Gaia's Great 5D Shift and the Affect on Humanity

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For those who have been on the spiritual path for some time, it is probably no mystery that the next step in evolution involves moving to a higher paradigm; a new paradigm based on divine beingness and respect for all sentient life. Having processed her own karma, Gaia is leading the way for life here on Earth. In this video, we look at the imperative for humankind to evolve, right now...

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It was a real pleasure to create this video excerpt from Open's latest seminar in Glastonbury. Feels like a real gem.
It conveys insightful information about the ascension of humanity, Gaia and above all, the importance of self-realisation through it all. I love the energy and invitation for everyone to empower themselves through the whole process.

Thank you for this incredibly inspiring video, Trinity and Open. So many glistening pearls throughout:

*You'll always have exactly what you need to self-realize.
*Everything is of the One Self: There is nothing else to know. There is nothing else going on except self-realization.
*Karma is not based on good and bad actions but on attaching to experiences where the soul fragments in eddy currents of stuck energy.
*The matrix is an inter-dimensional energy to exploit the earth.
*Gaia's karma was to play out the matrix-y, dog-eat-dog, survival of the fittest world.
*Gaia doesn't need that energy anymore.
*Gaia is moving on to the fifth density of co-creative harmony where no life has to suffer at the expense of another.
*A great cleansing is taking place on planet earth. We are moving through a major shift.
*There will be no sophisticated life left on this planet past 2100.
*There is nothing to fear but fear itself. This is a great opportunity to self-realize as the One.
*Given the current level of humanity's consciousness, it would take a million years for the majority to ascend.
*Many are not ready to ascend. Those not ready will be helped by the angelic realms as a result of the great cleansing.
*We must not allow ourselves to be slowed down by the majority of humanity not ready to ascend.
*We have manifested the potential of self-mastery in a very short space of time.

I'm feeling pumped up kicks to keep spiralling upwards.

x Catherine

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Even though I was at the seminar, it stirs my soul all over again to see this account of what is happening all around us and most importantly a coherent, comprehensive explanation as to the "why".
Its time to wake up, take off the blinkers and stride down the light filled path of your souls birthright..

I enjoyed this video very much. It resonated for me. Thank you :)


Thanks for the kind support guys. *OK*

I've always known I was to share this key message. But it's not been an easy one to integrate with the right language to keep the inner doorways open long enough. However, I sense we're at the cusp of a change. Increasingly people can feel the perilous situation the Earth is in; and that her healing, is likely to be more drastic than the spiritual mainstream previously imagined.

    As I sit here at Sydney Airport, it cannot be more stark: despite the sterling efforts of the awakened, the matrix continues as yet unbowed. The majority are steaming full speed toward the 'falls'. Synchronistically, I see service personal with luminous vests dotted all around. They metaphor those who are here to usher people to the 'life-boats' (funny, just as I write these exact words, one has sat down right next to me at my table!).

Take the blinkers off guys. It may take a little while, but the matrix will fracture and fall apart, and it won't be pretty. In the video, I said that I didn't see "sophisticated life on the planet past 2100". But that doesn't necessarily mean we've got until 2100. Life will become increasingly unliveable between now and then (check out the water situation in Sao Paulo right now for example - people are on the edge, in this moment).

I don't share any of this to spread fear. Quite the opposite. We must confront the truth to truly progress. What do you see? When you peel away the veils of what you'd like to have happen, or what you're afraid will happen, what do you truly feel? Keep looking, keep digging, keep opening into tightness, for this is the path to true liberation from identification with the physicality.

George Carlin was one of those who got it before he passed on...

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Another great video guys!
Thanks Open and Trinity. Its funny how it seems, it doesn't matter where a person is on their spiritual path, the videos always seem to activate/catalyze something. Could be different for every person.
Keep doing what your doing guys, very grateful!

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