What's your favourite spiritual movie?

What is your favourite movie? Does it have a an underlying spiritual message? Does it stir your soul? If you have a favourite you tube clip feel free to post it too (or send the link and I'll embed it for you :-) )
Please share...


Just a quick share.

I would like to draw your attention to a new series a friend recommended to me. Although most of us probably have neither HBO nor any other TV-subscription, the plot may sound interesting to some of us.

"The Leftovers takes place in the wake of a global "Rapture"—which may or may not be the Biblical rapture—and centers on the people who didn’t make the cut that are left behind in a suburban community."

All of a sudden, 2 % of the world's population disappears from the streets, without a trace...


One of the best movies I've watched, and I think there is no one actual subject it doesn't touch and invite to reflect on. Realizations rain... Simply amazing.

Ready to expand your mind? Our spirituality needs to broaden. Imagine you're in an interdimensional war zone - because when you connect deeply through all the layers you'll find you are! Imagine you're continually reborn until you find the completeness of who you are, with all your facets, gifts and skills. Imagine your twin flame is there helping you along the path. It's all there metaphored wonderfully in the new film "Edge of Tomorrow". If there's attachment to peace and bliss, forget it. But if you're also activating the warrior in you, then you could really enjoy this one. "Let me tell your a story. At first, it's going to sound ridiculous!"....

"Always" is one of my very favourite movies, made in the 1980's -- starring Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter and directed by Steven Spielberg. It has adventure, sadness, and comedy, but mostly it's a profoundly moving love story that speaks to setting our loved ones free if we truly love them. Sniff, sniff... I always get out the kleenex for this one. Here are a few scenes from the film. x Catherine



I went to see "Lady in a van" last night and it was deeper than I anticipated from the trailer. It had some funny moments, though it was also quite sad in parts, it spoke to me of what can happen when you deny aspects of your soul and how experiences can shut us down.

Love, Fiona

I saw Midnight Special at the cinema last night. It's about an 8 year old boy, who although he has human form, is from another world & has special powers. He doesn't feel that he belongs here on Planet Earth, & eventually connects with light beings of his own kind, from elsewhere in the universe. As a starseed, I identified with some of the themes in this filn, & found it very moving & inspiring. Here's the link to the trailer on YouTube:



Love the book by Ken Kesey and the film, especially the final scene with Chief Bromden smashing through the prison window, breaking free. One of the best endings ever!

With Open's Breakthrough tour about to launch, felt like a good time to share this heart-soaring scene from "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest". Let's go.


Just watched the animated film "Moana" with my kids...if you haven't seen it - it is truly beautiful! It definitely has it's purely silly parts that were a good laugh, but the scene at the end "when the heart is restored" is so incredibly beautiful and touching. The general premise depicts an island village that has stopped exploring, that protects it's safety above all else...the heart of the island has been stolen so that man could create in his own way and the island is now dying. The ocean calls to the cheif's daughter to retrieve the man who stole it and together restore the heart of the land. I would post it here, but don't want to spoil it for others, but if you probably won't watch the whole movie, here is the link...


...so many powerful messages in this film.

The words to the song in the clip above, rippled love and recognition through me. <3 Enjoy.... Love, Jen

I have crossed the horizon to find you
I know your name
They have stolen the heart from inside you
But this does not define you
This is not who you are
You know who you are

No way Jen! Just watched exactly the same movie last night (right before you did I believe). Tuned in or what!
Being an natural born island girl myself, it had me smiling from ear to ear.

I don't normally watch animated films, but this one - awesome!!!

That's awesome Trinity! Had a purely magical day so that is fitting =). yes, big smiles - loved the grandma too...I feel like I would be that lady in the tribe! With love, Jen

Felt to copy my Facebook post here in the Openhand forum. "Just saw the film Wonder Woman. Triumphant & joyous female narrative. A superhero woman. Directed by a woman. Diana. Amazon warrior. Sexy Protector of Love. No shame. No gender boundaries. Everyone is equal. Everyone is empowered. Mazel Tov."

Feminine power. Ramping up. It's time. Yihah!


I just saw Ken's Loach's profoundly moving film "I, Daniel, Blake" which the Guardian's film reviewer calls the battle cry for the dispossessed.

I relate very personally to this film. Through sudden job losses and an unexpected health crisis, my husband and I landed in the 'system' when our children were young, so I know how it feels to sit across from a bureaucrat, praying inside for mercy. Thankfully, my prayer was answered, unlike Daniel Blake's. Having walked a mile in their shoes, I became a much stronger advocate for clients when I subsequently worked in the social service sector. And I was able to serve with greater compassion and understanding.

This film blows your heart open.