Transformation of Humanity - Reclaiming our Spiritual Power

Submitted by Trinity on Mon, 06/17/2013 - 08:13

Humanity has reached a fundamental crossroads. The Industrial Military Complex has taken over, seeping into all aspects of our lives. Humanity is being aneasthetised and downgraded. The system is designed perfectly to retard our spiritual evolution; to prevent true, empowered human beingness and interconnectivity with the whole of life. It's become increasingly challenging to be our true selves. It's time to transform humanity, time to reclaim our spiritual power...

Homo Divinicus full Seminar video

Submitted by Trinity on Mon, 01/28/2013 - 07:47

Filmed In Glastonbury town hall January 2013, we bring you the latest Openhand seminar video "Homo Divinicus - the shape of things to come". Open delivers an informative, insight packed seminar, offering clear vision into the current evolution. We look at the the re-birth of Gaia, spiritual path, intervention and most importantly the emergence of homo-divinicus, the new evolved humanity. Enjoy and please share...

Gateways of Light: Our Journey of Ascension

Submitted by Trinity on Tue, 10/09/2007 - 03:44

A powerful Spiritual Awakening is happening across our planet with people in all walks of life rapidly peeling away their veils of limitation and finding inner completeness. A higher vibrational reality awaits us based on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. So how can we join this higher paradigm? Openhand's first web-based mini movie "Gateways of Light" addresses this most important issue of our time: