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Spiritual questions

Questions and answers to typical spiritual questions like how to quieten the mind and emotions during meditation, psychic attack, entities, chakras...

Salvation of the soul

I have a simple question which came up for me concerning openhands view on salvation of the soul. It does seem like many steps backwards, but a few backwards is a leap forwards

Ancestral Karma?

Hello all,

I am interested to hear people’s thoughts about if, or to what extent, we carry the karma and memories of our ancestors?

How do you know when it's your heart guiding you, and not your head?

Would be so grateful for others advice on how to tell if you are doing, or about to do the right thing.
My decision will hurt others which tells me it should be the wrong choice. But I feel as though I am being called to something different, something better.
How do I know if this is my head or my heart?
With Love,

Book on NVC / Compassionate Communication?

Hello, can anyone recommend a good book on NVC / Compassionate Communication? Also any books about the inner child etc?
Many Thanks!


I've looked around to see if there is a pre-existing thread on this but I didn't notice one. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the implants of a non mechanical nature removed? I'm sure they are draining my energy.

Thank you, Lisa Anne

human ache

Hi openhand,

I'm finding after meditation I carry what feels like a human ache - if I were to put words around it they would be 'truly what am I doing here - on planet', 'why am I still here', 'this doesn't feel like home to me at all', 'I try to connect but I'm deeply out of place here'. Even though I feel and am partly aware of the answers to the words - the ache persists. It's not a matrixy ache - it's kind of like a galactic ache?

Question about daily white light or shield protection.

Hello, I've been drawn to your work since I encountered your lovely "Five Gateways" video. Thank you for all of your wonderful offerings.

Blind guide question


I have a question. There's a saying about something like "the blind man is leading the blind..."...

My shot:

There are many blind guides, but those who follow them do that because they want to stay blind, because they choose to. There are many, who stay blind even with the seeing guide, while those who want to see, will find assistance even with the blind one. And

Entities & psychic attack

Hi Everyone

I would like to ask a few questions regarding entities - I have little direct experience myself, so any advice would be very welcome.

What are the various ways that entities can attach?

Have we all had them in the past, maybe without even recognising it or do they only take hold once we light up in the fourth dimension?

Is there difference between opposing consciousness influencing us - and having an actual entity?

How do they manifest themselves and then influence us?

How do we work with removing the entity or stop it from influencing us?

Finding Redemption

Hi everyone,

I am a new user and recently watched the Openhand 5 gateways documentary.

I have been exploring spirituality for some time now, in my teens (somewhat misguidedly), in my early twenties and now in my thirties. Recently I have felt the pull, the shift that drew me toward the first gateway but I do not seem to be able to pass through due to anxiety about my past.


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