The Void As Creative Potential

I read Open's post tonight about the void being infinite potential and not having a pre-ordained path. I was then at my meditation spot doing some creative writing (song lyrics are the thing right now - working with a couple local musicians that flowed into my path). It has been just amazing for me lately as I have been going through some major expansions after source pain being processed. I used to get bursts of spontaneous writing but now it seems like if I am just open and quite in that void (or the limited amount that I experience) it's like getting pinged with the next line. And they come one after another - but also seem to come from whatever emotion I am feeling?. I used to think that it seemed pre-written and it was more like listening but lately I had the sense that it can go in many directions and it recreates based on that flow. Like it could go in infinite ways but still seems inspired so it must be fluid? So when I read Open's post it really resonated. Seems like I end up with a mix of inspired lines and mind-led, depending on the extent that I can open fully and remain there without muddying it up. .. This just came out as I was reflecting on how many beautiful souls there are among my community of recovering addicts/alcoholics and how they often get lost in the wounds - with the wound being the path back.. I always wonder what drove them under & what is waiting to be uncovered or reclaimed...Thanks Open

What’s hidden in that darkness

What ghosts have come to call

Who chased away the sunlight

Your shadows growing tall


What’s there within your winter

The heart’s barren veil

What secret pain now guards you

In that secret jail


If the screams could find an exit

What stories might they tell

What restless mob of sorrows

Waits outside your cell


 (Insert Chorus)


Who’s hand was on the switch

That dimmed your brilliant light

Who closed the weathered door

That keeps you in this night


If I told you just how special

And rare you really are

Would you lift your lonely eyes

Or fix them on the scar

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This is a very poignant poem Gary, very deeply felt - thank you. I resonate for a couple of reasons and felt like connecting.

I resonate a lot with what you describe as the ‘void’ where creative flows unfold. I experience this as an open, still, yet active space; there is pausing, a waiting without expectations – an open canvas where expression can emerge in many forms included in words (e.g. written inquiry for me nowadays), body movement (e.g. dance and free style) and music creation (e.g. creating play-lists).

Also, I am blessed to be connected with a few people who are ‘recovering’ alcoholics/addicts and I remember him saying to me one day: “I feel so much love, just meditating, just being with this pain, it’s the first time I can fully be myself”. The last verse of your poem speaks to me about this - the potential to be freer in seeing oneself as who one truly is; seen one’s soul by tuning the steam of attention to the flow of one’s moment.