Discussion, feedback and sharings on our collective journey of Ascension - what we at Openhand refer to as the "Five Gateways"

What exactly is the Light and is Winter Solstice best time to receive it?

I would like someone with experience in this area to answer.

I know the point is receiving light - but I need to know what the light IS first.

I've never got a straight answer. Either the light is God, or the light is your Higher Self, or that you are God becoming one with yourself.

I'm aware is dissolves your ego upon contact so that sounds good.

Just need more information about what it is before taking that final step.


Too much Kundalini?

How do I know if I am activating too much Kundalini through meditative, pranayam and Bhakti practices for where I am at on my journey. I was just going back through the 5Gateways book and saw the line about “premature kundalini activations by forced meditation practices - these can be very destabilizing and counterproductive without first having cleansed the density within….”. I have been doing the same meditative practices for almost 18 months and my Bhakti and Pranayam exercises for 9 months or so but it seems like the energy has really exploded in last few months.


5GATEWAYS remastered movie release

We've released the remastered 5GATEWAYS movie today! We made the film with YOU in mind. We've always known just how helpful the 5GATEWAYS routemap could be on the path. So it's always been our hearts' yearning to share it with humanity. It came with no small expense - of time, of commitment, of passion, including resources and money.


Help with Old Friends Trying To Make Contact

Hello all! New to the forum but not new to this journey. I have a question I was hoping to hear some feedback on. I have been going through this awakening process in various forms for about 5 years now and feel like I am standing on the edge of the passing through the next doorway.


Knocking at gateway 1? or 2?

I was originally introduced to Openhand in this last 4 months but you're speaking a truth I've known in myself for much longer.

I've held the opinion for a long time that ascension is the only real meaninful goal for my life.

After completing my attendance at the Nine Gates myster school ( in April 2011, one of my fellow graduates sent me a link to watch the 5 gateways film.

I watched it through start to finish even though I was just supposed to be checking my email. You recognise your truth when you see it.


Five Gateways question

I was wondering about our experiences between Gateways? For instance, what is the likely experience of someone who has recently transitioned Gateway 2. I would suspect that for a time there would be further integration and deeper exploration around aspects associated with the second Gateway, so for example, perhaps a continuing, deepening appreciation of following inner guidance and synchronicity and increasing sensitivity to life energy. Then gradually would aspects towards the third gateway begin to emerge and unfold?


Mp3 ?

Hi Chris & Trinity,

Have you any more thoughts on a downloadable copy of Gateways of Light and other things ? It would be so good to be able to hear you while out and about instead of just infront of a laptop/pc...

Chris was looking into it a while ago when we spoke through email.

Love & light,

Reese Anderson