus. It seems dragon energy keeps the flow moving. I have a new car (after my old one exploded!), which is called "Aeras", which to me means air. And since it can switch between petrol and LPG gas, it has a very mystical feel to it.

So yesterday I took off just following the flow, and sure enough it dropped me at a beach (not the one recommended!), and in the parking space right next to the only free one, was an "Aeras" - the dragon. And in the sky over the beach was a cloud looking very much like a dragon. Plus I was seeing twin flame 22 energy everywhere. I felt right at home!