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Spiritual questions

Questions and answers to typical spiritual questions like how to quieten the mind and emotions during meditation, psychic attack, entities, chakras...

walk-in / kundalini awakening

Hi Open

Just writing to see if you can provide some insight into how to determine whether a walk-in is being experienced by someone or a kundalini activation. For example a kundalini activation can feel like something 'new' moving through someone. Is there a clear 'knowing' when there's a walk in / soul exchange. I guess in time it would be clear what is happening, but initially, there could be some confusion?

Thank you

The Cosmos - and how it affects us?

What is the influence of the planets on us? I can see that all of the cosmos has a vibrational effect on us. But which direction does this go? If we are creating with how we are being then aren't we drawing to ourselves the effects we are experiencing? Aren't we collectively creating the cosmos as they are - or at least holding in place the structure of the cosmos by our mass agreement to see it a particular way? It seems it's all a mirror anyway...not a cause of what I am feeling, but a reflection of what is already inside of me.

Higher consciousness through learning spirit channelling … advice?

Dear all

I am writing in hope of some advice. I was invited to participate in some training workshops by a psychic/medium who claims to have access to many guides and galactic entities. I have enjoyed her energy before - but when I attended her information night, she directly received a channeling about risks to my child that may come from the training (hitchhikers may attach to him via me).

ocd = implants and imprints?


I feel very ashamed about this ... but that will not stop me from posting...

Where to start?

I have read your recent article on WakeUpWorld, the one about removing implants and imprints from our field and found it very helpful and comforting. Thank you.


I have a question. Is the observer an aspect of the soul or a state of the mind? It feels to me that I can either be in one of three states of being - and I seem to go between all three...(1) totally identified with the body/mind (when I am caught in patterns of behavior etc - though there is an awareness that I am in reaction so perhaps not completely identified), (2) observing the thoughts/feelings/experiences of the body/mind or (3)in a place where the observer is sort of fused into the experience of the feeling/sensations.

The Law of Attraction and "Abraham Hicks"

Hi everyone, Hi Open,

Do you know anything about Abraham-Hicks? What is your opinion of their teachings and the Law of Attraction? Thank you!

A VERY disturbing meeting

I was recently invited to go along to a 'spiritual ' group. I could see people knew each other and were hugging but it didn't feel right I felt very uneasy as I sat down. We did a short meditation and I still felt there was something wrong. I got a feeling of something like a gush of cold air around me which didn't feel good.
A couple of women got up and spoke saying they were not a cult or religion, and to follow what you personally believed.

The Observer

Becoming grounded in the Observer. Experiences

Mirror & what next?


Someone has come into my life and I perceive them as an aspect of myself that I don't like and don't want to be part of me. I feel that through this person, that aspect of myself is being reflected to me. So now I have recognised it, what next? How do I go about releasing it?

Transmission meditation?

Hello everyone, I am new to this Forum and hope I am not posting under the wrong topic Smile The other day I stumbled upon a lecture about "transmission meditation" here in Lund, Sweden. http://transmissionmeditation.com/


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