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Creativity is an essential way to awaken dormant aspects of soul in you - which couldn't be more important in these times of great transition on the planet. What fires you up? What crumbles your cookie? That's the essence of this forum thread I've activated here below. It could just be sharing a short blog, a poem, a thought, a vision, a photograph you took, anything that stirs the creative juices. And there's no need to be self-conscious! Close your eyes a moment, breathe, get yourself in the zone, and let it flow.

If you do this, I can guarantee you'll unleash tremendous new possibilities into your life. So go on, express!

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This is a rewrite of a story told once before.  I gave all of myself to you or at least all of which I knew to be true.  The innocence was heightened, vulnerable to the chaos of the world.  Infinite possibilities, our natural birthright.  Stepping into the unknown with a heart exposed.  As many ways to God as human beings on the planet, the Sufi’s say.  It resonates because of its inclusivity.  Maybe a bit naïve, but a resonance deep within my being. 

Swallowed up by the mystery of life.  It’s meant to shape us through alchemy of the heart and mind.  Shaped by our past experiences, this life, and past lifetimes.  Ancestral trauma stuck within our cells.  We navigate these times with a greater sense of awareness.  The patterns and cycles begin to speak.  Our karma is starting to reveal itself one experience at a time.  I’m beginning to wake up to my true authentic self.

The fear kicks in and the mind starts to rationalize and justify, a life grossly out of alignment.  If we’re not careful, a breeding ground for dis-ease is beginning to shape from within.  Our outer life is not in alignment with our inner life.  The cognitive dissonance begins to strengthen.  The journey within continues with earnest.

We’re being called to shift the observer of who we are in the world.  A new way of being is wanting to emerge.  One of greater alignment and authenticity.

The density of this reality intensifies as all those around you have the identity of who you are up until this point in time bound into an old and outdated construct.  This is not about being the victim of your reality.  It’s about waking up to who you truly are through all our life experiences and situations.  It’s the journey of self-realization.  Maybe all of our life experiences are orchestrated in a way to set our souls FREE!

I feel for us to step into our true authentic selves, we must be willing to risk it “ALL”. 


With Love and Gratitude,




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This is so tender and beautiful - I love the energy of your art💓. Stirs a sense of emergence and newness. Thank you for sharing! 



Wrote these lyrics over the weekend & thought I’d share. So much of the mainstream spiritual music that I hear is about love & light but to me the journey is incredibly messy.. There are times of amazing light but there are a thousand little deaths and it’s often gut-wrenching, brutal, disorienting, and confusing. Especially when the old identity is being stripped away & you see all the potentialities and distortions inside, shadow and light, primal and pure etc. - with the lines seeming blurred sometimes. & Most of the archetypal symbolism that I’ve seen has a promise and warning in each stage – the gifts being a double edged sword, and those who are careless end up wrecked upon the rocks. The lyrics reflect that with the chorus being about remaining conscious and vigilant through it all “don’t close your eyes”… This was written with alternative music in mind so it’s a bit raw but I think its important to write honestly about different experiences on the path, not sugar coating them… & writing about what I experience is a part of shifting energy, for me..


There's a monster, there's a martyr, a serpent & a saint

The love of the Carpenter but there are nails & there is pain


Swirling contradictions, in some strange cosmic stew

I always thought I knew myself, but now

I haven't got a clue

‘Cause there's chaos in the cauldron and it's boiling up again

There'll either be a feast tonight, or just a helluva lot of pain


The moon is climbing high, now

The moon is climbing high..........(pause)......

Don't close your eyes   ///​​​

So, what's gonna happen now, that the veil's been stripped away

Should I run, should I scream, should I be, kneeling down to pray

Then, something calls me closer, as the flames are climbing higher

But you can see the light and still not know just who lit the fire


The moon is climbing high, now

The moon is climbing high..... (pause)

Don't close your eyes   ///

Is it heaven, is it hell, is it up to me to choose

There's just a fine line sometimes, between a halo and a noose

Cause there's chaos in the cauldron, & it’s boiling up again

There'll either be a feast tonight, or just a whole lot of pain





I walked in my garden 

A flower bowed to earth said to me,


Saw a swarm of flies spiralling

They reminded me,

      " The torus"

An ant bit my foot and invited me to be 

      "In the presence" 

A raven came to drink water from the pot winked at me,

    " Have patience" 

Yes, the journey goes..🙂









Here's a new video I made - Flow through the mind. 

The mind can be the greatest tool but also the greatest enemy. So using the power of the mind effectively is crucial in the mind. How might we do that? I think the key is to be awesomely ok in the uncertainty and the place without answers. Like any other thing in the path, when we don't need something that's when we get it. So is with the mind. When we reach the place where we are comfortable in the uncertainty , that's when the flow strengthens.

Btw I'm not advocating giving up on the path. I think the video is for those who have/had plenty of ray 3 distortions like me. The video length is 3:23 which is an interesting synchronicity! Smliing

The visuals where shot in Himachal and some in Kerala. Soumya and River is with me in the video. Enjoy!



Blessings Angel Halo


Vimal Praying Emoji

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Hey Vimal,

Beautiful video! Clapping Hands Emoji 

I resonate with the approach of not needing the answers to land, just being in the moment and allow whatever flows and feels right to happen. There is no need to figure anything out.

And at the same time, for me sometimes it is important not to abandon or throw away the inquiry itself. It is ok to stay with the questions themselves, without expectations, pressure or need for resolution. Just holding the questions softly, until the mud clears up and I unravel.

Also throwing away logic and relying on intuition only can be like walking with one leg. I tried this one Smiling With Sweat Emoji It's the right combination in every given moment that works like magic.

Thank you so much for inspiration Slightly SmilingHeart



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Hi Vimal,

That is some gorgeous scenery there!  I agree that having questions and trying to hurry or force them doesn't work.  It just blocks the answer from coming.  I'm learning to have the inquiry or question and then at some point the answer will arrive when I least expect it.  Many times it comes in my sleep at night when my mind is most quiet.  I'll wake up and suddenly the answer is there.  It always amazes me how that happens.  There is much wisdom in your words in this video.

Your videos are really awesome.  Thank you for sharing Praying EmojiHeart

SherriThe Sun Emoji 

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Vimal, I'm almost speechless. That was a simple but powerful message, and delivered in such an elegant way. Where was that stunning mountainous location, I want to go there. It's about the journey and changing the perception, yes, that resonates so strongly. You have certainly enhanced my perception with this wonderful film, thank you.


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Thanks, Yulia, Sherri, Andy and Open for your lovely feedback.

Yulia - I have gained a lot from your sharing here in OH especially during my initial years here. Thank you for all your inquiries. As you rightly say, there is no need to figure anything out yet, and inquiry is a fundamental quality we can have. I think more and more, I'm realizing that it's the inquiry itself why we came here. It's that which creates the life around. Hence, wanting to figure out the questions and have the answers always derails us. There will always be another question. I like what you said—throwing away logic and relying just on intuition can be like walking with one leg. Yes, especially when we have a strong intellect. Why not express that?!

Sherri - Some of the places in India, especially the Himalayas, are breathtakingly beautiful.

Andy - The place is Plachak valley near Dharamshala, India. I will be your guide when you visit India! :D

Open - I'm sure you know exactly what I'm saying. The composition just happens. There was no intention to make this particular video while filming. There was no intention for the scenes to appear where they are. Yet somehow it clicks into place when I'm not forcing it to be a particular way. I think you offered a significant key in the last ascension exchange. How to blend discipline with creativity. I think that's something that was missing in my creative approach. Thankyou.

Vimal Praying Emoji



Wrote these lyrics & thought I'd share. Took the photo near my home.

The Time Has Come (Lyrics)

Time… I think the time has come

The past…. I think it's just begun

This winding road, it doesn’t take us far

It just leads back to wherever we are       

Time….. I think the time has come


Our way…. I think we lost our way

The path..... You know, in time it fades

Got turned around, & upside down

Got the outside in, and the inside out

Our way… I think we lost our way


/// Chorus

Been gone so long, traveling on our own

Made a few wrong turns, had some things to learn

But now - we're finally coming home

End chorus//


Pain….. I’m seeing so much pain

It goes…. but the it’s back again  

The medicine seemed to work so well

But in the end, (it) makes us sick as hell

Pain…. I’m seeing so much pain


Home….. I think it's calling us home

Deep down….. I think we’ve always known

Turned our back went we walked away

(But) I get the feeling that a part of us stayed

Home, I think it's calling us home





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Thanks Open. & I loved your comment about the image. The cloud felt mystical in some way, but I never could quite put it into words. Black dragon energy seems spot on...thx......Gary


This forum reminds me to take the brush again.☺️ Experimenting my styles of painting 🤭😇. 



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Thank you Open. It fills my heart❤️. I have been observing myself . What a change happened in me. Nowadays the flow just take me while I paint. I won't say i had no intentions and expectations. I do. The outcome might be different from that. But the result just startles me🙂 Where was this hiding?  Sometimes I even wonder , is this really me creating this?🤔😁. 



Thank you, Open, for the reminder of that value of sharing not only creating. I have so much keeping in my creative archives, those virtual and physical as well as internal, it's all hidden from the eyes of others 😊. While it has been created over the long years of living it still has some value to myself - I take some pieces out of the box and look back, then I see the reflection of my own soul in those created pieces of various things. Not being shared but kept hidden so much I feel that holds me a bit currently from new expressions of creation (to some level, mainly from making material things as they require a space for storage then).

Nevertheless, I feel to share today the poem that came through me maybe a couple of years ago after participating in one of the powerful OPENHAND retreats.

There is no Me

And yet...

I am a Wind

I am a Rain

I am a Sun

I am a River

I am an Ocean

I am a Rainbow over the ocean

I feel the Tree - I am a Tree

I feel the Bird - I am a Bird

I feel You, I am You

I feel the ground under my feet

I feel the Earth spinning

I feel Gaia breathing

I am one with Gaia

I am one with Sky

I am one with Stars

I am one with Space

I am the One

And yet... there is no Me

The photo taken somewhere in Devon (UK) by Asya


With much gratitude and love




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Felt to add to my sharing that I recall clearly this poem landed after one of my breakthroughs as I was taking nearly every Openhand retreat at that time to liberate myself from distortions and find out who I really am. It was when I felt I have broke free from various identities and completely let go of what I thought I was. Remember sitting in my bed in the morning in such a lightweight emptiness and those words "bubbling" out of nowhere and just my hand wrote them down. But it didn't even feel that is me who is writing this poem, I didn't even know this is going to be a poem...

I'm still pondering with this question within - who is really creating? And I can reflect on the same feeling times and times again when looking into nearly every piece of my work that I am keeping as a "small art" - there was no identification at that very moment when it is being made, whatever that is - a poem, a drawing, a painting, my designed and hand made clothes,  jewellery, photo, video. When I am taking photos or filming was asking myself many times - why I have to photograph it? Can't I just enjoy it by simply watching? Yes, I can. But there is a tiny bit different feeling when  looking through the lense of the camera, as if my focus is sharpening onto some particular vibration which I feel within me and there is the snapshot of it taken in the moment of being IN THAT vibration. I would try describing it as the snapshot of the subtle feeling of the soul frequencies resonating with this particular moment when this bird is sitting in a particular position and light with the particular colours in the background, as an example of this photo just shared above. And so "I feel the bird - I am a bird..."

I don't know if that makes any sense of what just said. Would love to know how other people feeling when they're creating! Please do share 🙏

From loving heart 



02/02/2023 Shift Update...Creativity

I felt to express the incredible evolutionary value of creating for creating's sake. Just diving right in and expressing. The power of this is unbelievable. I know that countless people have been repressed by the judgments of their education system upbringing - you're told what's "good" and what's "bad", what you can or can't do. It puts a lot of people off from finding their natural creative spark.

Let's say you get a synchronistic pull to paint, to write, shoot some video, cook a new recipe, play an instrument or crochet a garment, even if the outcome is not what you might have hoped for in the beginning, the crucial thing is that you're unleashing the natural creative aspect of the soul - you're giving the soul wings in a particular way. You may never become great in that particular art, but just by doing it, you're unleashing the soul's inherent creativity. Now it can flow into the field in a myriad of new ways.

With that in mind I encourage all in the community to get creating and to share a snapshot of your experience here. What did you do? What did you create and how did it feel?

To conclude with, I felt to share this excellent video by Vimal, who I know only started creating video a short time ago. Awesome Vimal!...

Bright blessings to all

Open 🙏


Ha Ha! Talk about creative expression! I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing this before my awakening! My husband’s transition across the veil in 2021 opened the door. When I did The Camino in 2022 I decided to embrace social media (to share the journey) - something I had steered well clear of previously - so I opened myself up to become vulnerable yet, find my voice, find my power! This is not an ego thing…far from it…it is Fun with a capital ‘F’…this is sharing my voice, and me being my true authentic self…my inner shaman…Heyoka…spirit…TRUTH and nothing but the truth. Fun, humour, silly, creative…if it resonates…enjoy! Keep dancing! Keep riding those waves. The clock is ticking…TikTok…check out…

The Dancing Pilgrim 


So here I'm expressing myself through a video. I had a lot of passion and fun making this one. The words for it seem to just flow from a series of realizations. I can't remember the last time I stayed up so late to finish something like this but it was so worth it. I'm sure it will inspire you! Slightly Smiling

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Hi Vimal - you keep going from strength to strength in your video productive. It's a superlative example of the tremendous value in expressing oneself.

Once you dare to create and put yourself out there in some way, the universe bends around the truth and reflects back what you're being. You have a mirror. And from that you can grow and grow. What a shining light you are becoming!!

Keep going Vimal - keep innovating and developing. You have a real gift there to share.

Bright blessings

Open 🙏

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Dear Open, I'm feeling so touched by your beautiful reflection. I woke up today to find a warm message from Tilly as well. What a gift both of you are in my life! Slightly Smiling

I think you know it, you are one of my greatest inspirations. In many ways, I'm following the same path, but doing it in my own way. There was a lot of passion and commitment in producing, something which I couldn't suppress and go with what was comfortable. When you are in the soul, it feels like there is effortless flow and the universe supporting with the right materials to actualize the energy. All we have to do is trust and step into it. It's poignant that this followed just after the validation inquiry as I can see how the soul is 'validating' itself in the reflection and support it receives. One of the challenges is to override the questioning mind which overly needs it to be a particular way.

Today morning I woke up with a major attack from black snake energy. I think it was already there for some time but through this creative process, I was given a chance to illuminate and work with it. There was tiredness which was easy to mistake for the late night yesterday. There was spinning around the crown and a usual nauseous feeling around the solar plexus. Initially, there was some judgment against this energy but that softened quickly with breathwork. I think it was serving a function in my life though distorted. There was confusion around looking at the external validation as the attenuation mechanism of the soul thus creating an identity around it. That confusion was transmuted by realizing the truth and realizing that it doesn't ultimately serve but actually limits the creative process. I think there was also ownership of the creative flow and its output confusing the flow for an identity. I hope thatmake that sense. When this was realized it was easy to eject the energy from my field and it was followed by a coming home feeling. I shared the whole process with the video as an article on my website. I think that was wanting to come through this experience. 

It's also quite interesting the post about Facebook. I do frequently share on social media but I make sure to use it consciously and it's like a relationship where we have to work constantly on our boundaries. I can also see how my energy is being pulled into it with energy moving into the intellect. I had to go and meditate once again to come back into the sacred ground. But I can also see a motivation to engage with it for the time being. 

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Vimal, I'm speechless.

That is an exceptional piece of work. There's nothing much to add beyond that.

You've covered all the angles and beautifully expressed a powerful message.

I was very touched. Bravo, my friend.

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Dear Andy, Your comment fills me with passion and motivation. I'm deeply grateful that it was able to touch your soul in some way. Praying Emoji


Here is my latest one. I was at a loss for "what to paint" . And could feel like I wanted to. So I put on my favourite soul tracks and then "saw" a spiral in my throat expanding outwards. And then did what I can only describe as ...went wild on canvas 




Dear Open ,

After a long day of feeling contraction which ended with a snotty bawl on the floor ,here is what came through. I have started painting using flow acrylics. A beautiful technique that is completely non- directional . You just pour acrylic paints onto canvas and LET THEM FLOW ! 


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Dear Megha,

First of all it's a big WOW! Your paintings are tremendously fascinating.

If I may suggest some intuitive reflection of what I'm seeing in your paintings I'll try to express this in words...

I see so many things in them, they reflect richness of your experiences, particularly emotional. That's I guess from the relationship. 

The first one speaks to me a LOT! Sorry, I had to download it as it wanted to be rotated clockwise. Then when I look that way it's definitely speaking about the multidimensionality. The word Cathedral came to me - as if you're building your own cathedral within (?). Also I see a cliff or a mountain - you're climbing the mountains by facing all challenges in your life. Super strong soul able to face and overcome mountains of experiences. The other thing I see this first painting is like divided in the middle into two sides which are kind of mirroring each other. Not sure how to express this one - maybe your are looking for the mirror in your new partner or your soul is mirroring surrounding you people. It also may be reflecting the division being present somewhere in your life. The richness of different colours to me speaking mostly about the emotions. But also may be speaking about all colours of your soul - beautiful soul! The background is made up of reds - everything based on passion and liveliness. Much of white paint as well - ability to cope and deal with all challenges and difficulties by infusing light into whatever comes your way. Green and blue speaks about being able to stay "cool" in any given situation - can draw the parallel here with being able to stay calm in the eye of the storm. 

In the second painting with the red circle, again, I see division / two sides (thought of separation but this word doesn't create much resonance to me) which are different from each other. One side (the left one with blue colour dominating) is more aligned, with some peace (appearance of yellow) and warmth. The other (the right with green dominating) is something more rough and chaotic, not yet fully aligned but appearance of white speaks that it's being worked through. The very interesting element is those white and yellow "ram's horns" around the circle which seem to reflect opposite to those random yellow and white strokes within blue and green (if you get what I mean). Maybe everything is wanting to come into balance. Again the red circle or sphere in the middle gives the same sense as in the first painting - the basis (or foundation) made up of passion and liveliness. The black "belt" with yellow synchronistic dots to me somehow gives a sense of protection, maybe boundaries, but protection comes up stronger. What I impulsively called "ram's horns" may also represent sprouted seeds when I looked from the distance...

It's only what I am seeing and intuitively sensing, it may be some resonance but not necessary the truth...

Fantastic and very interesting work, Megha!

Sending much love Heart


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Thank you so much everyone for the positive feedback. I'm not actually painting these ....I am just sort of there for them as they are happening through me . My only guideline being - what do I feel to express right now ? 

Asya ,thank you especially for all the reflections . It's wonderful to see that this piece moved you .

Open ,the green is something to do with reptiles / dinosaurs and dragons. I woke up to see an advert for a ring of dragon chain. And for some strange reason my partner has started calling me a dinosaur. In meditation last night ,I saw clearly a red and blue dragon circling at my base and I have been processing deep emotions again today . 

Here is another one. The Sun also seems to be coming through in this one . As alsoGalactic objects the flow of lava . 




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Hello Megha! I love the vibrancy of colors and the movement that comes through… shifting, swirling… temporal figures and energies moving forward and retreating back into the realm of possibilities. So powerful and beautiful! Here I see Ganesh and a staff. ❤️❤️❤️ Much love to you- Jen

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Hi Megha,

The first painting immediately made me think of the retreat the Openhand group took down in Mexico where the jungle pyramids are.  It looks like some palm trees in there.  It's very interesting.

The 2nd painting reminds me of a person meditating by a fiery earth.  Fascinating!

Sherri Heart


It looks like I'm in that place on the path where the soul is trying to find the right expression and the way of stepping more into service through the creativity instead of trying to figure out from the mind how my being on this earth may be useful and serving.

The creative flow is taking me into the world of fascinating experiences of how do I see and feel all around me and then how more intimate I become myself with those experiences. It's like exploring the ever-changing-me and my new way of communication or relationship with all that is. One example of this process could be when I immerse myself into the nature with the camera in my hands. It's very interesting to find the difference between how this wondering creature in me is seeing and sensing everything through the eyes and how then it is all reflected through the camera lens. My experience is that through the camera lens the same world may look entirely different - colours, shapes, light and shadows. I always ask the question - what the reality then is? (And the obvious answer comes - what ever I want to create and actually creating for myself). The other example can be my experience when I started making my voice recordings for the videos and films that I want to create. I stepped into more intimacy with my own voice, when speaking now I hear myself somehow differently than before, now I less hear of what I'm saying but more feel how saying, the vibration of the voice. It's all about increasing self-awareness through staying within while engaged in the external.

I already wrote earlier about intuitive photography / filming. Just finished the new short video which I felt to make suitable for meditation, it has the voice instructions at the beginning and then leaves one for their own journey and experiences in the space of visuals and sounds. Sharing here with you, Dear Openhanders. Would be interesting to know what you think and how you experience...


With love to everyone Heart



I felt to reinstigate this forum thread on divine creativity today - because it's soul essential in awakening dormant aspects of soul, so as to shape new multidimensional possibility around you in your life. Whether it's a thought, a poem, a video you feel to share about creativity, then come and get involved here. You're sure to find it fires up your day!

I've come to really enjoy shooting and editing video to share. Here's one to inspire you all...