Growing World Fire...Let Souls Soar like the Pheonix

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It's summer in Europe, and with forests as dry as tinder boxes from widespread drought, wild fires are igniting, forcing thousands to flee, as in the popular holiday destination of Saint Tropez. Meanwhile, only a thousand km to the East in Italy, violent hail storms are covering once sandy beaches in the Marche province with a thick blanket of ice. As in many other places around the globe, the weather is becoming nothing short of biblical. As strange as it may at first sound, how can spiritual people be positively motivated by what's taking place? It's all about recognising the subtle consciousness interplay that limits; one that constantly binds us into an outdated reality.

    We must 'burn' these restraining threads, and allow emergent soul to spread its wings...

The catch 22 that becomes 5

The biosphere of our planet is changing, rapidly. Even though mainstream news is still heavily invested in 'business as usual', what's happening to our climate is anything other than 'usual'. Due to the warming of our planet, the Arctic is melting, which is changing the typical latitudinal flow of the jetstream to longitudinal - from to North to South. I'm no climatologist, but I imagine that's why it's possible to have both heavy fire and ice at the same time in middle Europe.

    I find it ironic that St Tropez in Southern France to be the next challenged area - it is of course a popular tourist destination. Here in the Mediterranean, holiday makers enjoy one beach, whilst just a pebble skim away, refugees are landing from drought starved Africa. It's blind acquiescence to the system which devours the planet, that people then need a holiday from - ironic, isn't it!

So let's get real guys. How can we take this catch 22, add two plus two, breakthrough the Fourth Density, and get 5 - the Fifth Density?

Constantly confront, challenge and break the restraining threads

It's essential to recognise that inside of us, will be subconscious anchoring threads into the old world and the old system. These are the behaviourisms that have tied the old reality construct together, of which humanity has been a willing part.

    Essentially, what I'm talking about, are fixed judgments: life happens like this; we behave with one another like that; 'this' is possible, 'that' is not. Take a look around you in your own circle of family and acquaintances: how many people, in some way, are still tied into this old consciousness?

    In which case, it is highly probable, that day in, day out, you're reconfirming conscious threads by the very things you blindly accept - in relationships, careers and general living circumstances. When these threads get 'pulled', then the old consciousness is activating itself inside you - the risk is to keep rebuilding it.

What we have to do, is constantly confront, challenge and break these restraining threads, as they are happening.

Dancing on Fire

One of the most powerful spiritual practices I've come across, is the shamanic art of firewalking. You burn wood down to hot coals at around 500 hundred centigrade, rake out the coals, then walk across. It's one of the most empowering experiences possible.

    How is it that the feet don't get burned?

Well sometimes they do. Feet get 'kissed' by the fire in reflexology points that reflect what needs to be worked on internally. And that's the point: in the build up to the firewalk, we'll work with people to expand their consciousness into their soul - where they know their inviolable connection to the One; where they know that they are spiritual beings not merely physical. In which case, literally anything becomes possible.

Progressively expanding into 5D consciousness

Increasingly now, around the planet as the 5D Shift accelerates, we're going to witness increasingly biblical weather patterns that come to affect society and our 3D lives in profound ways. But let's not be shocked by what happens, let's not be taken by surprise. Let's be constantly mindful - tuned in to what happens internally.

In which case, you'll find yourself progressively expanding into 5D consciousness, and whatever now transpires in the 3D, especially in your relationships, careers, and general living circumstances, will no longer bind nor control you.

That's how what we witness of the challenges in the density, can inspire us progressively, to spread our wings and fly like the mythical pheonix.

Let's go for it!


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Yes, I can feel the shift accelerating, accompanied by ever-increasing anxiety from the old consciousness side. Speaking about Fire and our Tomorrow - here's a poignant synchronicity, also with the number 22 (22 thousand people evacuated from the fire)...…
Now is the time to resurrect ourselves - the alchemical fire is blazing.

When I read Fire and Ice couldn't help but think of Game of Thrones... Will ponder on the synchronicities, not landed yet.

Essentially, what I'm talking about, are fixed judgments: life happens like this; we behave with one another like that; 'this' is possible, 'that' is not. Take a look around you in your own circle of family and acquaintances: how many people, in some way, are still tied into this old consciousness?

Yep, very apparent at recent family gathering and lost myself for awhile in that. Was yet again asked to be 'normal'. But I celebrate being free and working to be free from the conditioning of my upbringing, education, society, culture... It came to me yesterday to focus my energy on that rather than the anger and frustration of not feeling like I'm being 'got'. (Apart from my tribe here ;) who get me completely or at least hold the space for me, for me to get me! )