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Living in the "DreamTime" of Joyful Multidimensionality


People are waking up and getting to know that we are multidimensional beings. But in the beginning at least, the higher dimensional experiences tend to come and go. Why is that? And how might we become multidimensional the whole time? For me, it's about realising that the bodymind tends to interpret higher dimensional experiences in an earthly way. And since the vibration of the bodymind is quite dense - very loud - then the experiences get mixed together and the higher senses get drowned out. Since reality is created by what you're able to bring your attention to, then the expanded sense is contracted down. How might we expand back out again? It's all about moving into the "DreamTime"...

Being the Observer of Yourself

Firstly, the energetic matrix in which we live seems perfectly configured exactly to contract us down. Or else to push the higher self out of the body so we can't sense it. Engrossment in the physical, mental distraction and emotional over-stimulation generate lower dimensional frequencies which people all too easily attune to, even without knowing it.

    The key is to begin to test these experiences in every moment.
    To ask if they serve? Who are you really? What is your expanded capability?
    What hidden gifts do you have that are worth so much more?

So the real key is observation, to become the observer of yourself as much as humanly possible. In this way, you get to first realise yourself beyond these lower based reactions and then begin to entrain to your natural higher self frequencies (we use the spiritual compass Openway to facilitate this).

The Consciousness Landscape

It helps to let yourself be open to higher possibility. It's all about beginning to read the interplay of events in your life, not just at face value, but to look for the deeper meaning. Because every moment has one. And this is what I mean by entering the "DreamTime". It's living within the deeper interplay of life, picking up the hidden messages and synchronicities that help you access the underlying flow of reality - how it's really formed and constructed.

    Life is trying to teach us something. It's working tirelessly to evolve the soul through the weave of life itself. So whilst it may look like there are things to do and achieve in the material world, these are really just templates in order that we can discover something deeper about ourselves.

So if you start watching for the deeper meaning - the deeper feeling - and asking "what am I being shown now?", then responding to the inner pull - the inner knowing - you'll start expanding outwards and coming into the "DreamTime".

You begin to appreciate life more as a multidimensional, consciousness landscape.
The miraculous meaning of the universe starts to come gloriously into view.

Oodles of patience

When people are ready to experience this, it's not really that hard to expand into these feelings. It just takes some stillness, practice and inner exploration, making sure you're always interrelated to what's going on outside - in the mirror. The next challenge (and therefore opportunity) is to experience that the whole time.

When you expand out into the higher dimensions - when you connect up to your higher self - then you become a creative channel for source energy. You start to feel this incredible catalytic consciousness within. But then expectation can close you quickly down again if you're not careful.

Yes the physical world can be pretty slow to respond to your higher consciousness. A bit like light flowing into treacle! It's because not everyone is connecting to the higher flow, not reading from the same page. Nevertheless, if we can master oodles of patience, then slowly but surely, higher dimensional consciousness will feed into your life and the outer world.

Stimulate your imagination

I find it helps to stimulate my imagination, to let it run wild at times. To watch and feel the dream, as if I'm living in one the whole time. But this dream is a waking dream. By watching the synchronicities, I get to observe the energetic feedback loops I create, which link me into reality and continue to prove to me that what I'm creating is actually real and aligned.

In this way, I keep moving beyond doubt. Then my multidimensional creations take hold, they gain traction. Life becomes utterly magical. Miracles happen everywhere. I was musing on this the other day and then felt a pull to go onto the web. And I came across this amazing video by a favoured old band "Travis". Now if these guys aren't already experiencing the 5th Density, who is! Go on, play, imagine, enjoy yourself...

If you resonate with the content of this article, and would like support in moving into the joyful, multidimensional "DreamTime", then check out...Openhand's Worldwide Events and Courses

In loving support


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StarHawk's picture

Great video, Open! Yes, it captures a certain joyful, playful, expansive state. Thanks for sharing that.

I've heard the idea of multi-dimensionality mentioned many times over the last 2 years, but I'm still a bit mystified as to what it actually is. I guess I haven't experienced it yet for myself.

Can you elaborate some more?

What are "higher dimensional experiences"? Can you give some examples?



Trinity's picture

Beautiful article, finished off with a captivating video. What art and creativity. I feel such a soul stirring resonance with the form arising from the 'mist'.
Shine on!

Open's picture

Hi Starhawk,

The key to multidimensionality is to give up needing an outcome within the 3D world. It's to soften and observe more, to feel more, to question more. Then to watch the jigsaw pieces land into place through perceived synchronicity.

We recorded this video diary a while back about synchronicity which we felt might put things in perspective...

jdoran's picture

Thank you Open for reminding me:
"Sometimes when nothing is flowing is to be in the flow." I am grateful every day for the Openhand community. Joann

In awareness waits gifts of infinite variation, all shining subtle measures of light. All reflecting slight the myriad of moments that vibrate the realization of our being. A continual loop of seeing in awareness waits.

Joann, I second that!! Much love. Mike

susiemcampbell@cox.net's picture

I have watched the video about synchronistic flow a few times before but I was 'synchronistically" directed to watch it again now, click, click, click and there I was watching, no intention, no finding, just there.

It is so relevant to what is happening in my life at the moment and the way things are moving in a kind of flow. It truly felt like you'd made the video with me in mind specifically lol. I was doubting, enormously, that I was feeling anything, feeling pretty lost and sad and then I was led to watch this again and a whole new understanding arose in me so unlike the first few times I watched it.

I have been desperate to see 'signs' but still knowing that seeking them was not the way to go. I needed to feel to release the outcome of my situation, to let it go completely, something that mentally I knew to do but energetically was not understanding.....now I get it! My trust has returned. Everyday life and situations so often block the signals of the natural flow of things for me. It's like a roller coaster, I seem to have to ride it to the end before I can readjust and feel the flow again.

I love to listen to both you and Trin, you have such a way of highlighting and explaining all that I feel in a way that makes me say 'heh, you're so right!' It's a wonderful gift, of the stating the obvious but not, if you know what I mean Smile and sharing it with others for their higher good and I love Openhand for doing that and facilitating changes in me for the better.

Thank you, please keep doing what you're doing x

Open's picture

Hi Susie, your sharing warms my heart <3

We'll be seeing you I hear in November for Walking the Path. A big part of this is understanding how the flow takes us directly into the density. But then rather than avoiding, denying or placating it, as society teaches us to do (pop that 'pill'), if instead we can softly penetrate it and learn how to unwind it, then the synchronicity kicks in again, flowing through it. After a while, we get to feel the synchronicity even through the density itself.

See you soon!

Hi Open,
I feel the synchronicity of me been presented with " bullies" had plunged me into the density. I have gone deep into the tightness and I feel I'm coming up now. In my former life "the old Ruth" would have taken the path of least resistance that is with my ex husband and his controlling tactics I gave my power away so I felt safe,but the consequence were my self worth suffered. However now "the new Ruth" even though I have felt like giving up my job and running away due to similar behavior by a colleague I have confronted myself and my situation. I don't feel I have had total release yet, but I know I am rising up out of the depths of hell and Im releasing blockages and old behavior patterns. Been in the flow and having negative synchronicity is an amazing learning process when the penny drops. I asked myself why has this situation was been presented to me again what did I not learn from the previous time in my old life when I divorced my husband and also escaped his disapproving mother? I suppose the lesson is I was still attached to my old belief systems the same buttons were been pressed and I could be "bullied" or at least I thought I could. As I said I'm not there yet, but I'm not far from liberation as-well I can feel it! I don't think I shall have any more trouble from my colleague which is not only good for me, but for the rest of the team and maybe for her she has been given an opportunity for growth anyway that is her path.

Love Ruthxx

John Following The Sun's picture

Hi Open
Your video is beyond beautiful. The pure emotion in each word as you talk are indescribable. The energy has the ability to rid all thoughts of depression, sorrow, pain, hatred and regret. It gives me the strength to climb every mountain and view the world from below. It gives me the courage to be strong for loved ones. It gives me the patience to love and cherish every moment.
Love & Blessings

Open's picture

I'm really touched that the video is helping people.
Much love to you all!


sandrajaneenah's picture

Thank you so much for all you do. Synchronisity certainly was the instrumental factor in leading me to find you, right after a catastrophic event in my life. I really needed to connect with you...and with the community of Openhand.

Open's picture

It's great to have you in the community Sandra - welcome Smile

Maybe you'd like to share a little about your journey and the work you're doing in Botswana? Here's a forum thread for people introducing themselves...



rayko12's picture

It's even worse when it's a subconscious expectation ie. one you are not aware off.
So just take a quick breather, ahh, and then let's. Go.
But I'll stay here.
Dunoo what I'm chatting about, again.
This article's beautiful!
And so is Trigonometry, the Greeks knew they left something worth while.
Mentality and Emotionality, here they mix;
So let's watch!

Thanks again for the article. Note: When I click on 'Feedback Loops' I get a Page not found.

Open's picture

Oops - thanks for letting us know.
You'll find the link works now.
Here it is... feedback loops

.Jen's picture

Thank you for bringing this article up Open. With the holiday season well upon us, I have been feeling some doubt as to whether I can be in it and not get caught up in it all...the shopping, the eating, the drinking...all of it. It feels like there is this giant societal permission to just give in to it all because "it's that time of year". We are hosting a little Christas Eve Party with my kids and the grandparents tonight - simple but still it all begins. I know someone will bring the wine and it feels so easy to just slide into the expected place.

I received some great support yesterday through a song by an old band called Journey. This song popped up on my kids radio channel yesterday and again in a random movie they chose to watch last night. Here are some of the lyrics:

"Working hard to get my fill
Everybody wants a thrill
Payin' anything to roll the dice just one more time

Some will win, some will lose
Some were born to sing the blues
Oh, the movie never ends
It goes on and on and on and on

Strangers waiting
Up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people
Living just to find emotion
Hiding somewhere in the night

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'"

ok, so the lyrics are kinda cheesy =), but for me it spoke to what I was feeling and reminded me how cheap and easy it can be to get the quick fix - the false sense of joy and inner fulfillment. It was a reminder to stay present, to stay in the feeling, to stay connected to my inner most sense of who I am and find the joy and fulfillment there.

With love,

Trinity's picture

Jenny - I love you that you totally embrace this journey in every moment!
A big heart full of love to ya.

Open's picture

Hi Jen, yes been there and worn out the tea-shirt Smile

After years of standing my ground, step by step, the festivities are real and authentic now. I know it's tough with the kids though - they're so built up by society, it's hard not to go along with it.

I'd say as long as you keep making some space for yourself and pay attention to being you as much as possible, it can still work out well without needing to compromise too much.

See how it goes

Open Give rose

jdoran's picture

I have found it's getting easier each year as I align with what's real for me. This year's proclamation to my sisters that I wasn't buying gifts was heard as me not engaging in any family festivities....some emotional triggers were set off but I was able to calmly and lovingly talk about what is meaningful and what isn't. I'm creating a new family tradition of a sleigh ride together with hot beverages afterwards. It's fun to hear family members talk about looking forward to it. Haven't mastered the resistance to sugary treats so I'm well-armed with vegan goodies to bring to our gatherings. The single most helpful practice I engage in is the Openhand creed of tuning in to how I'm feeling, bringing awareness to how it's serving my higher good! Much love to all xo

.Jen's picture

Hi Trinity,

You know what is a big part of embracing this journey right in this moment? Sharing your delicious recipes! I made my second double batch of your Christmas truffles last night Smile divine!

Thank you for all the love Trin and I am sending some right back your way. You inspire me in so many ways!
With love,

.Jen's picture

Hi Open,

Yes, we are slowly making changes but they are still all in for all it's built to be. We did buy a small potted tree this year and will plant it after the holiday. The kids made all the decorations around the house out of paper and we made a few different raw vegan desserts together.

It's a good point you make of the festivities being real and authentic. I am working to not throw the baby out with the bathwater =). I dreamt last night that I was at an openhand gathering and a baby was hovering above my head and then dropped into my arms. I can see the autheniticity in the birth of the christ consciousness within myself and attuning to that.

Thank you for the supportive words and yes, I will keep making space for being me.

And of course, you too inspire me beyond measure to keep finding and being more and more of me! Thank you for allllll you are and give by being you so completely!

With love,

.Jen's picture

Hi Joann!

I love your new tradition - that sounds awesome! I will be surely drinking a big green juice while everyone is here to tune into the inner vibrance and sharing Trin's hot chocolate recipe too!

Sending you lots of love!

Trinity's picture

Ahhhw Jen, that really fills me with joy Smile
It goes round full circle and I am so pleased that I know you!
We've found a way of connecting no matter what the distance. It's happen naturally, in a divinely given way.
That is special!

Trinity's picture

Totally agree with Jen. Love it Joann!
Ahhhw... you guys are in my heart.

Open's picture

I felt to draw particular attention to this article today, because as things are out in the world, life can get quite intense at times!

Remember the path is always a balance: get into the density and process it yes, but always look for the light through the tunnel and let it guide you. So work not to 'stew' in the density. Then you'll start to live the magical joy of what I call the "DreamTime" - the magical multidimensionality of life.

So do re-read the article and see how it might inspire you today.

Sending love and support

Open Give rose

The article - so important and so timely Smile <3

I am really finally feeling like living it, so the way you describe is very comforting, because I barely have people in my environment who experience life in this way. It causes some feeling of inadequacy and self-doubt sometimes. It is hard. It is challenging to be constantly pulled, disturbed, "tricked" by people, see it and the forces behind the scene, find my being in it all and then extract what I need to extract out of all this noise, and with that feel out what is right to do and do it no matter the reactions and frustrations of people involved. But I guess it is like a training? Strengthening of the inner connection, developing more and more trust and less and less doubt, really coming into presence.

Even though my self-trust is still shaky, I feel I have no other choice, otherwise it is like feeling being torn apart, when the soul is being kicked out or pulled out, in some way, and this is what is happening anytime I am going into a "false" mode. It is just not an option anymore. I immediately have to focus back. The clumsiness and confusion is going away, and really watching, listening comes in place. It is a big shift of attitude to what is going on and in a way of being in experiences. Being alone in this is very hard. So thank you so much for support and reinforcement, for the reminder that I am not alone!

And... I have a question about your comment. There was a period, after I had my heart expansion I went "into the tunnel", that lasted until recently, and there no matter how hard I tried and what I did I barely saw or felt any light at all, until it was completely gone. Then I felt I had to let it go, and was immersed in total darkness for a rather prolonged period of time. Retrospectively, I felt like I just gradually died in that dark tunnel with no light at all. It was a time of strengthening my faith without any signs of the "light" kind. I mean, it is easy to trust the obvious, and it can easily be intellectually created to rely on something when the real thing is gone. So one of the most important stages was to give in. Like I saw nothing but the dark, nothing but hell and hellish creatures inside me and around me. The whole universe turned into hell. And it is like really letting go all the good and nice, and making steps forward into the darkness, even if it means more horror and more darkness and more blindness. The steps I took for several months were made from darkness into darkness. I had no light at all! And the fall too... There is this quote about taking a leap of faith and finding a solid ground or wings to fly - nothing like that happened to me, I just got crushed completely and nearly killed. I can't see my fault in it, even though for a long time I thought it was all my fault. There was really no light or support in that process. And the miracle is that still, I survived, and I was pulled out of my grave through a place where there is neither consciousness, nor choice and no support at all. So maybe it is not always like that? Maybe sometimes, some of us need to surrender into the complete darkness and having nothing to rely on?

Retrospectively I can see and feel I was led and that I was never abandoned, but it was not my experience within the tunnel.

And the tough part was that I felt something was wrong with me, because of messages of this kind. I thought I was doing something wrong and was struggling to find the light and the good and to feel the connection, until I just let it go out of exhaustion.

So, focusing it, could it be that in some cases, for some time, there will not be any light anywhere in the tunnel whatsoever? I am asking it because I feel it is important to let know that this might happen and that it is okay too!

Thank you <3