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Transformation of Humanity - Reclaiming our Spiritual Power

Humanity has reached a fundamental crux point. What do we really need right now? The Industrial Military Complex is taking over, seeping into all aspects of our lives. Humanity is being aneasthetised and downgraded. The system is designed perfectly to retard our spiritual evolution; to prevent true, empowered human beingness and interconnectivity with the whole of life. It's become increasingly challenging to be our true selves. It's time for non-compliance with injustice and inequity in the system. It's time to transform humanity, time to reclaim our spiritual power...

Here's a great sharing from "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne) from an Openhand course:


Open's picture

What's going on Openhanders? Not one comment?
Surely the video must have inspired something?
Where are you all?

Such... an empowering video. Infact words fail me. This helped me so much and inspires me to dive right into the density without avoidance (even though a huge part of me is still not wanting to affiliate with this sense of humaness which I am beginning to understand, but just don't feel apart of or get lost or linger for too long in the density. It just all seems to take a long time to come together (higher and lower self integration)and to remember the light of home to keep breaking through -to keep working at the liberated authentic light.
Namaste. Namaste

Graeme Smillie's picture

I suspect many such as myself are listening, resonating and feeling the urgency to continue the inner work post haste.

For me there's a little trust issue at play in terms of expression through public forums (of myself - not the forum!), especially in response to such a passionate rallying call - can I respond without engaging ego? My instinct (old pattern) is to continue the inner work in the quiet of my personal world undistracted by post or pillar. But of course this is the story behind your story. We can't do that any longer, it's time to break all the limiting paradigms now (personal, global, galactic and beyond?).

... and so I start with the personal work. My soul is calling me on a journey that echo's your sentiments. I drop my need to fulfil societal expectations; 9-5 at a desk is no longer a necessity. Clean vegetables are all I need to nourish my body. I soften and communicate from a place of truth whenever I can. I feel the simplicity and power in re-engagement of higher spirit. Sometimes it fades, I read another of your posts and the spiritual thread that leads to the rope that leads to the ladder that leads to freedom is revealed again.

Sometimes I respond Smile

clarion3152's picture

One light in a room full of light might have it's significance, adding to the brightness, but one light in the darkness will appear to do so much more. I have struggled with the concepts posed by your talk for many a year. I was raised Catholic & became agnostic at 17. I was introduced to Swami Satchidananda when I was 27 & with my young family, moved to be near their newly relocated ashram, in '80. During the 4 years there, I felt as if a door had been opened; the door to "spirituality." I shut myself off to the "outside" world though. I was being "spiritual," not political, etc. Next I got into "positive thinking" via Norman Vincent Peale & Rev. Robert Schuller....& finally, after many more explorations into various approaches & philosophies, I found myself feeling almost athiest...so, I settled on agnostic. Again! Full circle! I know that I resonate with what you say...& others like you though, even if there might be some differences in the "details." I often feel alienated from my friends & even my own children & family, because I now want to delve head-first into the truth of what is going on in the world. No more pretending...not looking...etc. But, I can seem like "Debbie Downer," & most people don't want to wake up or become aware. Doing so implies some responsibility on their part. (Even a simple thing like not shopping at WalMart seems too much of a sacrifice...despite my pleas!) Most people I know today, are swamped with the burden of just making ends meet & keeping their heads above water. Having to work full-time while being a single parent...etc. It isn't so much laziness or apathy (though there IS plenty of that, too) but I think people feel powerless. Knowing means doing & doing seems useless....Connecting with one's own belief & then reconnecting with the Source...with "All That Is" & seeing the Oneness in All...from that point, as you say, we can be strong enough to look the "beast in the eye"....not to harm it, but to transform it's energies. One light pours forth into the darkness....& like a mirror, will attract other light to it. We can not overcome that which we will not acknowledge though. I once dreamed (long, long ago) that I had died & was standing at an entrance. I was told that I'd been given so much knowledge yet had kept it to myself & hadn't helped others by sharing...so I was denied entrance. I have always remembered that dream. I haven't always been discerning though & have wasted much energy, "throwing pearls before swine." Finding the balance isn't easy. Final thought...in an initiation in '94, I was given the name Clarion. I asked what it meant & was told, "You know, the person who goes out in front (of the procession) announcing the arrival (of whatever!)" The puzzle pieces continue to fall into place! I look forward to more of your talks! Thank-you...Namaste, Janaki

Thank you, thank you, thank you.... I joined Openhand today and the time is just right for me to see and hear you speak. I cannot express how much this resonates with me, there are so many ways. Bless you. Libby Smile

Lesley Lord's picture

What incredible content, it feels like you were making a seminal speech of historic proportions. I felt a gauntlet being laid down, saying "This is what's happening. What is your response?" Sending a rallying call to the spiritual warrior inside me.

The incredible breadth of topics covered in 15 minutes reminds me of when I first read your book "Five Gateways" and I marvelled at the depth of understanding that lies beneath each paragraph. You take huge subjects and transform them into simple synopses in order to build a big picture story. You are right out there at the front of ground breaking understandings of what it is to be human, what it is to be incarnated now; the choices to be made and the deceptions to be seen through.

All I can do is say, "Thank you"

The rest is up to me.


Sometimes, no words don’t indicate a lack of inspiration but a deep resonance that’s hard to put words around.

I see beings playing spiritual, and in denial of their projections – I don’t see that many having the trust to go into the lower dimensions and reclaim the lost parts. I see that many of those teaching are the ones desperately avoiding this. I feel this realm is in the deepest of turmoil. One aspect of the self feels devastingly alone still ‘at times’ – on the Earth plane, even though the unfolding of our stories helps to feel through it. Your message brings great inspiration but also deep sorrow for some reason. I think it's because the truth always seems to hurt? I don't know. Thank you.

Open's picture

Well it's great to get some feedback - thanks, I thought I'd slipped off the planet there for a while!

We are coming deeper into the truth aren't we?
The time has come. We have to address the real situation as it is.
And I've only scratched the surface in this one - there's deeper to come.

So it's time to take a deep breath Openhanders and dive with us into the deep end.
As a great martial artist once said to me as I stood quivering before him...
"there is nothing to fear, only your fear itself".

You know what? He was right.

Myra's picture

Please check out BBC News Health - google - "Food Labelling: Consistent System to be rolled out". Towards the bottom of the page they are asking for peoples opinions, a chance to air our views on GM etc., x

Hi Chris, thank you so much for the amazing and extremely powerful video. I have watched it a few times now and it has taken me a while to process it all in my brain! I have had to make notes! It is very inspirational. So lets go for it everyone:


Much love and blessings Myra x

Alexis's picture

Thank you for this rallying call. I am feeling it too, more and more are feeling it. I have every faith that the cosmic energies will support this transformation as they are more powerful than any other influence. We are the way, we are the embodiment of the way of the cosmos and as we allow it to work through us the transformation will blossom into its destined realisation of the emancipation of Divine Humanity on Earth. God bless us everyone in our sustained efforts to embody and reflect this freeing energy of love and light. As above so below.

Thank You in appreciation,


Maha's picture

Excellent video Chris, every word is authentic and powerful.
thank you

Dale's picture

I could feel the energy in every word.

Thank you!


kim's picture

I woke up to a snake in the swimming pool this morning. As I sat in traffic reading this I witnessed two cars crash right in front of me. All I can think of is how did I help create that. What is this showing me? I am slowly coming to a deeper understanding of how we are creating as a collective consciousness.
I have been feeling lately that I am not doing enough. That I need to commit more. That I can do more. Listening to your words bring me to tears as I hear the truth spoken directly to me. I feel this so deeply yet I know I am not living it fully. It is so inspiring but make me feel so sad. I know it is all there is so how do I get lost so easily. The snake in the pool.

Open's picture

The snake of course is the metaphor of Opposing Consciousness - that which has instigated the control system.

In terms of creation, we are far more powerful than most people will ever imagine. Spiritual circles have gotten a glimpse of it when they speak of 'manifesting the reality they want'. But it is just a dim shadow of the real thing and another deception.

We are master creators. When you truly awaken to the interplay between your inner state and outer one, slowly but surely, you realise how you're creating everything - in concert with others of course.

That's why acceptance is so important. But then recognition also - to seek to understand what you're seeing and why?

Don't expect to necessarily understand immediately. Just keep watching with an open question. Then the universe will reveal itself.

Michelle Boyle's picture

Chris, Watching you and listening to your words is so beautiful, it touches my heart and calls to my soul!

I feel the deepest, most compelling pull and commitment to share, to help the world. To evolve. I feel that I can have massive effects through the smallest of actions, simply by speaking and acting in complete truth and consciousness.

This power which i am starting to feel is immense and so unconditionally loving! And that is just me; with each member of this ever increasing family, that we are so blessed to be a part of, effecting things through each small action of truth, I find the thought of the accumulation of all of our effects mind blowing; it makes me feel that everything is so so possible, so inevitable and that is exhilarating!!!!!

I have recently been guided to a pattern of three situations where i feel that people are being and I have been treated unfairly. I realised that this is an invitation to stand up for what is right, to give people within these situations the opportunity to consider their actions and the effects that they have on people. To give them the opportunity and hold a space for them to break free from blindly following some distorted company policy or view that making money is all that matters. So with unconditional love and in truth I feel a calling to point out their actions, asking them to consider whether they feel that they could make a more CONSCIOUS choice, because i feel sure that whatever the outcome, a little seed will be sown and from little seeds grow the most amazing magnificent things - i feel so humble and so excited to be able to follow my truth!!!!!

Thank you so much for everything Chris.

I will share your video at every given opportunity!!!!

With Lots of Love
Michelle xxx

I particularly liked the second half of this video. Since becoming more aware my problem has never been seeing the reality of things, but always about having no clue of how to act to make a difference and feeling too weak to make a difference. I liked the point about our control karma coming back to us and also the point of not fighting but accepting, not being drawn into the other sides territory, being more the immovable object than the irresistible force. Thanks Chris, this has really hit home at a time I'm finding living within the ever increasing suppression of society increasingly difficult. I will try to take a new attitude towards it moving forward and see where it leads me.

Nancy Wait's picture

Thanks for another brilliant video Chris - I love the message about going through this density instead of trying to avoid it, and clearing it instead. Gathering those lost soul nuggets... standing in our power and being channels for the light...
Thanks also for the explanation at the beginning about how we chose the control systems from fear and lack of trust.
I had to pause and take notes several times. Will be watching it again for those pointed reminders!

David's picture

WOW! Blown away, totally.
I feel a deep level of passion arising a standing up, a coming together.
We will not be beaten, nor do we need to beat, but stand by who we are and what we believe in and radiate that out like the spiritual warriors we are.
YES, totally inspired!
Thank you both for this, and everything else you activate and inspire within me.

Open's picture

Now I'm blown away by the level of enthusiasm and support.

Thanks to everyone of you. Yes we will change the system. Yes we will join the new paradigm.


Michelle Boyle's picture

I love the way this thread started and is playing out. Chris, you needed to give a gentle nudge / request to get this 'coming together', this enthusiasm and support flowing through this thread and now it is awesome!

It feels to me synchronistic of the request / message in your video. If each one of us can provide opportunities through a little nudge or encouragement spoken through truth, the out-flowing ripples from so many stones thrown into so many lakes blows my mind!

With lots of love

Open's picture

Yes, bring it on!

Martin T's picture

Chris, I think the reason it took some time for many of us to comment was the deep impact it had. For me there was a tendency of contraction involved when I watched the first time. I know, thats about me and my story. I just got (once more) so frustrated at the current system! It is challenging to be the Peaceful Warrior, seeing all those crazy things, and still staying centered with full compassion. But Im not really complaining. I am where Ive been waiting to be for SO LONG. Its time to fulfill our mission now Starseeds!

Open's picture

Yes I get that Martin - thanks.

And wonderful that so many of us now are beginning to feel inspired to change. To really do something about it.

Martin T's picture

A question Chris. To speak up can leave people around you pretty shaken up. For instance if I start telling all of my friends about chemtrails or how the dark elite of power maneuver to keep us downgraded. Im struggling a bit here with the fact that people can get really scared, as I once got myself when i realized what was going on. Do you think it is okay to speak up anyway. I know one can speak up in different levels and of course I dont want to be the guy to always blurring out the catastrophe of the world. But still, it is hard to find the balance of when to speak up and when to stay low. Whats your experience?

Trinity's picture

Hi Martin - I know that your question is directed to Open, so I hope you don't mind me sharing too. This is something I feel it is very important to get the balance right with.

For me, I find that being aligned with the natural flow gives me a rightness to each situation. There is a right time and place for everything. Sometimes I am meant to share. Sometimes people are ready. Sometimes they are not. When we align with the divine flow of the universe, we intuit exactly what is required in each unique situation. Sometimes that means to share, sometimes it means not to. For me, I simply feel a 'rightness'. I don't determine what the outcome will be, I just trust that if I am aligned with the flow, then I will say the right thing at the right time.

rayko12's picture

I don't think we are suppose to talk about the evil elite, by no means am I saying ignore it, but I'm saying we should inspire love, compassion and kindness. Make others see the beauty of the world, this delicate balance of forces, spirits and entities endlessly co-creatively organizing themselfs in the endless realms of creation. Beauty that inspires gentleness, warmth and comfort in everyone of our actions and reactions, to this world. And in regards to speaking against the evil;
Seriousness will only reach the door, whilst humour can get through the keyhole and ignite the fire. (Me modifing a quote by Terry Pratchett)
Talking about the ruling elite only depresses people, because it's a depressing subject. There will be a time when an individual will just "stumble" upon this info, so inspire them to do so.

"I have lived in the pursuit of a vision, both personal and social. Personal: to care for what is noble, for what is beautiful, for what is gentle; to allow moments of insight to give wisdom at more mundane times. Social: to see in imagination the society that is to be created, where individuals grow freely, and where hate and greed and envy die because there is nothing to nourish them. These things I believe, and the world, for all its horrors, has left me unshaken."
-Bertrand Russell

I know this wasn't aimed at me, but I dunoo, it's my thoughts, that I wish to share....
Love & Peace

rayko12's picture

Naaa I started to watch it, but then just thought, the elite have completely forgotten what it's like to have this many thoughts exchanged...

Trinity's picture

What a bizzare comment Rayko!


rayko12's picture

It's just that you see,
The internet allows us to exchange our thoughts over vast distances at phenomental rates, and each of our thoughts carry some information regarding the observations of our worlds. Now with the internet being here, we are able to mobilize globally with no real leaders, just between ourselfs and face the issues regarding global sustainability together as one.

Now your body can function as a single entity because at the level of the cells, the rate at which information is being transferred between the cells themselfs, allows each and every individual cell to come to a unanimous instantaneous decision, from our perspective, regarding the issues of self-organization (universal sustainability).

This increase of thought-transference between each of our own centers expands them, in a sense, and thus allows the greater center known as the collective subconscious to be better connected and more able to function as a single entity. This creates a big problem for the elite as that means that this center has a more direct affect on each of our experiences, and trying to find people that will keep other people from accessing the full power of the internet becomes more difficult. They can't just shut it down because of how will the military function then? And remember, it affects them equalily.

Chris started talking about the evil crew being are in our lifes more and more, and more.... I just saw that this is a 15 min video and I was dying of boredom at one minute, exactly. It was weird because it started so profoundly, uplifting, and I even had that lil tingle down spine from just peering at the comments below. BANG! I'm bored, and then the thoughts that I have just written above, actualized at that moment. And they materialized the moment I wrote them on here.


Myra's picture

I try and introduce a subject gently and slowly and see how it goes and usually know when to back off. Sometimes people are not ready to hear.

I also take what you say Rayko12 about not interacting by thought/talking about darker things too.

Interestingly, I have just had an evening with friends and needed to talk to them about something I had become aware of which is dark. I needed to discuss it with my friends as its something that we are involved in but, obviously, didn't know about the dark side of it. There were mixed views, some saying, that truth will come forward from the situation and then the darkness will dissolve, but I felt that, maybe, we needed to stand up and speak our truth, if not we could be part of the deception. I can see both points if view.
What is the best thing to do: send light to the situation - on a spiritual level, or: speak out and act to change the situation - physical level. or: both.
I guess the obvious answer is asking the BC 'What do I do now'.

Love Myra x

Trinity's picture

Hi Myra
Perhaps the answer is in your beingness. Maybe rather than sending light, you can BE the light and let it radiate outwards, knowing that it will go exactly where it is needed. Perhaps then action and beingness will be one seamless flow...
with Love

Myra's picture

Thank you for that Trinity. Yes, I can feel that is right.Things are rapidly changing for me and I am feeling more and more into my beingness day by day.
Love to you Myra x

rayko12's picture

Aa, now this is more general because we are not only considering the truth of the evil elite, but also the truths of our darker private lifes with the involvment of others.

A cold hearted calculation would say; Consider the damage done to all parties from various amounts of exposures of the truth, then take the action which would cause least amount of damage to all parties involved, even if it means taking the biggest hit. Would you give up your life to save the buddha when he was a child, knowing that he will become the buddha? Now this is the masculine (logical) brain way of thinking, it asks what's wrong. The feminine (creative) brain would ask what is right. ie. It would consider the healing done to all parties from various amounts of exposures to the truth. Pointing out that A is cheating on B, when B is aware of the truth but is ignorant about it, would end the relationship quicker and B will not be ignorant about it (Buddists consider ignorance as an emotion) and heal. Where as not pointing it out would leave B ignorant and therefore not heal. Balance, it always comes to it.

Sorry if this is a bit abstract, but I don't really have a private life where I have "close" interactions with people, and this is the level at which I must consider this at because it's all in my head. No I seem to just look for tunes, produce tunes, gather abstact knowledge (maths, physics, philosophy, spirituality, anything), eat food & water, meditate with Tai-chi energy typey type things, party, drink tea and blaze in the blazing Sun.
That's about it, sorry if it doesn't help... I tried.

ps. edit: You are also given that you will not become a spiritual leader whose presense shall be more benificial than that of the Buddha. Yea that one's needed for completion....

Open's picture

To speak or not to speak. It is an interesting question!

When is it appropriate to divulge deeper spiritual truths to people? When should we really address what's going on in the world, even if that causes great turmoil, challenge and pain? When is it the 'right' timing?

These are questions I constantly hold in my consciousness that help guide my every word, in every engagement and encounter with people. Are they ready? What might they be open and able to hear?

If you say too much at the wrong time, the inner Gateways may close down. But if you don't say enough, they might miss the boat too.

Right now, the 'boat' is readying itself to leave the harbour. That time is soon and when it does, there will be no turning around. Various activation points have already been initiated within our Ascension. The anchors are being cast off. We will be embarking on an unstoppable journey.

When is it right to point someone to the gang plank? When is it right to point out the obstacles on their way there? If you don't point them out, they'll likely trip and fall over them.

Like it or not, ready or not, we are beginning to move forwards. Some will be ready, but many will not. That's just the way it is.

There are many awake at the moment. They can see the ship. But they're not walking towards it. So we'll have to make choices: who is open enough to see? Who really has the courage to make that journey?

You can squander your efforts trying to help everyone, but you only end up depleting yourself. Then you can help no one. Not even yourself.

The time has come when the veils will lift. The truth is being exposed, day by day. There is yet much more to come. We have only scratched the surface of what's going on. As the shifts in underlying consciousness continue, the light will inevitably expose all darkness. Even then, some will be so blinded they will either cry, deny or else laugh at the supposed incredulity of it.

I do believe though, that as the magnitude of what's really happening on Planet Earth comes into full view, as the old world consciousness shatters and begins to peel away and as Gaia more strongly begins to reclaim herself, there will be those who will just 'get it'. They'll see it, stop what they're doing, and steam full speed toward their Ascension. But there will still be many more - even then - who will deny it.

The ship is readying to sail.
But you can't sail on a mirage.
It has to be the real deal.

Snowfire's picture

I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to blend my spiritual gifts and my professional world in a way that has become nothing short of pure empowerment. For years I had one foot in the "old school" perspective of mental health and one foot in the holistic community. My day job and my life's passion were not merged. One day I pushed my comfort zone and submitted a proposal to my superiors for a position as Recovery Coach. It resulted in my current position of Peer Support Specialist on the substance abuse team of our local mental health center. I've been in the position of building the new program for a year now and some of the experiences that have come my way are nothing short of amazing. The last three weeks have been especially uplifting.

The ability to concentrate on healing, wellness, and recovery as opposed to illness and disempowerment has rendered a series of daily "miracles." Sometimes these miracles are in the form of catching a brief glimpse of a deeply buried soul spark as the conditioned veil over the eyes retracts for just a spit second. Sometimes it can be as blatant as the moment a very guarded and angry person lays down his armor just long enough to share the first threads of long repressed pain.

I can't begin to express in words my experience in these moments of healing. I questioned myself the other day as to if I were somehow feeding my ego with these moments, or if I were simply experiencing a profound soul nurturing in the energy exchange. I like to think it is the latter for it certainly is what keeps me motivated to "go in" to the density of the matrix on a regular basis. I am certain this is part of my calling at this time. I do not pretend to know where all of this will lead, but my inner Gnosis tells me this is precisely where I need to be and what I need to be doing at this moment.

As for "To Speak or Not to Speak," I tend to gauge my approach on a simple metaphor of seed gestation. The seed awaits in the darkness for the proper moment to seek the light. Once the seedling breaks the surface it is at its most vulnerable. If exposed to too much light too soon it will not survive, it will wither and die, just as with too little light it will not thrive. I watch the seedling for subtle signs and try to match my energy with that of whom I am working. It's a dance and it doesn't always work. But for the most part it works for me.

I am new to these forums and tried to contain myself, but just couldn't resist speaking up here. I admire the work being gestated here and look forward to learning and participating as the path unfolds. Thank you.

Marilee (Snowfire)

Trinity's picture

Welcome to Openhand Marilee,
This is awesome. I love your sharing.
Such a powerful 'to speak or not to speak metaphor' too - priceless. This is how it works for me too.
Thank you for sharing.

Snowfire's picture

Thank you for the warm welcome, Trinity. Following another period of inward exploration, I am once again stepping out. I am so glad I found this sharing community (or did it find me?). I am certain this will be a very exciting experience. I am amazed at the depth of information to be found here. It's like "coming home."

Trinity's picture

Delighted that you resonate.
When you find 'home' within yourself, it's fascinating how it appears outside too. Everything is connected.
with Love...

Snowfire's picture

I love the image and words of wisdom. Thank you.

Amy's picture

Hi Marilee
I love the seed gestation metaphor. You inspired Shelly (Michelle) to share your post with me so here I am! It linked in with something we were both sharing, a sychronistic moment perhaps...

It sounds like you are doing great work out there in the matrix. It's so amazing to focus our attention on 'healing, wellness, and recovery as opposed to illness and disempowerment'. I work as a counsellor and always remember someone telling me to assume that the person in front of me is well, that there is actually nothing wrong with them. This doesn't detract from allowing them to express their dark experiencing and for me to hold that space with them, but it certainly adds something else to the mix that fosters miracles.

Thank you for your sharing.

Snowfire's picture

Thank you for posting. Sychronistic, indeed!

I remember years ago when some of the more holistic approaches began to appear in the tapestry of mental health. I remember the scoffing and the refuting. I remember the feeling of being a square peg in a round hole due to my natural approach. It is exciting to see how the field is embracing the "new" concepts now. I still feel like the square peg at times, especially when the "old school" paradigm pushes back. But I just keep trying to be mindful of my inner guidance and try to follow that beacon as best I can.

Your statement, "to assume that the person in front of me is well...," is a perfect example of this shift. You have expressed the key so well. Thank you. Some of the most profound moments I have witnessed are based in this principle. My approach also hinges on acceptance and validation of the others' experience. Sharing with them a sense of hope and honoring their beingness.

It is an honor to have made this connection with you. I look forward to nurturing this connection. Thank you again.


Snowfire's picture

An odd thing has happened since I posted "Speaking Truths." Three days after posting I got notice that I have three months to increase the productivity of the program I have been implementing or the agency will scratch the program. I sit here torn between my job and my calling, processing the ultimatum. Check...Check Mate...

I understand the bean counter perspective, but my heart lies in the steady signs of improvement in the client's lives I have witnessed. My heart hurts in the fact the agency would make their decision on the bottom line as compared to the wellness of our clients. In a strange sort of way, my eyes have opened to the sickness of the system on a new level. I feel as though the efforts of instilling wellness are being thwarted. And I am doubting my place in the agency. Weighing if I am willing or able to continue their agenda. If it is time to move on.

I am searching my landscape for other doors of opportunity. Opportunities to expand my calling. I am licking my wounds and gearing up for the challenge. The uncertainty of the situation is uncomfortable, but I am confident options will appear. I need only to keep my eyes, ears, heart, and soul open to the flow and be ready when opportunity knocks, wherever it may lead.

I watched the video clip "Transformation of Humanity: Reclaiming Our Spiritual Power" again and am off to still my mind and await...

Michelle Boyle's picture

I have recently left my employment and am trusting in the universe that it will bring me exactly what i need, whatever that may be.

In discussing my situation a beautiful soul and friend said to me: ask your soul what it wants - I immediately knew that it wanted me to leave my employment.

That same day I watched the Finding Joe DVD, in which one of the key messages is to 'follow your bliss' and in doing so the universe will open doors for you that you couldn't even have imagined were there.

And then I received a symbolic message from the universe, which was guiding me towards some inspiration that I had received, whereby I would be able to help people along their spiritual paths.

We are off to Level 4 in Cae Mabon shortly but felt to share before we go.

Wishing you love in your heart, connection with soul and trust in the flow of life xxx

Snowfire's picture

Thank you for the warm words. I am sending my love from this side of the world to yours. I hope to someday join in physically with the work being manifested such as with Cae Mabon. For now, I will be content with connecting from a distance. Many Blessing to All...


Open's picture

    "There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and they will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open and our heads above the water.
    See who is in there with you and celebrate."

The Elders
Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation

Thesa's picture

"know the river has it's destination" - the ocean:)

Follow, follow the sun
and which way the wind blows
when this day is done.

Breath, breath in the air.
Set your intentions.
Dream with care.

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone,
brand new moon, brand new sun.

So follow, follow the sun,
the direction of the bird,
the direction of love.

Breath, breath in the air,
cheerish this moment,
cheerish this breath.

Tomorrow is a new day for everyone,
brand new moon, brand new sun.

When you feel love coming down on you,
like a heavy wave.
When you feel this crazy society,
headin' to the strand.
Take a straw to the nearest waters
and remember your place.
Many moons have risen and fallen long, long before you came.
So which way is the wind blowin',
and what does your heart say?

So follow, follow the sun,
and which way the wind blows
when this day is done...


Thank you so much. Your Message means o lot to me these days.I can see the boat.One step follows the other. Doors are opened. I feel the sea breeze. Birds guiding me the way. I breath in the air so fresh and clear and follow the Sun:)

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Chris and Thesa,

... resonated deeply - thank you for sharing Smile

I step forward, I step sideways, I step forward, I step back. I am always stepping towards the light, and always feeling for the tightness when I am not.

What inspires me most here is watching you Chris express yourself in ever new and changing ways. I may not be all your ways but it shows me examples of movement and flow. Your words are reflecting your soul and in turn all is reflected in your actions.
I found this quote below on another article here and it seemed to belong here.

"Do you have the patience
to wait until the mud settles
and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
until the right action arises
by itself?"
Lao Tzu

I wrote this below on the morning you put out this video and somehow is meant to be on this post too.

Treading water, push and pull of building endurance.
Feeling fatigue, curled in blankets of surrendered peace.
I am softness wandering in thorns.
I am tightness enveloped in love.
I am feelings of my soul, gratitude is my toll.
I choose this place I stand, nothing forced in my actions.
I cherish the rain drops as they bathe me in new beginnings.
The unknown towers before me, I can’t hide my trembling anymore.
I am rawness and beauty wrapped together in bear hug embrace;
The fear of falling, quickly losing face.
I am tiring of anything no longer me.
Succumb I may to treading waters, but letting go is to swim in the vastness within..

All of us together doing our best, all of us defining that differently, all of us allowing and holding space for each other to do so. Love. Mike

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Beautiful writing Mike - thanks for sharing.

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That is epic wisdom bruv! Me likey like Smile