5D Shift: Unwinding the "Black Snake" Energy of the Deep Field

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Is there metaphoric truth in the Garden of Eden story? That somehow humanity has been tempted out of divine union by a shadow side "Black Snake" energy that engrosses through distorted attachment to the physical? In this sense, most definitely yes. And it's an energy that has misaligned the very foundation of society itself, creating a "deep state" or "deep field" that works to ensnare through deceptive manipulation. We see it all around surreptitiously propagated through the media. The Shift energies are now beginning to tackle and unwind this energy itself, which is a very positive development. Here's an overview exploration of how you might tackle it in your own field for the greater good...

Understanding the nature of the "Black Snake" metaphor

By the term "Black Snake", I'm not referring to the creature itself of course, I'm using it merely as a metaphor to convey a concept for an ancient form of metaphysical energy that binds the deep field within our current karmic construct. Some people might also relate to the energy as "satanic", and indeed there is clear evidence that this form of energy pervades, distorts and manipulates many elements of society to this day, but the very phraseology itself has been purposefully loaded with fear, so let's denergise the expression immediately by looking at the bigger macrocosmic picture. Then we can work to unwind it in the most effective way possible - through the energy field itself.

I put it to you that all reality constructs that we might live in are distortions of absolute truth. The "absolute" is the perfection of the unmanifest, that is imprinted within the cellular memory of each soul. Yet when souls come into relativistic incarnation, they distort and fragment thus creating karmic baggage. This is entirely necessary in the forging of the soul: it's only by losing aspects of integrity that full sovereignty is gained and enfolded, like smelting a sword of truth. Without such karmic distortion, a reality construct could not form - consciousness would simply resolve out into the absolute pure presence and relativistic experience would instantly disappear.

So karmic distortion happens, and the weaving of a reality based on it entirely necessary, so that souls may have a phenomenal journey, to then realise and realign to actualise ever greater integrity and sovereignty - to be able to flow through all darkened recesses of the Universe and yet not be distorted or manipulated by the density, not losing the divine connection to source.

Distorting an authentic and natural cosmic purpose

From explorations of other karmic constructs in other constellations I can say that there are beings whose purpose it is to bind such reality constructs together - to hold a foundation through which to explore. And in so doing, even though the reality can feel very dense and distorting, nevertheless they perform a benevolent function. The perfected form of this foundationary energy will also realise when its time for that construct to unwind, so that a higher harmony can take shape (within a higher dimensional shift for example - as happening on Earth right now). But where such entities themselves lose the connection to source, and where they gain the power to manipulate, then there might be an engrossment in the lower densities, which perverts and sucks in other wayward souls. I believe we can clearly say that has happened here on Earth - many leading elements in society are heavily influenced and controlled by it. It's why the old paradigm has been so pervasive and persistent.

Initially I found this "Black Snake" element of the Deep Field quite difficult to grasp energetically. It's immensely deceptive and cunning - it manifests through the psyche, animates a distortion, but then immediately disappears so as to remain unseen. It feels like it's an entwinned aspect of your own consciousness, which although you might know contains distortion, nevertheless it's quite tricky to get to the root of it. As soon as one characteristic softens, then the energy reappears elsewhere in another guise. For example it will manifest within sexual energy, or through the focused mind on the plane of the intellect; or else it will bind through distorted empathic connection.

The key is that this energy cunningly works to distort a truth, so it seems to make logical sense in some ways, like 'security' within society or else it will work to distort emotional expression - the complete freedom to fully express sexually for example. And likewise within renunciation or abstainance: the very practice can foster subtle subconscious frustration, within which, the "Black Snake" energy can lurk - hence it's prevalence in orthodox religion.

Time to Bring in the Light

Bringing this influence into the light is necessary so as to unwind it within the unfolding Paradigm Shift. But it's essential to realise that although conscious groups maybe working to tackle it head on within the physical manifestation in society, that's unlikely to be successful without a conscious unwinding through the energy field itself.  And this begins by realising how it manifests within. The only reason the "Cabal" exists, is because it's the outward manifestation of what humanity contains within his own shadow side, that hasn't yet been realigned. If we tackle the energy within the field istelf, that's sure to reflect positively into the outer.

Here are 8 specific ways in which I've witnessed the "Black Snake" energy being active:

1) Controlling logic: predominantly the "ray 1" masculine energy still controls humanity and society, although it is beginning to unravel. In this aspect, the distorting energy works to override the more feminine intuitive consciousness. Hence the divine feminine has been controlled and overridden in society (although this imbalance is now being effectively challenged). It's clear the financial system, military, religious orthodoxy and corporate business have all been established and governed by this distorted masculine energy.

2) Empathic community building: the Black Snake energy itself is trying to avoid the pain of confronting its own distortion - principally the disconnect from the absoluteness of the One. So it works to bind others into its pain through the projection of victimhood and misplaced sympathy. Thus the pain is not only shared, but propagated through the field - groups are bound together through co-dependency. Thus it distorts the divinely feminine energy of unconditonal acceptance and co-creative harmony.

3) Co-dependency in relationships: I witness the distorting energy very adept at mirroring Twin Flame consciousness, or else convincing that the Twin Flame incarnates as something separate to you - it does not! The deception causes souls to look for their completeness in another, rather than finding it back at the source within. The energy then lurks in the subconscious binding and feeds the co-dependency so as to perpetuate the unaware bleeding of energy through it.

4) The freedom of sexual expression: aligned sexuality is one of the leading practices of spiritual evolution within the shift. And freedom of expression beyond mind controlling taboo is essential. Yet it's all-too-easy to get addicted to the need for physical completion, which is really reflecting the authentic spiritual completion back at the source within. Where full awareness is lost within sexual activity, the "Black Snake" energy can distort and pervert expression through addictive and compulsive behaviour that effectively 'owns' the soul in this regard.

5) Excessive consumption, stimulation and distraction: "Black Snake" energy is distracting itself from the pain of confronting its own shadow, it's own rejection of the Absoluteness of the Void, and so works to distract through excessive consumption, sensory over stimulation and mindless entertainment. Addictive junk food, the endless iterations of technology and excessively compulsive screen time being prime examples.

6) Binding people to the Old Paradigm: the energy works through deception - taking a truth and then distorting it. For example the genuine feeling to heal the earth through sustainability, yet then creating only more advanced iterations of the status quo, where sentient life is still being exploited. One may have a good feeling about 'doing something positive', yet not being radical and transformational enough.

7) Non-dualistic false "Love and Light": the principle of non judgement and inconditional love have been perverted to "acceptance of anything goes". It leads to non confrontation of the truth of the situation and the individual rightness of expression of the soul. If often happens when people go out of body, out of the density, and into false love and light. Black snake energy often appears in the guise of this deceptive non-dualism.

8) Blocking or doverting the Flow: I've experienced the Black Snake entity, in plenty of people's fields, lokcing into the area between the third eye and the crown chakra. What it seems to be doing is picking up the creative flow at an early stage of emergence, where we start to visually create, and either then blocking the aligned creation or diverting it into a distorted reality.

I believe we're beginning to witness the direct confrontation of this energy in society right now - for example in the inspiring emergence of the divine feminine, challenging oppressive distorted "ray 1" masculine energy within the pillars of society. It's high time this satanic temple fell! The question is, how do we best deal with the energy through the field itself, both for our own good and the wider benefit for humanity and the planet?

9 Ways to Unwind "Black Snake" energy in the Deep Field

1) Daily Spiritual Practice: first and foremost is to realise the distorting energy works to 'own' souls by creating unconsciousness and distracting from empowerment and soul sovereignty within one's own being. Therefore daily spiritual practice is essential to activate full awareness, principally through the chakras and various bodily vehicles of expression. We must integrate soul especially in the lower vibrational levels: base, sacral and solar plexus.
(Sample this Openhand Chakra opening and attunement Meditation)

2) On the plane of the physical: it is essential to challenge excessive consumption and compulsive addiction. But rather than simply applying rigid discipline (which fosters dogmatism), it's essential to bring deep awareness to the distorted behaviourisms, which best happens by working to release self-judgment. It's about accepting that distortion happens, that it's not your fault, but then it is your responsibility to realign.
(Explore the consciousness expanding benefits of Intermittant Fasting)

3) On the emotional plane: it is paramount to know one's natural and authentic boundaries. It is essential to the Shift that we open up our gifts of empathic feeling and acceptance - to embrace unconditionally our tremendous diversity; to lovingly hold the space through the often traumatic processing of karma (for example). But we must also work not to get sucked into other people's dramas where authentic empathy gets distorted into sympathy. Help another by holding the space and feeling with them, yes, but always working to find the natural sovereign boundary. Each person has their own journey to walk. It is not meant that we carry another's karmic burden too.
(Discover what Spiritual Empaths and Catalysts can learn from oneanother)

4) On the plane of the Intellect: an aligned sense of logic helps keep the spiritual faculties grounded in this reality and open creative pathways through the plane of the intellect. This is also necessary to make things happen in a physical way. But we must work to unwind the mind's ownership of the more intuitive feminine side by being much more spontaneous and flexible in the moment. It will help greatly in this regard to work to come more from the soft intuitive side, to open an internal space for the authentic soul energy to arise, only then channeling it through the plane of the intellect to bring creation into the manifest.
(Check out "Free Wheeling" as a means to increasing spontaneity)

5) Working into identity filters: get to know the distortions of your own inner identity filters - where you feel physical, emotional or mental 'tightness' in any given situation. Work to unleash maximum sense of freedom and authenticity without renunciation or control. Profound self honesty is essential here. Only go with that which you know to be in alignment with your soul - that which feels simply 'right'. At the same time, it's also crucial to realign behaviourisms not to ditch the 'baby with the bathwater'. There is truth at the core of all distortion - work to liberate and unleash that and the distortions will fall naturally away.
(Consider this Openhand Approach for Attuning your internal Spiritual Compass)

6) Freedom expression and natural spontaneity: Get to know the spontaneity of signs and synchronicity and how they're guiding your being. A great 5D Shift is happening across the Earth, with one main impetus being to break down this bedrock "Black Snake" energy of the old karmic construct. The natural spontaneity of the soul is the very anthithesis of this controlling energy - it reconnects you with the natural flow of life, guiding you more to the infolding 5D Consciousness. Especially in the third eye and crown chakras, if you witness the tightness of a Black Snake entity, then stop intentioning or visualising manifestation. Instead to soften in that location until you can eject the entity. Then aligned manifestation with the visual weaving will resume.
(Informative videos on living more from 5D consciousness...Openhand TV)

7) Authentic Sexual Expression: sexual expression is one of the leading evolutionary spiritual practices. It can also be one of the most distorting! But forced abstainance can create buried frustration, which in itself also feeds the controlling energy. Get to know your authentic sexual expression, that which feels right and aligned for you. Also get to know the tantric practices of transcendence, so as not to get lost within expression - instead opening full awareness through it, and ensuring the full cycle of connection back to the source.
(Explore Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively)

8) Work for field realignment: work not to polarise or demonise the "Black Snake" energy through judgment.This only creates internal division, which in itself feeds the energy. It's important to see it for what it is, and know that the distortion is not who you are at a soul level, but to also recognise this is just another form of life, which can only influence because the misalignment is already a part of Humanity's collective karma. The key is realignment of the energy. At some level, we are all energy workers within the Shift. The most advanced approach is to recognise this energy is already a part of our consciousness - just a distorted form of it. And so the key is to work to realign it within your being. That means to explore freedom of expression without being caught up in taboo, yet finding the sense of rightness of soul within the expression. Then being clear, through spiritual practice, to bring the behaviourisms of the lower self into alignment; thus you encourage the energy itself to realign and come back into the Universal fold - you're effectively reconnecting it with the source, by channeling it through you. This will have the most powerfully positive impact on the wider field too.
(Explore this Video "Healing the Wounded Dragon")

9) Creating effective boundaries: the "Black Snake" energy has formed the bedrock of the old karmic construct, and is prevalent within the weave of society - it's woven throughout many leading institutions. Fortunately in the shift, it is now becoming more evident, but it is also still very deceptive by its nature, actively resisting the flow to realignment. So although it is important to confront and engage, it's also essential to set authentic internal boundaries and to eject the energy where it might become overwhelming. Create sacred protective energy fields, especially in your personal living environment, but importantly without retracting in fear - because this encourages it too. It's about taking personal empowerment and sovereignty of your field. In itself, this then communicates a vibration through the field that "Control and Manipulation Do Not Ultimately Work in this Free Flowing Universe" - express this through your being.
(Sample this Removing Entities and Implants Meditation)

Tremendous New Phase in the Shift Activated

It's a tremendous development in the Shift that this foundationary energy is now being confronted and beginning to be unwound. Finally, after aeons of controlling deception, humanity is activating the awareness to see it and the beginnings of the understanding in how to effectively dispatch it.

Without doubt, it's an energy that has been responsible for some of the most heinous crimes against sentient life. And yet at the macocosmic level, it's performing a function of testing souls by engrossement and identification with the manifest physical by attachment or fear. It's testing our own boundaries on what is our aligned soul behaviour - whatever the trap, deception or enticement. It has to be manifested to transcend and realign through it, for this is the forging of the soul - being able to act with freedom of expression through all the darkened recesses of the Universe and yet not being misaligned by the grey areas.

We have the deep soul understanding of how to realign it. But that doesn't best work by judging, polarising or castigating. It has only thus far succeeded because it is the reflection of humanity's own karmic self. Hence the requirement to realign within our own being, which then sends realigning ripples through the wider field. We are at the beginning of this new chapter in the Shift, which is highly encouraging to witness. We're working at the deepest levels of the field now, and becoming increasingly sovereign and free as a result. It bodes extremely well for the great Paradigm Shift unfolding all around us.

If you're inspired by the Openhand Approach and are interested in breaking down these ancient distorting energies within, come and explore the Openhand work. It's helping countless people around the world:
Openhand's 5D Ascenion Program

In loving Support

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Thank you for not trying to sell me something in the end!!!?


Hello, I wanted to know if anybody here has experienced what I believe was a kundalini descent ? I experienced a gradual (over a few years) kundalini awakening, after a grueling spiritual journey and a period of intense emotional, visceral suffering, I experienced a full opening of the third eye manifested through 3 wave pulses emanating from my hypothalamus. Incredible clarity, full healing of chronic migraines and clairvoyant/psychic abilities among other things ensued. A year later during a deep praying/meditating session, I felt a strong force form at my crown chakra and slowly descend through my neck, spine, sacrum down my legs and exit right though the soles of my feet. I came out of the meditative state as a totally new being. Does anybody have more information about this?

Thank you!

In reply to by cimax21


Hi Cimax - greetings and welcome to Openhand - you are amongst kindred spirits 🙏

At full kundalini activation, what we call at Openhand the "Transfiguration", the Higher Self "descends" into the being and fully integrates into it. The Higher Self is who you are really being - you could call it the actualised "God Self". And yes, it can feel like being reborn as something completely new. It sounds like this is what happened for you. Providing everything feels aligned and simply "right" for you, then I'd say this is clearly the case. So it would be something to honour and celebrate.

I expressed the phenomenon of the Transfiguration in the 5GATEWAYS movie here below, which I would suggest is worth watching....

Bright blessings

Open 💎

In reply to by Open


Thank you! Sincerely! That is exactly what happened to me, there is a lot of information online about the kundalini awakening and rising but nothing much at all about what can happen after. My entire process from beginning has been without any prior knowledge about any of this whatsoever, so it is wonderful to have found openhand and all of the resources within and truly understand everything which has always been one of my driving forces, to dissect, to seek, to find….. I now see clearly and it is absolutely marvelous. Yes, I feel centered, I feel like I have arrived and I am home. Accepting Jesus and totally surrendering was the catalyst and now I’ve discovered what many Christians would have a very hard time understanding and definitely accepting. But yet, Jesus’ words reflect entirely this path, this discovery. I believe, no, I know now that the true salvation that he was talking about was the freeing of the soul through this process of self realization. “Unless one is born of water and spirit he will not see the kingdom of heaven” So much clarity and understanding ! Thank you again for everything. 


22/06/2021 Journal Update: Hello Openhanders, I felt it essential to draw attention to this lead article today on confronting and dealing with Black Snake - satanic energy - that might be in your field, because it's highly active right now. I'm particularly noticing it attaching between the third eye and crown chakras, where it's clearly working to distort people's naturally aligned creative flow.

The creative action of the soul will first infuse through the crown chakra, where the next creative wave begins to build. You might start to naturally visualise the creative action and start weaving it into being. The Black Snake entity is able to lock into this area and then either shut down this creativity or else distort it into some alternate manifestation. One way to overcome it and eject it, is by being completely in the moment, without trying to visualise the next steps ahead or to weave them. Instead you're being very in the moment, feeling the rightness of each step, especially as it comes through the landing of spontaneous higher knowing (through the throat chakra) and next as it infuses the heart. Allowing the heart to guide the show a degree more. This helps negate the distorting impact of the entity until you can eject it.

Beware that this Black Snake energy is strongly rife in society right now, playing on distortions, pitting group against group and binding people into the synthetic agenda. Work not to get wrapped up in the various machinations of the drama. Be especially aware NOT to fight against it, because this only creates polarity in yourself and fixes you into the drama itself. Many in the alternative media are falling into this trap. Do notice what is going on, but work not to let your reality be dominated by it. It's the flow itself, interrelating with the alignment of nature that must inform our correct pathway through this turbulence. And rest assured, we can and will eject this entity interference for those wanting to break free and go with the Ascension shift.

Do take a read of the lead article above. It's packed with tools, tips and advice for dealing with and ejecting this energy...

5D Shift: Unwinding the "Black Snake" Energy of the Deep Field

In loving support

Open 🙏


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Here is Openhand's popular meditation on removing entities and implants. It does work well with removing the Black Snake Satanic entity aswell. With this particular one, it's important to note that the entity anhors by attaching a tether into one of the chakras, where there might be a degree of unconsciousness - the sacral chakra due to co-dependency in relationships for example. In which case, apply simple knowing intuition to locate the chakra in question and work to soften into it, thus bringing the light of the soul in and releasing the tethering. Then the entity will release more easily.

In loving support

Open 🙏

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Further to my post of yesterday, I can share a brief insight that the "mother of all battles" is raging with the Black Snake energy in the field right now.

I'm sitting here in the Heart Chakra, Avalon, given to anchor the higher dimensional Openhand energies and bring them in. There's been huge push back, huge resistance. The BS energy is swirling around on the plane of mind, distracting, working to attach into the various stories and dramas. As you detach from these, that's when you see it, like a multi headed hydra.

How to overcome it?

Not to entertain the stories. Stay in the moment, place one foot forwards step by step.
I'm breathing it in and pulling it down the torus. And it's weakening.
Thankfully it's a team effort and there's stacks of back-up.

For anyone experiencing similar, I can say it's just like Aikido. The attack comes in. You don't react, but blend with it. Then use it's energy to draw it into the void where it is disempowered....

The outcome of this will be interesting indeed.

Open 🙏

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Dear Open,

I am a silent follow since some months, and downloaded/practiced some of your meditations. Based on this comment I just did again the "Removing implants and entities", which already worked very nicely several times before.

It was this time again incredible powerful! Thank you for this meditation, it helps a lot and is a very good tool. And as you are mentioning in the meditation, it is an ongoing process based on the consciousness level/area, which wants to be activated.

Instead of having a tingling or vibrating implant in the head area, this time my lower spine was involved. The loosened implant, perhaps anchored at the sakral chakra, then exited via the base chakra after I sent heat rays to it.

Since I have some smaller problems with my intestines and digestion since some years, can such implants be related to such problem?

Thanks for all the good work, I for sure will join some retreat in the future!

Best greetings from the magical Black Forest in Germany,


In reply to by Marc


Hi Marc - good to meet you, welcome to Openhand. I'm glad that the removing implants meditation worked for you 👍

You did exactly the right thing which so often people understanably struggle with. The entities distract with noise on one plane (say the mind), so to suck you in to that drama. But the more you invest in that place, the more energised the intervention becomes (this particular one at least). And "trying to still the mind" for example can be just as counterproductive - you're still invested on that plane.

But when you realise that the entity is tethered somewhere else, this changes the dynamic - rather than the prey, you're now the hunter! And the intuition tells you exactly where to go. Now all you have to do is bring attention there and work into it. I like the way you sent heat rays into the sacral chakra for example - yes, this is a great way to melt the tethering 👍

As to the abdomen, yes, there is a particular group - reptilians - that embed in the digestive system. This is why it's so important to fast and cleanse through this region, paying particular care with diet - the reptilians just revel in meat and dairy! (not the physical food itself, but the energy coming off it).

So, if you haven't already, I would explore a deep cleanse followed by intermittant fasting. It's a fair journey, and can be prety challenging, but also highly illuminating and evolutionary. Here's the deep cleanse that I used to release dense energies in the gut...
Fasting and detox for Evolution - cleasing the gut of Mucoid Plaque

And here's our forum thread on intermittant fasting...


Fasting to Raise Vibration, Expand Consciousness AND THRIVE!

Finally, do consider to coming to one of our events, becasue the activation of consciousness on them, helps dislodge entities and quickly dispatch them. Consider the upcoming Avalon Rising for example...

Avalon Rising 2021: World Ascension Summit

See you down the flow!

Open 🙏





17/11/20: Daily Journal Update: The degree of deception going on through the field is absolutely staggering - eye watering. Take for example the "Dominion" voting software, that according to plentiful accounts, has purposefully miscounted hundreds of thousands of votes in the Presidential Election - but most importantly, how the mainstream media thinks it can call the election result and steamroller any descent in the process. The afront to democracy is staggering.

It's clear to me there is a highly deceptive distorting "Black Snake" energy at large in the field which plays on people's judgments and unconsciousness. It wants to divide one group against the other and lull plenty into the sense of false security - see how the stock markets have taken off at the news of a vaxx that will get us "back to normal". Really? It's simply amazing how society has been twisted and contorted. Insane!

But it would appear we have a turning happening in society. Plenty are refusing to take the "coolade" and there'll most likely be widespread rebellion to any imposed new vaxx. As energy workers we need to be aware of the nature of this ancient santanic "Black Snake" energy that is perverting and distortion both society at large and individual consciousness too. Where does it come from? How does it influence the psyche? That's why I put together Openhand's comprehensive approach in the lead article above. It contains 9 essential ways in which you can negate the energy from your field. Since Black Snake energy is highly active right now, I strongly suggest you review the material. I believe it can greatly benefit your journey...

5D Shift: Unwinding the "Black Snake" Energy of the Deep Field

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji

PS: I covered the sense of this energy and overcoming it in this Openhand video...


Hi Rich - "would you say it's possibly to do fairly high intensity Sport and still not decrease Vibration?"

I think it would depend on the measure of 'intensity' and just how present one was being. I do fast 'yomping' for an hour with various exercises including different types of press-up, dips, sit-ups and the 'plank'. During it, I'm working all the time to have full attention and presence in the various muscle groups being worked - so as not to be unconscious in those places (because I believe that causes the density and lowering of vibration).

I can't see any problem in going to the gym, as long as there's presence in what you're doing. And then I see it as a great practice, both for the body and the vibration.

Open Thumbs Up Sign


Hi Open,

Thanks for the answer. Yes it makes sense. I joined the gym recently. It's not something I've ever done in my life before, normally prefering Team sports. I recognise the hypnotic state you describe. However, I also find it's a good opportunity to practice more awareness of the Body - in fact it's easier than through Team sports where there's often a lot going on. So would you say it's possibly to do fairly high intensity Sport and still not decrease Vibration?

Interestingly I've often gone in the evening and followed it with a session of Meditation - the days I've been to the gym I've found it easier to touch a state of pure presence in Meditation. Happens much quicker somehow.






Hi Rich - how does physical conditioning in sport lower the vibration? Good question.

I observe it happens like this - in repetitive action such as running, gym or even yoga, where the mind slips into a kind of hypnotic or slightly detached state, then consciousness is not fully in the muscles being worked, even and especially though they're being worked quite hard. And this is where conditioning can happen - essentially where you're not being 100% present in all of the feelings as you work the body. It's about not 'squeezing consciousness out'. Does that make sense?

Open Praying Emoji



Hi Open,

The black snake energy certainly seems to go very deep into areas which must affect pretty much everyone. I should imagine it must take quite some time to unwind and realign. 

I have a question: you mentioned that it happens through physical conditioning in sport so as to lower your vibration. Could you elaborate more on how this happens? 




We're getting to understand deeper and deeper now how the "Black Snake" energy works within the psyche and how it deceives so as to limit and thereby control.

We've explored several ways in the lead artricle (scroll to the top), but there's one specific one that seems to be arising quite frequently. That is the distraction on the plane of the intellect - the mind. It'll manifest fears through imagery that pull awareness strongly onto that plane. It means, for example, that cosnciousness of the soul can be pulled out of the lower densiities - like the base chakra which infuses soul consciousness into the physical body. This decreases sensitivity through the physical plane, which means the controlling energy can influence quite strongly through the physical - conditioning behaviours so as to program consciousness into the matrix.

It happens in the kind of food you might eat, physical conditioning in sport so as to lower your vibration, and also through distorted sexual behaviours.

The influence is negated making sure there's a strong connection of awareness through the base chakra, and being as conscious as possible in the physicality of life. But also, if the mind is being distracted with negative imagery, then to equalise and soften with the distraction so it has less and less effect. Ultimately this entity cannot persist in one's field if there's no unnecessary release of energy into the field by which to sustain it.

This approach is very aligned with exploration of Tantra in life that we've been previously having...
Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

In loving support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hi Anastasia - yes, I'm very much looking forwards to meeting you in Koln. Slightly SmilingThumbs Up Sign

This sharing has helped many understand the 'Black snake/green snake' dynamic - a keep distortion in the karmic construct we're living in. So when you get a moment, do please share something about the 'shadow identity' you speak of. Because it works through these very subtle layers - I believe it would be helpful.

Open Praying Emoji


Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for the feedback and the kind words. Heart

Scott - Thank you for coming forth and sharing your synchronistic experience with the green light. I had the feeling that this energy I was experiencing wasn't just with me, but revealing itself with others as well. That's why I felt such a strong urge to share it.

Paul - Wow! I'm equally blown away by your journey, as you expressed you were with mine. There is this strange feeling of excitement that I get from all of your sharings so far, and I've been thinking about what that is. I think it's the way you don't stop or turn back once you embark on a journey. You keep going deeper and deeper, layer by layer, and you don't settle until you reach the final destination or completion of that particular adventure. You drive down every ally, turn every stone, and open every book. Wink Emoji
You thoroughly go all the way, and as a reader you take me all the way as well. I feel satisfied and uplifted, and by the end of it you have me shouting a loud internal "YES!"   
Synchronistically, the completion of your story also completed mine. I had been looking for a way to 'phrase' or define this divine feminine 'green snake' energy I experienced, but I couldn't quite grasp the essence of it. What was that essence? The Isis metaphor didn't quite land in me, as there was too strong of a variation in the presence vs. absence of guilt. But then I read your story and there it was, handed to me on a silver platter…

What I didn't share in my story, as it was too long already, is how after the visit inside the castle we went for another stroll in the garden. I was drawn to a small island in a pond connected by a bridge. On the little island, I was greeted by a statue of DIANA, Roman goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature. Also known as the virgin goddess of childbirth and women. But it wasn't Diana that attracted me the most. It was a tree next to her with a very odd looking hole in the trunk. The hole was shaped exactly like a vagina and when I approached it to get a closer look, something a little bit frightening happened. As I curiously tried to look inside the hole, I couldn't. Something urged me to keep a safe distance. Every time I leaned over to look inside, I felt a strong force wanting to pull me in, and another equally strong force holding me back... If I allowed myself to be pulled in, it felt as if I would get sucked into the dark hollow depths of the tree trunk and forever lose myself in its mystery of feminine power and allure. Kind of like a man, losing himself in the tantalising enigma of a femme fatale.

Eventually I had to tear myself away from this mysterious tree, a little shaken, but as I walked away I felt strangely aroused in a way I have never felt before. There were no sexual thoughts, images, or associations to the opposite sex. Instead I saw trees, flowers, and natural bodies of water, opening, flowing, living, and offering. I felt I wanted to make love to nature herself and merge with her infinite beauty - the creative essence of Nature.

Open – After I ‘released’ my green snake story, I was thrown into a new process, very much activated by something you wrote in your response. It was well hidden, but after reading, rereading and scanning your words over and over, I finally managed to figure it out. I don’t have time to write that much about it now, but in short, something has introduced itself that  I suspect is a ‘shadow identity’. Maybe I can write more about it later, or else perhaps it will come up in Köln, which I’m really looking forward to by the way.

Big hugs to all of you sweet souls Heart





What an absolutely mind blowing set of experiences!  You write and relay them so well - I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Come to think of it, that was my actual position - sitting in a business conference on the edge of my chair, completely immersed in your expression. Several parts hit deeply, and it catalyzed my own freewheeling exploration of similar energies that day. Some highlights:

 - was taken through a meandering journey driving through the city guided by spontaneous inner knowings. Green lights leading the way

 - the Pull led to a tucked away side road - Green Alley

 - then drawn to a specific parking place to listen and wait for further instruction. Suddenly realized I was parked behind a Green Explorer. A flash rainstorm broke up an otherwise completely sunny day, and I’m suddenly pulled to reread Chapter 11 in Divinicus. I open the “wrong” reader app, but it still opens directly to Chapter 11, only in the Breakthrough book! 

 - Several realizations land, and I follow it with Chapter 11 in Divinicus. I also realize the date is the 11th of the month

 - Was then taken to a tucked away esoteric bookstore I had no clue existed. Have never been in a place like this before. But I know there is a book there for me. There is a tiny section on the bottom labeled Divine Goddesses. A solo purple book sticks out, and it feels right but I still ask if this is the one? After a strong affirmative I pick it up and open it - and first thing I see is “worship of Isis in Egypt - pg 113.” I buy the book for $11.

 - I get back to my car and fan through the pages - and it stops exactly on the Isis section on pages 113-114. The book says “there are two expressions of Divine Feminine - consoling faithful mother and lover, and creative essence of Nature.”

 - Guidance tells me that “it is She (Isis energy) who will show you true surrendered creativity in full-fledged freedom.” The loop closes and I know my next steps.

 -  My mom texts me “glad it was such a success!”

  - As I’m just about to wrap up right now and post, I suddenly get an out of the blue text from a music-loving friend: “Queen really was phenomenal.” Yes she was and yes she is!

Anastasia - thank you so much for sharing your adventures.  You’ve certainly inspired me! 


at 11:11.


Hi Anastasia,

Thank you so much for sharing your story!  Interesting timing as yesterday was the first time I saw a green light in my field while meditating.  Now I know it's the divine feminine energy!! 

There are times I also have a hard time believing what I've come to know as my truth.  I've recently had some revelations regarding past life karma and it's taken some effort for me to believe it's my truth.  I think it's from all those years of us being gaslighted by the powers that be, it's a process learning to trust yourself and what you know to be true.

Much Love,



Wow - Anastasia - what a sharing. Thanks so much for taking the time and elaborating your amazing journey with the "Green Snake". Although long, I would encourage all who are interested in understanding the metaphysics of our reality and why distortion happens - why deception happens - to thoroughly read and explore your own truth in relation with it (read above).

What I took most from it, was the dance of the green snake within the psyche and the sophisticated animation - manifestation - of unconscious blind spots. Which I understand you describe as where the "green snake goes black". Several years ago, I was working a good deal through the ether with the leader elements of the Annunaki energy here - the original 'elites' of the Intervention. I was regressing them through their convoluted history. They recounted how on arrival here, it was the "Black Snake" that combined with their energy and distorted it, that brought them to do the things they did. Of course in itself this is a distortion - something external to you, 'making you do things'. It's always the distortion of yourself which is the cause.

I do very much believe in your 'green snake' energy - an aligned energy that animates the unconsciousness in people and therefore dances and dives into different distortions, making it hard to see. As I explained in my original article (5D Shift: Unwinding the "Black Snake" Energy of the Deep Field), I see that reality is woven together by 'elementals' of which this energy was surely a part; that it had a benevolent function that got distorted. 'Weaving a reality' would happen by weaving together karmic exploration - distortion - so that it could be animated, realised and evolved through. But I do perceive something distorting happened to the 'Green Snake' itself. That it got lost in its own function. Another interpretation would be that the Green Snake caused/animated various mutations within other less conscious beings that then became various differing versions of the 'Black Snake'. I'd say this is what likely happened. I definitely perceive different energies active in the field and working within tightness.

I'm so glad you drew attention to the distortion of the divine feminine. It really takes a being in female form to fully raise that one. Yes - it's a massive distortion, every bit as distorting as what we've witnessed within the divine masculine. Not so long ago, Openhand as an organisation, experienced a full on assault by the 'Black Snake', through distorted divine femine energy (not just that, it was a complex situation, but that was the central thrust of it). It played the victim role, and at a personal level, animated excessive compassion (filtered Ray 4 diplomat harmoniser) in myself - allowing certain behaviours to endure. At one particular point, I felt under attack from many angles all at once - a great deal of projection and judgment (primarily because of the perceived catalyst in me). I knew not to resist. Rather to touch the various places where it was striking, and 'biting' - to quickly turn into those and to soften. It was extremely cleansing of an old reality construct I'd been wound into. And it precipitated a powerful realigning movement, not just for Openhand, but the wider Shift itself. The distortion of the Black Snake energy had been witnessed and seen, in the way it operates on the divine feminine level, which then began to animate and unravel through the field - at least that's what began at that point.

Just to spell out: this distortion of the divine femine is one of being the victim - where things are being 'done to you'. And it has complex offshoots - it hides in the compassion of empathy, turning it into sympathy, leading to  a collective inertia in the distortion itself (I witnessed this in the distorted ISIS energy). Also not empowering in the pain, rather distributing the pain through community - off loading it, so that it isn't confronted (I've seen this in distorted Magdalen energy). This can pull in another distortion of the divine masculine - wanting to be protective and supportive. It's very alluring, deceptive and convincing - it will play the victim, right into suicidal tendencies for example. Something to watch for - it's easy to get pulled in. To try to fix. But this only perpetuates the distortion. Each being must become sovereign in their own right.

So to summarise, I totally agree - there must be, there is, an aligned 'Green Snake' energy that is highly intelligent and evolved, which can dance through different distortions and make them active so they can be seen. And I also see mutated offshoots of this energy - satanic - that are distorted, temprarily stuck in the darkess and not initially acquiescent to realignment with the flow and the Shift. But by always embracing the distortion in oneself, you can heal and eject that aspect (which will eventually cause realignment of that energy itself). Then I believe the 'Green Snake' will dance with you by encouraging the shifting rainbow of awareness through different internal gifts and traits - being fully alert to the dance of the moment.

An awesome inquiry indeed. Let's digest, work with, integrate, and ripple waves of awareness through the wider field. Where we are aligned, those waves of truth will resonate in others.

Much love to all

Open HeartPraying Emoji


Hello everyone,

First of all, before reading, I need to say that this sharing is of considerable length. It’s actually more like a whole chapter in my next sci-fi novel Slightly Smiling 
This is my own personal experience, recounted as it has passed through me and my eyes. So what is shared below is not a ‘truth’, but a personal interpretation or understanding of the events that took place.

Open, I recently finished your book, “Divinicus”. I was deeply affected by several passages in this book, sometimes to the point of tears. There are things that you speak of that I have experienced myself in a similar way, and one of the ‘mysteries’ you attempt to unravel in your book sent me into a deep painful regression. I won’t speak of this here, today, but I will make a reference to the book further down in this sharing.



A few days ago, a situation presented itself where I experienced the sudden appearance of the ‘black snake’ energy. I felt this extreme irritation with my husband and snapped at him for a silly thing like misplacing a bag of apples. The moment it happened, I instantly recognised the energy and immediately called it. “I see you”, I said silently to myself. Then something unexpected happened. The energy emerged and revealed itself as a shining green snake in the corner of my mind’s eye. Much like the snake I had seen in my dream a little while ago, only bigger. When this image appeared, I felt an instant release of energy that had been pent up in my head for a long time. It was as if my base and sacral chakras suddenly opened up and my energy dropped deep down. I think this other energy had been luring me up into my head, keeping me stuck on the plane of the intellect, and as my own energy now ‘fell’ down, I very quickly found my centre and I was able to just be still and observe what would happen…

The snake would not leave me out of its sight. It kept a fixed eye at me and its image firmly imprinted in my mind’s vision. I literally saw it all the time as I went about my business in the apartment. I knew I had to be absolutely calm and still in my energy, or it would disappear. This was not my move to make. It had to be completely on HER terms. Yes, this was a strong, crystal clear feminine energy. No doubt about it.

For quite a while, we both remained silent in each other’s presence, her watching, me waiting, trying to discern and feel into any hidden agenda the other might have, but the energy between us remained still. As I could feel a certain level of trust beginning to form, I dared to look at her a little closer. And here’s the thing - there was nothing ‘black’, deceptive, or slippery about the creature that stood before me. This was a truly magnificent and radiant being, full of integrity and poise. Highly intelligent, highly sensitive, extremely vigilant, and very ‘organic’. Her vibration felt very natural and strangely familiar, as if we had always known each other. When she deemed I was ready, she began communicating with me. She didn’t speak in words, it was more a transmission of feeling. I could feel what she felt, and through these feelings, words, thoughts and inquiries naturally formed. It felt like being a spiritual interpreter, translating one vibration into another, for the purpose of broader understanding. It was very clear from her that what she wanted to express wasn’t just for me. She wanted to reach a wider audience, and she had me feeling that she wouldn’t leave me alone until I delivered her message. That’s why I felt I had to make a public written promise that I would, to take the pressure off a little. That way she made sure, I wouldn’t chicken out and let it run into the sand.  



She feels greatly misunderstood. Her original purpose has been so deeply distorted and suppressed over time, it has cast her off into the darkest shadows, always having to adapt her shape and form to avoid being detected and attacked. On the surface, she has been so fiercely persecuted, judged and condemned, it’s been necessary to go underground where she has had to twist, bend and contort herself out of proportion in order to ‘fit’ and to survive. And survive she must, as she has an important job to do, a divine service to perform for humanity. She speaks to me of how she operates, how she slips in and hides in the dark chambers of the psyche where unconsciousness resides. As the loud bombastic distorted masculine is too busy making noise and desensitising himself (metaphorically speaking), it’s not difficult for her to quietly slip in behind him and embed herself deep in the subconscious, where few can see her. But she also expresses a longing to be ‘seen’. That’s why after she strikes and disappears, she will reappear again somewhere else. She’s searching through every crevice of our consciousness to find a place that is free of judgement. Only then will she reveal herself. As soon as the slightest form of judgement is sensed, she immediately hides. That’s why she is so difficult to ‘catch’.  Actually, she says, it’s not so much that she hides. It’s more the fact that judgement creates a limitation, a wall, a filter, through which you simply can’t discern her. But by moving through us in this way, she alerts us to the judgements we each carry. Wherever she has been, the sediment of judgement gets stirred up, inviting us to look at it and work with it, if we choose to.
She continues by raising a powerful question within me: What about the distorted feminine? Why is it receiving so little attention? Why is all the focus on the distorted masculine? Does not the divine feminine need healing as well? She says the distortion of the feminine is not as apparent because it is so well hidden under a cloak of victimhood. It goes by unnoticed or gets marginalised. THAT is one of the greatest deceptions that keeps the divine feminine consistently disempowered. Nonetheless, the distortion is there, and if true balance is to be achieved, HER distortion also needs to be allowed to surface, and be brought into the light. Only by accepting full responsibility for the deceptive methods of control that the ‘contorted’ feminine has resorted to, can realignment really happen. Then healing can begin, and the divine feminine can rise to true empowerment.
She also emits a strong feeling of hope. She longs for this great realignment, because she sees that it is possible now. There are enough open eyes out there now that can see her and recognise her for the divine force she truly is. She feels that enough of the distorted masculine energy has been unwound, that there is room for her to emerge and realign. So, she doesn’t say it’s been wrong to focus on healing the divine masculine. It needed to happen first, in order to create the right amount of space, but now she emphasises the importance of healing the divine feminine as well. It is time.


For the next few days, she took me on a journey inside and outside myself. She didn’t stay fixed in my mind’s eye any more, but moved freely in and out of me. Sometimes she would point to things in society around me and sometimes she would show me things about myself and my behaviour, especially the root cause of my behaviour and how to work with it. Open, I find you were spot on when you suggested unravelling this energy gradually – not to just go cold turkey on it. I feel it requires great gentleness, sensitivity, patience, and most importantly, NO self-judgement! As soon as a judgement is formed about my own behaviour, it is a direct judgement of the energy itself and the realignment process gets interrupted. She leaves the scene, and you have to wait for the next ‘opportunity’. Total self-acceptance in the moment is the key. Also a certain level of emotional detachment, which is maybe the hardest to achieve. But if you can find the space inside yourself to stay emotionally still and just observe, then her movement doesn’t get ‘stuck’ to you , like a ‘second skin’ (Thank you September for this befitting imagery), that constricts you and impairs your vision. Instead you may begin to tune into the dance she is doing with you and let her guide you through it. She knows exactly where you need to go, where your shadows are. You might even say, she knows you better than yourself, (at least until you completely know thy own self), because she has already examined every part of you.



I mentioned earlier that her energy felt very natural and organic. When aligned, she appears to us in the colour GREEN, the colour of nature. I’ve been wondering why that is, why GREEN? Through my communion with her I’ve come to understand that in this green form, she is a part of my true nature. Our original nature. That’s why she feels so anciently familiar to me. In her pure essence, she doesn’t feel like one of those separate entities that hook on to our attachments, and that we can eventually release or eject from our system. On the contrary, she feels like an intrinsic mobile part of me that has always been there, and ‘ejecting’ her would be like throwing out a part of myself. And to be honest, in this form that I have experienced her, why would I want to get rid of her? She’s a source of infinite wisdom and a powerful ally on my journey to self-discovery, provided that I’m willing to face every shadow of myself, not leave a single stone unturned, be fully committed to the truth , and completely surrender myself, of course. Ha ha!

So far so good, it makes sense (at least to me). But why then does this natural green energy turn BLACK and causes so much trouble? As I search inside myself for the answer to this million dollar question, I begin to discern a parallel between her ‘personal’ description and my own less agreeable behaviourisms. She describes how she is forced to “twist, bend, and contort herself”, in order to fit and survive. As I look back and dissect my own life, I suddenly see a myriad of situations where I have felt this ‘contortion’ of my own energy built in to various strategies of survival.

- Every time I’ve twisted the truth just a little, in order for my story or my person to ‘fit’ a little better.
- Every time I’ve bent myself or my integrity, in order to please.
- Every time I have accepted statements like “you’re too sensitive”, or “too emotional”, and believed there was something wrong with me.
- Every time I’ve used a manipulative ‘pretty please’ to get someone to do something they didn’t really want to do.
- Every time I’ve agreed to or let myself be persuaded to have sex with someone, when I didn’t really feel like it.
- Every time I felt wounded by someone and not spoken up about it, and instead secretly retreated into the dark to find other more obscure ways to retaliate.
- Every time I have smiled in agreement to something I didn’t really concur with, or laughed something off as a joke when it actually really bothered me.
- Every time I’ve judged or insulted someone in order to raise myself.
- Every time I’ve used hurtful sarcasm, hoping the person will ‘see their mistake’, instead of expressing how I really feel.  
- Every time I’ve used sexually inviting or ‘promising’ methods to feed my own craving for attention from the opposite sex.
- Every time I’ve used the phrases “what’s the harm?” or “how bad could it be?” or “everybody’s doing it” in order to justify a behaviour that didn’t feel completely right.

The list is endless, of course, and I’m sure it varies for all of us. And even as I‘m writing this piece, I find a part of me wanting to slightly twist the truth to make it sound a little more pleasing to the ear, a little humbler, perhaps even a little more apologetic, in order to guard myself against the potential arrows that may fly my way shouting WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

So it is with this awareness that this realisation lands in me, that for each and every time that we unconsciously ‘twist’ ourselves or our truth (even just a little bit), the shade of the snake turns a little more black.

It is deeply uncomfortable for me to be sharing something like this, something that may be perceived as an ‘alleged truth’. It’s the first time I dare to go beyond ‘personal’ matters, and there have been multiple waves of self-doubt coursing through me over the past few days. Should I really share it? Will anyone believe I really experienced this? Will they say I’m completely off or wrong? That I’ve misunderstood everything? Has it even really happened? It would be so easy to just put it away in my mental diary, just focus on my own private journey, and maybe tell someone one day who might ask. So what has finally persuaded me to put myself out there and share this, in my opinion, quite amazing experience? Synchronicity, of course!



The day after my initial encounter with the ‘green snake’, whom I now call ‘Eden’ (I can’t keep calling her ‘the green snake’), I was busy with preparations for my daughter’s birthday. One thing we were missing were streamers. In my home language, streamers are called ‘serpentiner’, and since we were missing them, they became a frequent topic of discussion between me and my husband. But since he didn’t want our daughter to understand what we were talking about, he spoke English to me, and each time streamers were mentioned, he would refer to them as ‘serpents’. So there I am, in the middle of having a secret affair with an ‘imaginary’ snake, and my husband keeps mentioning ‘serpents’ all day long. I managed to keep a straight face, but inside I giggled several times. The next day, on my daughter’s birthday we went to visit a castle. Our visit began in the castle garden, where a sculpture immediately caught my eye. It portrayed three men battling a big snake. Ok, I thought, ‘Eden’ is present, stay alert, perhaps there is something here for you to see. As we proceeded through the garden, the next sculpture I noticed was of a big strong man about to slay a dragon. So... I was deep in the snake energy, while you Open, had just said in the sacred animal forum that you were feeling dragon energy right now. This was getting really interesting. As we eventually entered the castle, I just knew there would be something in there just for me. They had something called a ‘gold hunt’. It was a game for children to search the castle for a bunch of different things made of gold. As we walked through the different rooms and halls of the castle looking for this gold, suddenly I found myself in a small dark chamber. Everyone else passed through quickly as there wasn’t much to see in there, but I remained. My attention was fixed on an object in there which was so out of place, I didn’t know what to make of it. There, in your traditional Scandinavian castle, with portraits of royalty, treasures of gold, rococo furniture, and typical Christian symbols, it stared me right in the face. It was a model of the temple of the Egyptian goddess ISIS in Pompeii. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What was that doing there, so utterly misplaced? A temple of Isis? Seriously?
Suddenly, I remembered something. DIVINICUS. In the book, Open, a whole chapter is dedicated to your encounter with Isis. The chapter’s title is THE DIVINE FEMININE and focuses on how you helped Isis, an aspect of the divine feminine to realign.  It was one of those chapters that really stirred something inside of me, and now hidden deep in a dark chamber of a Swedish castle, I find my own temple of Isis, on my own journey with the divine feminine. Amazing! HOWEVER, there is one major difference between your experience and mine.  When you recount your incredible dance with Isis, the theme it centres around is a sense of guilt, and the goddess’s need for forgiveness. The thing that stands out from my dance with ‘Eden’ though, is the complete absence of guilt. Not once did I feel that she was sorry, apologetic, or bowing down in need of forgiveness. On the contrary, she stood with her head held up high, unwavering, ready and more than willing to accept full responsibility. However, NOT under a judgemental pointing finger of blame, but rather in the presence of mutual respect, compassion and equal ownership.


For I am part of you, and you are part of me, and there is nothing that I have done unto you that you haven’t done unto yourself. As I rise, you will rise, and as you rise, I will rise. And so we will dance back into the Garden of Eden together.


At this point I figure, even if there is no truth in this. Even if it's just a fictional journey, a figment of my vivid imagination. Even if I'm a thousand times wrong. Isn't it still a fascinating story, worthy of being told?

When I came home that evening, I dug up my old spiritual journal that I wrote in the beginning of my awakening, 3 years ago. I had so many weird visions and experiences then, I had to write them down in order to remember them, in case they might make sense later. One of these experiences involved the goddess Isis, and after the day’s events I wanted to go back and see what I had written. I opened the journal on a random page to start looking for the Isis-entry, and as I did I saw something that made my jaw drop once again. It was out of context of course, but the first sentence on this random page in my journal read:  “It’s actually turning green”. I have to repeat it once again because I still can’t believe it.

It’s actually turning green.

When I arose the next morning, after a rather sleepless night, my mother had sent me these images. These highly unusual sightings had appeared in the night sky over my home town…


Northern light3

Northern light2

Northern light1


With love from me and 'Eden'  Wink Emoji



I love your sharing Anastasia - quite clearly you've become conscious of that energy.

I've found that when I communicate with it, then I can realign it by turning it green!
It's like sending the visual metaphor to it, communicates that I'm not trying to destroy or kill it, but instead there's a possibility for it to evolve into something else. Although I find you always have to be strong and firm - plus there has to be coherency in the vibration you communicate. If you're fearful or doubtful, then it will easily pick it up, disappear and return in another guise. But when it feels the integrity in your energy, then it starts to listen. And the integrity can only come through deep and consistent spiritual practice over a long period.

Usually the most powerful way of transforming the energy is when I've seen it in a particular behaviour - not to stop immediately, but to find a more aligned expression. So you're actually then transformting the energy itself, of which the 'snake' is a part.

Previously, at the early part of the Shift, I found the energy extremely resistant - hard to catch and deal with. Now I find it exposing itself more and becoming much easier to deal with. It bodes well.

Open Praying Emoji


Hi everyone,

Open, thank you for posting this article and your experiences with this energy. This is groundbreaking information for me. A few months ago, in meditation, I saw a black snake being pulled out of the top of my spine. It had been invisibly twisted around my spine, and was now being yanked out by higher ‘help’. I had no idea what this was at the time, so I just assumed it was another entity being released. ( I often have inexplicable visions like this that fall into place later). 

After a major breakthrough this summer, I suddenly found myself very aware of an energy I haven’t been able to identify nor get to the root of. It’s quite fierce in its attacks, like it’s trying to put me in my place, but when I try to confront it, it eludes me and like you’ve said, reappears somewhere else. Interesting thing is that in my own spiritual inquiry, the same thing has been happening. Usually when a penny drops on my journey, or I’m presented with a clue, I’m able to grab on to that thread, pull on it and eventually get to the heart of it. But since this summer, I’ve been experiencing multiple threads dropping both here and there, especially in the mind, but when I’ve tried to grab hold of one and pull, it’s just vanished into thin air. They don’t seem to lead anywhere and have been causing me to get stuck in these pointless thought loops that just waste a lot of time and drain me of my energy. Similarly to what you describe above. It’s been extremely frustrating for the intellect, but it has also forced me to find other ways to work with the heartspace for example, which has been highly beneficial for my evolution. (Just like you suggested in a previous inquiry).

I find this energy expresses within me as a sudden need or desire to point the finger of blame at someone. Make them aware that they’ve done something wrong. Put them in their place. Give them the ‘evil’ eye. There is also the impetus to want to ‘punish’, as a display of power if ‘my’ rules or boundaries are stepped over. What fascinates me is how fast this energy strikes. Out of nowhere. I have had to be extremely watchful of this energy, as it can cause a lot of damage especially in family situations, if allowed to act freely. It is also very clear to me that this isn’t me. I don’t recognise myself in this kind of behaviour. It totally goes against my entire being, yet it still finds its way through me, even though I’m very careful nowadays with how I express when it hits.

I also had a dream, not too long ago. I was going to a costume party, but just as I was about to get ready I found my costume was missing. I ran out to the shops to try and buy a new costume, but I kept being chased and distracted by a snake, that would appear, disappear, and suddenly reappear somewhere else. The snake wasn’t black though, it was a shining green colour and quite a beautiful creature if I had stopped in the midst of my fear and really looked at it. Any thoughts on what it may mean?

Thanks for opening this line of exploration and thanks to everyone else, Alex, September, for contributing with your sharings.



ps. Funny synchronicity. Yesterday, after reading the article, advertisements for a movie called VENOM kept appearing around me. In the images you see the actor’s face as half human, half black snake. 😊




Hi September - great to connect - and what an insightful experience of the "Black Snake" energy.

You said...

The fresh perspective revealed that the energy shifted from each side of a polarity, twisting, and turning inside and out. I was able to see both of the polarities of fear with more clarity and thus unwind the distortions so I could make a choice to move from a place of self-compassion and not be "owned" by the confusion.

Distraction which causes confusion is definitely one of the ways it controls people. Yes, it 'shape shifts' through different polarities, from different angles to merge into different distortions - that's what makes it challenging and difficult to grasp. I really like the way you handled it in thise case - awesome Thumbs Up Sign

This paricular entity in the field, invites us all to be very internally conscious and self-inquiring, just as in your example given. It's with that kind of awareness that unwinds and ejects or realigns it. Look always for the tightness in any given situation: (1) it could be on the plane of the intellect, where spurious visions and thoughts come in which you don't recognise as your own - do you then get stuck in a thought loop? (2) It might be on the plane of the emotions where excessive sympathy causes you to get owned by someone else's story - work to let go of the baggage and set emotional boundaries (3) On the plane of the physical, watch for the need to fulfill in some way through consumption - work into the feeling and feel the completion back at the source.

I'd like to add something about "Shape Shifting" in the field to overcome the energy of this entity - and be sure, sometimes it's hihgly likely to feel like spiritual 'combat' - but the paradox being to approach it without the idea that you're fighting - consider it working to realign the field. We all have the capacity to "Shape Shift" - but I strongly advocate being clear you're in the flow when you do it, so as not to cross the boundary into manipulating the field from the place of ego - which is exactly what this "Black Snake" energy is all about. So in Shape Shifting through the field, you'll get an understanding of how that energy became what it is.

What is "Shape Shifting" in this sense? Let me share an example which happened to me a while back.

I was leading an event in a lovely Yoga studio which was a converted chapel. A great deal of love had been put into it by the owner, which you could clearly see and at one level feel. Yet when I sat in meditation I could feel a buzzing distraction on the plane of the intellect, which was felt around the level of the Third Eye - distracting from the Third Eye. It didn't feel unusal at first, it often happens in spiritual places, and most frequently in churches. It's to do with the projection of intention through the field based on prayer - it creates a matrix of energy that cuts across the natural flow and so blocks it. I'll usually work with that kind of energy by connecting with it, expanding to embrace it within me, then initiating the feeling of opening out through it. It's an entirely natural thing that my soul does. Bringing attention to it amplifies the effect.

However in this particular venue, it was extremely hard to uwnind and break apart the strings of energy. And after the first day sitting with the group it still hadn't gone. So at the end of the first day I did more exploration of the building - it had some quite dark back rooms to it with a strong feeling of presence - I sensed that dark ceremony had been conducted there in the past. Again, that often goes hand in hand with churches (but not all of course!). So I asked out into the field... "show me how to deal with this". Immediately a vision came of something I'd seen on the previous day whilst travelling to the venue - at the airport, my attention was drawn to a TV report in the lounge about a group of Mongeese invading a golfing tournament and halting it. Somehow the clip spiked in my awareness (I seldom watch or am interested in TV). Then it clicked.... Mongeese are tenacious fighters, and especially against cobra snakes. Now before I express how I worked with the energy, it's essential to add, that I don't advocate 'fighting' in the field - as previously explained, it's more a metaphor for action.

So I called in this Mongeese energy - knowing that it had been sent through the field for a reason - the field spiked. Within a short while, I could feel energetic beings working through the ether, chomping through the convoluted energy in the walls, roof, back room and also in the basement. Within about half an hour, the disruptive controlling energy had completely vanished. The next day in the studio felt completely differently - there was a much greater sense of expansiveness resulting in more powerful breakthroughs for the group.

I offer the story of an example of how we might benevolently 'shape shift' in the field and the support we might call in - in a multititude of different ways - and most essentially, because something is given by the field and you feel it 'spiking' within.

This Opposing Consciousness intervention can only happen because of lack of multidimensional awareness. Humanity is being invited to reclaim it, which increases soul sovereignty and alignment.

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This article brought home for me an energy that I felt was co-opting an exploration I was sharing yesterday. I said that the energy felt slippery and when I tried to get a better view of it, it seemed to pull itself tightly to me like a second skin, like my own thoughts. Where did it go? I finally saw it after relaxing and not forcing discovery, but by re-visiting my exploration at a later time with a gentle curiosity. The fresh perspective revealed that the energy shifted from each side of a polarity, twisting, and turning inside and out. I was able to see both of the polarities of fear with more clarity and thus unwind the distiortions so I could make a choice to move from a place of self-compassion and not be "owned" by the confusion of the energy as I had been before.

Interestingly, one of my lamps flickered from steady on, to on, off and on again as I was reading the description of the black snake as metaphor sentence in the beginning of the article. It continued to flicker periodically as I read on, but has remained steady on for the whole time that i was typing this response.

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Hi Alex - it's a good question indeed - how does this "Black Snake" energy differ from raptor (consumptive) consciousness and grey energy. Raptor consciousness is very straight forwards - what you see is what you get. It doesn't hide what it's doing but is bold and upfront about it. Grey energy is more suppressive, heavy and depressive. "Black Snake" is a very virulent deecptive and distorting energy that is highly active and adaptable - you dispatch it in one behaviour (excessive ray 1 for example) and it returns in another (over sympathising ray 2 for example).

I'd say you got the dream pretty well - there's an ascending pull of the Shift which is working to realign and there's the resistance of this ancient energy which hooks within, thus causing resistance to the flow - it's like being stretched in two different directions.

It sounds like you're having a deep consciousness exploration of the energy. It's shifting and realigning now - work to be determined with it, compassionate but focussed and direct too. It's starting to realign - thankfully.

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