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Openhand 5D Shift Event: SYDNEY/AUS, 11th November

The most incredible shift of consciousness is taking place all around us, for which we get a front row seat. But the key is to separate the movie from the drama. We're currently living in two worlds not one: the old 3D paradigm is in terminal decline, due to excessive exploitation. The pristine new 5D paradigm is emerging steadily from the dross of the old.

5D Shift Intensive: HELSINKI, 9th-10th September

The most incredible shift of consciousness is taking place all around us, for which we get a front row seat. But the key is to separate the movie from the drama. We're currently living in two worlds not one: the old 3D paradigm is in terminal decline, due to excessive exploitation. The pristine new 5D paradigm is emerging steadily from the dross of the old. It's a powerful shift of energy that is available to us all, here and now, in our daily lives: in our relationships, our careers and general living circumstances. In this seminar, we promise not to lecture at you; instead we'll help you feel, emotively and passionately, the shift, as an integral part of your soul. Then be inspired to ride the wave through your daily life. It's simply unmissable.

    This 5D Shift Seminar advances the work Openhand has already undertaken in Finland.
    It is profound energy work, that will connect with you exactly where you are at now,
    to catalyse your next evolutionary leap. We very much look forwards to seeing you again!

Openhand level 3: "DIVINICUS Activation"

Rise of the Divine Human
Humanity has entered the crucible of profound change. A wave of transformation is sweeping through our lives. There will be many who resist, for a while, but the only viable solution is evolution into the next plane of consciousness - DIVINICUS, our divine being, in the Fifth Density Paradigm. How do we make this transition? We must venture deep within and confront the final karmic ballast - the unconscious hooks that keep us locked into the old reality. It requires a deep internal penetration of the old density. In so doing, we unleash kundalini, then activate the spirit-light-body. This will be our vehicle of Ascension into the New Paradigm.

BREAKTHROUGH Intensive (Openhand level 1)

Humanity has been living in the density for too long! It's time to breakthrough and breakout - to connect fully with the divine, and to breathe it into every single situation of your life.

Every moment offers the potential of divine Breakthrough.
It's just a question of knowing where to look and how.

When you Breakthrough, miracles and magic unfold through and around you. You're lifted out of the density and into a New Paradigm of Light, which you can live here and now, in every moment. That's the phenomenal possibility of Openhand's new "Breakthrough!" work.

    This is the new ground breaking 2day level 1 workshop from Openhand.

Facilitator's Foundation Course (level 5): 2nd-6th Sep

How can we serve the light and help others evolve?
The Openhand Philosophy and Approach to Spiritual Enlightenment is helping evolving people around the world make sense of what is really happening in their lives and how to catalyse their next evolutionary step. We feel given to extend our help to the evolving group by training and certifying facilitators who feel very aligned with the Openhand Approach. If you resonate strongly with what Openhand is putting forwards and feel a compelling inner calling to facilitate in the global shift of human consciousness, this level 5 Activation is for you. Here are the details about the next introductory Foundation Course happening in September 2013...

Walking the Path (NOW FULL): Chalice Well, 25th-28th Mar 2013

Applying spirituality to every day life

Humanity is undergoing a powerful transformation, exactly at the same time the very fabric of society is unraveling. The only viable way forwards is to find a way of living that is totally aligned with who we are. If we can become increasingly authentic in how we are being, we will find every step we take is miraculously supported by the benevolent organising energy of the universe. That is the purpose of our level 2 course: it provides a powerful process - a 'spiritual compass' - which we call "openway". When applied in day-to-day living, it can help break through limiting behaviours and unveil profound gifts of beingness leading to a blessed and magical life...

Five Gateways Activation (level 1): Glastonbury 12th/13th January

Activating the energies of Ascension
Our evolutionary path of has reached a vital crossroads. We can no longer rely on the current system to sustain us into the future. A new world is being birthed in a higher vibrational paradigm. How can we each join the new dawning? Five Gateways is a profound framework of Enlightenment and Ascension established by the masters. It has the power to unite evolving people with a common sense of destiny. Openhand is harnessing the energies of benevolence to activate authentic evolutionary beingness within people. We're conducting "Five Gateways Activations" around the world to accelerate our Ascension into a higher dimensional existence...

New Year Retreat (FULL): 29th December to 1st January, Chalice Well

Hi friends,
We're pleased to announce Openhand's New Year Retreat for the transition into 2013. And we're especially thrilled this year that it will take place at the Chalice Well, a deeply spiritual significance of the ages. We are living in times of powerful upheaval. The old world is beginning to give way as a new one expands through it into the higher paradigm. You know us by now, we're working with heart-felt passion and unswerving commitment to catalyse the shift, both for individuals and the wider world. Our purpose is to connect with the underlying flows of benevolence and channel them into our lives as we step boldly into 2013...

Crucifying the Ego (level 4): Snowdonia 19th-26th July 2013

Dissolving into enlightened states
Awakened souls are beginning to experience enlightened states of total clarity. But the experience often quickly disappears back into the cloudy haze of identity because of our "karma" - past life attachments often to traumatic events. Karma is what has brought us back into incarnation and we must confront and dissolve it if we are to be truly liberated. It's like a 'crucifixion' of the ego - bathing in our pain until we expand out of it. That's what Openhand's level 4 Activation is all about - processing karma and catalysing our ultimate Enlightenment. It takes place at the amazing mountain retreat centre "Cae Mabon" in Snowdonia...

The Transfiguration (level 3): Earthspirit 2nd-7th Jun 2013

Infusing the radiance of the soul
When we truly step onto the spiritual path, life can become profoundly magical as the soul infuses within. Yet this process can also lead to a roller coaster ride of emotions. As the divinity within us unfolds, our lives can be thrown into turmoil. Living the life of the false self, constricted by inner child identities, no longer serves us. If we are to become our fully authentic selves and find fulfilling harmony in life, then we must go into the heart of this conditioning, release our attachment to it and then dissolve the blocked energy away. The only way out it through. That is the purpose of Openhand's level 3 Activation "The Transfiguration"...