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Spiritual questions

Questions and answers to typical spiritual questions like how to quieten the mind and emotions during meditation, psychic attack, entities, chakras...

Spirituality and Domestic Life

Ive just started my spiritual journey and just as relieving as it feels it is also bringing more turmoil to my already tragic domestic life.

Its all very complicated but Ive spent the past 3 years in dark depression fearing my relationship was to blame after it deteriorated after the birth of my second child.

Recent events have lead me to believe I'm being guided down a spiritual path to help my soul progression, which i think is why i haven't been able to just walk away from my bad relationship with my partner and why i cant leave now, as bad as it is.

I quite frequently just want to be left alone and have no where to go. my partner is a million miles away from me in any kind of spiritual realisation and i have absolutely no one in my life to talk to about this. I know it shouldn't matter as all the truths and reassurance i need are within me, however this doesn't prevent tempers from flaring and the feeling of despair, although it does help comfort and contain my emotions some what.


just wondering if you can help shed some light on duality and help me to get to grips on what exactly it means. is it linked to subject and object and how one can not exist without the other?
is duality interdependance? what about the seer?
also does everything not already exist on a atomic level not necessarily with form - and unfolding ?
can anyone explain implicate order?
i think i am perhaps i am fleeting over a few areas but your input may help me grasp the terms easier.
i am currently reading many books and have just started Bede Griffiths -A New Vision of Reality and find it facinating.

Kinda lost!

Hi everybody hope you are all ok, I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for me please as I think I'm kinda stuck!
Since I can remomber I have always been doing things to try and get closer to spirit even when I was little I would try and meditate out of my body,it never seemed to work thou!! And I think that is my problem what ever I seem to do never seems to get me anywhere. I love this world and everything in it but just feel like I don't get it somehow like I'm totally in the wrong place. It's kinda like I know where i'm suppose to be but I have lost the door to get there and I really don't know how to find it, I hope this is ok to ask and thank you all very much xxx

Taking that first step

Hi everyone

My first day on this site and I have already posted in lyrics and poems (sorry but I'm starving!)

Just looked at the online users and found 1 user (me) and 10 guests so thought it might help the guests by posting this which I wrote tonight (about 2 hours ago). Can't guarantee I'll follow the advice I've been given in this but it was given to me freely and so it belongs to you too.

Jump, jump, jump, jump!

I feel like I’m stood on the edge of the world
With only just one step to take
To bring me to peace
A blessed release
From feeling so phoney and fake

I feel like I’m poised on the edge of a cliff

Help with Clairvoyant development.

Hi all,
I have just joined the forum and would like to say a big hello to everyone.
It's so nice to meet others with the same interest.
I'll try and keep this short as i can talk too much.
I'm kellie age 27.Ever since being a child i have seen spirit and sensed.
As i was growing up i thought it was just a natural thing but after going through the awful teen years my spiritual happenings stopped.
I got to 18 years old and my life starting going out of control, then one day i was drawn into a spiritual store and instantly picked up the doreen virtue angel cards.
I was amazed by them and so my spiritual journey began, my life changed for the better.


Hi I was just wondering if anybody had any thoughts on this. Normally i kind of pick up on peoples feeling especially if I am somewhere busy and end up feeling slightly over whelmed and tired so I do tend to stay away from busy places, but last week I felt awful really upset and I couldn't figure out why untill I spoke to my close friend and I realised that the feeling that I had weren't mine at all they had been hers and after we had spoken I felt fine. This is the first time this has happened when I haven't actually been in the presence of the person and although I don't mind because I am sure that I was feeling that way so I could help them how can I stop this from happening or at least reckognize that the feelings are coming from another place? Hope this make sense.

following the soul

hi there
i was just wondering
throught my day i may feel a tightness, and then i (this may be my mind doing this, im not sure) i feel as if im not following the soul, and the whole day then feels asa if it was one big distortion. the same is true if i have a head ache or feel uncomfortable, or if i express a distortion, i start to think that thats realy all i have been doing with my day, following distortions. what im saying is that, im just not sure when im following my soul or not anymore, it seems so clear when im at an open hand course, but when i come away, i ask wether what i do is an act of the soul, and even if it doesnt feel as if it was, something then says to me, "yea but that has lead to you know questioning it" so how can it be negative that i did that. i guess i might be confusing myself.

negative and positive perception

Hi Chris
I have found your recent items inspiring to a different approach to viewing life. I have often wondered why some things stand out more than others but never given it much thought. It seems to happen in all parts of life weather you are drawn to a particular person at some time or a passage you read or something that someone may say.
Recently I was drawn to these three things although found in different places they seem to go together well.

Your life is goverened by what is true (weather you belive it or not)
but your experience of life is governed by what you believe(weather it is true or not)

How do you start your day?

I have a question for you all: How do you start your day and what effect does that have on your energy?

Looking forward to any replies.

Angel Love Angel

starting the journey

Hi Chris
New to your site I have found reading some of your articles a ray of light in an ever darkening world. I agree with your view that a new dawn is coming.
Having recently been through a difficult time in life I feel as if now emerging with a different perspective and spiritual awareness to life and the world around us. I have no idea where I am in my own spiritual journey only that it feels as if a light switch has been turned on.
I have found your idea of life being a reflection of the spirit within a most simple but accurate concept, How often when what we fear most inside occurs?


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