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Using crystal grids

Hi, I've just re-read through Chris' list of ways to help counter psychic attack. One of the things he mentions is the use of CRYSTAL GRIDS - does anyone have any useful info on this subject please? I have used crystals in the past, by 'programming' them, but I just want to make sure that I'm using the best methods for this process. Confession: I did get 'waylayed' at one point by some stuff on the internet I read, about asking the 'Pleiadian light beings' for help.

How do you know when it's your heart guiding you, and not your head?

Would be so grateful for others advice on how to tell if you are doing, or about to do the right thing.
My decision will hurt others which tells me it should be the wrong choice. But I feel as though I am being called to something different, something better.
How do I know if this is my head or my heart?
With Love,

human ache

Hi openhand,

I'm finding after meditation I carry what feels like a human ache - if I were to put words around it they would be 'truly what am I doing here - on planet', 'why am I still here', 'this doesn't feel like home to me at all', 'I try to connect but I'm deeply out of place here'. Even though I feel and am partly aware of the answers to the words - the ache persists. It's not a matrixy ache - it's kind of like a galactic ache?

Blind guide question


I have a question. There's a saying about something like "the blind man is leading the blind..."...

My shot:

There are many blind guides, but those who follow them do that because they want to stay blind, because they choose to. There are many, who stay blind even with the seeing guide, while those who want to see, will find assistance even with the blind one. And

The question is: Is that so? :D
Is there some responsibility of the blind guide, some irreversible damage he can do? Many of them believe they see, so is it their fault?

Finding Redemption

Hi everyone,

I am a new user and recently watched the Openhand 5 gateways documentary.

I have been exploring spirituality for some time now, in my teens (somewhat misguidedly), in my early twenties and now in my thirties. Recently I have felt the pull, the shift that drew me toward the first gateway but I do not seem to be able to pass through due to anxiety about my past.

Working with sexual energy

I have been married for a number of years. While the journey of our married life has not been without challenges, our relationship remains strong.

However, I am currently experiencing a very strong attraction for another woman. In normal circumstances, maybe I could just walk away from this - but the problem is that it is in a work environment, we may be working together closely for a few more months, and walking away is not straight forward.

Is there anything I can do with this strong sexual energy? e.g. to transform it into something else?