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Spiritual questions

Questions and answers to typical spiritual questions like how to quieten the mind and emotions during meditation, psychic attack, entities, chakras...

Detox / Cleaning

I live a pretty healthy life these days and mostly follow the sugestions that are also given in Chris book (vegan, organic food only, regular fasting, no TV or Wifi, nature, yoga...) since quite some time. But due to a pretty full-on drug past I would like to know wether anyone has any more ideas on detoxification.

There are lots of products and suggestions out there.. Any experienced detoxers around?

Thank you

Conspiracy theories and Opposing Consciousness

Hi Chris,

I've been wanting to ask you about these for a while. I have little knowledge about the subject, have never really bothered to look into it in much depth as there are so much misinformation out there, it's hard to know what is true. I'm connected with many spiritual minded people on the internet, every time I go online I get bombarded with all sorts of information about these things. I feel I really want to get clarification on a few things.

Early morning calling?



I have started to awaken early in the morning - usually around 5-5.30am - and was wondering if this is a calling of some sort?
I have never had any problems sleeping-in in a morning and this is very unusual for me. It has been happening for the last few weeks without fail and although i get a bad feeling initially when i wake-up- I was aware that it could be asking something of me that i'm not currently conscious of.

So, could something be calling or am i just over-stressed with life?

To one and all, without exception

Motivation for spiritual awakening

What is the motivation for spiritual awakening?
if I consciously work towards awakening, will this benefit the whole?

The Seven Rays of Divine Impulse


I was wondering how do you find out what numbers you are for the seven rays of divine impulse?

Thank you. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

What stirs your soul?

What stirs your soul?
What makes your heart sing?
What brings you joy in life?

Please share below if anything stirs your soul today :glasses:

Raising children

Hello everyone Smile

This is a question I would like to ask Trinity in particular as I have always been interested in how she mothers her children Smile I would also love to hear from anyone else who has something to say on the subject.

How do we raise our children consciously and from the heart? How do we balance their freedom of expression with boundaries? Should we discipline them at all? If so, how?

I would also love some practical advice. I having a daughter who is almost 3. She is excitable and lively with high energy. She tends to overexert herself, yet finds it difficult to relax. I gently but firmly correct her when she runs away or hits for example, but sometimes I can do this all day and she doesn't stop. How would you tackle this? Distraction sometimes works but is not always possible. I am very proud of myself for being so patient Smile however I have been feeling at the end of my tether recently!

Spirituality and Domestic Life

Ive just started my spiritual journey and just as relieving as it feels it is also bringing more turmoil to my already tragic domestic life.

Its all very complicated but Ive spent the past 3 years in dark depression fearing my relationship was to blame after it deteriorated after the birth of my second child.

Recent events have lead me to believe I'm being guided down a spiritual path to help my soul progression, which i think is why i haven't been able to just walk away from my bad relationship with my partner and why i cant leave now, as bad as it is.

I quite frequently just want to be left alone and have no where to go. my partner is a million miles away from me in any kind of spiritual realisation and i have absolutely no one in my life to talk to about this. I know it shouldn't matter as all the truths and reassurance i need are within me, however this doesn't prevent tempers from flaring and the feeling of despair, although it does help comfort and contain my emotions some what.


just wondering if you can help shed some light on duality and help me to get to grips on what exactly it means. is it linked to subject and object and how one can not exist without the other?
is duality interdependance? what about the seer?
also does everything not already exist on a atomic level not necessarily with form - and unfolding ?
can anyone explain implicate order?
i think i am perhaps i am fleeting over a few areas but your input may help me grasp the terms easier.
i am currently reading many books and have just started Bede Griffiths -A New Vision of Reality and find it facinating.


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