The Group of Nine: a Benevolent Guiding Presence

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I have a strong connection to a Benevolent Guiding Presence speaking through the weave of the fabric of life. At times its presence is subtle, etheric and seemingly almost non existent. Yet at other times, it's like being surrounded by a choir of angels. I know it as a highly evolved consciousness steering the universe to balanced harmony in all places, what some would call 'nirvana'. It unblocks blockages so that authentic flow may resume. It is currently drawing close to help humanity in these times of powerful, but often confusing transformation. I have come to know this presence as "The Group of Nine"...

    The Group of Nine are what some would call "The Ascended Masters",
    although in my knowing, they would not call themselves that,
    because there is always something to be mastered,
    therefore a true master would know him/herself as an eternal student.

Self Realisation

In the beginning, as I was rediscovering my connection with them, exchanges with the group although revelatory, were also very frustrating. It's like they'd spike something in my consciousness for me to look at - a question about some aspect of reality - but then leave it 'hanging in the air' and me with it! I knew I was being helped, but why wouldn't they answer my obvious questions?

    Then it dawned on me. How can we self realise if someone else is realising for us?
    What's the point of being spoon fed a meal you're supposed to eat for yourself?
    Yet sometimes we need pointers as to what food to eat, how to eat it,
    and especially in times of great confusion, where your mouth is!

So I came to remember this is the most powerful way true benevolence works. It 'spikes' your attention to an issue in your life which is holding you back in some way - because there is some degree of 'grey area' inside which is manifesting outside. But rather than steal the 'glory' from you, rather than owning your process, it asks pertinent questions by presenting synchronicities - events you simply cannot ignore. In such instances, we're being invited to go into the confusion and unravel for ourselves our feelings about that situation. For only then, can we truly SELF realise.

And then, when the realisations have been made, it never takes the 'prize' for itself. It doesn't need your worship, it stands on no pedestal above you. Above all, it never says "you owe me for it". Indeed it never even asks for thanks...

    "A leader is best when people barely know he exists,
    when his work is done, his aim fulfilled,
    they will say: we did it ourselves."

    Lao Tzu

The Team

It is through this very process that I have been refamiliarised with "the Nine" or "the Team" as I affectionately know them. It is my role to act as a bridge, an amplifier for the consciousness here in this realm.

My consciousness is often spiked to guiding realisations. Like the nature of channeling for example. How disempowering such activity really can be - the risk of giving up your own sense of 'soul sovereignty' in favour of something apparently more evolved or aware than you. What the Team have made aware from the start, is that even though they are highly evolved, they too share just an aspect on truth. They - like all others - are not the fountain of absolute wisdom. They can point to inner Gateways yes, but each has to find their own way through them. As they're often communicating: "there's knowing the path and walking the path, the two although related, are entirely different"...

    "Do not believe anything
    because it is said by an authority,
    or if it is said to come from angels,
    or from Gods, or from an inspired source.
    Believe it only if you have explored it
    in your own heart and mind and body
    and found it to be true.

    Guatama Buddha

I feel blessed to be in near constant dialogue with them. But this vocabulary is by no means an exchange of clumsy words. I remember my very first sweat lodge. At some point, the extreme heat catapulted me directly into a higher realm of consciousness. I was both simultaneously in the lodge and the higher place at the same time. This higher realm, which I'd unfolded into, was a totally formless place of white light. Yet I could sense the presence of the Team all around me. It was like there was simply no need of any kind of form - they'd advanced way beyond the need for that (although I came to know they could still take form to resolve deeper realisations where necessary). And 'conversation' was a 'telepathic knowing activation'. Not the transfer of thought or ideas though, more the sparking of a movement within oneself that you then realise for yourself.

It's like striking a tuning fork and placing it next to another one. Soon the other fork will also begin to resonate but most importantly, with its OWN natural frequency. So a question may be posed "what do you think about that?" followed by a vibration that causes you to feel what you think about that. And the realisations, when they come, are experienced as a deep sense of rightness - sometimes blissful joy - but not an external projection into you. Rather it unfolds within, is then integrated and becomes a usual state of being.

The Seven Tillers

The Team have a particular responsibility for the Seven Rays of Divine Impulse. It is through these that they 'spike' one's consciousness to issues to be realised. Imagine the source of the universe as a infinite well and energy flowing from it like a constant stream of light. The light is blended as the seven rays we see in a rainbow, each a carrier of consciousness, of knowing, of realisation in some particular aspect. And our soul is a blend of these seven aspects of consciousness. Unique for each of us, our particular blend sounds a note - a "soul ray harmonic" - which makes different sounds depending on the 'wind chimes' it is currently blowing through.

    Sometimes those wind chimes get blocked up (like the human body so easily can be), in which case the soul cannot sing its heavenly tune authentically or accurately. It is then that the seven "Tillers" of the Team come into their own.

    By stimulating a particular frequency, their resonance can be felt inside, the note then strengthens and re-attunes within us. We re-aquire those precious gifts so painfully lost.

Take for example the Ray 4 - that of non judgmental discernment - being able to figure out Right Action aligned with the natural universal flow of the moment. It is what some call the "Christ Consciousness" (although it is not religious in nature) which is right now spiking in the hearts of people all around the world, reminding us to connect inside ourselves and find our own truth within events and circumstances. We might not judge another, but it might also be appropriately discerning not to involve them in our lives. They might carry a vibration that limits our own, not liberates it.

So there is a "Kohan" - a highly evolved aspect of consciousness - which holds responsibility for each of the seven rays. The Kohans form seven of the nine. The number eight blends the frequencies of the seven that the Team may speak with one coherent voice and the number nine is a mirror - like a sounding board - to ensure the voice sounds correctly. So the Nine act both separately and together as one.

A case of false representation

It has been made known within me that the Team have been misunderstood and thus misrepresented throughout the eons. Humanity and other groups HAVE placed 'Gods' on pedestals and worshiped them, abandoning their own inner sense of rhyme, reason and reality. As a result, humanity has created the group karma of disempowerment. And by the universal Law of Attraction, that karma has drawn to it a disabling force we call at Openhand Opposing Consciousness. They are manifested as multi-dimensional entities acting in the field all around us and controlling humanity for its own ends.

Adolph Hitler was once quoted as saying... 'the grandest deception of all is that which is closest to the truth'. And that's just how Opposing Consciousness works. At a lower level, it has created Gods and Masters which humanity has come to worship. Right from the earliest civilisations such as the Egyptians and Sumerians, worshiping the Gods has created the 'great' religions and the atrocities that such blind 'faith' has then led mankind to.

    Today, at a slightly higher level of deception, the 'Gods' posed before us are those of materiality. Opposing Consciousness controls humanity through the implantation of an energetic thought matrix - this is how we live, what you need, want or what you should aspire to - all relatively close to true soulful characteristics. Like 'abundance' for example. It was always meant to be about the abundant inner joy of self realisation through experience - not by trying to manifest some external physical gratification. Not that we shouldn't enjoy life, just that if we attach to the material, we loose the authentic sense of the etherial.

But that is far from the limit of its deceiving capacity. Even now, amongst spiritual groups, there's still internal abandonment going on in favour of some 'great sage', some 'Archangel' or 'Ascended Master'. Acting through the field, Opposing Consciousness will even infuse people with apparently loving consciousness, a 'hook' to draw people into a needy sense of near constant bliss. Let us be real, real life is simply not always blissful!

The Team I know are of profound humility. Even with their vast knowing, they will not override or over influence someone else. They don't establish themselves as some great 'council' or absolute authority on truth. Yes they have profound insight, yet there's never a placing above or beyond. The truth speaks for itself, but sometimes it needs a little help. That is what the Group of Nine are here for. They'll rise out of the background and whisper softly in your ear, but if there's insensitivity, fixedness or closedness to a deeper exploration of your truth, they'll simply back off, fading quietly once more into the universal background.

Communing with the Team

Humanity is yearning right now for help and the Team have responded. If we can learn how to listen to the subtle inner interplay and watch the interrelated external synchronicities, then we can all speak with the Team and derive enormous benefit from the exchange. So how do we do that exactly? Here is my personal experience...

  • Firstly, we must let go of the need to be anything in particular except what we really are and what we really feel to be in the moment. We must learn how to find peace with total vulnerability to the moment. We must be willing to accept that we don't know what's coming next, no matter how evolved or insightful we think we might be. We must work to become 'as nothing in it all' just as the nine have done.
  • Secondly, we must allow freedom of expression to reign in our lives, learning to recognise and honour our rising truth of beingness. Yet at the same time, holding open the possibility for our truth to evolve which involves not filling the space with our truth at the expense of all and everyone else. Instead we express our truth, but then watch in the external mirror for some confrontation which invites ever deeper revelation and perfection.
  • Thirdly, we must find profound self honesty. We must be watching our motivations for action with the scrutiny of the finest microscope. Why did I do that exactly? Was that my highest expression? How could I have done that better with a greater sense of personal Rightness?
  • Fourthly, when we're beginning to act usually in this kind of open transparency, we may invite the Team to work with us simply by opening our hearts to them and the possibility of higher truth unfolding within and through us.
  • Finally, communion with the nine will likely happen by an activation and 'spiking' of one or more of the Seven Rays of Divine Impulse. If we're open, attentive and observing, synchronistic exchanges in the outer world will reveal the ray influence we're working with and how to unravel the blockages and contractions that dampen that particular vibration of beingness.

A benevolent "open hand"

Guidance may be felt as a simple synchronistic exchange with a bird, in the lyrics of a song, the words of a friend, the metaphor in a film. Or it could be a peak experience which shatters you to the core of your being. It depends how ready you are. Their communication knows no limitation of false grandeur.

In this way, we can all open a bridge to the Team, who will benevolently extend an "open hand" across it. That is their purpose. They are willingly here for us, especially now, in these monumental times of profound change.

From my heart to yours

(on behalf of Openhand)

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What things arise for you when you read it?

I get the synchronistic thing. And, I even have some synchronistic clues that the team of 9 actually exist. However, I am a little confused about the content of the first recommendation: "...willing to accept that we don't know what's coming next."

My wife and I have both had predictive dreams and premonitions about the future that were very accurate. I have also had psychics tell me obscure things that came true years later. So, in a way, we do know what's coming next.

Being 'nothing in it all' and knowing what's coming next seem to be two different things.

In reply to by Bruce King

Hi Bruce,

Accepting that we don't know what is coming next take a very deep level of surrender to the divine flow, especially if you have a psychic gift of being able to tap into the timeless space and see into the future.

Being nothing in it all is very closely related to being willing to accept that we don't know what is going to happen next. In a pure state of enlightened presence, there only is one moment.

To hold in your mind what is coming, creates and influences the future. The entire universe shapes to conform. The question is, would the future that you saw coming still have happened if you didn't see it? How can you know that wasn't created because the vision of it was planted in your mind, after which, no matter how subtly, you gave energy to it? How can you possibly know?

I see the future too. I see what I need to see. Even if what I see, proves to come true all of the time, I still don't presume that I know. As soon as I think that I know what is coming, I create a blind spot for the other things that I might need to see on my journey of self realisation. Therefore I hold the space for whatever is divinely given, whether that was what I saw in my psychic vision or not. With humility, the canvas is blank, forming anew as each moment arises. Life unfolds into the moment. With presence, we allow the space for whatever is divinely given to unfold.


Greetings Open: There is so much here that resonates with my heart's inner knowing. I feel like a kid in a candy shop! I will re-read this a few more times to let it all sink in. I feel a "charge" about completely embracing freedom of expression, which may be linked to previous experiences of persecution when being visible in the world and speaking my truth. I know that I need to lean in fully and feel this fear to dissolve it. I have the sense that I have been skirting around the edges of painful experiences, emotions, and distortions. This is probably why I have not been able to dissolve them fully. Now that I am aware that I have been doing this, I sense that I have the courage to embrace and welcome my distortions; allow them to express fully; infuse them with Light and Love; and then release them to return to the Love and Light of Source. The need for more profound self-honesty really resonates with me, so I will plumb the depths of my soul more fully about my motivations to act in certain ways and whether my actions truly express my highest self.

Bruce, I get premonitions about the future, as well. It is my sense that events may change, however, from the way I am perceiving them in the present since they depend on the free will of all those involved. And others may change their minds, which would impact how those events unfold in the future. So what I see now as happening in the future may indeed change.

Open, just as I was feeling somewhat lost in the maze of illusion, I found your article and Tiffany's article posted yesterday to help me find my way. Thank goodness for synchronicity! With love and appreciation, Catherine

I totally concur Trin...

    "To hold in your mind what is coming, creates and influences the future. The entire universe shapes to conform. The question is, would the future that you saw coming still have happened if you didn't see it? How can you know that wasn't created because the vision of it was planted in your mind, after which, no matter how subtly, you gave energy to it? How can you possibly know?

And I sense there's also more going on particular 'premonitions' that feel so powerful and may at least in part come true.

To me there is no such thing as time. There is space time continuum. So as the path moves forwards, all of reality shapes and changes. Imagine I'm taking a step from C to A, the mid point being B. At B, I carry the influencing energy of the past and the landing reality of A. All in the same moment of B. When I step off from B, there comes a point where my landing at A becomes inevitable. There will also come a time when I can predict where my foot will land. But I can't know for sure until it does.

In a human sense, energy may already be flowing through higher consciousness vehicles and already co-creating with the flow by the time it lands in lower mind. Subconscious mind joins the dots and we think we're seeing the future. We're really already reading a path of virtual inevitability.

And yes, depending on what we do in lower mind will also dictate whether that 'foretold' reality actually happens. If we doubt it, there's the tendency to dissolve it. If we want it to happen, how do we know it was supposed to happen in that particular way?

It's a case of reading the flow and bringing full expression to reality as it is shaping moment by moment.

It's about being open!

Trinity, Open, iamthatiam,

Thanks for the responses.

But, 'holding in my mind what is coming' (as Trinity said) was not my experience with premonitions. For example: One of my friends was leaving my clinic when I suddenly had a sick feeling and saw in my minds eye a flash of cars on a highway. The feeling I got was that she would not be safe driving. I told her emphatically to be careful driving. I forgot about it (not holding it in my mind) until one week later when I found out she had been killed in a car wreck.

Obviously, there is no such thing as time and space. Everything is consciousness. But, why does consciousness choose to gift the human mind with some foreknowledge of the future? Is it about helping our souls evolve? It must be since that is all that is happening anyway. Which seems to be the short answer to my question, or any question for that matter. Why this or that? Because it is helping your soul evolve.

So I am the 'nothing in it all' acting through a fictional character in a story (ego/identity) that is helping my soul evolve.

It amazes me that there are words that describe what has always been just a feeling, a notion, a reflection, a knowing, a glimmer on the path...It is all so natural. It was not always this way. I remember "helping" ants escape to the grass had they unfortunately found their way into the concrete jungle. Running away as a teen because everything was "money, money, money," I knew there was an imbalance, felt guided and cared for but as I grew was pressured and left w/o any resources decided to succumb and play the game instituted by society. It swallowed me whole at times yet the flashes would momentarily ignite the inner flame to shine light to the absoluteness. I have always had conversations with those of the universe. When I was nine years old I would faint in church every week. I remember looking at Jesus on the cross ( it was so gruesome and odd) so so so many thoughts and feelings would flood me. My heart would race, I would feel so incredibly hot, sweat would bead, then my fingertips would start tingling, numbness ensued up my limbs. My peripheral vision would become fuzzy and disconnected at the edges as the darkness encapsulated me into an unconscious state. I cant count the number of times(no medical issues, I've never even had a cavity). I continued to converse into my twenties. I would ask for "signs" that I was on the right path, for guidance, for help. I pleaded at times, cried, rejoiced, was thankful. One time in particular stands out as we moved after picking a green spot on the map..I said silently,if I see a weeping willow tree, I will know I am on the right path. Almost 2,000 miles later, pull into the drive of a modest home and directly across the street is the most beautiful age old weeping willow tree these eyes have ever seen...sigh...those signs were always like a reset button in some way, I was relieved, threw my thanks out there and told them I would continue to give back to those I crossed paths with. Fast forward a decade and it has continued to evolve as received. Thoughts, ideas, feelings come need to understand or intend at this point, the signs increased my awareness. Ahhhh there is just too much that arises. Enjoy. Glorious Day

Hi IamthatIam,

You said...

    "The need for more profound self-honesty really resonates with me, so I will plumb the depths of my soul more fully about my motivations to act in certain ways and whether my actions truly express my highest self."

I'm sure you speak for many. Go for it sister!

Hi Bruce,

What a deeply powerful experience you shared...

    "One of my friends was leaving my clinic when I suddenly had a sick feeling and saw in my minds eye a flash of cars on a highway. The feeling I got was that she would not be safe driving. I told her emphatically to be careful driving. I forgot about it (not holding it in my mind) until one week later when I found out she had been killed in a car wreck.

My feeling is you were tuning into the field and a co-creation that was happening. It may have been experienced as a 'premonition', but really I would say you were tuning into a higher space that was perceiving parts of the future that were already landing in this one moment of now.

In this case, it's not about whether 'this' or 'that' happens, it's a movement of energy which is inviting the exploration of truth - of self-realisation. No doubt you communicated a message. But here's an important one that reaches out to the general situation mankind faces at the moment: most people are not reading from the higher 'script'

Hence things that might have gone a particular way, went another one instead. Still, the river of consciousness flows ceaselessly down the mountain. There's always another possibility of learning, always another tributary that will reach the ocean, one way or another.


Thanks for the reply Open.

I agree with your assessment. There is no doubt that an "opportunity" for my friend to drive safely appeared when I warned her to be careful driving. She ended up falling asleep at the wheel and running head on into an eighteen wheeler. I also have no doubt that the opportunity for consciousness to learn or evolve is infinite since there is no time or space or limitation on pure consciousness. Perhaps the only limit is imagination.

Whether my friend was reading from the higher script or not I cannot tell. I only know what I experienced and what it tells me is that consciousness or my soul or whatever you want to call it, wants me to sometimes know the future. Or, you could say it wants me to 'know what's coming next'.

In light of my direct experience your statement "accept that we don't know what's coming next" is not always true.

well it seems like a great exploration for you Bruce. And I'm not claiming to be 'the fountain of all wisdom!!!" I encourage everyone to challenge the things I say on this site - to form your own truth.

I am a catalyst. A catalyst challenges people to explore. But here's the important thing: a catalyst does not change the outcome of the 'chemical reaction', it only speeds things up to their natural conclusion. So I wouldn't supplant anyone's wisdom with mine, just accelerate the emerging of their own wisdom. That's my guiding impulse in life.

Imagine I'm taking a step. My weight gradually shifts from one foot to the other. At some point, one foot is on the ground and the other is in the air. There comes a point when my weight is so committed forwards, that it's almost a certainty when, where and how my foot will land. Even before it has landed. So I get the sense I'm seeing the future. There's a strong probability of what may happen.

But also consider the possibility that my foot is about to land and I get bowled over by a boystrous friend bursting through the door and into my path. Then my foot might not land where I thought it was going to, even though the probability was enormously high.

In the car crash in which I came into incarnation back in 2002, I came with many visions of how the world will ultimately shape - the breakdown of the matrix and the Ascension into the 5th Density. Those visions are even stronger now than they were then. Many 'tipping points' have activated that would strongly confirm the earth's movement and unwinding in this plain. And she is an enormous cosmic consciousness, so she'll take a lot of stopping. But even now, I rake nothing for granted. We're definitely heading in a certain direction, but until the future fully lands in the moment of now, it's my view you can't fully see it until it does.


PS: a lovely synchronicity just happened - I wrote this comment and when I posted it, none of the text appeared. So I had to click backwards a couple of times, find it again and repost it. It magically reappeared!

Open, thanks for the time and effort addressing this thread.

Also, thank you for not claiming to be the 'fountain of all wisdom'.

I actually agree with much of what you say. It just seemed for me to be an important point about whether you can 'know what's coming next' or not.

I personally believe that psychic knowings transcend the probability factors of physical reality, mainly because the events they predict have already happened - time and space being an illusion.

You're most welcome Bruce.

For me, lower mind is the most precious gift, it makes the illusion of reality real. It's like a camera capturing a snap shot of a point in time.

But if there's any degree of identity with the mind or its manifestations, it actually traps the soul in a time warp. One is always catching up with reality. But if the soul is totally self realised, there's continual snap shots but no time warp. Reality is seen as it lands.