• 5GATEWAYS is a profound route map for spiritual evolution, handed down through the eons by the masters, which is only now making its way into humanity's collective consciousness.
  • It helps you perceive your life as a journey of Enlightenment, expanding greatly your sense of inner peace, unfolding authentic beingness, bringing great success and fulfillment.
  • In understanding and applying it to your life, helps remove uncertainty, clarifies your true destiny, and helps you unfold that. It can catalyse your next evolutionary leap.

5GATEWAYS: a film to catalyse your spiritual evolution

The best way to experience the 5GATEWAYS, is with our popular documentary below. The film has been remastered in 2015. Here's the 2 minute trailer and 93 minute full feature film. We feel it is meant to reach many people, so please share widely. Thankyou...

5GATEWAYS around the World

We feel inspired to send the message of the 5GATEWAYS around the world to help catalyse a shift in human consciousness into the next higher vibrational paradigm. People across the world are responding to the call. How might you be involved?...

Contact us

Feel free to contact us about the possibility of organising a workshop in your locality of the world. Where practical, we are prepared to travel to all areas of the world...Contact us
Openhand 5GATEWAYS Press Release...5GATEWAYS to Enlightenment and Beyond!