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Who are you? And how to be that... Openhand video

Perhaps one of the most asked questions of our time...
'Who am I?'

This short video is an excerpt from the Divinicus Seminar in Glastonbury Dec 2014. Open shares an insightful perspective about true, authentic beingness; what gets in the way and importantly, once we realise who we are - how we can be that.

Embrace yourself and get ready to unleash YOU!


Lesley Lord's picture

I'm watching this again, thanks to the link from this great article: http://www.openhandweb.org/The_Patriarch_Distortion_Breaking_into_Enligh...

I'm feeling the energy coming from Open in the seminar and I'm wondering,
"How is it possible that he lives in an ordinary house and there aren't 10,000 people outside clamouring to hear this stuff?"
I guess its way ahead of where most people are at.
Sooo much "doing" keeping people occupied with "small i" stuff.

Phenomenal! And this was only part of the seminar!

With huge gratitude, Give rose

Lesley Lord's picture

Maybe I forgot about the 10,000 plus tuned into the website!
Virtual communities, don't appear on the doorstep, they tune in!!!
Sometimes, I'm so not of this age!

Trinity's picture

Hurrah for the ethernet Smile

Open's picture

Thanks guys - you humble me.

Michelle Boyle's picture

I have just re-watched this video following a recent shift in consciousness, which came through the simplest of things:

My landlord mowed down the spring flowers which I had planted just as they were budding. This put me into a process, at first feeling sad, injustice, loss for the joy that they brought me.

It was the start of a series of events over a couple of days in which I lost my keys and was not able to return home, ending up staying in a hotel overnight. The process became in itself a metaphoric 'key'.

The next day I was able to retrieve the keys and was processing as I journeyed home. I experienced a shift in consciousness, it was subtle but also huge - I knew my landlord as myself, as all that is and saw the situation as a co-creation, as absolute perfection which played out bringing such a beautiful gift.

I want to express this gratitude to you, to nothing and everything, to all that is for this video touched my soul and the father, the one within and through me - beautiful thank you xxx