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The 'New Spirit Warriors' are here...

There's a new era of Spirit Warriors emerging. These spiritual warriors are not afraid to feel their fear. They have the courage to be vulnerable through the deepest challenges and to be profoundly honest with themselves. They are committed with every fibre of their being to unravel the layers that keep them bound to the lower paradigm, no matter what it takes! They come from all walks of life, of all ages, joining hands, finding a common thread of beingness and are hiding NO MORE!
The question is... are you one of them?


Cynthia Sham Rang's picture

Energizes, delights and softens all at that same time! WOW!!!

Trinity's picture

Awesome Cynthia. I felt you there in the video too - in spirit, you spirit warrior you Smile

Sandra M's picture

There is a quickening taking place and it's rising. Awesome video Trinity, and your written message is powerful!

Trinity's picture

Thank you Sandra. Beautiful to have you in the video too Smile

.Jen's picture

Oh WOW Trinity!!! Yes!!!! This is it!! I was just sharing with Kim today how I keep having to dig in deep, find the courage and the strength and burst through the sense of powerlessness, the urge to escape. Seeing these dolphins diving down and bursting up through to the surface is a powerful image for me! Thank you Smile The strength and courage to go into our fears with openness and burst through with authenticity, to be REAL!!! Ahhhhhh - just awesome inspiration Trin - thank you!!!!

And YES I would say I am a spirit warrior and I love our tribe!!!

WIth love, Jen

Trinity's picture

Yes! Loved reading your reflections Jen.
It's an honour to have you in our tribe Smile

divinespark's picture

Trinity, Open, Openhanders!

As I just said on Facebook, "Totally effing powerful." The whole video package -- spirit warriors, music, beating drums, images, sentient friends, succinct words -- all pack a mighty, powerful, unified punch into the heavens that unabashedly declares, "We are here, and our greatest strength is LOVE." I feel the vibes ringing throughout the cosmos as we step up to higher levels of beingness. Deep gratitude for this. Powerfully inspiring beyond what words could ever express.

xxx Catherine

Trinity's picture

Wow - your words really fire me up Catherine!
I think I'll ask you to write the text on the next video Yahoo

divinespark's picture

Would have to leave out the "effing" comments, Trinity ha! Smile

Trinity's picture

We'll see. Sometimes someone needs to swear their 'effing' head off Smile

Distracted Yogi's picture

Catherine you have started something here;-)

It made me cry. To see all the love, the unity, the joy. Thank you Open. Thank you Trinity. Thank you to my True-Warrior Tribe.

Michelle xoxo

divinespark's picture


It's so great to see and feel you here on the forum. Absolutely love the pic of you riding the waves, getting back on board when you fall off, going with the flow. I'm so with you on your "all-in" response to Trinity's video. When I watch it, I feel like a little kid again when I learned to ride my bike after many falls, bruises, and scrapes. Sailing down the road. Heaven bound. Full on. Heart singing. Face smiling. Tears of joy. One hand held high.

xxx Catherine

Distracted Yogi's picture

How do you do it?!
Such effortless balance in your words & the imagery is perfection!

I'm so happy to be here with you.
xo Michelle aka Wave Rider

Richard W's picture

How do you guys continue to put things so eloquently? Simple yet powerful!

I have often felt like a fraud in this respect, as I do often get pulled back into addictions and patterns, I haven't felt like a spiritual warrior at times. It has felt like crossing an impossibly large ocean.
But your video lifted me and sparked something. As these feelings of 'fraudiness' came to me, I was suddenly pulled to learn 'Shores of Avalon' on my guitar/banjo - the lyrics 'be brave my love, the time has come, to cross the Tyntagel sea' have jumped out and touched me. Suddenly the ocean is not so large. Love is the boat that will take me across, and the time is now!

Now for some reason it all seems so clear! Magic!
Heartfelt thanks,

Trinity's picture

That's fantastic Richard. I have so much respect for that. Being able to put our stuff out on the table is so important. It's not about getting it right all the time; it's not about being perfect.
It's about falling down and saying 'damn it - I am getting right back up'. And then giving it your all, again and again and again.
Each time you'll meet your boundary, you might push a bit through and then fall! BUT if as long as you keep getting back up, eventually you will push through all your limitations - swim that massive ocean. It's about having the warrior spirit to keep going every time you get it 'wrong'.
Thanks for tuning in and sharing.

Richard W's picture

Thanks Trinity. Your words mean a lot. I might write this down and post it on my bedroom wall.
Much respect!

Cynthia Sham Rang's picture

Please don't think you'll alone in the fraud department - except that we aren't really frauds, we've just had a lapse in consciousness! We're allowed a few of those.

Mark72's picture

'..It's not about getting it right all the time; it's not about being perfect. It's about falling down and saying 'damn it - I am getting right back up'... So beautifully said, Trinity.

with love

Trinity's picture

Thank you Mark.

Spiritpaws's picture

The first time I watched the video I felt like dancing. The second time I watched it, I teared up, and my heart said: Yes.

Trinity, the divine creative river runs strong through you! Thank you.


Jean-Michel.'s picture

Thanks for that Divine inspirational creativity u have again managed to put together Trinity - this video made me cry so deeply . Never felt at home like now . The dolfins + Open dancing within a Soul motion flow on the Florida beach = Heaven
Yes the new tribe is here , let's make it expand more and more .... Love

Trinity's picture

Thank you for sharing that Jean-Michel. Beautiful indeed to have you onboard.
with love

sandrajaneenah's picture

I continue to delve deeply, move out of mind-ascendancy into the heart-space, rid myself of past karma, and bring back into the soul those gold nuggets which were lost....one of which is my music, which I thought was dead in me. I am playing again..quite, quite differently...and the ''performing'' is gone. I am free of it, and my playing reflects the freedom I feel in my soul. Even my singing voice is a soaring soprano, which I have never been in my life. I do so love this new video and the ''tribe'' pictured in it. They are my family even though I have yet to meet many of them face to face. Since Florida, so much has happened within my soul that I look at the person I was when I was there in March as someone quite different now and who continues to be born afresh...

Js's picture

The Video Trinity, The Post from 'Open' and I read all posts, OMG what a beautiful article along with all and every single post! Smile What beautiful sharings by all, I feel such a warm home coming in these sharings with everyone that I just felt to be part of such beauty and inspiration Smile