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Five Gateways

Discussion, feedback and sharings on our collective journey of Ascension - what we at Openhand refer to as the "Five Gateways"

"Gateways of Light": mini movie - the underlying messages

"Gateways of Light" the mini movie was indeed divinely inspired. The film seemed to have a life all of its own; it contains many hidden messages concerning our journey of Ascension. This forum thread is designed to look at those messages. What are your thoughts and views?...


"Gateways of Light": mini movie - your feedback

Our new web-based mini movie "Gateways of Light" draws attention to our journey of Ascension. It addresses many of the key problems we're currently facing such as global warming, peak oil, over population, poverty, financial melt down etc. etc. and helps us to find the light at the end of the tunnel. If you've not yet seen the film, you can play it below. Afterwards, we would love to hear your thoughts, feedback and feelings...


What is Ascension?

There is much discussion "out there" at the moment about "Ascension". What exactly is it? Are we ascending? What is the process we follow? These questions and more are addressed here...



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