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Engaging videos

"Touching the Soul" ........... Mini movie

What touches your soul?
Here's a wonderful video produced by Trinity called "Touching the Soul" capturing an essence of Openhand course work.
What if you truly let go?
Where is it going to take you?
What are you going to find?
What if - you touched something far more profound than you've ever known?
What if - you found You?

"What is Enlightenment?" ............ Short doco

A short documentary covering the paradox of life itself
What does it mean to be enlightened? How do we become enlightened and what is the experience like in day-to-day living?...

"Synchronicity Speaks" ............. Short doco

A video diary on divine synchronicity...
What exactly is synchronicity? Why does it happen and how does it work? Above all, how can we work with it in our lives to accelerate our evolution and find the way of living that most serves us? These questions covered here...

"Empowering authentic beingness" ...........Short doco

What is self empowerment really all about?
How do we become truly confident within ourselves? Anyone can do it, but the path to that place might not always be so obvious. Here's a point of view on Empowering Authentic Beingness from the Openhand New Year Unity Gathering 2010/2011...

"The Shift in Consciousness" ......... Seminar clip

Clip from the Five Gateways Seminar Kings Hall Stoke, Nov 2011
A brief, insightful video from the Openhand team containing an overview of the Shift of Consciousness that is taking place to people in all walks of life everywhere...

"The Bridge" video poem by Trinity

Divine inspiration...
Beautiful, heart-warming and simply divine video poetry written and produced by Trinity. It's an uplifting message of hope and inspiration on the journey into higher vibrations of love and harmony. Be inspired...

Gateways of Light: Our Journey of Ascension

A powerful Spiritual Awakening is happening across our planet with people in all walks of life rapidly peeling away their veils of limitation and finding inner completeness. A higher vibrational reality awaits us based on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. So how can we join this higher paradigm? Openhand's first web-based mini movie "Gateways of Light" addresses this most important issue of our time: