Torsional Influx of High Vibrational Energy - Rise Up!

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The Great 5D Shift is engaging higher gears now. The shadow side of humanity has fully revealed itself. I can now feel this being met by a strong response from Benevolence - the stakes in this global 'game' have just been raised: in that there's a strong influx of higher vibrational energy coming in to stir up the bed of this mucky pond. Because the density is being so challenged, it's also meaning that the light can flow in more strongly. It's coming in to connect the dots between people, to initiate stronger collective positive action to support the shift. How can tuning into these flows benefit you?...

Insurges of Higher Vibrational Energy

Since the recent Breakthrough World Tour I have hardly slept a wink. Each time I close my eyes, or sit in quiet stillness, a force of such incredible energy surges through my higher chakras and engages the field around. The energy is literally seeking out some of the densest vibrations on the planet and stirring them up. The torsional force is at times so strong, it feels like my third eye is literally going to explode!

    But as I encourage with everyone else, don't back away from the intensity you feel. Instead look right into the heart of it, feel right in. Unravel any of your own retraction or resistance. Open yourself out through it. In that way you infuse soul and become a more powerful channel of light.

What will the effect of these insurges be?

3D World on the Cusp of Crucial Change

I get the sense that the 3D world is on the cusp of a crucial change which could see the direction take very different pathways. Big business and the old consciousness has been further elected to even greater power. Yet in itself, this is not a bad thing. Because the shadow side has just revealed itself even more strongly. And I can literally feel these nauseous, unpleasant and very toxic reflections stirring many people up.

    It's time. Humanity must step out of his own shadow in order to truly rise out of this density.

So imagine it this way: the veils over truth have first been stripped away - the veils that were preventing people seeing what's really happening to life on the planet. This uncovered darkness then pulls in a counterbalancing light, like waves rushing into an imprint in the sand. And in this imprint, sentient creatures have the chance to return to the ocean once more.

So the light is rushing in. What does this mean in a practical sense?

Direct effects of Insurgent Light

First I can feel the sense of a growing activism wanting to emerge. People have had enough of the old ways and the recently emboldened system. Eventually the tables turn and enough say "enough is enough". When the very air that you breathe is being constantly violated, the water you drink ignorantly poisoned, and the food chain increasingly toxified, to the extent that they're undermining your very existence, then steadily more people will begin to come together, rise up and take positive action. It's just like what's happening at "Standing Rock" - a great example to all, which now appears to be succeeding in its courageous efforts to stem the merciless onslaught of big business...Inspirational Standing Rock Protest.

This is a vitally important step, because the raptor consciousness just went into overdrive and risks devouring the planet even more rapidly. As I shared in DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human, the shift will create islands in the storm, and we must hold the windows - the portals - into the higher densities open for as long as possible. So even though irreversible climate change tipping points have now been activated, nevertheless, we must work to protect the environment as much as humanly possible.

The second important shift from this influx, will be that inflows of higher consciousness will be come more readily available for people to tap into. Whereas before, that conscious venture that you've invested so heavily into, yet without success, will - assuming you're aligned - connect up more strongly. You'll feel better supported. New contacts and possibilities will simply show up. The dots will connect more easily.

It's time to take a real chance. To be courageous and bold with your path forwards. Remember this is all about following your passion. Yes, the 3D world will draw to a tumultuous close in just the course of a few decades. However, the bigger picture is not trying to cobble together the threads of an increasingly threadbare old reality, it is tirelessly working toward the revelation of you as a Cosmic Being.

Have you discovered your path yet? Are you tuned into it?

Find and follow your passion

Remember the "path" is not some fixed, predestined route. The real path is an internal one, breaking through the inner densities that get activated by life. And as you Breakthrough, your soul consciousness integrates and expands out. You unleash powerful new flows of energy into your life. This is real alchemy at work.

Discover your passion, and it will activate and motivate you especially in these times of tumultous change. Let's be clear, you cannot rely upon the old ways, the old consciousness, the old behaviorusims - because these are set to become increasingly challenged and torn apart. But what you can now call upon, and rely upon, is the influx of higher vibrational energy. How might you best align yourself with this?

5 strategies to align yourself with the Influx of Light

  1. Tune into your joy, and the interests that really fire you up. Figure out what connects them together into one underlying passion.
  2. Explore your passion, but don't become too focused until its really clear what that is. So explore the options around it, test the strength of it, before you dive right in.
  3. Remember this is all about the revelation of you as a Cosmic Being - that is the outcome. So always turn towards your emerging fears and inner limitations that might prevent this; for these are the doorways into the higher truth.
  4. Turn up the volume on your intuitive compass. Watch, listen and feel what is now being reflected to you. Give your intuition the widest possible opportunity and space to simply flow.
  5. Watch for dots connecting. Why did that particular person suddenly show up? What's the possibility revealing itself? What do those synhcronicities point to? Tune in, follow them, and you will not be disappointed.

Fundamental change on its way - connect to the flows

So fundamental change is on it's way, correction, is here! And you can take maximum benefit from it. But you must be prepared to 'cast off from the shore' and take centre stream in your true life's mission here.

And now you will find yourself increasingly supported - more resource and opportunity will show up. Expect it. Reach out. Take what is rightfully yours...
use this Breakthrough Breathing Meditation for maximum soul attunement.

And fear not the ways of the old paradigm, for even though they might look at their strongest ever, paradoxically they are already felling themselves by their own "success" - their own excess. That writing is already clearly on the wall.

The tides are changing, strongly. The balance is shifting. Expect your reality to change, and most important of all, be prepared for that. Explore and step into your ever new consciousness. Connect up to the flows you can feel and intuit. And you will most definitely not be disappointed!


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Thank you for the article Open! I just stumbled upon this song.. It's translated from dutch so I hope it makes sense, but I really wanted to share the lyrics as I thought they were quite beautiful and synchronistic :)

I’m a man of flesh and bone
A drop in the ocean
Beyond recognition amongst the waves

A grain of sand in the desert
As the crowd swallows me
And buries me again and again

But carried by the white light
I ascend above myself
Weightless for a moment
More than a shadow in the white light
With eyes wide open in the sun
I discover my face

I was born in the mountains
Carry water to the sea
But why have I forgotten?

I step into the sand
But I’m quietly washed away
And fill my place back into the void

But carried by the white light
I expand from who created me
Time shutting it’s eyes
More than a shadow in the white light
With eyes wide open in the sun
I discover my face

I feel this candle
Won’t burn forever
So I drown myself
In its temporary gleam

It won’t take long before the truth
Beats the lies out of my hands again
My eyes burning like hell
But I’d rather go blind
Than die here right now

Dio disse: "Sia luce" e luce fu (God said: “Let there be light” and there was light)

Carried by the white light
I ascend above myself
Weightless for a moment
More than a shadow in the white light
With eyes wide open in the sun
I lose my face

I’m a man of flesh and bone
A drop in the ocean
Going down amongst the waves

Hi Open,

Thanks for yet another inspiring post! I can relate to feeling the influx of energy and its intensity, but that is at the same time where I get challenged. Oftentimes the intensity feels so overwhelming, as if I can explode any minute if it comes through all at once, because my physical body does not have enough capacity for it. So I find myself caught in tightness/inner pressure, because I am trying to make it come through dosed, rather than all at once (particularly in daily life situations, like at work, in public transport, etc.). When I read: But as I encourage with everyone else, don't back away from the intensity you feel. Instead look right into the heart of it, feel right in, there is a feeling or perhaps a fear, that if I do this I am literally going to explode into pieces, so as soon as I get anywhere near the heart of the intensity I retract to avoid explosion. I am still not sure how to get past that point of retraction and let the explosion happen…..

Hi Tulip,

Where you get challenged is where you need to grow - to open up more. It's often at the level of mind that this kind of influx is resisted. The more light you let in, yes, the more its going to transform - like metamorphosis. So don't expect it to be comfortable. It wants to break everything inside that might be holding on.

As I read your post, the word "control" popped out very strongly. Why are you still trying to control? What are you still trying to control? Are you afraid of falling apart? The old self must do that. And it's entirely okay. Out of the ashes will arise the new.

This can be done progressively. You don't necessarily have to do it all at once (although some do - I did. It's not pretty. But it unleashes powerful inflows). So if you feel you really can't cope with being so overwhelmed, then find techniques that distract from the pain... entertainment, food, music, exercise, bodywork. These kinds of things. But when you can muster the courage again, step right back into the furnace.

You're not alone - even though it may at times feel so.

Open :-)

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Hi Open!
Very rightly timed post. I am going through lot of agitation and some strange sensations since some days. I was feeling confused and uncomfortable. However, I feel the light more strongly when I do Reiki. Your timely post put all these experiences in the right perspective.
As Tulip put it, it's so overwhelming at times that I stop and shut my self down!! I feel choked, overflowing and I don't know what to do. I feel I am falling apart, I get scared.
To draw from your answer to Tulip, I should let myself fall apart. I should let myself to be overtaken by the light. I should ready myself then.
Thanks for showing the path,
Love and light - Janhavi

Thank you, Open. I just read this evening that the U.S. Federal Gov't denied the permit for the oil pipline to go through the tribal lands! Yay!!! What a powerful and beautiful manifestation, mirroring the will and hearts of many. I feel energy chills from toes to crown! Victory to the people! Victory to the truth!

I rarely am awakened from dreams. I had a very intense dream last night. In the dream, I was dancing/flying/surfing in extremely huge ocean waves, when someone/something swooped my board away from me, and I was soon facing my death. I breathed right into it, almost like a fire-breathing dragon, underwater. I took 2 long, deep, breaths under the water; my heart pounding against my chest with so much energy -- and with the 3rd breath I knew I was not dying, and I awoke -- breathing deeply, feeling elated. Victory to the infinite me! Victory to truth!

Great to meet you Janhavi :-)
You're opening wider channels now, with powerful infusions to 'expand your higher dimensional pipeline'. But be prepared that it won't be comfortable. And yes, don't worry to fall apart for a few days. There are people in the Openhand network, all around the world, to whom this is happening right now.

It feels to me as if it's the catalysts of life who're mostly feeling this right now. Those who can channel the higher light in.

Deep transformations are possible. You're not alone.

Much love

Open *give_rose*

Open, thanks for your feedback and Janhavi thanks for the resonance, it seems that we are having similar experiences. Control seems to be a recurring underlying theme in my posts that it feels as if I might be repeating myself ☺. And I caught myself here on some kind of attachment to ‘making progress’ and a self-judgment that repeating myself means there is not much sign of progress.

With regards to your question ‘Are you afraid of falling apart?’, if I am honest, then yes I am terrified of falling apart, although I am not entirely sure why. Part of it is a fear of physically falling apart, the exploding into pieces that I mentioned earlier, which seems to have something to do with a fear of death and physical pain. But then there is this fear of ‘mentally’ falling apart or breaking down, which isn’t perhaps so much about the falling apart itself, but rather the possible consequences. That if I really completely fall apart, I might get sucked into the mental health matrix (like I know happened to you in Germany) and be drugged and locked away against my will. So the need for control is somehow caused by a fear of being (physically) controlled.

While writing the above, the expression ‘going out of your mind’ popped to mind and made me smile. I suddenly saw that this expression, which is often used to brand people for going crazy, if read literally is actually something rather positive (though perhaps not for the matrix…). Wouldn’t it be great if we would all go out of our minds more often??

The above phrase it what really stood out for me . I have been dealing with deep abandonment issues and also feelings of worthlessness in the recent past . The last week has been about breathing through some very dense gunk internally . And yesterday after the much needed breakthrough that came as a flurry of tears for my inner child I suddenly 'saw' how my inner cleansing has beautifullyallowed the setting up a waste segregation and composting program in the condo where I live . Almost effortlessly a project that had been stalled for almost five years has come on track . I moved here a year and a half ago and was 'told' that it was part of why I was here. To go from learning how to compost my inner waste effectively ,to being a catalyst to allow people in touch with me to do it too. And it's not until after my meltdown did I even see the mirror into my internal ......Decide who you are and allow Reality to shape up around you . Beautiful !


So moving and inspiring to read about your breakthrough around ditching some of your baggage and how a higher way of being is being reflected back to you in the outer mirror. How encouraging is that to stay the path?!!

x Cathy

Cathy ,thank you so much for leading me here . Even though we have never met I feel such deep affinity for you Soul sister !
As I am reading through all the articles here I am feeling so much as if I have finally found my tribe . Thank you ,thank you ,thank you !

In reply to by Megha

Love you too, Megha! I recognized your SiStar soul when we first met thru the ether-net. So happy your path of light led you to the Openhand tribe. A stellar place to hang out, drop the shit, and kick off to a higher world.

"Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels. The trouble makers, the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently.

They’re not fond of rules and they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things; they push the human race forward.

While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." ~Steve Jobs

Welcome to the misfits!

x Cathy

Hey Megha! Happy to meet you. Am taking baby steps into the infinite world of spirituality. It's great if we can meet up / connect to share our experiences and grow together.
Love and Light to you...