Ascension Meditation

A powerful audio meditation to help you let go and allow in the Ascension energies of higher consciousness. People have told us it's deeply releasing, catalytic and evolutionary. Enjoy!

  • Duration: 25 minutes
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This meditation really did the trick. I felt so light and full of love, really expanded my awareness. Helped me grasp the concept that we are not our bodies, these are just our physical vessels. Thank you 🖤

What better reason to begin your process of Ascension than this outrageous control drama in the 3D!

Thankyou - for inspiring us all!

This is one of the first meditations I recorded, which you can listen to for free here online or else download for a small fee. It's a great way to activate and catalyse your Ascension process.


First time use ...I also did not want to come back. When I was releasing, letting go I could feel most of areas opening ... in the eyes I saw many sets of eyes visually. I could feel expansiveness .. truly wonderful. Thank you!

Been listening to this meditation the last few days, being with the contemplation of "is it ok to release the density?" Today my headphones kept switching the sound from the right to the left until I made a subtle adjustment and the sound settled into balance.... Reflecting to me what you say in the end... Keeping one eye on the inner connected to what you are feeling at all times... Allowing myself to feel the density but also be connected to the lightness through it all... Feeling the truth of being in it but not of it. Thank you so much for this beautiful meditation. With love, Jen

Thank you for sharing these meditations.
I just did this one for the first time...your meditations are quite powerful and I feel the
Love! At the end as I was coming back into the awareness of my body, I felt my
Energy/conscious self strongly!!! I felt like my body was a glove! Wow...

I am sending you gratitude for the gifted meditations.

Much love to all,


Since the beginning of my connection to Openhand ( february 2012 ) , i felt the pull to practice mostly the meditations available on the website , nothing else . From the very start , i really felt something special from any of the meditations - some powerful shifts would happen / softening into very dense tightness that might seem impossible suddenly felt possible / allowing new energies within would hours later be of a very deep benefit in a particular situation ; sleeping was way more relaxing , the list of qualities goes on and on . It's only months later that i started to read the articles and start posting on the forum . I still use them very regularly , even while driving the car on the highway when it's necessary . It's a bit crazy but i know This amazing Bigger Me can handle it with high quality awareness . Thanks guys for those mediations , they have been the step stones of Being part of this incredible Soul family . Much love and Happy Sunday

Thank you very much for this one, I find it simple yet very powerful. It relaxed me profoundly and so expanded my consciousness. Without me doing anything - which is the point. I needed such an experience very much. Then I slept. Thank you again.

Oh my!! To release the burden of physicality and allow oneself to be held by and expand into the Love and Light of Higher Consciousness - Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!! And the sound track was pretty awesome too!!
Thank you Open.

Love this one. The music really adds to the strength. I believe I'm hearing Al Gromer Kahn and Amelia Cuni. For those interested: Amilia Cuni and Alio Die have done a great colaborative album too which is called Apsaras.