Solar Eclipse 2017

I was wondering the Openhand perspective on solar eclipses. Intuitively to me, it feels like a gateway/opportunity to lose what no longer serves and embrace a new way of being.

This particular coming solar eclipse on August 21 seems to be especially interesting as it coincides with new moon. Also according to the short video by the Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom, this one seems special as it starts in north west of Pacific waters (mention of Lemuria) and ends over Canaries (remnants of Atlantida).

Personally, I haven't verified or subscribe to all of the above information but the event feels significant. I am even feeling like fasting a day before the eclipse.

With Love,

P.S. The say it is dangerous to look directly at eclipse but will look at it at least partially. Here, it is going to be around 90% of the eclipse.

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Hi MollyHelene, welcome to Openhand - lovely to "see you".

You paint a beautiful picture of the eclipse - yes, timelessness is how it touched me too.

Very profound.

Open heart


I spent the days before and after the eclipse with a group of beautiful open-hearted people. Children, elders, and all in-between. We camped in a mountain wilderness in Idaho, USA. On the morning of the eclipse we drove down to a wide open space with a 360 degree panorama. Of course we all had sun protection glasses to wear and we also looked at the eclipse through a special lens designed for Celestron telescope (we held the lens by hand).  There is much to describe about the sensory experience of this event... unlike any partial eclipse or annular eclipse I had previously experiences. I'll give you a brief description... To experience totality is to get a sense of timelessness. Even the Earth herself seemed hold her breath temporarily to quiet and fully take in the experience of magnificence. And the beauty of seeing a 360 degree "sunset" was thrilling.  So powerful is that as the skies darkened to reveal Venus, the veils thinned, and it felt as though an audience of sentient, omni-dimensional beingness, consciously participated in a joining with us as the welcomers, but truly with all of Earth and her children.  It was humbling and profound.  Through this portal I sense our ancient future, now again more readily accessible, as a guiding light of love for humanity to choose a path of communion with all species on Earth and off, and within all densities of vibration.  =i=