Profound Connections with Andromedan Star Beings Supporting the Shift

Submitted by Open on Tue, 07/19/2022 - 04:15

Plenty have spoken of the various intergalactic star being nations supporting humanity's emergence and the great planetary shift. It's tremendously welcome, but why has there not yet been a wider awareness, and exactly how are they supporting? One group that's drawing particularly close right now are the Andromedans who are communicating especially to us through the tremendous geometric forms of the crop circle phenomena, particularly in the UK. They're opening an interdimensional bridge.

High Energetic Connections Amongst the Crop Circles

Openhand has just completed its annual gathering of facilitators supporting the shift in Avebury, near to Stonehenge in the UK. It's always been an area of high energetic connection, where over the years, crop circles have been prolific. Prior to the conference, I'd been guided there on a vision quest. It turned out to be quite outstanding preparation.

On the 3rd night at a particular location near to a white horse, the energy was so strong, it felt like my head would split apart around the 3rd eye. A group of star beings was coming through, the leader of which, introduced herself as "Andy the Andromedan". I was both intrigued and amused! The following day I was guided to a crop circle beneath the white horse. It had already been mowed out by the farmer, but on the way in, I was startled by a markworthy incident - a huge hare lept up in front of me and sprinted off in the direction of the hill in which I'd felt that powerful evening connection. The incident was clearly speaking.

Follow the Epic Adventures of the Openhand Facilitator Group in Avebury 2022

Weaving the Signs and Synchronicities

The flow was now building and became very insistent. It took me next into Avebury and a particular henge shop. Immediately my gaze was struck by a card, that of the goddess Andrasta, who Queen Boudica had called upon for support in resisting the Roman invasion of ancient Britain. I immediately connected a resonance with the face, and the energy was very synonymous with the energy of "Andy" whom I'd connected with and was still very much present.

A little investigation on the internet revealed that when Queen Boudica needed some key guidance from Andrasta in her campaign, her clan would wrap a hare within the folds of her dress, and when released, they would follow the omens in which direction the hare sprinted off. Andy had clearly been connecting the loop back at the fist crop circle!

The flow built once more, and guided me clearly to a place called Hackpen Hill, where another crop circle had appeared, again next to a white horse, and seemed to be speaking of some kind of gathering, "a round table" coming together. That was its sense to me and something we worked to harness during the facilitator gathering.

Indeed during the gathering "horse medicine" was speaking strongly too. It was when Pegasus appeared, reflected several times through synchronicity that I realised the connection was being made with the constellation Andromeda, which is in the Great Square of Pegasus in the Northern sky. Andromeda is one of the the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century Greco-Roman astronomer Ptolemy.

During my vision quest a place called Barbury Castle, not far from the white horse on Hackpen Hill, was also resonating strongly. And indeed, upon completion of the facilitator work in the area, we were gifted the reflection of an outstanding crop circle there, delivered in two phases. I believe they're speaking of convening a "round table" of star being connections...

Phase 1...

Phase 2...

The Andromedans

The Andromedans have been depicted by other commentators with this particular image. I can definitely resonate with the facial features: high cheekbones, cat-shaped eyes, small chins and without pronounced ears. This form was actually gifted to me in a carved skull from the henge shop in Avebury. However, I always resonated on the colour of gold and amber, not lightish blue.

I would say the colour depends very much on the frequency of the embodiment - when you move between dimensions your frequency needs to change, and with that, the colour of your embodied form.

It's the energy that counts. During the final meditations in our Facilitator Conference, the energy of Andy appeared strongly with us and held centre space, resonating particularly in the 3rd eye from the 6th density. It was absolutely stunning: a calm but very strong energy, that was holding a peaceful stance, yet with an extremely fast vibration to call upon.

Particularly when working with the Andromedan vibration, you'll notice how they can shape reality from the 6D and 5D by bringing attention to sacred geometry - they can weave reality with higher dimensional mind. Hence exactly why they speak so eloquently through the crop circle formations. Here's another that appeared at the white horse location on Hackpen hill back in 2012. Perhaps the cube shape is depicting the Great Square in Pegasus with its connection to Andromeda? That's my personal sense of it - how a multidimensional portal is being opened with that particular race of star beings...

Round Table Convergence of Star Beings

I very much welcome the Andromedan connection, which I can still feel most strongly in the ether all around me. Andy is speaking of drawing together a "round table" (reflected through the form of Barbury Castle, which is a round-topped hill)...

It's to convene star beings with the express purpose of supporting facilitators in the shift with increased connections and resources in the months and years ahead. It feels like a very blessed connection for us all and I'm tremendously heart-warmed by it. The very fast vibration at the level of the 6D is sure to accelerate things here.

Another clear gift was made to the Openhand facilitator group to share more widely - a crop circle that appeared during the gathering, on a route that we often used, and just a few miles from our venue...

It had sadly been mowed out by the farmer before we could get there. No matter, it spoke synchronistically - even the huge harvester couldn't mow out the intricate wave-like detail and the energy it harnessed. It was clear to me another interdimensional group had created this one - higher dimensionals, wanting to speak across 3 planes of consciousness - the Ascended Masters. The synchronicity spoke of anchoring it elsewhere - my feeling was Glastonbury, the heart chakra of our planet.

And you too can carry the energy in your heart. It's something I've felt very much given to channel into Openhand's work going forwards through our Ascension Academy. If you're intrigued and inspired by my sharing, come and explore our seminar and course work...

Openhand Ascension Academy

Bright blessings, <<< Open 🧡

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Hi Open and Openhanders,

Did you see the new crop circle reported just today? What a joy and excitement!

I feel so strong energy after our last week's gathering that I am being pulled to go out all this weekend driving around different locations including Avebury and Marlborough where we were doing the energy work with facilitators group last week, having mind blowing synchronicities speaking through the sacred geometry and numbers. I ended up in Marlborough yesterday and (having the need for a loo Slightly Smiling ) found myself sitting in the random cafe and while having a coffee outside learning the pattern of the table and chairs geometry of which was speaking strongly - it was very much reminding the flower of life and certainly felt of being very familiar to me. It appeared to be really significant sacred geometrical net as I have realised later.


The building on the other side of the street exactly where I was sitting had two windows of Merkaba shape. All of a sudden the car approached and parked literally under my nose and it had the number 64 on its plate. Then the second next car had the same number 64 and so it began - number 64 was so frequent that was impossible to ignore it. I was given the number 12 to put on my table so they could bring my ordered coffee, then later when was having the lunch in another place where my table had the number 36. 1+2=3, 3x12=36, 3+6=9 and so on - I am seeing 12s,  666s and particularly 64s endlessly these days, also 10 (this we found significant number during the facilitators gathering too) is interwoven with 64 as I move around (6+4=10). As I found out later this pattern in the photo is directly connected with the number 64 - the 64 tetrahedron grid. I suddenly remembered that in a documentary I just watched two days ago (it appeared out of nowhere) there was mentioned number 64. When came back home jumped into the research of the number 64. The activation of energy download began to me, it felt vibrating at a very high speed and all I could do just breath it down, it was a good degree overwhelming. It literally felt as if my consciousness would be reading the information pouring in through the crown and third eye at a high vibrational speed but the mind struggles to translate this information, I tried to equalise with this process using various speeds of breath. All my own field was vibrating and was sitting for some time feeling it. When it calmed down I got enormous amount of information, would like to share a bit on the number 64 as I find it very much relevant to the work we were doing. This is just in a nutshell - citation from one website of the quite well known sacred geometry researcher of current time: 

Metaphysically the 64 tetrahedron is symbolic to linking up our individual spiritual paths with our star or soul family in perfect harmony. It holds this energy due to its combination of tree’s of life which are symbolic to an individuals path to Source or God. The overlay of the vector equilibrium reminds us not only to simply come together, but to come together with the same definite chief aim in perfect balance. Connecting with your soul or star family in harmony will amplify each individuals energy and power to accomplish each others goals with maximum efficiency. The 64 Tetrahedron and Flower of Life overlay perfectly.

The grid 64 tetrahedron is a fractal structure that continues to grow endlessly. It’s the only three-dimensional fractal structure which generates expansion and contraction.

64 stands for everything within our human experience. Human being are made up of 64 DNA codons. This sacred pattern allows one to know oneself in our entirety.

Transportation vehicle between the physical realm and the spiritual realm.

Connects and activates the 3rd eye.

Basically, this grid 64 tetrahedron represents the infinite intelligence network, or, in other words, is a mathematical blueprint of all creation.

To me it all feels very Andromedan energy I'm experiencing. There is also more - it was finally revealed to me the meaning of the five-pointed star or pentagram I am seeing for quite long time and that I had the vision of portal turning into the shape of 5-pointed star while sitting at one of the stones in Avebury Avenue during our facilitators conference. This is much more than just the symbol of five elementals (widely used explanation). From the point of the sacred geometry our ability to visually see things in 3 dimensional world (what we call the matter) may be expressed in a shape of tetrahedron (or a three dimensional axis). When it comes to the higher dimensions, it's very complex explanation (I'm not going here into), but some of us (humans) can see only a shadow of the fourth (and maybe higher) dimensional objects and it's more perceived than seen. So to me, in a very sophisticated understanding, the pentagram as a sacred geometrical pattern may link to the hidden power to energetically connect to higher dimensional realities. But that's my personal experience of what I think may be because of the connection to Andromedan consciousness / energy and I honour this energy that this revelation happened exactly now immediately after the powerful Facilitators Conference.

I can see some connection of all this experience and perception of energy downloads with this new crop circle. I pick up the number 8 there and 8 x 8 = 64, the 64 tetrahedron spherical pattern consists of eight star tetrahedrons or what we call Merkabas. Also, it looks like encouragement to know selves as creatures in the context of a higher (universal) order.

I felt to express all this as it may help me to ground this particular energy and process it as it is a little overwhelming (and exciting). Thanks to those who will be reading and maybe reflecting Praying Emoji

Warm blessings



For me the crop circles are an interdimensional language across the divide. And this year most especially, they're saying that you, as lightworkers, are seen, loved and cherished - that loving support and resources are manifesting in the ether to support you and your work. Take heart, we are succeeding!!...


Grateful for the article. They've been showing up for me this last week as well.

And YOU were so prominent in the field during your gathering last week. Always a pleasure to connect with you in the ethers. 🥰