Grand Galactic Convergence

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We're here on retreat on the stunning volcanic Island of La Palma, in a planetary key stargate, just off the north coast of Africa. With various Shift dynamics happening here, it's a keystone, a bellwether and a fractal of everything that's happening on our planet right now. It becomes possible to intuit the next stage forward and lean into the Shift in the way it naturally wants to happen. That will be our purpose here. Come see what's in store...

Intrepid Travellers

The group of intrepid travellers all arrived safely last night, ready to begin the deep consciousness work today. Come and tune in this week, as we share a daily blog of what we're experiencing that might help you make sense of why you're experiencing life in the Shift as you are right now.

I can tell you, first off, the Nordics have made a strong appearance right from the outset - making themselves available to forge pathways across the dense 4D karmic plane. We're here at the time of the full moon, so you can feel the direct pushback against those interferring energies - which is very welcome.

There's also another dynamic that I'm already feeling - that in the lower densities, Gaia is languishing somehwat behind where the ascending movement needs to be. There's a degree of disconnect between the lower paradigm and the higher. What I'm seeing is how the magnetic density of the field is being artificially increased, whereas it needs to be lightening with the Pole Shift so as to intensify the reanimation of her natural Torus - the Flower of Life. So that too is something we'll need to be looking at.

11:11 Awakening Code: Grand Galactic Convergence

Essentially we're tuning into the 11:11 awakening code here, that of the Grand Galactic Convergence, and working with that alignment to support the Shift. What's that all about? I encourage you to review the film we made here on La Palma last summer. It provides some useful insight. Do share your views and any comments below. I'll happily share a feedback loop.

Bright blessings to all

Open ๐Ÿ’Ž

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Travelling Home from the trip on Canaries I felt to capture some of my experience through the narrative. My wish is to share the perspective about the dynamic of Gaia&starseeds and bring forth another step in the unravelling process.


Secret passage & dreaming awake ๐Ÿ‘€ 

Two interrelating flows of Consciousness manifested as the stream of heavenly light condensed into volcanic Island. Suddenly there was a flash of remembrance penetrating my inner sight as I was watching the mountain ridge, shaped in the form of a Sleeping woman. Isla Bonita, I recognise that expression prior, you have laid down in the face of the Island.

Isla bonita

Once, sheโ€™d been a fierce, sparkling Soul. Radiant with energy, there was almost this sense of naivety in wanting to harmonise some of her wild nature. Just how many โ€œclose to fatalโ€ attempts there have been in the story of this land. Yet, Life restores itself over and over again, and this principle has led the Path of her Soul.

Cumbrian viejo

So all along came the primordial Dragons, coherent and steadfast in their expression. Offering the custodianship of the process, they opted to become the Guardians. An alliance was about to form, one that would eventually create a space of mutual empowerment.

Dragon ๐Ÿ‰

โ€œI would like to be(come) Motherโ€, the Soul that was invited to merge with the Island, raised her daring wish.

โ€œWell, thatโ€™s how we are going to do it," the Guardians suggested.

โ€œWhat about nestling some of your energies in the heavenly creature incepted with stardust? As time goes by, the children will be reaching for the stars. At some point, youโ€™ll all be invited to remember where you actually came from. That might be a time of great Reunion.โ€

Divine children

Nodding in Silence, the agreement ought to take place. It included also a safety precaution - some sort of reset button embedded in the dynamic. Once the balance tends to lean strongly towards either side, the switch will go on to start it all over. No-One would be allowed to solely awaken and develop on their own accord.

Stone Caldera

The wells of time spiralled towards eternity as Mother has seen numerous iterations of her heavenly children. Some came tanatively close of anchoring divine light into her body. Others failed miserably, and many became lost in their mission. Even those that were sent to remind others of the Contract, became deprived of their own light.

Eden&apple ๐ŸŽ

As the shadows have grown incrementally, some have claimed to remember. โ€œWeโ€™ve seen our Mothers face and itโ€™s not the One that we were sent to establishโ€; they vaguely called for the dissonance.

โ€œWeโ€™ve been here, and the landscape changed very drastically," others have claimed.

Amidst the Confusion, yet another child has been born. Awakening man became separated, confined in the cage of limited thinking. Once again, the Mother has seen the demise of the heavenly light. It had to start all over again, and strange occurrence started to happen among the Guardians.

New children

Theyโ€™ve recognised the futility of the interlocking dynamic. Expansion and implosion have happened within Mothers chest on countless occasions.

โ€œIt might as well repeat again&again,โ€ the knowing has landed. Or else the Miracle might need to take place in order to resolve out the convolution. Therefore, the Guardians decide to let it unravel differently. Some of them opted to become part of the dynamic themselves. Hopefully, this would assist in illuminating an ancient agreement.

Up to this day, the Path towards Miracle has been held in place. The interrelated parties started to recognise that there might be a way forth.  How can the secret passage be opened; one that could liberate everyone from the Confines of the past?

Gate keeper Hannah

A gentle wind has stroked my face as Iโ€™ve been gazing beneath the shape of Isla Bonita. I felt the yearning within my being to soften the sense of burden in Mothers story. โ€œI wish to be able to let it all go as smoothly as possible," Mother whispered back in the voice of surrender. The impression was that Isla Bonita was reminded of the Contract, that was set in place some aeons ago. I could sense the awakening of the โ€œwild spiritโ€ underneath her appearance. Oh, just how beautiful she is in her fierce tenderness. Once she has given herself to others, she almost forgot, all that has been here throughout time. Seeing it all, it feels like it's time for her to awaken.

Volcano, wind & clouds

Retreat on La Palma and the energy of Canaries have settled me deeper within the mystery of Life on planet Earth. Re-creating a sense of heavenly bridge feels as the continuous inspiration on the journey of the Soul. Having the opportunity to share with a group of people on a similar mission rekindles the spark of Reunion. Those who have the eyes to see might get ready to step into and become part of the Miracle. Once again, the Pathway towards Home is being created.

Secret passage

Where does it take you, my friend?


Thanks to all on the ground and those in the Ether for having been part of this journey ๐Ÿ™ 

Miha ๐ŸŒด 


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It's a wonderful sharing Miha - it touched me deeply in the heart, connecting me back into Isla Bonita at the same time. I encourage all to read, as it points to a much deeper perspective of the Shift dynamics. ๐Ÿ’™

In the years I've known her, Isla Bonita has touched me deeply, for many of the reasons you eloquently picture: 1) Her ancient primordial connection to the dragons and the Guanche; 2) Her vibrancy and wildness; 3) Her portal connection to the Star Being Nations. It's why I lived there for a year whilst reconfiguring the Openhand energies from the early years.

On this trip, I have to say, to some degree, my own heart was broken - previously she seemed able to hold the machinations of the matrix, and the endless human expansion (when will it ever cease?). But this time, especially with the intensified presence of Ra, which seems to have come about in more recent times, especially on the volcano top with all the new buildings and observatories, I felt like her energies were starting to be dampened and squashed down.

As I was leaving though, she led me on a merry dance, with a stunningly beautiful exploration - and a strong expression of her liberating wildness. She will not become the toxic sewer that is happening to so many places around the planet. She is ready to let go and explode. Her final caution has been due to her connection with Gaia - who has been labouring somewhat under the weight of the Old Paradigm and the ties of the myriad of Soul Contracts that she perceives are yet incomplete.

We must start to move now. And strongly. So as to avoid this beautiful planet being repressed by the likes of Ra.

Isla Bonita is one of those who can show the way - a bellwether for the rest of the Planet.
(you see Isla Bonita's face mirrored in the landscape in the distance - the lying down woman)

I planted a Metatron crystal on top of the Volcano, which I believe will generate an acceleration of rising kundalini energies.

As I flew away from the Island, I saw images of her being one of the first to establish a renewed presence in the New Paradigm, with all her mysticism, wildness and stunning beauty restored. Maybe she will be the wayshower for the planet.

Here back in Avalon, I'm definitely hearing from Gaia she's getting ready to build and surge. Only time will tell.
For me, her Resurrection in 5D is overdue. I pray for it to come soon.

Bright blessings

Open ๐Ÿ’Ž

The retreat is now complete here. It's been a marvellous week all around - many personal shifts happening. It was a pleasure and a privilege to host - thank you everyone for making it so special ๐Ÿ’™

And, I can also say, it was probably one of the most challenging I've experienced hosting. Why?

Firstly, the unobstructed full-moon throughout, meant that most nights, I was working to push back the interfering Ra energy - that gains its powerbase from the moon, extracting energy from the Sun and projecting it through the morphic fields to control humanity and the planet. Actually, that wasn't the real problem though. The real problem was realising this...

I could feel into the planetary field the degree by which Starsouls have been trapped into the Intervention, and Gaia too, by the Soul contracts they have with Gaia. What's the problem? Ra is using misappropriated energy to intensify the magnetic field here, in the hope of mitigating the Ascensionary process of the Shift - by slowing Gaia's Torus down. Gaia can break out in these lower densities, but my observation is how energetically confused she is here - loyalty to Humanity and the Starsoul groups, but without realising they've been duped into false spiritual practices: 1) Going out of body - false "raising of vibration"; 2) Not fully processing karma - or not even processing karma at all; 3) Being caught in the non-duality trap; 4) Channeling external "healing energies" (which tend to be Ra-based); 5) Intensioning false reality timeline bubbles that end up feeding back into the matrix in some way - thus anchoring and giving energy to it.

Inadvertently, these practices are fueling Ra and limiting Gaia by giving energy to the Old Construct. And she's not moving, at this time, with sufficient cleansing and emergence to unravel the density. You see this in the constriction of the planetary Volcanic action for example - not fully opening up to get the energies accelerating.

That's why it felt so challenging and heavy working through these elements of the field this week. To be clear, it's not about the group - they've been marvellous in helping illuminate. It's the various dynamics that all became visible through which I found myself deeply connecting - that's what made it heavy and tiring.

There is a solution to it all though - RESURRECTION!!

I find myself recovering quickly now after the event, and will channel the energies into completing new book and launching that much-needed new Openhand project.

Bright blessings to all

Open ๐Ÿ’Ž

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I so recognise the being duped into disempowering practices! Ofcourse I disempowered myself within that too. Enough with setting myself aside , not coming into my power! May the fires and vulcano of La Palma that I carry in my heart burn away my own old self. No more tears in this stage! On we go!!

And so the universe delights me with a beautiful reflection of the amazing work the group did opening portals and grounding the energies. On exploring some open landscape near the river Tone, I came upon something unique. No signposts or acknowledgements of this lovingly sculptured structure quietly holding space. It seems it does have a name though, "The Willow Cathedral" ย 

It's several chambers reminded me of an earthed star ship. The plentiful arches spoke of portals. And a winters afternoon light was literally pouring in.

Willow Cathedral 1Willow Cathedral 2Willow sculpture 3

I felt blessed with such an amazing feedback loopย Heart

Hi Open and the La Palma angel service!

Thank you for the amazing uplifting vibes coming this way from your inquiry and connections this week! Heart

My week has maybe had some parallels in the 3D confirming the valuable stripping away work you have been doing. I spend part of my time in a large building of shared accommodation, which has 20 people here with legal contracts. It has come to light this week that anything between 8 and 10 extra people have been frequently present in the background: a kind of extra sub layer only fleetingly visible, but likely the cause of plenty of disruption that it has never been possible to directly attribute to anyone in particular. Two of the real tenants have been the channels for this extra layer. Half were dispatched earlier in the week by the property managers Last night a broken window caused me to find some more and dispatch them myself.

A whole layer of energies came to light and were stripped away.

With love,

Tilly Kiss

La Palma 24: Closing

It's been a tremendous trip here once more to the magical Island of La Palma - words cannot express, and it's gone way too quickly! There are countless lessons and reflections into the wider planetary Shift, it's such a fractal of the bigger picture - like looking under a microscope. We will no doubt be sharing those reflections into the work going forward

Thank you so much to all the magical souls present, and those of you tuning in from afar, plus the incredible sense of supportive presence we felt from the Star Being Nations - my heart is bursting โ™ฅ๏ธ

We had a wonderful final exursion out onto the Volcano and of course at the magical "El Time" - the elevated cafe house with magical views across the island. Boogying on down to Michael Jackson, "I wanna rock with you..."

An angelic backdrop that captured our attention for the final photos. Thanks Joy for your marvellous angelic facilitation......

Asya and Joy dscovering their angelic wings (thanks Asya for the marvellous film footage we'll be sharing)...

Thanks to the mighty Archangel Andy for your constant humorous upliftment!...

Thanks Everyone - you are all angels! ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ•บ๐Ÿงก...

La Palma 2024 Update: Star Being Connections

We had a simply stunning excursion yesterday up onto the Volcano, with extraordinary views and energies. We clearly felt Star Being Groups inbound and ready to connect up - speaking to us about their support for the Shift - the Andromedans for example.

As We arrive on the Volcano the clouds are speaking strongly: "Star Beings Inbound!"..

The Team connecting...

Corine feeling deeply moved...

Anatoly reflective...

Ursa, on the edge of it all...

Lorraine & Desi connecting up the energies...

Wait, Desi is ascending!...

Tremendous Star Being connections - anchoring the energy...

The Guardians of the Mountain(two magnificent Ravens) were grateful...

Today we move onto Quantum Manifesting with the Star Being Nations. If you'd like to explore the approahc, you can discover more here...

How To Quantum Manifest Calling on Star Being Support

Bright blessings to all

Open ๐Ÿ™

In reply to by Open

Wow what a magnifenct journey! That is definitely one of the retreats i hope to go to; the energy looks amazing! Those pics are great! Anyone else see the "skull" in the ridge Anatoly is facing? And the broken heart to the left of it? Not sure what it's saying. All that rich rocky terrain...must have been amazing to soak it in. Thanks for sharing it with us!Praying Emoji


Here on the roque de los muchachos, the highest point of Palma, a crow welcomes the openhand team. If you look closely above the fine feathered fellow, you see a higher dimensional in the sun's rays. I think they were waiting excitedly for us to get on with it:

It's time to breath new life in,

It's time to leave now Ra,

Let's join our stellar breathen,

Welcome all  to Palma,

Anchoring in new energy,

crystal's and a-toning,

from the intervention free,

from Sydney to Wyoming.



In reply to by andyvaz

Holy shift Andy that's awesome! Like a lotus flower blooming, and those colours! It's absolutely beautiful, i can't describe what it's bringing up for me. Really tugging at the heart for sure, thank you! Beautiful words too. Praying Emoji

In reply to by sylvanheart

Dear Open Community ,

The last few days have been very busy for me in the 3D and also internally . I seem to be processing furiously ,likely in tandem with others, around what magnetizes Ra to a particular situation.

It is the disempowerment of the Feminine in favour of paternalistic/patriarchial community structures that provide her the safety she feels she needs from without .  Removal of the Ra entity involves the willingness of the Feminine principle to find her own brand of power and trust it . Over eons a profound distrust has ensued as is mirrored across the 3D. Finding the enoughness,the connections within and allowing them to be mirrored without ,dispensing co dependency is an essential aspect of disentangling of Ra energy and Isis energy finding completion within herself. Intertwines is an unaligned compassion that seems to resonate with the brokenness of Gaia that you wrote about earlier ,Open. 

In my own personal life ,I am starting to find energy to pour into a community health project by women for women . And strangely enough the possible way out of my legal troubles may be the sudden appearance of a grandfather of a female baby born recently who has connections with police and may be able to help me indict my abuser and former partner.

Corine and Hannah I suspect you both are also feeling this deeply. I will be tuning in on the Ascension exchange on 3rd Feb as Isis has something to Converse about with the Team . 

Deep Bow to all those grounding the Sky to the Earth  ( Paternal principle with Maternal principle ) 

Lots of love,


In reply to by iamdurga

Dear Megha , I have just picked up my phone to start writing on this forum and saw your post. I am so deeply touched by it and feel strengthened after the most challenging night of my life. I could say it was worse than giving birth to a child because I donโ€™t know what is on the other end. 
love Corine 

25/01/24: Opening Portals in La Palma

In recent years Openhand has especially worked to open bridges and portals into the Star Being Nations - to help anchor them on the planet to support the Shift, by resonating frequencies of the new planetary and human template - for the New Paradigm. It's tremendously enjoyable and fruitful work. However, it's been communicated to us, that in the last couple of years, the interference especially of Ra within spiritual work has made it difficult for them to connect and come in.

Consider this: there might be a yearning to connect across the ether with these supportive groups. But what if you still have some unconscious karmic allegiance to the Old Paradigm, old energies, and old spiritual practices - such as the temple of Isis for example? If the Star Being Nations come in to support you, then they're inadvertently supporting that energy too. Hence they've been reticent these last couple of years.

However, it feels like a great exposure of the Ra energy has taken place. It's something I'm covering in detail with the new body of Openhand work, RESURRECTION - launching with the new book in April.

Big shifts are certainly happening here on La Palma as we worked to clear several energetic field distortions that relate to Ra - the desire for a protective paternalistic energy, for example. We were able to strip several layers of this energy from the locality and then work to open higher dimensional portals...

I'm pleased to say it was highly successful. You could feel the field opening up and transforming strongly. You could palpably feel strong bridging connections happening...

The signs and synhcronities spoke to us following the work, especially through the clouds, which we were so mesmerised by, we didn't get any pictures (you just have to imagine whales, space-ships and vast angels!).

The Andromedans made their presence especially felt, whom we anchored in the Caldera (the canyon).

The Arcturians told us they would like to have been here sooner, but their space ship got a flat!...

No worries - we had them fixed and on the road again in no time. Don't you just love these little synchronicities that replicate out into the 3D!

I do believe we're now re-established a strong connection with groups such as the Andromedans and Arcturians. I think it would be good for all tuning in to reflect back to a couple of years ago and our experiences with the crop circles where a "round table of connection" was being prepared for. It's clear stripping out the Ra energy needed to happen for this to actualise. The signs, and the lay of the field, now feel ready for that to happen more strongly...

Profound Connections with Andromedan Star Beings Supporting the Shift

Well wishes to all tuning in

Open ๐Ÿ™

La Palma 2024 - The Broken Gaia Dynamic

I encountered a situation prior to the La Palma retreat that's being confirmed in the work we're doing here - which I can call, a "Broken Gaia Dynamic". It concerns everyone in the Shift. What's that about?

When the Shift happened in 2012, Gaia was rebirthed in the New Paradigm of 5D. At least part of her was, and it was a great blessing to experience. It paved the way for the new existence there in a higher harmony. But it would also require the shift of the balance of her energies there and an unravelling of the toxic aspect down in the 3D - which is becoming ever more controlled and ravaged by the day.

Hence the great cleansing mechanism of the Grand Galatic Convergence - the solar nova Event, triggered by a Galactic Superwave, leading to the Pole Shift that is due to cleanse away the old 3D construct. However, that does depend on Gaia unravelling here and shifting her energies (a too dense magnetic field could diminish the cleansing effect). Last year here on La Palma, in connecting into the Soul of the Island, we experienced a fractal of the complex Gaia dynamic - how she's been intertwined with the human experience and feeling responsibility towards humanity, which was holding her back from shifting more strongly, as evidenced in the recent volcanic eruption. We felt like we helped ease that burden that it may begin to unravel.

This time we've ecncountered another of her Soul Contracts - and that's to Starsouls here incarnated on the planet. She feels responsibility toward them for the role they've played in bringing the divine spark to Original Humans. The problem being, that many Star Souls are stuck in the old consciousness - having been duped by intervention energies such as Ra into false allegiances and limiting spiritual practices. For example, they're getting pulled into the "non-duality" trap; ditching the need to process through karma; false love and light; or false ideas about what the shift actually means. Many are not doing the depth of inner work required to go with the actual shift and have been lulled into a quasi-spiritual bubble. This presents a conundrum - because of Gaia's attachment to the Soul Contract with them.

If the energies do not begin to progressively move across the 4D karmic plane in sufficient volume, then it risks leaving a toxic residue here after the shift - one that can still be exploited by Intervention energies such as Ra.  That's why the movement has to be comprehensively cleansing in the 3D.

It's a dynamic that I know the Ascended Masters supporting the Shift are now playing close attention to. Here on La Palma, we are communicating this imperative to Isla Bonita, the Soul of the Island, who will resonate it into the heart of Gaia. It means we also have to communicate the Starsoul distortion further afield - how they've gotten entrapped in bogus beliefs, practices and allegiances. The upcoming Openhand Book RESURRECTION is designed to meet this convolution, illuminate it, and encourage unravelling from it.

I trust it can have the desired effect.

Bright blessings

Open ๐Ÿ’Ž

In reply to by Open

Hi Open

It sounds like you have achieved a lot together already and had the support as well. You mentioned the starsouls here are they aware they incarcerated here ? Also you mentioned to bringing the Divine Spark to Original Humans, does that mean there are only so many original humans on Earth? Would these then be the one with a divine Spark or do we all have the ability to be a divine Spark. Does every person have Karma some will never know they have it let alone that they need to make it up. It is a very confusing thing to understand especially if you canโ€™t access it yourself. No need to answer these and my other questions from last time while you are away busy, hope you get what you need to do done.

Hello to everyone on the Island โ™ฅ๏ธ๐ŸŒน 

In reply to by findanswers

Hi Findanswers,

Everyone has that divine spark, sure. The Starsouls came to help activate it in Original Humans - and to reignite it following the intervention energies.

I would say that generally speaking, most starsouls get to realise they are that. Although it does take some remembering. And that's definitely a key part of the Openhand mission here.

Well wishes

Open ๐Ÿ’Ž

23/01/24 La Palma Update

It's already gone very deep here, and the high vibe of the Island, "Isla Bonita", has already connected us into some key Star Beings such as the Nordics who made a strong entry right from the beginning; the Andromedans too, and the Mighty Metatron. The Moon is waxing to full, and so we're experiencing a strong Ra presence too - but we're being very successful in stripping that out in the early stages.

Isla Bonita is very much a bellwether, and a fractal, of the wider planetary shift and where the global dynamic stands right now. And we've already been shown a powerful insight we must work with. As soon as I have a deeper sense of it, I will share here in the journal - it's definitely an essential one for our next stage forward in the Shift.

In the meantime, here are some early photos to get the vibe from...

The Andromedans were there right from the outset (or is that just because Asya is taking the photos?...

Early arrivals Jean and Corine catching up under the palms...

Breakfast time Andy - "No, they're not all for you!"...

Desi, keen and ready for the first session...

The studio is feeling magnificent...

Getting right into the work with a deep consciousness bow...

Followed by some Openhand signature Soulmotion...

It's going to be a powerful week for sure.
Do tune in with us. It will be a pleasure to enfold your energy into the retreat.

Bright Blessings

Open ๐Ÿ’Ž

Hi Open and everyone,

i am really curious about what is happening these days and what the retreat will bring - I'll be tuned in for sure ๐Ÿ€

For me everything is speaking loudly towards a renewal of the heart. I do find so much strength and coherence within myself that wants to be expressed into the outer reality.

Synchronistically, my almost new car is in the garage for the second time right now - it will now receive a brand new engine - a renewal of the heart so to speak and a letting go of old karmic energies. Good for me that new engine is covered by the warranty ๐Ÿ˜…

Any further reflections are highly welcome ๐ŸŒธ

I find myself marveling at what that car shows me about my own life and a much larger movement of energies right now and this coming year. 

Much love and have a great retreat,
Thomas ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ

I'm given to announce to the Openhand Community the passing of John Marzulli, which came as a suprise and deeply saddened several of us who first heard it. You can see John in the photo to the far left - I have my hand on his shoulder. He passed yesterday, following a reasonably routine medical process, which unfortunately caused unexpected internal bleeding. He was found by Ann on the top right of the picture. Blessings to Ann for supporting the safe passage of the Soul of John.

It seemed appropriate to share some thoughts, feelings and words about John's passing here with the 11:11 Awakening Video - because John for sure was a valiant warrior of the shift.

What can I say about John? Plenty, and my heart is filled with joy when I reflect on the time he spent with us all on retreat. John was a lion of a Soul, which is why the picture outside the Red Lion in Avebury seems so appropriate. He was a warrior of the heart, tremendously stoic and stalwart, but loving and friendly too.

(John far right in the foreground)

John had suffered a major spinal injury earlier in life through a martial arts accident - which he came to realise through journeying with Openhand that it was the manifestation of past life karma during the Sirius Shift. It left him severely constrained in his mobility. But never once did that put him off doing anything. If we went out across the hills or fields, he'd be there right behind us, just taking one step at a time. And although he needed quite some routine to get his body moving in the morning, I never once heard him complain. He was a man with a ready smile and a "wisecrack" to always uplift the mood of the moment.

John was a fearless warrior and entrepreneur - always innovating to find new ways of doing things. Always knowing there'd be a solution in the end. He worked through his karma and inner density with courage and commitment at all times - he dug into the mud and always came up smiling. He will be sorely missed by his Openhand family.

(John warming himself by the fire at Cae Mabon)

That said, in the Openhand retreat here in Glastonbury yesterday, with the group I invited him to stay on in the 4D and act as an angelic bridge for Souls passing on in the Shift. Providing of course that served his own purpose and mission. I have very much felt his presence since then. I'll wait to see what confirmation might come back.

Let us all send our love and well wishes for John and his onward journey, wherever that might be. No doubt he will be serving the shift with his warrior-like gusto in some form or other.

(John in Egypt, centre frame)

Remember John: "What we do in life, echoes in eternity".

You are deeply loved and missed.

Open ๐Ÿ™

For all those who want to get a blast of John's positive and exhuberant nature, you can see him in this Openhand film, sharing his thoughts on his involvement with the work. You'll see him at various times from the sharings at 3:33...

In reply to by Open

Thank you for sharing that you connected with John during the Glastonbury retreat.  It sparked the following message to come through.  John very much wants to stay involved. He feels being involved with the work while he was in the 3D allowed him to gain an understanding of what the Openhand work is all about.  With your guidance (I got permission but I think the right word might be guidance), he is ready to serve however he best can.  He is looking forward to an "official" Openhand mission assignment.  Praying Emoji

In reply to by Open

What are you playing at John? I knew you were the eternal journeyman, but hopping over the veil into the ether....did you remember to take all your pills and powders and that giant elastic band you used to exercise at 5am? I quickly learned not to sneak up behind you, as you were a highly trained warrior. In the end, as you were part Italian, we named you kato Corleone. I knew that being limited in form shouldn't stop us from expressing soul and you really demonstrated that. Despite having a spine full of pins and plates, you were still off like a rabbit in the field with your two sticks. You even toppled into the odd ditch to show us how you could navigate a quick escape. You were unstoppable buddy. Your image on zoom retreats, wall festooned with weapons as you gave your no nonsense contribution, will be missed. However, we look forward to your contributions from the other side. You so often had me in stitches with your 'hang em high, sock it to em' approach. But however direct your language, it was always underpinned with a razor sharp intelligence. Your perspectives in the Openhand work always added welcome clarity. In Egypt you hit the Karma jackpot. You wandered around the night train to Cairo, barely able to stand. I thought you were a gonna, but you bounced back. I learned a lot from you John. You demonstrated strength and resiliance while maintaining humility. I really love you buddy and would feel super sad but I know you're still around. Stay in touch, we'll still have fun, and I look forward to working with you. โค๏ธ