Shift Diary: "Transmutation"

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Thu, 04/26/2018 - 05:26

Incredible potential is available to transform our lives by the infusion of soul. Everything is of consciousness, nothing is fixed and rigid. If we can come deep into any judgmental beliefs and limitations, we can unwind through them and allow soul to infuse. Soul interconnects us with the divine potential of the Universe, which can transform the 'base metal' into pure gold. This video is designed to inspire that, with the Openhand Bow, and some amazing timelapse photography of our blessed Mother Nature.

You can sample and download an audio guided meditation of the Openhand Bow here

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Integrate the shadow, which is another aspect of goodness. There is no good and evil, only good, multiplied over and over again in countless forms. The dualistic good and evil was never a divine plan, but a control mechanism to promote fear and anger at smoke and mirrors. Fear closes the heart and shuts out love. Anger arises when we realise we are manipulated by fear. Peace descends when we stay open to god's love whatever our senses are being exposed to xxxxxxxxxxx much love and thank you all

Great video - I fully concur with the difficult to explain contra intuitive action we need to do which is accept and transform. As a homeopath it’s my only method - meet the problem or conflict within you and totally match it, like cures like. That way, the two negatives cancel each other out. What it requires is an open mind and an open heart. Then we live from our true nature, and from that place the miracles can occur x

Profound! As always the message is perfect and the photography is stunningly beautiful. Well done...loved this! Thank you. ❤

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