Questions and answers to typical spiritual questions like how to quieten the mind and emotions during meditation, psychic attack, entities, chakras...

Splitting focus to never leave the heart


I'm currently in Gateway 2 - living in a mix of mind and heart based choices.

When I meditate, I can easily reconnect with myself and feel the warmth of my heart. But I'm finding it difficult to keep my presence when I'm with people and I have to engage in a conversation, for example. After a few minutes, I realize I left my center and I'm living more in my personality, with mind-based thoughts and opinions. Otherwise, if I try to come back to the center, I become too quiet and people ask me if I'm upset.

Why is kundalini potentially so dangerous

For the last 18 months or so I have been experiencing increasing energy flow up through the chakras and this has intensified in last few months. Now it feels like a sea of energy flowing through my core and slightly around it that is as real as my normal physical body. It seems to keep opening into areas that felt constricted and also seems to have a life of its own in terms of how it is evolving. I have also gone through huge transformations in terms of tightness, and also clarity on my persona/false self which continues to unwind.

Incarnated Angel

As the title reveals I am an incarnated angel....or at least I think I am. What I believe to be God has given me many visions and I know my mission yet I don't belong here. I know for a fact that I don't. How do i cope with the fact that I cannot turn hone to where I was once happy? I used to think I was a starseed child until a psychic told me otherwise. I knew I had a fascination with angels for a reason. But I digress. What do I do about this? I feel so alone and my community is in tatters;doesn't make things any better. So what can I do?

Gratitude as a shortcut to Enlightenment?

Hello! Greetings from Rio!

Yesterday I was meditating on the feeling of gratitude and came across some questions and insights. First, let me describe what I did.

Before meditating, I was feeling a bit tense and "dry", as if my emotional cup wasn't full - and this was obvious due to my shallow breathing. So I sat down and focused on the love I feel for people in my life (it wasn't a mental thing like "I am grateful for *fill in the blank*", but just immersing myself in the love).

Help (with soul awakening)

Hi, I ran across this while searching for answers. I have a lot to say, but I will keep it short. First, I will say I was born into a gifted family and have my own gift. However, I have been experiencing some things that I don't know what do with or understand why. I am also, dealing with some heart issues and I feel like it is in combination of what I'm going through. About 3-4 months ago, I was waking up with electrical shocks in my body. It would literally jolt me awake. Then I started experiences a an extremely high vibration in my body.

being in the flow?

Hi Open I would like to ask about something to do with wether am in the flow or not. I have had some financial difficulty recently. Its easing a little now as my child-minding business is getting underway. I see myself attending the course in Glastonbury in September yet its difficult to see where the funds will come from (am trying not to keep thinking about this just to let it go).

Attachment, Romance, and Energy Exchange: How to Release Bonds with Possessive Partners we are no longer physically with

How do we release energetic bonds with others who we are no longer physically with? How does one exert sovereignty to overcome an energetically possessive partner? How do we limit the obtainment of the other's feelings, memories, and sensations which they transmit, so that they are forced to confront their reality, rather than us processing life for them?