Living in 5D Consciousness Now...5 Experiences/Symptoms (PODCAST)

We're excited to introduce this new Openhand Podcast series where we commit to audio some of our most popular articles. But more than just a reading, they're designed to channel higher dimensional consciousness to bring new aspects of soul alive in you, within Gaia's 5D Ascension Shift. Enjoy, and do share your feedback. Namaste. HeartPraying Emoji

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This maken sense. I'm touched. Thanks. 

I was able to find the podcast and listen to it even though I don't have a mobile phone, which I thought was necessary.  My wifi laptop works great to hear the podcast.  So I'm thrilled to be back here and being able to listen to your podcasts.  Even in the midst of all the virus fear and craziness in the world, I've been sleeping deeply and well and I wake up excited!  No fear here, just the goal to keep moving forward with awakening.

Thank you for sharing!  

22 shares and 222 plays. Maybe a TF message to come through - having a listen now 😊