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Spiritual questions

Questions and answers to typical spiritual questions like how to quieten the mind and emotions during meditation, psychic attack, entities, chakras...

Pure Love

I was contemplating recently on what LOVE is? How do we interpret it in the realms of spiritual seeking? What does it mean for each and every one of us?
I found myself bumping my head with dualities especially the love and hate ones. Concepts we define on a daily basis and we tend to take for granted.

leaving relationships where nothing is "wrong"

Hello~I am so grateful for you all, the 5Gateways has really been a beacon for me through this transitional time!

I have a question about feeling the pull to leave relationships (namely friendships).

Would take some guidance

Hi Chris and Trinity,

First of all, I would like to say thanks you for all you are doing, it makes me happy to see people like you be on this way and trying to enlighten others.

I also want to say that I've listen to your new documentary 5Gateways like one week ago and it is clearly one of the best documentary I have ever listen to... and believe me, I listen to a lot of them Wink

Belief, religions, relations

I've always thought that religions are about psyching onself in to a lie that carries the believer on. Like a shortcut to achieve something without really prosess or really letting go of the things that keep bothering?
Could it be so that someone acts like being more aware than the one is? Like a believer who follows externally the right ways because the one believes to be doing the right things. ...and people around the one thank how good person this is. Altruism works well despite the motives people have excercising it.

Mental Enlightenment

Hi all,

in myself and many people I observe a state that I struggle to understand, and wonder if anyone can shed any light.

There seem to be people who experience a sort of "artificial mental awakeness", a sort of blissy state where nothing seems to bother them and gross emotions are not happening.

Using crystal grids

Hi, I've just re-read through Chris' list of ways to help counter psychic attack. One of the things he mentions is the use of CRYSTAL GRIDS - does anyone have any useful info on this subject please? I have used crystals in the past, by 'programming' them, but I just want to make sure that I'm using the best methods for this process. Confession: I did get 'waylayed' at one point by some stuff on the internet I read, about asking the 'Pleiadian light beings' for help.

Salvation of the soul

I have a simple question which came up for me concerning openhands view on salvation of the soul. It does seem like many steps backwards, but a few backwards is a leap forwards

Ancestral Karma?

Hello all,

I am interested to hear people’s thoughts about if, or to what extent, we carry the karma and memories of our ancestors?

How do you know when it's your heart guiding you, and not your head?

Would be so grateful for others advice on how to tell if you are doing, or about to do the right thing.
My decision will hurt others which tells me it should be the wrong choice. But I feel as though I am being called to something different, something better.
How do I know if this is my head or my heart?
With Love,

Book on NVC / Compassionate Communication?

Hello, can anyone recommend a good book on NVC / Compassionate Communication? Also any books about the inner child etc?
Many Thanks!


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