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Which Gateway are you in?

Here is a brief summary of the five key expansions of consciousness - the 5GATEWAYS - that occur on the Journey of Enlightenment and Ascension...

Which Gateway are you in?

The 5GATEWAYS movie offers a deeper insight...click here
The 5GATEWAYS book offers many tools, tips and advice for recognising what Gateway you are in, and how to progress through them...5GATEWAYS Book

    Gateway 1:"Awakening": you directly sense the interconnectedness of all life and know that what effects one effects all. The intensity of experience through the five senses will have made a dramatic leap, as though the 'volume' was suddenly increased. You're connecting with the magic of the soul and beginning to experience life through it. You start to feel an at-one-ment with all life - a compassion and love for other sentient beings.

    Gateway 2:"Realignment": as you increasingly tune into the interconnectedness and joy of life, your soul begins to infuse within you, until a profound change happens: the soul takes over from the ego and assumes supreme leadership in your life. There's a sense of always yearning to come from the higher choices, the higher truth, in every moment, in every thing that you do.

    Gateway 3:"Transfiguration": the path of the soul leads you on a journey of inner purification, which can last many years. Progressively it takes you to a dramatic shift in perception from identification with the personality to being the Seer expressed as the soul. This is preceded by a full kundalini activation, where lower and higher self are united as one - it's experienced as a powerful and liberational energy rising up the spine into the pineal gland (the Third Eye). You now live life as 'the One', the Seer of all things.

    Gateway 4:"Enlightenment": this is the passage through your past life karma, where aspects of the soul have identified with traumatic circumstances in previous incarnations - how you passed on for example. As your soul unfolds into the causal body, you activate your karma in waves. It impacts your daily life and relationships - you live elements of your past lives through the current moment. You're being invited to reintegrate those lost fragments of soul, bathe in your karma and release it. It ultimately leads to your Enlightenment: being the Seer, expressing freely as the soul through life without attachment.

    Gateway 5:"Resurrection" - we don't just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven, each of which is connected through a main chakra. As the full energy of the soul is unleashed and flowing freely through you, your seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. You unfold into multi-dimensional living. You are now 'ascended', living in the Higher Paradigm, here and now.

What is your experience? Do share below...

Sue's picture

I watched the video, and I feel like I'm in gateway 1. There were bits of pieces from all the others that have popped up. But I think I'm still in 1.
I lke this site!

I've been stuck going around Gate 1 in circles for so long,
having mini-realignments but always relapsing into my old ways...

Finally broke through to Gate 2 while watching "5 gateways" last night Biggrin
I don't think I have jumped out of bed excited to start the day like that since I was a kid!

Started making plans today, but not quite sure where my journey leads from here, but I guess that's the fun of it!!

Think I am stuck between level 2 and 3 and I seem to switch between levels as the illusions become bigger and scarier.
Wauw,I think I need to go to England very soon.
Pfff, I am in this rollarcoaster since Januari 2011, a trip to Egypt was the start..I'm getting so worn out and tired by it..
I know I am on the right path but it's getting smaller and steeper.
I'll keep in touch, 5 gateways workshop that's what I need.

Open's picture

I felt to add a general point to this thread that there is the tendency to over-estimate where we might be within the Five Gateways Framework of evolution. That's because although the ceremonies marking the completion of each Gateway are sequential and taken in order, it is highly typical that we're being influenced by the energies of higher Gateways and therefore also processing them whilst in a lower one.

So for example, we might be in Gateway 1 and yet experience processing some past-life karma which is only usually fully processed leading up to the completion of Gateway 4. Likewise, we might begin to have powerful multi-dimensional experiences early on in our journey even though this gift only fully unfolds in Gateway 5.

So really the routemap might also be envisioned as a framework for evolution with all parts interrelated.

How might I know excatly which gateway I have passed through?

As soon as I feel I am bursting through a gateway something happens to suck me back again. Feels more like I am working with energy from the higher gateways rather than actually having passed through them. Hopefully that will mean it is easier when I do eventually pass through them. I still don't quite get where I am though... other than awake. So I guess I am looking for key indicators or pointers.

I really do see how people overestimate where they are, especially if there is ego involed.

Thank you!

Angel :innocent:

Open's picture

It's a great question Angel - thanks for asking. Yes where ego is involved, the path can be somewhat obscured. In my book Five Gateways I've outlined some key pointers so as to know more or less which Gateway we have passed through. I believe knowing where we are, can be of invaluable benefit because it helps us see the key patterns we're facing daily in our lives. So often it's difficult to see where we are at and exactly why the moment keeps shaping as it does. That's the value of having this framework for evolution - it can provide vital pointers, remove much of the unnecessary suffering in life and catalyse the next step forwards.

So here are some key pointers to indicate where one might be within that Five Gateways Framework...

  • Pre-awakened state: Someone who has had a quite strong taster of our interconnectedness with all life, a definite feeling of the soul, yet that has then dissipated again and there is a general 'seeking' trying to reconnect with that state. There's the general feeling of being lost.
  • Gateway 1 Awakening: We can feel our interconnectedness with all life at will. We generally know how to 'tune in' and spend a good deal of time from day-to-day in that state. We still have the tendency to loose ourselves in the drama, but there's a tendency to fairly quickly catch ourselves, remind ourselves this is all really a game and then return once more to the place of the Observer
  • Gateway 2 Realignment: A realisation dawns as a deep upwelling that our outer lives are created by our inner configuration of beingness and that self realisation/expression are the only things in life really happening. So an inner commitment happens quite naturally (from beyond the mind) to always work to access our highest truth in every moment. This is not a transient commitment that comes and goes. It's a very powerful life-defining transition to follow the path in every moment
  • Gateway 3 Transfiguration: This is where we move beyond identity altogether. The inner child and teenager programs are shattered and we, as pure presence, step out of the ashes. Identity falls away. Previous internal fixed relationships to reality dissolve. There's a distinct feeling of "there being no-one in here". Choices are no longer formed in the mind. They are experienced as a call to Right Action aligned with the universal flow.
  • Gateway 4 Crucifixion/Enlightenment: The newly transfigured being has difficulty integrating the full blown enlightened state. Various shadow identities form around that state as a direct result of our karma - places where we still identify in some way. In other words, a tendency to 'own' whatever experience we're having be it blissful, painful or anything in between. We're taken on a journey to confront such karmic filters and dissolve them through reintegration of soul fragments. When all karma is processed, there is an experience of accomplishment, of completion, of awesome ordinaryness.
  • Gateway 5 Resurrection: A reconfrontation with all the old patterns of ones life - the removal of final behvioural filters which then allows soul to infuse fully into all seven bodily vehicles of expression. This comes with the revelation of amazing gifts of beingness and our divine purpose for this incarnation. We unfold into permanent multi-dimensional living. We sense being ascended and that the cycle of reincarnation here has been completed.

Those are my general experiences personally, backed up by countless exchanges with other evolving people.

Calence Emerson's picture

The best experiences I've ever had in my life were ones in which I was absolutely certain about where I am in my life - what I had learned, and who I was Being - only to have life so graciously (or not) tear down my own illusions and show me I was not where I thought I was - I had not learned what I thought I learned - I was not Being who I thought I was Being.

Being absolutely certain about anything for me has been a trigger to immediately recognize that I'm actually clueless, followed by excitement, knowing that life is about to knock me over to allow me to have the -real- experience.


LAILA_O's picture

I watched the 5 gateways documentary the other day , and it really got me thinking a lot about my current situation. I'm currently 17 years old, still residing with my mom, but I've been on the path of ascension since I was 15 years old. I noticed in the video and each person in their testimonial said they had to "get away" and "surrender" everything about their current life, even if it meant that some people would be hurt by their choice. To fully surrender?? What exactly does that mean ?? When you guys went away .. did you really just go away?? like "FORGET IT ALL" or did you take a trip somewhere just temporarily to get away ?? I'm so confused .. Do you really just let go ?? Of everything?? or do you still have a stable life, house and money?? -- Anyone who has anything to say , or anything that could help .. It would be greatly appreciated.
I'm 17 years old, still in school, and I'm not employed, but I want to unravel and blossom into who I am supposed to be.. instead of steady diving into a lifestyle that's not even going to be a factor in the new world? I MUST KNOW ! Smile LOVE AND BLESSINGS TO YOU ALL .. _Laila Odeht

Trinity's picture

Hi Laila,

By 'surrender' I mean, to the flow of divine energy and trusting that it will show you what you need to see.

There are some beautiful stories that may inspire you, about what it means to surrender to the flow and follow your soul:

    The Alchemist
    The Celestine Prophecy
    The Peaceful Warrior

All will come in time. Remember that there are no mistakes along the path of the soul; only experiences that we can learn from.

with Love

LAILA_O's picture

Thank you both sooo very much ! Smile
For being a light in the dark !

Hi All,

Recently I've been working through the steps leading up to the Gateway 2 transition. I've gotten to the point where I'm completely ready to let go to my soul, even though I get lost and sucked back into the old consciousness every now and then. A few days ago I followed a pull to leave my high school and go to a nature park. This is what I interpret to be "following your joy", or at least the beginning of it for me, to start breaking up my conditioning. I stayed for 2 days and nights, until my parents came and found me. I had some deep experiences there, aligning with much of the advice from the 5 Gateways book for Gateway 2.

On my journey, I started "seeking" 8 months ago, then gradually began to awaken myself with spiritual texts and practices. I never really felt full commitment to self-realization until about a month ago, and during this month I have been sliding in and out of conscious commitment and unconscious conditioning. I really never felt "profound bliss", although I have had some beautiful, although short, periods of intense joy. I have also had experiences of deep peace and expansive lightness, although many of these were interrupted by my constrictive environment / conditioning. Now my general state is relaxed contentment, even though I'm still feeling my egoic self and its negative charges due to attachments. I worked through many of my fears in the past two months, going deeply into many and "releasing" them - I felt these energy flows, moving out through the top chakras, as if the convoluted energy was being released/dissolved.

I have lived in my current environment for 6 years, most of which have been filled with deep negativity and suffering. The energy field of the house I live in and the school I go to are quite low, which is the reason I was compelled to leave to the nature park. I had planned to begin walking the path there, and I did successfully for some periods of time, but perhaps my attachments to my old living environment drew me back. Nonetheless, I spoke with my parents tonight and made it absolutely clear that I am beginning to walk my path, where I pointed at leaving - they seemed not to be able to accept that. They both responded deeply negatively, and I tried very hard to surrender all internal efforting and negative/unconscious energy surfacing. Now, both are intent on homeschooling/keeping me here, where I plan to leave. I have actually attempted to "run away" 6 times, from the time of my pre-awakening to awakening, although some times I came back and others my parents found me. I feel suffocated in this environment and my soul has been pushing me to leave for a long time.

I do not fear the uncertainty of leaving as a 16 year old as much, for I felt a great sense of release and liberation when I was in nature recently. I internally worked through my attachments to the needs for material manifestation at the park (my intentions have become quite strong) and I am ready to be fully willing and committed to walking the path. Although I often constrict in my current living environment, I know that a shift to living in nature will fully allow me to unfold. I do have a question though - where would you estimate me to be in my unfolding? I am fully committed to leaving and following my soul, although my experiences differ slightly from the openhand ones. As I said, I've either missed the bliss part or not realized what it was when I was having it. I did have a few experiences where my senses made a dramatic leap through breathing deeply, although the old consciousness of my environment has always sucked me back. I believe the reason I haven't felt as much joy as described has been my large attachments to unhappiness/negativity, that I've been confronted to let go of.

Thank you for transitioning these gateways and brining the routemap forth for us, pioneering it first!


Open's picture

Hi Grant,

Great to hear from you - I feel full of encouragement and support that you feel the urge to commit to the Path Wink

I'm not sure where you read about the seeking bliss part though. Not in Five Gateways for sure. Yes bliss can be had from time to time, but to us at least, it is not something to aim for. Like all experiences, it is merely transient.

The key I think you're searching for is confrontation. By that I don't mean conflict. I mean confronting inner tightness that we experience when following our highest truth. The path is not a destination. There is nowhere to get to. It is a continual expansion through confronting inner tightness to external events and letting go.

So yes, the path could lead you on an external journey which is mirroring the inner one. Or you could stay in your current environment and simply work with what comes up for you.

Clearly your soul is wanting you to find your voice and speak your truth. It may well be that a break from your current environment may help for at least a while. Home schooling is a great alternative. We home educate our own son. He's much happier, more productive and now beginning to decide and lead his own education at the age of 13. More and more kids are doing this and it doesn't even prevent them getting good grades in exams - should they choose to do them.

If you're then still feeling to leave your home/school environment for a while at least, it might be worth exploring "Woofing" - which means working on an organic farm. There are plenty of opportunities around the world. They cover your board and lodgings in exchange for work on the farm. You can find out more here... Woofing

Very best wishes

I feel Ive entered gateway 3, its all going fast I must say. Having recently come out of gateway 2 and gathering myself in I seem to be hurtling towards deeper meaning to my consciousness. Ive also recently found a great inner peace which I can access anyplace and anytime. This is a peace which in day to day life I have never had before and I cant wait to meditate in stillness its wonderful. Also I have surrendered to all things just allowing the drama to unfold, but not resisting it. I observe people living their lives through their ego and everything fits into place. Now I know why the matrix is like it is now I understand why others react like they do. I did before if you know what I mean, but now it a deeper realisation. I understanding my own ego and been aware of it when the chatter comes into my mind and then it disapears again, but for long periods of time. I think its only the beginning of gateway 3 Im not sure can you shed any light on it for me. Thanks Ruth

Open's picture

Hi Ruth,

Great to hear from you. It certainly feels like you have an accurate picture of what's going on.

Towards Transfiguration, the path will lead you ever deeper. What we thought we'd realised before, were often realisations only at the level of the intellect. Now we're taken deep into our childhood and teenager years again. Deeply into feeling realisation.

Good stuff!

Lesley Lord's picture

Hi Grant,

What a big journey you have been in the last few months. Smile It's great that you can feel your soul yearning for freedom.

I thought I'd share some of the things I've known other guys around your age get into which has really helped them unfold more of themselves. It may even be that you could agree to work stuff like this in as part of a an imaginative home school program that was much more open than a school program.

You seem to get a lot from being in nature, so look for things in your locality you could get involved in. My nephew has done lots of volunteering for woodland trusts and nature trusts and in doing so has learnt lots of skills like hedge laying, stone walling, path and step making, planting trees and woodland crafts. He also got really into cycling which helped him get fit, be really in tune with himself, the bike, the weather, road conditions etc etc His awareness and his sensitivity developed on many levels. Then there's things like camping, or do you have a garden? Another young friend of mine started off planting veg in the family garden, then did the "woofing" that Chris mentioned. After taking a year out of school, he went back to college and found a gardening group nearby where he volunteered, they were so appreciative of his help they've just paid for him to do a permaculture course.

Have you any interests in music or art? Are there any groups you could join for creative self expression? Maybe these things/sport/ martial arts and spending time in nature could bring about massive changes in how you feel about your situation and really give a sense of liberation for your soul.

Watch out for some new avenues for all that heartfelt energy you have to be expressed!

Sending you lots of warm wishes on your journey.

Hi Lesley,

I appreciate your support! I'm looking forward to my new free-time during my homeschooling, and I am moving to explore new opportunities and activities. My family is going to take a trip to the Galveston beach where I know I can grow and enjoy. I do look forward to engaging in nature more often, and participating in outdoor sports/recreation. I may try out some arts and crafts like canvas painting, and deepen the bodywork I'm engaged in. Thanks for all the suggestions and uplifting encouragement!


Interesting topic... Im sorry this wont sound rosy red, but at one point I thought I was almost thru 2 and on to 3, but lately Im finding myself back at gateway 0 (very cold winter) so to speak...

Hey Bill, I have the same hhh

I just don't know. Sometimes I feel I am not entirely through 1, sometimes I feel I am at 0. Sometimes I feel, no no, I am definitely now after G2 and heading towards 3...

So at some point I just stopped even trying to get it. MAybe I WAS through 2 and then slipped back and then when my vib rises I get through somehow again, much faster and without major events. It is funny, but I just don't know Biggrin

And when you don't know, then you don't know Biggrin

Open's picture

Indeed. Smile

With the gateways as well as Openhand itself... IM FINITO ! lol...

Lesley Lord's picture

I only really saw where I was in the long view looking back.
Perhaps 3 months after my transfiguration I suddenly saw what had been my first three gateways. Rather like I was looking at a distant scene through binoculars and the focus wheel just got adjusted to clarity. There had been lots of fuzziness until then, so take heart and keep putting one foot in front of the other guys!

Up until then, I had been practicing being the Observer and determinedly letting go of attachments when I spotted them, changed to a plant based diet and spent lots of time in nature and personal contemplation. Then when I self realised where I was at I could really see how making those changes had had such profound effects.

Anyone can do it (with a sense of application) and that of course is how our natural evolution should be!


To Grant: you're very welcome, you sound like you're off to a flying start!

Cody's picture

As I look through the comments, I noticed no one says that they are at gateway 5, or even 4, so naturally I would doubt if I personally would be at that gateway simply because of the tension created while thinking, "who will be the one to say it, and have others doubt them".

Well here is a brave step in "not doubting myself".

I feel, that all of my experiences as of late, completely relate to my perception of gateway 4.

As I felt I broke free, I get hit by life circumstance that brings up karma that hits me like a strong thunderbolt (literally that's what it felt like), to later come to the realization that: "Here it is, here is what is finally holding you back Cody.... your doubting yourself". That voice, that shadow that creeps in from its hiding place and holds on to me for dear life in tricky and masterful ways. Hehehehehe. You bastard!!

If I knew with ultimate certainty and without doubt that I could do anything, than I really could. That's beautiful, because its true.

Trusting in my true self, is the sweetest flow of letting go, it is the relaxed exalted and most natural state that opens up my heart and consciousness to infinity. Its the center of being that my ego was leading me towards by leading me away from it.

To integrate our natural state is... a dream come true.

David's picture

Hi Cody,

Sounds like your having some powerful experiences.
I would say from what you have shared here, and previously it is unlikely you are going through gateway 4. It is quite common to have other gateway experiences at earlier steps on the journey. If i had to call it I would say that it is more likely your around the 2nd gateway.


It is so funny to me... I guess up till G3 most of us have no idea, ha?

Any piece of info is owned by ego/identities and confuses and confuses... so funny!

But it was when I saw that I am definitely NOT following my heart no matter what, despite obviously tasting this amazing state a year ago, and that I am still blocked by my fears and habits most of the time, that I stopped asking where I am at. It just doesn't matter to me anymore... until I know Wink

Chris, you say..
When one truly passes through Gateway 2, beyond the intellectual level, it's like anything could happen, the walls come caving in, yet there is no will for movement unless there's a knowing engagement with the soul. And this defines every moment and every choice that is made. It's a total commitment to truth.

Is this considered as a marking for the completion of the Gateway 2 transition? I've always thought in the past this would be regarded as the starting point of the Gateway 2 transition. I have experienced what you described many times since last year, yet each time I got pulled back into my conditionings and distractions again. It seems that I'm now transitioning Gateway 2.

Lesley Lord's picture

I would say of the many people I've met over the last 20 years who consider themselves to be journeying spiritually, very few have been through the second gateway. It takes a massive commitment to make that realignment and all too frequently people are not willing to rock the boat of their comfort zone status quo. So their spirituality remains a hobby rather than being their life, for the ego is still the pilot of the bodymind and there is no handover to the soul.

However people who do make this transition can easily mistake it for some way further down the tracks, because the 2nd gateway in itself is such a monumentous experiential ride.

And after that? Well then there's more..... and more...... and more..... all these layers that seem never ending and frequently seem such a big experience - wow, surely I must be through another gateway, er... actually no, just another layer peeled away! Yet such - intensity - of - experience!!! How can it be it seems? All these breathtaking moments that seem like mountains scaled, prisons released, darkness transposed to light. All that stuff that seems to take an age to transit to get to one of those breakthrough moments. Emotional, mental, karmic. So much.

I don't think my journey has had the clarity of yours Chris. I seem to have spent most of my time confused and questionning! But as for seeing the gateways clearly, yes I can in retrospect.

I feel its really valuable to mention Jesus and the Buddha for bringing some sense of perspective to the journey being undertaken here. That we are finally waking up and following our paths feels like cause for great celebration to me. Lets also appreciate the profound depths of exploration and gargantuan journey of release we are travelling one step at a time.


x ,

Réka's picture

Hi dear All,
what a thought provoking line of discussion! Thank YOU!

I am here now mostly to listen but there is one thing that kept coming to me while reading all these sharings.

To me, the idea of a linear procession of gateways is confusing, and it is not even true to my feelings of things... I sense things are more like dialectic, and go round and round, if not in circles, but at least in spirals... hence maybe the feeling of falling back, or reaching forward?

I really like Lesley talking about layers peeling off... I would go with that picture and add to it this spiralling ascent idea.

Maybe, when viewing it from this angle, the idea of which gateway almost does not even arise?

And one more:

Once during a birth preparation workshop we came to question how PAINFUL we expect/remember our labour. On a scale of 10, which number would describe best the extent of pain during labour?

At one point one of the ladies just shuffled the numbers on the floor and out of the line of numbers she created a circle of numbers where the numbers 10 and 0 came next to each other. She said that in her experience the biggest pain and and the most blissful pleasure during her labour were side to side, rather than far away from each other.

We came to see 0 really stands for Orgasm :-), so maybe Gateway 0 is actually a fun place to be? - ha-ha Wink

I think of this story a lot - at all kinds of turns in my life.

But most of all what I (and I'm sure all of you guys here) try to focus on in births (and life) is the wave of energy, the Gush of Life that brings with itself all the 1-s and 5-s, and 0-s and 10-s, all pain and pleasure...

x x x

AnnaF's picture

Hi everybody!
I like Réka's idea of cycles very much. When I was reading the comments I started remembering myself as a child, and now that I'm 'on my way' (hopefully in the right direction) I kept on remembering everything I knew as a child. Now, I could very well believe that as a child I probably had gone further than I dare say, and now what I am doing is try to recover what I had lost. Chris, do you think this can be possible?
I also have a question coming back and back, and for it I will have to tell a bit about myself. When I started my journey, I started having visions. At the beginning I saw only colours like in a whirlpool, after that symbols of different religions, (Christianism and Budhism), followed by seeing peoples illnesses. When I was trying to recover from these new things I had 'out of body' experiences, the first of which took me quite by surprise, because I had no idea what the hell was happening...! The list goes on with past lives and lately crowned by a beautiful 'death' experience, during which I felt just freedom and happiness, with no ties whatsoever, and no body. This may seem exciting and rare, but sometimes I don't like what I see (I guess not everything is beautiful and pure during Assension), though for some reason I need to know about the existence of it. My question is whether these experiences are connected merely to karma or go hand by hand with tresspassing different gateways? If the gift is given, there has to be a way of using it for the world's wellbeing. I would thank any comment or sugestion on HOW to help.
Thank you very much for sharing and please forgive me if I had gone too far with telling all this. I'm quite shivering now, it's the first time I've written about it !

Open's picture

Okay, so we've stirred up some silt - that can only be good. Wink

I know this is difficult. It's especially difficult for me to bring into full context. I know it as the purpose of my incarnation. Maybe one day I'll find a better way of expressing!

Lesley has it bang on...

    It takes a massive commitment to make that realignment and all too frequently people are not willing to rock the boat of their comfort zone status quo.

Most people get an intellectual level taster of this to begin with. They peel away lots of layers. But there is no mistaking when the Realignment happens.

I remember only too well being with you Lesley when it happened for you. For me it was as clear as daylight and a perfect example. You'd been married for just one year. Your partner with a serious chest problem where any 'boat-rocking' could set off a terminal decline at any moment.

Yet you knew it was right to leave. The relationship was holding back the spiritual journey for you. We were up in Scotland at the time, running a course together when on the last day, just as this realisation was landing for you, our hosts cat dropped a dead robin in the hallway in front of your door.

The red breast was deeply significant. It would be the tester and the potential sacrifice. Could you still go through with it? Even if to do so might risk another dieing? What would others do reading this? Would the mind and the ego take over? In most cases yes.

How could the divine possibly want this from me? How would the divine risk the life of another in such a way? Yet this is all about empowerment, about freedom. It's about challenging the very nature of an illusion that might hold us back.

I have witnessed many presented with such Gateways and turn away. I don't blame them. I know it's challenging. But there comes a point when there is nothing else to do but to surrender all on the altar of higher truth, even if we're made to crawl down the isle on the way there.

So yes, we'll get tasters of the Gateways, but what I'm saying now to all reading, when you truly pass through such a ceremony, there is no mistaking. There is knowing. Then you'll know in your heart what I'm speaking of.

The Gateway ceremonies are definitely linear. We may get tasters of higher ones and it may appear as though the journey is spiraling and circling, but there's no mistaking a ceremony when it happens.

It moves you to the core.

Hi everyone,
Can I just comment here I think Lesley hit the nail on the head when she said there needs to be a handover to the soul. For me this embodies gateway 2 as for me the pull of my soul was very strong and I knew for me there was no going back. I knew my personality mind or ego did not want to make the changes I had to make, however I was not been fair to myself or anyone else if I didnt. I had changed so much that the old Ruth seemed to be a woman from another life. I had changed on the inside and that changed was been reflected on the outside, however it was still traumatic and painful. But I had to follow my truth which I believe was my soul. Hope this helps Ruth

Open's picture

Yes you captured the Gateway 2 perfectly Ruth (and Lesley) - "a handover to the soul". Wink

I felt I should share something from a biochemistry point of view that really captures what a Gateway is and the essence of what happens as we pass through them. Not only is this spiritual, but it's grounded in science too (although it's not rigid nor dogmatic). The main point we're addressing seams to be the confusion around people experiencing higher Gateways and therefore thinking they might be further along on the path than they are. Plus also experiencing multiple Gateways simultaneously. I'll do my best to shed further light...

From a scientific and spiritual point of view we're living in a reality composed of 11 dimensions. It's my direct experiential knowing that we each have aspects of ourselves in all 11, although in human form, it is only really possible to fully activate and experience 7 (there will be exceptions).

What is currently real for us is determined by where our centre of consciousness rests. For many that will be in the 1st Dimension (1st Density) - the plane of the physical. In this location, the soul is split into two and fragmented. There's the soul majority - the higher soul (loosely higher self) - like a huge balloon outside of the body 'above' the crown. The lower soul (loosely lower self) is fragmented within the body and therefore greatly diluted by the bodymind's activities and impulses.

Even though the majority of the soul rests 'above' the physical human experience, our reality is defined by that aspect of us which 'makes the loudest noise'. This is what draws our attention. Hence our centre of consciousness is drawn down into the lower self.

Now there is something called a 'pre-awakening'. This is where the lower self momentarily touches the higher self and receives a short burst of soul light. There's a sudden feeling of being connected and awake. But then the internal efforting to capture that essence paradoxically closes down the connection once more and the person may then spend many years chasing that experience again. There are many 'seekers' in the world who now have an intellectual understanding of awakeness based on a degree of experience but who are really still searching for a level 1 awakened state.

At some point there is sufficient surrender that fragments of soul within the lower self are released from attachment to the physical plane (1st Dimension) and then reconnect with the higher soul. There is a lasting physical connection felt as at-one-ment with all things. It can even be so powerful that we feel a constant sense of unity which is often confused as enlightenment. I observe many people writing about enlightenment from this level 1 awakened state which greatly confuses the story for other travelers.

So the physicality of Gateway 1 is the relinquishing of sufficient identity with the physical plane that a constant connection to the higher soul happens and remains. It is a linear progression with a definite 'completion'. And like with all such completions, the transition of ones centre of consciousness from one density to another will be quite strongly marked in some way. That's because our experienced reality is shaped by where our consciousness rests. If we've now moved up a frequency, then we'll experience a marked shift on the outside too. Which in turn would be marked by what I've called a 'ceremony' - a defining external experience. Others have written in the past of them as 'initiations'.

A person can stay in this place quite some time until the soul begins to reintegrate again internally within the lower self. But then the day comes when we start to listen to the direction of the soul. Not all the time, but with increasing frequency. As this happens, we start to engage with the inner world and the progressive realisation that the outer world is determined by our inner configuration of consciousness. The soul continues to reintegrate inside as the direct result of the increased inner inquiry.

There comes a point where enough of the soul has reintegrated, such that the impulses of the soul now take presidence over the ego. We could consider it a bit like an egg timer. The fragmented grains of soul gradually pour from the ego reuniting in the 'other vessel' until the balance switches definitely from one to the other. This is where attachment is relinquished to the emotional plane - Gateway 2. When the balance switches, it's often experienced as a rushing like wave of energy, often with floods of tears (which can last days or weeks). Again it is a very spiritual, yet also biochemical shift. Again there is a linear completion of experience. Our centre of consciousness has now shifted beyond attachment to the emotional plane and consequently there will be a marked external shift - like the breaking down of an important relationship for example (I should add then when I say 'beyond attachment to the emotional plane', I don't mean by denying the emotion. I mean going deeply into it and relinquishing identification with it - so to be able to experience emotional pain fully, but without attachment. Likewise emotional joy such as a blissful state).

Now our centre of consciousness moves into the plane of the lower intellect - Gateway 3. Here we're processing subconscious attachments to the 3rd Dimension. These are mental projections of illusionary realities created for us by the constant conditioning of society and our upbringing. That's why just as soon as someone transitions Gateway 2, the tendency is for them to have constant inner child and teenager confrontations.

Gateway 3 is very challenging. Essentially we're still acting as a separated self that perceives suffering and 'being done to'. So the reintegration of soul within the lower self generates flows directly into the density and distortion. It's like a roller coaster ride. One moment we're in the darkest depths, the next there's a release and we're riding high again. This process continues to peel away the layers until finally the ego dissolves completely ('ego' means where fragments of the soul identify with the separation and form an identity around it).

Once the ego completely dissolves, the lower soul reunites with the higher soul. Higher and lower self become one. There is no longer sense of separation. Whereas before we might have been asking questions of a divinity we perceived to be 'above us', no longer is this the case - we experience ourselves as that divinity. We have stepped out of the whole illusionary reality and become the Seer.

This is what's called "Transfiguration". I think there are very few out there who are truly transfigured. So far I've experienced a handful of people come through the Openhand work to that state. Again, it is a profoundly marked event when it happens. Again it is a linear, biochemical process, not to mention divinely beautiful!

At this point, the person is now open enough for the higher soul to infuse into the lower being. It starts to rush in, but as with all these transitions, the energy flows to densest environment. This happens because the 'loudest frequency' draws attention to it. And our reality is defined by where the centre of our attention rests. So next, our centre of consciousness is drawn into the karmic plane (the next vibration up). What's happened to the three people I've worked with who have progressed into Gateway 4, is a torrent of karmic regression.

This is not just the odd past life memory invoked within regression work. I'm speaking of the torrent of suffering humanity has endured through the eons of our history. It comes back to life in graphic detail and is played out within our consciousness in daily life. Often the experiences are projected outwards onto the people around us. It's like they become the characters in a play which we're now re-enacting.

This 'crucifixion' is likely to last several years and will likely be intensely challenging. It will bring you to the threshold of what you imagine is humanly possible to endure, and then take you beyond. But each decent into darkness is balanced by a counterbalancing breakthrough where the expansion and light experienced is simply breath taking. So even though intensely painful, it's a magical process too leading to full enlightenment - the end of identification with the illusion. From a biochemical sense, the soul no longer fragments at all within physical experience. There is complete inner integrity. There is no attachment nor identification.

Especially there is no denial of physical experience either. My observation is that some people achieve a kind of 'synthetic' state of enlightenment by subtly denying and then dissolving the quiet pull of the soul that might take them into a potentially challenging sense of separation once more. I observe this happening to many of the so called 'non-dualists'. I see this in a range of spiritual teachings from Tolle to Mooji.

Once karma has been fully dissolved, ones reality shifts yet again as the centre of consciousness ascends fully into the 5th Dimension. Now the soul is fully liberated from lower density attachment such that it can flood into the various bodily vehicles of expression. It comes with profound multi dimensional experiences as a way of life. We acquire gifts of beingness beyond human imagination.

So to reiterate, whilst each person will have aspects of their consciousness within the higher dimensions and therefore be experiencing these higher planes to varying degrees, there are still these marked 'ascensions' through each dimension as our centre of consciousness shifts higher which happens in a linear way. When we truly start to taste them, I believe we'll see they're pretty unmistakable. It's just that at this time in the collective journey, only a handful have consciously experienced Ascension into the 5th Dimension.

Lesley Lord's picture

Sometimes, something is captured in words so perfectly it just brings a great big grin to my face! What a great synopsis of the journey, Chris. I feel it represents deep understanding, gained from years of direct experience and enquiry. I don't see anyone else writing like this.

As you know I never could take an intellectual spiritual journey where I learnt all the theory. It was like listening to something that had nowhere to land in my awareness. But I resonated with the Openhand energy and knew everytime I tasted it, my awareness evolved, so I applied the tools you recommended and was just open to what would happen. Some years down the track, It's so awesomely satisfying to read something which I now know to be true, I just know it, as I have lived so much of it, the words now land like they have a receptor in my being that matches what they say. - Wonderful.

So to fellow journeyers, I say there's no bull**** here, this work does what it says on the can, it's dedicated to the Ascension of mankind. It's the stuff that's our birthright being given back to us.

Your part can be to dip in and skate on the surface or to face all your fears, let go of all your resistances, let go of everything that you think defines you, dive into the swirling waters and join the journey home.

We will each have our own way. Feel what holds you back, feel what you perceive you can't do without, challenge all your perceptions and release attachment. Sometimes it's huge things like leaving your home or leaving a relationship or job, sometimes its trying out things like living without a fridge, without hot water or without a car for a while, it releases attachment, makes you more appreciative of all the things you have and from your new perspective you can make new choices, maybe you can live in a better way, live more simply, take less, be more aligned with nature? Always with awareness and without rigid dogmas setting in. You can't make this journey in your head!

With love,
Lesley x

Hi everyone,
This is the only thing in my life that makes sense anymore so Im going with it whatever that brings. Thankyou for been there! Ruthxx

Hi all, feel to write something here.

I first watched the 5 gateways about 6 months ago. I cried throughout most of it - it struck me in my heart. I didn't really know why, and couldn't pin point where I was specifically, it could have been 1 or 5 (LOL), really couldn't tell. A few months later my kundalini activated and since has been infusing in more and more intense ways. I wasn't meditating and didn't have any form of specific spiritual practice. The only thing I feel that happened - was that I allowed myself to open through the heart. Now, looking back the 5 gateways couldn't be more true in how I experienced the unraveling. It's not an airy fairy guide to how things might be - it's text book in my case - and continues to be.

I'm now in amongst processing karma - it's honestly no fun but the release of each layer brings an infusion of energy which burns through the pain. This happens spontaneously and I have suffered and resisted much to these infusions - to the point where I have said OK let me die (truly meant it!)- and surely enough at that point I surrender fully only to realise that which I cannot express in words. Just as the gateways suggests - the journey doesn't end there - the strange thing for me is that I experience oneness but at times feel more alone than ever. I'm finding much polarity in the process at the moment, is that usual Chris?

I just feel to express that the 5 gateways really is a divine gift, there is much more to it than can be at first appreciated - it's something I think we can go back to and learn from in many different ways. When my kundalini awoke - it was far from love and light - I at least had some reference points though, so for me knowing that this was the opening of a gateway and not a mental condition was a huge relief. I urge people to re-watch it and read more - it's not mumbo jumbo - promise Smile Please have trust in your process, follow your heart, be open - what may seem like a gut wrenching ordeal may well be an intended opportunity for real growth? I realise now the ordeals I have been through were indeed written uniquely for my soul to free itself.....trust!

From the heart - Katie

Open's picture

Hi Katie,

It certainly sounds like you're going into heavy karma. That's exactly how people I've been working with experience it. For no apparent reason they're straight into dense, dark pain which can be totally gut wrenching.

It sounds to me as if you may also be confronting another key aspect of karma that everyone seems to go through and is spoken of by Lesley in the film - that is abandonment.

We spend life times completely immersed in the idea of separation. Even when we discover we're all one, there's still all the internal references to separation and to identity. When we move beyond that, most get lulled into the notion that the soul is who they are. And so there's still subtle perception of separation - there is this being and that being.

But in truth, there is only one being in the universe. At Gateway 4, the path leads people into the actual experience of there being only you. And the sense of aloneness that can come with that. There is no one else! You are all alone in the universe!

When you truly confront this, in an experiential way, it can be immensely challenging. It's the feeling Jesus confronted on the cross "why have you forsaken me father?" It is the being realising itself as one.

PS - great that Five Gateways is working for you and thanks so much for the kind words of support Wink

Chris, thank you. It does feel just like you describe - I could fall to pieces at times with these agonizing pangs of aloneness - I trust the flow will direct me to confront this? Or can we put ourselves out there some how to allow for this? I'm not sure what you mean by 'experiential' - I do, but don't. I feel it now by own life situation, yet a higher connection still allows me to feel God/unity throughout - though in the faces of others I see my own pain and aloneness at times looking back at me. These are full on times. I pray that things level out.

Réka's picture

wow! Chris, this one went really deep....
also made me shiver to the core.


Chris, Amen - these words bring much relief. Liberation is no easy journey. I find myself popping into churches to look into the eyes of Jesus (I'm not religious) - but I need that inspiration from his journey to maintain strength or just to carry on. Devotional aspects of myself have emerged through this. I will sit with this until I can let go. Peace Chris, peace! - and heaps of thanks!

I am wondering if anyone might be able to shed some light on this.

i would say im hovering around gateway 2 with spontaneous processing of karma happening occasionally.

One thing that i know needs to be brought to light for me, is that i get completely overwhelmed by what i feel is "other peoples" energy. As i am naturally empathic and the word boundary has no meaning to me, i easily tune to others vibration, regardless of whether i want to or not, which is very unempowering...i have shut down as much as i can, but even this dosent stop it.

The only coping method i have is solitude or to keep moving so i dont spend too long with people. While i can bounce back from some interactions ok, longer periods with some people that have lower vibrations, or even short periods with those with a dense vibration in them that i naturally pick up on, can completely exhaust me to the point where i feel like i will pass out.

If i am in a situation where i cant get away from this, a fuzzy haze comes over me like i am in a bubble of white noise (that is actually grey/dull orange), its not pleasant, its like a balloon of fuzz that sits above me, well, from my nose up actually, its about 1.5 metres high, it makes it very hard for my mind to function, i feel pressure outside my head pushing in on it, it wants to go in me, but i dont know how to let it out again.. it overwhelms me and although i can observe it, i have no idea what to do with it. If youve ever been in a sensory deprivation tank, its like i am in one of those ... it isnt pleasant but its not scary, sometimes tears will come up ...this thing can only be described as greyness that wants to go in thru my head

If anyone was at the walking the path course last november, this happened to me there and it renders me in a very odd state...i cant do much of anything, especially try and get my mind to form sentences and use my mouth to describe it! i just sit there blankly feeling overwhelmed and watching it....at the moment, the only tactic i have is to wait for it to pass...

I assume the only way to address this, is to bring it to light by going deep into this sense of complete and utter overwhelm in response to it. While this thing is not inside of me, my response of overwhelm is. I get that i need to surrender to something completely and let it eat me alive (whilst staying the observer) and hopefully i will come out the other end knowing that i am not it..

i think beyond the overwhelm there might be a sense of powerlessness ...im concerned the further i go into the response of overwhelm powerlessness and exhaustion, the stronger this cloud will be in its intensity and the more exhausted i will become and then it can overcome me.

chris wrote in the description of gateway 2

"There's the soul majority - the higher soul (loosely higher self) - like a huge balloon outside of the body 'above' the crown. The lower soul (loosely lower self) is fragmented within the body and therefore greatly diluted by the bodymind's activities and impulses".

This sounds similar to what i am witnessing too, so i am very confused...what if its my soul and im denying it, but what if its not my soul and i let this thing in me and it takes over!

im not sure if anyone will really be able to "answer" this email, but any info would be most helpful Smile

Open's picture

Hi Amber,

Thanks for sharing - I distinctly remember the process that happens to you from the Five Gateways course you came on. I should also say that the Five Gateways is a roadmap - a model - and that each will have their own journey in relation to that.

It was (and is) clear to me that you are a 'star soul'. That you've incarnated here from elsewhere in the cosmos. As such the 'rules' can be slightly different. Although the road-map still applies in essence.

What I've observed in a number of star souls is that they tend to be quite awake right from the beginning of their incarnation. And they tend to have difficulty embodying. So their centre of consciousness tends to be in the balloon I described above the crown. And their journey is to infuse down into the body. Whereas for other souls, the first part of the journey at least is the other way around.

A typical thing for such a soul, is that sometimes they'll be in the body, but just as soon as energetic disharmony happens, they'll pop straight up and out of the body - as is happening to you. Some star souls will appear very connected, but not at all grounded or embodied.

But something else is going on here too, which makes it even more complex. You actually provide the answer encoded in your own words (we always do - we just have to learn to intuit the code)...

  • "this thing can only be described as greyness that wants to go in thru my head"

The 'greyness' (the greys) your soul is referring to is Opposing Consciousness. They have created a kind of synthetic energy frequency within the field that feels sort of blissful and draws souls up and out of the body. There is a kind of magnetic attraction to it. It means they're more easily able to manipulate the being exactly because the soul is less embodied - less present. That's why it kind of feels good, let you also know that its not aligned and does not serve your journey.

So the question is "how to work with it?" Essentially the journey is still the same. It's about exploring the boundaries of your truth in every moment. Your key is to work to be comfortable with being here and present in all of your interactions - to embody but also to feel the boundaries so that you don't get overwhelmed. It will require constant attention and practice - exactly what is required to walk the path through Gateway 2. So now that you're aware of it, there's the invitation to keep right on doing it.

I would also question whether it is right for you to withdraw from society completely. Actually I'd say a regular connection to society and people within it would be a big part of this stage. That daily confrontation is likely to be of great service - although uncomfortable. This can also be balanced by time alone or in greater seclusion.

The path is not about avoiding what pushes our buttons - quite the opposite. It's about a thorough exploration of those situations.


i have tears in my with gratitude for reading this

as you were writing this i was laying here on my bed feeling some incredible "healing" energy.

i recognise what you are speaking about but i don't understand it all completely yet.

but thankyou to you, to me for accepting and to everything in the universe and especially those very special energies that just visited me

will write more later


I am observing the same pattern as Chris described. It anyway fits what I was and am going through.

Getting into the body usually begins to stir things, and sometimes it is just too much.

Possibly earth souls have developed tricks how to suppress, numb or just be with these things, but this physical experience is a big challenge for me.

I recently began to contemplate that I myself might 'invent' interruptions (of any kind) to keep myself out of the body. So I changed the tactics. I don't deal with the interruptions at all. Instead I find ways to connect more and go inside even if I am very afraid. Then everything else is just falling away, like a mirage, a dream or some kind of a joke. I really feel as if it is all just a game, so when things get tough I work not to lose this feeling.

Hi, everyone!

Interesting stories that clears my mind more on this issue.
I've never felt myself spiritual but I can see what these gateways mean.

I've been going through these prosesses as long as I can remember. I've been outsider and observer most of my life and since I was child i remember seeing people doing wrong and hurt each other because of their egos and immediate needs. Theres always been an idealistic world and the world where people really live. This troubled me a long time and somewhere at age 16-18 I felt and concluded intellectually that there was no meaning for anything. Social norms and society was mostly based on a structure that had built over times of history. Its all Illusions of minds and people seemed to enjoy things I did have no value in.

For some time I wanted to leave society but couldnt find a way for it. So I integrated myself back to social norms. I didnt feel any better, cos I couldnt forget what I had felt and thought, but externally I did quite well despite of it. Inside I was building a base for a huge anxiousness and depression. I simply couldnt combine my internal world with the outside world.

Finally I was at the edge of ending my life and when I saw the real possibility to end my life, I burst to a laughter. I now cut the dependance on the social/society game I see all around. No need to take that game/play so seriously.

I still couldnt find a satisfying career or place in the world. I just drifted pointlessly almost a decade. Since 2007 I've been more and more interested whats going on in the world. 2008 I finally knew I was going wrong way and few years ago started studying social sciences. This spring I lost my believe in my path and had tremendous existential crisis again.

Now when I've felt content for few weeks, I realize I was studying because my egoistic goals and that it wasnt a good base. I had based my world mostly on logic and reasoning. Now at the end of my last crisis I burst into tears thinking about the world again. I realized that my path couldnt be based on my ego. All this I had known for long but I didnt do it right for my self. My studies are no long for myself but for everyone and everything. I've been bursting to tears during last few weeks more that I had during the decade before it.

How does it sound? I dont know if going through gateways needs an understanding about them or the concepts of the soul or karma. I just saw similarities with this program and the ascention of my inner world during my lifetime.

Above is just the short story of my changes and maybe something big was forget out of it. Anyway I think I just passed the second gateway if possible. Sure I understand the needs of the other gateways too but I cant honestly say Im through any other of them. First one I believe went through somewhere in puberty.


Hi, Chris!

Thanks for the reply.
You're right, I may be at the first gateway also. Im not familiar enough with the concept here to be sure. Theres so many new meanings I have never given a thought on them. I have to study it more. But afterall I dont mind where Im exactly, I just want to grow to be a better person and know how to live right for me and everything around us.

About making choises: I try to make the right choises, ofcourse. They are no more guided by me, but by the the pull that I have towards them. I mentioned my studies and there the shift went so that before I wanted to study because of the possible title and achievements. I sure had good intentions to make the world a bit better place by doing the best I could intellectually. Now the reason for studies have changed to a feeling of a pull towards the studies. I feel its the right thing to do, no matter where it finally leads. I also have hobbies where I had goals and during last year I dropped the goals out of them and im just enjoying the moments I have with them.

Anyway, this is all new to me and I have to be tested in many situations to be sure.


Firstly let me say thankyou for writing Five Gateways: our journey to ascension. This book has helped and inspired me profoundly. Every word not only resonates with truth it is writtten in a practical way which I can relate to and utilise. I especially appreciate your specific tips for each transition.
I can now say I am through Gate 2.
I felt the shift almost as significant as Gate 1.
A great weight/tightness lifted in that moment and I sunk into the moment like never before.
Now tuning my senses for so many years helps me find the pull rarther than find the moment.
Life is an adventure, now its exciting letting go of control.
Im am now the master of my circumstances.
I am starting to realise if the external is my reflection I am the master of my external. I am the the creator of every circumstance.
I am the creator.
I am starting to not think I am the source rarther experience it.
I've shed my ego to be confronted now with ocd traits and fear in general.
Eternally grateful for you guidance.
Much Love

Barbie Doll's picture

I'd like thank you first for all the work you have done here. As I have not read the book, I have found lots of info here.

As for what Gateway I am in is at 3.
I have dealt with the 'runaway' stage...divorced from a 36 yr marriage that was blocking my spiritual path. I have passed thru lots of pain from attachment, went thru intense loneliness.
Now I feel like I am an observer...just being and observing everyone, sometimes even their drama or the outcome cause it all is in divine order cause they too are going thru the what needs to be. I definitely do not care what others think...or don't fit in with the tribe. (Just trying to make a long story short).

Anyway little over a year ago I had a Kundalini activation...which has been quite a ride and has been like full speed ahead and is not slowing down. Sometimes I wonder is there an end but then no there is always one more step to the next. I have not though, experienced any past-life regression...but I do know that I am healing past-life karma...this is where I am at now. Plus now I have the ability to do energy healing with my hands...I get heat in my hands and I have this inner knowing to do this.

Also this realization...I have felt that...you realize that you know what you already knew...you knew it all along but one has to realize to know. This is hard to explain...one has to experience this. Though maybe I could say that I am at a stage of feeling-realization or just getting past that...most of the time I am just present...at peace.

Now earlier you were talking about being a "Star Soul"...where can I find more info on this...it was like a "hit" there...this inner knowing that was me. I have dealt alot with being an empath....but all through my life I also have dealt with feeling different...I used to wonder who my real parents were, just stuff like that. Please I would like to know more on this.

What is the purpose of Star Souls incarnating here?

Trinity's picture

Hi Barbie,

I posted a blog entry from a 'star soul perspective' that you might find of interest here: http://www.openhandweb.org/040811_why_are_you_here

There are lots of follow up posts that may shine a light for you somewhere.


Stphn's picture

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I very recently came across the documentary and I was surprised to identify with the journeys. Not that I didn't imagine other people on their journeys with perhaps some similar experiences but I just didn't expect so many common specifics and generalisations. So firstly I would like to say to all of you on your journey that it's nice to know you have lived in touch with what is real, although it may have only been fleeting and that I know you have been courageous.

One lesson that I have learnt is not to look outside for answers so you can imagine I am a little hesitant to ask my question here.

I started my journey sixteen years ago. I won't go into details just yet. From watching the documentary and using its identifiers of experience I would say I have recently passed through the fourth gateway. Although this was not how I measured my experience and may not be how I will identify it in the future. If I do I would eventually drop the concept of gateways as I have dropped my own concepts of what I have been living but for the sake of communication in the forum I will call them gateways.

So, I concluded I went through a fourth gateway but then reading the forum there was some speculation about overestimating which gateway you have actually passed through and with all the paradoxes of being more enlightened and creating a shadow, well, in terms of gateways one doesn't know where one stands!

To be honest, I'm just not very concerned with being enlightened any more. That's not to say I want the natural process to stop.

Thanks for reading and it would be nice to have a chat.


Trinity's picture

Welcome to the Openhand website Stephen.
We encourage every to find their own answers within - yet embrace the reflections in the outer mirror - all I see is part of me.

Stphn's picture

Thanks Trinity. I have a question regarding which gateway. I've read about the signs and identified but I don't know how to clarify it. It does seem somewhat unnecessary to know, I could just continue as always, but I believe the reason I found the doc/web was to gain some necessary information for the following journey. I can also see the present and future journey as being very harmonious. But maybe I'm not where I think I am - thats comes from now looking at it written on paper. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I would be happy to answer any questions. I know you guys are busy so whenever you can. I'd be happy to hear from anyone who has something to share. Stephen.

Lesley Lord's picture

Hi Stephen,

Maybe you came across the documentary and website as a resource to accompany you on your future journey, to dip into as feels right and participate in where appropriate.

As I become more familiar with the work it revealed things on deeper and deeper levels. As my consciousness changed, so I became more able to find new insights and resonances. I never strived to get through a gateway, I just diligently applied the tools. Patience and application were key.

If you sit with this new resource and turn to it as frequently as feels right, eventually you will find the clarity to know where you are - if it matters.

Warm wishes,

Stphn's picture

Thank you Lesley. I appreciate you sharing with me.

Open's picture

Hi Stephen, great to hear from you, welcome to Openhandweb.

I'm glad the Five Gateways routemap has resonated - many have said that. Yes indeed, there is a strong tendency to overestimate where one might be (and I'm not saying you have! Just picking up on the point you made). Previously, these Gateways have taken lifetimes to transcend. It is only now, due to the catalytic nature of our environment, that things are being speeded up.

In the past, to have transcended Gateway 4, would have been the realm of the 'Spiritual Masters' only, such as the Buddha or Jesus. But I am now witnessing 'ordinary people' (of course there is no ordinary!) also making this profound journey, which is wonderful and magical to behold.

But we need to be completely honest with ourselves too. Otherwise we lead ourselves astray into some illusionary state. This pathway is utterly shattering, utterly life changing. It strips apart every thread of identity that might exist. It is not an easy one to be under-estimated. It will test you to the very limit of your being and then, take you deeper still.

The Gateways are multi-dimensional, their transcendance being the progressive release of identification with each dimension. This is how Ascension works. So first you might confront the very nature of existence, which would be to work through physical identification with the first dimension. Then it might be emotional attachment within the second dimension and so on.

The complication is that the dimensions all overlap in the same space and time. So sometimes we might end up processing the karma of the fourth dimension for example, even though we're only in Gateway 2. I observe a few people in the Openhand community genuinely going through Gateway 4 now. It is utterly earth shattering for them: years of continual confrontation with karmic past life regressions that can be deeply traumatic. Except by the time they've reached this Gateway, they've learned how to efficiently process the negative energy that arises. When you consider the trauma of the human journey over the eons, it is no wonder there's such a bottling up of this karmic energy, hence the need for this rigorous and stringent processing.

There are very few people on the planet right now who've actually done this. Many of the so called 'masters' out there teaching spiritual evolution are mostly in a state of denial about shadow identities - there's a disassociation with their baggage - the 'non-duality' movement is a prime example of this: a tendency to 'drop the hot coals' but before the heat is truly felt and integrated.

So unless you've experienced several years of intense karmic processing, it's unlikely you've passed through Gateway 4.

Often what happens, is that there's a pre-Awakening phase (which people confuse with awakening) where the soul is touched for the first time. It can be so magical, sometimes people think they've become suddenly enlightened. It's then often followed by a seeking phase of the spiritual aspirant, trying to regain that previously elevated state. They may have had a taste of profound bliss in meditation for example. But then the state quickly disappears. This 'spiritual aspirancy' phase is often confused with Walking the Path (Gateway 2). When awakening finally happens, it's then confused with The Transfiguration (Gateway 3).

To be truly walking the spiritual path, means that no choice is made without direct interaction with the soul - a constant conscious choice, even if that choice was to lead to ones death. So strong is the sense of pull of the soul.
When one is enlightened (Gateway 4), there is no longer identification with daily life - there's full engagement, but no identification. Choices are no longer made within the mind, they happen as a flow aligned with the universe, moment by moment.

So yes, the journey can be a touch confusing. That's the power of the Five Gateways routemap though, that's what it's for. It can show someone the influences they're experiencing and how to catalyse their next step.

Open Ok

Stphn's picture

Plenty there to reflect on. What struck me most was that you said at gateway four you are enlightened and I don't consider myself to be. Finding the doc. and website has been stimulating and I feel my questions have been answered. I wouldn't be bothered if I was actually at gateway one or two and that could be the case but I'm quiet happy where I am and I'm looking forward to what's just around the corner.

Thank you so much for writing and to everyone else.

I have artwork I would would like to share. It was one way I used to reflect and express. I'll try to upload them in another post if that's ok. It would be nice to share.

Thanks again.


Stphn's picture

You said, 'So unless you've experienced several years of intense karmic processing, it's unlikely you've passed through Gateway 4'. I experienced pre-awakeningS about 15 years ago and a couple of years later it stuck and life transformed - impossible to go back. I lived the joy of that for about 3 or 4 years while also noticing the shadow that had been created. Eventually a shadow engulfed my life again and that was a complicated one to get out of. It took about another three years to start the getting out - the question that instigated getting out of it was 'live or not live?' I became more present again. I was in the desert, lost, alone, present and happy to be there. I was there for about 2 or 3 years. Then came kundalini awakening, intensely transforming with lots of shadows - after five years of living what was to come after that I confronted myself to do what I was afraid to do. I studied, changed home, started a small business, reconnected with family and intergrated in to society - it all felt quiet ordinary. You can see how I'm identifying with the gateways and I would understand the karmic confrontation as the following five years after the kundalini awakening - but I'm not enlightened. Smile

Open's picture

Hi Stephen,

Yes I totally understand - the Five Gateways routemap is kind of like a framework really. Each person's journey is totally unique. Yet within that, it's possible to use the framework to intuit where we're at, what's going on and why. So at first sight, it can be easy to confuse.

There are tell tale signs however. When someone is transfigured, they are essentially in an enlightened state most of the time. It feels like 'there is no one here'. The point of identity that was the ego, has exploded so that beingness is experienced as everywhere. There is pure presence.

In this state, the concept of choice has changed too. There is no longer choice because there is no one choosing. There's simply alignment and attunement of the soul to what's going on.

At the Gateway 3 stage, this enlightened state is complicated however by the presence of shadow identities. These are subtle karmic filters which tend to explode every now and then (sometimes in waves) as regressions kick off. Each regression is ultimately dissolved leading continually back to the enlightened state until one day "bingo", all shadows have gone, there's a knowing of that and a knowing of Enlightenment. It is unequivocal.

Snowfire's picture

Just briefly, I can say I have transitioned Gateway 1 and am well seated in Gateway 2. I am beginning to experience a "quickening" of Gateway 3 and must admit I am a bit apprehensive. Not to the point of dread. Just a subtle sense of anxiety, a precursor to change, mixed with excitement.

Snowfire's picture

The more I contemplated where I am in the process the more comfortable I became with a sense of transition. I was expecting a definite demarcation of "arrival" into Gateway 3. But it seems to have just gently transformed and I am amazed at how much of Gateway 3 I have already naturally processed and accepted. I feel tuned in and aware. I am sorting through and facing my inner panorama of experiences. Accelerated healing and understanding have opened.

My question is does Kundalini Activation ALWAYS express as a super-charged, explosive load? Or might it also present as a natural, flowing experience? I ask this because I am also truly immersed in "confronting past-life karma" and "dissolving shadow-identities" and have been for a very long time. These I understand to be a Gateway 4 attribute, but are strongly influencing my experience right now.

I understand the concept that one can experience essences of multiple gateways at once and each journey is unique. I accept that my experience is what it is and as it should be for me. But I find myself wasting energy waiting for the so-called Kundalini Activation. It's not an obsession with me, just a nagging little awareness. An annoying twinge of "lack." A slight doubt that I "can't" or "shouldn't" be where I am without "properly" following the "rules." I know that sounds silly in the whole scheme of things, but that's my conditioning and I am trying to work through it. This idea of needing "permission" is totally against my natural instinct to just go with it. A remnant of attachment to be softened?

I seem to just be rambling on, caught in a pattern of circular reasoning and will exit this post ungracefully. Maybe someone out there can pick up on where my dissonance lies and help bring clarity. Maybe it will just work itself out. Anyway, here goes with the dreaded Save Button of commitment...

Open's picture

Hi Snowfire,

My observation of kundalini is that when it activates, is that it tends to be powerful, often earth shattering. But once it activates, we integrate the experience and normalise in it. Which means we're now acting with kundalini flowing through us and creativity happens in alignment with the universe. So once you've had some big shifts, it normalises.

And yes, we can be experiencing past life karma (associated with the 4th Density/4th Gateway) even though we're still moving through Gateway 3 - it's to do with the fact that we're multi-dimensional beings.

So it would seem kundalini is already quite active for you. And if karma is coming up and you're working through it, then I'd say you're doing pretty much the right thing. It's just a case of progressively working through it, confronting what's presenting itself.

Best wishes


Snowfire's picture

Thank you, for your down-to-earth response. On a basic level I "knew" the answer, but it does help to hear a re-affirming perspective from beyond that mishmash that goes on in my own head sometimes. And the process goes on...


Having read / skimmed this vast thread, I was coming to the conclusion I was maybe still at gateway 1 (having previously thought I was in 2) but then I went to the back door to get some fresh air and my attention was drawn to 2 birds at the top of a tree, and a further 2 flew overhead. Nice. (not that 2&2 make 4 here, just a confirmation of 2!).
Good to get feedback from nature as I have been making changes to the family's food supply (driving them all crazy with the 'organic' thing) and trying to avoid GM in their meat etc, and generally trying to follow the guidance for raising our vibration. My progression is barely perceptible on a day-to-day basis so I am comforted by my 2 little birds that I am on the right path.
Also, it felt good to get this synchronious message at a time when I have been much more focused on preparing for my upcoming birthing of a new soul rather than on focused attention to my own soul.
WIth love and blessings to all,

To reconnect I had to disconnect.

As I was lead onward it became apparent what this concept of "ego" was trying to make me understand.
I am not me?
I was shown the birth of self awareness.
The introduction of a catalyst enabling access to a higher spacial dimension. An aspect of the personality (identify & protect) unleashed into this mysterious space.
Identify and protect it did.
First it claimed was the short lived self awareness. The sense of self was purloined and our slavery pursued.
It was not long before it found the flow and the rest is human history.

Maintaining awareness of this understanding another presence soon became apparent. An inner child belief re: ghosts was next on the agenda and as a result no judgement was passed on this unknown but tangible presence of an other. Characteristics and influence was observed and the possibility of a partnership was evident. Its fearless, stylish, heroic, legendary, unstoppable nature was undeniable.

Silence fell as the possibility and existence of a soul was experienced.

From the invisible unknown within an outpouring bleed against my chest. Impeded from proceeding it dammed at my core welling within with great force it pushed and pushed, flooding my being.
Resisting temptation to break connection with the moment the dam burst. Permeating my senses the sensation evaporated into clear lightness.

That night the moon shone magnificently bright at the centre of a massive perfect cirlce from which whispy clouds covered the sky.

In solitude I starred in awe skyward, but I was not alone. The moment was shared with my new found partner and without words we both knew what it meant...

Open's picture

Sounds awesome Zac - thrilled for you.
I was especially moved and resonated with the description in the 'third person' - or rather lack of person. There is no one here!


Réka's picture

and yet the certitude of how we're not forsaken

Thankyou for allowing a space to share the experience.
Its beyond words.
With a sense of enjoyment does my mind surrender in disbelief with every attempt to comprehend.
It's too late.
The experience was real. Pre-eminate.

Perhaps in another time we may use a different form of language which transfers a greater sense of the experience. Perhaps on another level we already have.
All I am certain of is anything is possible.

Triune_Being's picture

The introduction and knowledge gained to and through this website has brought me through gateway 1 and I now sit in the waiting room ready to begin gateway 2. Awesome! : )

Open's picture

Then remember: you will be brought right to the cliff edge and be invited to jump, not knowing if you can fly, nor if there will be a safe space to land.
There is no longer safe!
That becomes flying.


Triune_Being's picture

Thank you Open... : ) I look forward to the oppertunity that awaits this new path! If I know myself it will present some immediate challenges as I have always had a problem with giving up control, but I feel so up to the challenge at the moment I feel invincible... lol : )

There is no loger safe!
Safe becomes flying.

Love this!!!! * arrow pointing up*

this reminds me of my favorite poem by Guillaume Apollinaire. 'Come to the edge' he said, they said'we are afraid'. 'Come to the edge' he said. They came,he pushed them and they flew.xx

A new chapter opens for me and as described it was marked with a ceremony. As the internal shifted so has the external.
Its is my calling at this time and I needed to create the space to hear it.
I now reconnect with an ancient celtic aspect of my soul I never knew existed and enter the realms of white magic.
As I now commit to this aspect as I intuit I must I thank openhand for adding to my toolkit as well as sharpening the tools I had already established.
I wish you continued success with your endeavours.

By the laws of three by three I send these words with love to thee.
No matter what challenges this life may bring the celtic goddess within me still sings.
Peace and love

Open's picture

Hey Zac, so great to hear from you, thanks for the sharing and thanks for the blessing Ok

When one becomes selfless, by stepping truly onto the path, that's when the real magic kicks in. Those in the higher realms begin to trust you and so then begin to support what you do.

Watch now for your own higher 'ashram'. They are drawing close.

Best wishes


Richard W's picture

Hi all,
Although there are a lot of aspects of gateway 3 happening in my life right now, I believe I am transitioning Gateway 2. I had my awakening at university no doubt. And my life has changed at such a rapid pace since then, I seem to be having 'initiation'-like experiences all the time. I have also made many mini-comittments to follow my soul in previous years, but now, after the recent 5-gateways workshop, I am fully-committed without doubt.

I've noticed that many people experience the leaving of a relationship in Gateway 2. I don't believe this is my path, although I'd like to share in order to gain full clarity on this. I am currently in a relationship and have a daughter plus a son on the way. My partner is an atheist, with a complete belief that there is no god or divine purpose. This means that she really doesn't understand my spiritual side. However, she has said that she is completely fine with it even if she doesn't understand it, she would always want me to be me. I certainly feel that this is the truth at the moment. I also feel that both with her and her family and with my daughter, there are many learning opportunities and karma to process. So, although we are really miles apart in our spiritual views, there is harmony in most other aspects of our lives. I still feel a pull to stay together.
What other examples of ceremonies are there, especially for gateway 2? Sometimes I feel like my whole life is an initiation.

Much love, Richard

Js's picture

Hello all...

I have watched the video 4 times completely and gateway 1 and 2 6 times or so...lol...read the Divinicus book and now reading the 5 gateways book and I stopped reading the 5 gateways book after gateway 2 'the realignment'. I was no longer able to really resonate in parts of gateway 2, gateway 1, I resonate well, some of gateway 2 but near the end of gateway 2 no longer, I do understand it intellectually but my experiences can only resonate with gateway 1 and 2, there is so much great information and tools to help catalyze in gateway 1 and 2 I am re-reading these again! Smile

Js's picture

I am not sure, either pre- awakening or gateway 1 but I feel pre-awakening more Smile

Open's picture

Maybe we can work it out together.

A pre-awakening is where someone gets a flash connection to soul through some pretty activational experience. They've felt the soul, but now there's an efforting by the seeker to get more of it. This efforting actually closes the being down to the soul. But nevertheless, there's a constant seeking of that experience again.

Many people are in this pre-awakened state who would consider themselves awake and actually following the spiritual path. But actually what's really going on, is that they're just chasing spiritual experience learning intellectually (reading loads of books and spiritual practice like yoga for example). So they think this is walking the path. But often it is not.

Walking the path (Gateway 2) is defined by near total surrender of the ego to the soul. It's like you feel you can't make another choice, take another step, unless you can feel the soul leading. Almost if that could mean your death. Such is the strength of it.

To be awakened (Gateway 1), is to be pretty much constantly feeling the surrounding field and one's interconnection with it. There will be times when this sense is lost. Sometimes for hours, perhaps even for a day or two. But definitely not longer than that. And all the while, if the sense of connection is lost, there is a knowing in the background of experience that something is missing and something has to be done to rectify it.

So maybe that helps in understanding?


Js's picture

Thank-you Open Smile you have helped me understand, i do feel as you stated that i am some what chasing the spiritual experience, i did like very much that flash connection touch of the soul and i certainly did want more....after the few flash connections to the soul i have been very eager to read and integrate spiritual practice and i have read many many different articles from many spiritual people but i resonated with you very strongly, anyone that knows me realizes this Smile i do feel that now i am not so much chasing but simply doing what has started to passion me, your groups and your guidance has captured me and i feel changes, some good and some challenging...the forum is great to read others experiences....for now i am just living the moment and OpenHands guidance has been a blessing.


Re-reading gateway 1 "transitioning" and you explain very well as you stated above Smile I guess I needed to hear again!?...lol...this has made me realize I have been chasing and need to let go, I can continue to read, watch videos, integrate and practice the tools you provide as this has become a passion and an interest but I believe I need to stop looking for an outcome and just be. Smile

ishara's picture

Hmmmm...since Kiama, I feel to be moving into G2. There is a new awareness permeating through every step. Straight away upon returning I began to be given opportunities to surrender into the flow...no matter that it may appear 'insane' from the outside. And with each opportunity, the bar seems to be raised higher and higher...OK...you can surrender to that, try this then, smarty pants! Just today the opportunity appeared to soften into something which in logical terms appears impossible. And yet the soul knows it is the way...so feeling and recognising the fear which arises, allowing it to move through and evaporate, letting the energy transform...

Js's picture

Sounds like a beautiful process Nimue, thank-you for sharing and expressing it into words Smile

Good morning from America! I have been following your site for many months and decided today was the day I needed to join the forum. I am in a deep state of processing karma (though I do not believe I have fully emerged from Gateways 2 & 3 yet) and have been for the last several years. The only way I can describe it is to compare it to natural childbirth. It’s like these waves of agonizing contractions that rise up and engulf me in grief. Then I have a few hours or maybe a day of rest where I can go inside and hear my heart’s message, “Trust this process. Let it unfold as it needs to.” But then the next contraction begins and I’m lost in the pain again. It seems eternal. Anyone looking in at me would think I’ve gone insane, for the inner reaction I am having is completely out of proportion to what is going on externally. I am reaching out today to the openhand community in hopes of finding a light at the end of the tunnel. It has now been a full two years of this “birthing” process and I’m exhausted…mentally, physically and emotionally. There are times I feel like this might be my permanent state of existence because I still don’t see an end in sight. Yet, in my soul, I KNOW that at the end of this, there will be a new life. So, my question is, besides going into the pain and experiencing it fully, is there anything else I can do to process this? Do they make spiritual C-sections? At least I still have my sense of humor ☺ (I also have to mention, as I’m writing this, I just heard the plaintive howling of a coyote in the woods…it’s morning here in the suburbs and I have never heard that in my life.) Thank you for all you are doing in this world and beyond Smile

Open's picture

Hi Harmony - I feel for you - yes these karmic experiences can be traumatic when we get into them. But you are supported and helped - work to realise that.

Is there an end to it? Most definitely YES!!!

All these experiences relativistic experiences. They are not who you are. They will ultimately process and integrate. It feels to me as for some reason, this karma activated a little soon in your process. A touch before you were ready, hence the intensity. Have you had some kind of traumatic experience to bring it on?

But no worries, yes there are things you can do besides just feeling into it...

1. Access the feeling, and feel into it (no problems there)
2. Work to become as-one with it, so that you don't need it to go away
3. At the height of the feeling, as you think you can't take anymore, work to become 'the One' in it. It feels like opening a doorway through the feeling into presence. Take a look at the end of the Gateway 4 film for this one... http://www.openhandweb.org/contents/five_gateways/5gateways_documentary_...

there will be a word or some kind of tool that can take you into this state of presence. As I explained in the film, for me it was just a word - openness. Open!
4. Finally, you must do something to process out the dense energy. Your soul gave you a clue on this one (I do believe). Go out into the woods and howl like a coyote! It'll raise the ray 1 warrior. Let your strength of will come up and through you.

***Please Note*** as you've intuited, best not to share these kinds of experiences with the mainstream. They simply don't understand.

What you're experiencing is definitely karma, around the birthing process. And I'd say it relates to the distorted birthing of homo sapiens. have you read Divinicus? It would help understand things... Divinicus

And also, have you felt to come on the Openhand Courses? They would help enormously.

Anyway, see how you get on.

Open <3

Open, thank you so much. And yes, there has been a traumatic experience. I live in Newtown, Connecticut where on December 14, 2012 a gunman entered one of our elementary schools and killed 26 people...most of them first graders. On every level imaginable, this experience has not only effected me as a human and parent, but many people in the community. So, while my spiritual journey has been underway for quite some time, this experience accelerated every aspect...a shattering of the ego, an emergence of my voice, a need for protection from enormous amounts of negative energy and the beginning of this karmic relationship/clearing. I will say, that even as terrible as that event was, I have seen an equal and more brilliant light radiate from the ashes of that day. There is simply a great deal to process. I do know that I was put here in the place at this time for that very reason.

Your notes are more helpful than you could ever imagine. Thank you. And yes, I will read Divinicus and look into the courses. Wish I was in Florida for your latest!

Open's picture

Wow, yes. Such an event is likely to activate karma. My heart is with you.

Just keep working with it. You'll get through it.

Wishing you well



I am not quite certain which gateway I am in, but would guess the pre-awakening or gateway 1. I do still catch myself striving and searching for spirituality instead of being. That is especially true when around many people or at work. It quickly brings me out of beingness and into my mind and racing thoughts. At times my racing thoughts feel so out of control I am on the verge of tears out of frustration. When alone I am better able to allow beingness to unfold and realize how everything is another distortion or attachment to soften into. I am very back and forth-between being and unraveling, and then going back into attachment and worry. I do love observing everything I'm attracting into my life and feeling where my distortions are that have attracted the experiences. When I began doing so, it literally felt like a layer had been peeled away. After which I lost many labels I had owned and identified myself with. It felt as though I had no idea who I was anymore. In some strange way I loved feeling that. Smile

Open's picture

Hi Kari,

Thanks for sharing. Yes indeed, we do have to lose ourselves to truly find ourselves!

Keep letting go my friend; of everything that you think you are.

Open Ok

Lesley Lord's picture

Hi Kari,

You share your story so simply and honestly. It is truly profound work you are embarked on, keep going!

With love,

Lesley Lord's picture


Such vivid descriptions of things that can be so hard to find words for. When I read what you wrote here:

"Anyone looking in at me would think I’ve gone insane, for the inner reaction I am having is completely out of proportion to what is going on externally."

It is so typically how karma takes effect.

Sending love and solidarity to you on your journey.

little sage sarah's picture

Hi Everyone,

I had been reading Open's writing over at wake-upworld.com, that led me over here where I watched the 5 gateways film. It made me happy. The softening into tightness resonated and has opened up in my mind the truth and way through some of my current challenges. Many things shared in the film were relatable, I think my experience at this time seems similar to what was described as gateways 3 and 4. How I got here though seems different then the experiences shared in the film. I would be grateful for any comments or insight.
I've always felt very different, and I have been diagnosed with high functioning autism or what used to be called aspergers in my case. My earliest memories of cognition involved observing the way things were done in the world and being very shocked at how different it was from the truth I could see. I also did not feel speaking in language was ever an adequate way of communicating for me.... it couldn't grasp the fullness of my experience. It was very disappointing when I came to understand others were not experiencing the magnitude of the world in the way I was. My speech as a child alternated from bursts of inspired wisdom or humour, like a little philosopher, to a purely cognitive logical masculine way of communicating. As a result, it was easier for me to play with boys, . The only way I could form words was through a feeling of inspiration or an effortful process of logic. As I got older it seemed I became more detached and disassociated from emotional experience, I lived as the observer, never associated with my own position, not really ever feeling my own needs in a situation. I was always taken advantage of as I could always understand where others were coming from. My upbringing involved emotional abuse from my parents which required me to further disassociate from my feeling based experience.
The one joy that was reliable in my youth was music and was funnelled into music school where I did not experience joy when practicing the required materials, I would go to the practice room and all I wanted to do was play and create... eventually it became obvious I wouldn't make it through music school, .... I had to figure out something else to study. . This was a heartbreaking experience for me, I wanted to die at 19 -- it seemed there would be no way to be me and survive in this world, .... the logical, detached aspect of me told my soul that this world was not for it, that the part of me that could function, even if oddly, in the world had to take over. I became more like what would typically described of someone with aspergers.... filling my life with information, logic, and studying. I married a very quiet man, I couldn't connect to others through speaking and it was possible to live in a contained protected way with him. I could never fit in in the matrix, but with him as a mediator I could pretend well enough.
As a child I believe i lived in a state similar to that described by those in the film as the awakening. However because disassociating from feeling was necessary to survive my upbringing and later survive in the matrix, this state of awareness only became pronounce when I was in nature. But I knew it was always right there for me beneath my thoughts. I remember one experience as an adult watching the ocean where I felt myself dissolve, it was so beautiful all I could do was cry.... and later I cried having to go back into the matrix way of life. There was no way at this time that I could integrate this larger truth into my way of living as a human... I had a young child and was studying to be a lawyer.
I guess the other thing is I have always had claircognizance, - I always knew stuff I should have, could often predict where situations would lead and how they would unfold and was too aware of what people feel or want from me -- this was so overwhelming and I think also pushed me to dissociate further from my feeling experience.

Then in 2011, my soul said enough. I became strongly aware of my feelings in a way I never had before... I could not hide from them anymore. I realized I was not going to live the life I was meant to with my husband. I had a hard time making the decision despite feeling miserable for awhile, however I kept exploring, even making new friends.... I was shocked and happy that people were accepting me even when I let my inner freak show on the outside. then I had two profound experiences on the same day. I was in the ocean again and I felt a beam of light warming and entering the top of my head, I felt so happy, it was then that even though my thoughts were not reconciled I knew that I could never turn my back on this joy and go back to my old way of life. then an hour later in conversation with someone - an intellectual conversation about language philosophy the most profound truth came to me as I felt myself vibrating. I could see intellectually for the first time - the matrix. Its like my left brain finally was remembering the truth my right always always felt. One word came to me that encompassed the entire horrible truth of modern existence ... Matrix. After the vibrations subsided I looked around disorientated almost seasick. Its been validating watching the spiritual community's growing use of that word that came to me that day. After that I was committed to self, both my feelings and thoughts were in alignment with what I needed to do and I left my husband.

However it hasn't been smooth sailing at all... I have been plunged into the darkest parts of my self. Eventually I came to learn of a shaman healer who works with people to confront their inner wounded parts ... this has been enormously helpful -like peeling layers off an onion.... I will feel lighter then theres another layer of subconscious learning and insecurities to confront. My shaman is 70 years old and has helped many people, he says I am very unique to work with, that there is a part of me, which he calls my feminine energy that lives totally in the spirit world. In the past two years there have also been new painful experiences brought to me that seemed to catalyze me towards integration. I've ended up getting and leaving a very prestigious job as a lawyer doing work that my former "aspie" self was very adept at... intellectually challenging and which paid very well. My self demanded I leave even though I had no source of income - so I did. I have learned to live happily without very much money - however I can't fully let go of the fear that even basic economic survival itself will eventually become an issue . I have been for the past four years throwing myself into my creativity which has also been a profound teacher. When I TRY to make music its much "harder", softening myself - just playing like a child, allows it to flow out of me with great ease.
Right now I often alternate between feeling joy and excitement, so happy to be alive in this time , to feeling crushed by the matrix, frustrated with my challenges with connecting from the heart with language, economically vulnerable, concerned about my ability to support my daughter and myself. I can't go back to the old -- but I'm not yet totally at ease with walking the path never knowing whats next.
Thanks in part to the 5 gateways film, I now know a way forward through my challenges with verbal communication. I am going to soften into the truth that I really don't have much words to share with others in many interactions, and thats okay even though I feel that others are often uncomfortable with silence and that I myself want to be able to connect with others from the heart - but trying to find words to connect is wrong for me. Authenticity demands that I interact with others in a loving open silence unless inspiration prompts me to speak words, and that the way forward for me is to soften into the tightness I feel around that truth of myself. I also know that watching the film will help me in those moments of exhaustion frustration and utter aloneness to know that there is an experience of alignment with ones truth that lies beyond where I am now that doesn't involve being rubbed roughshod by the outer world.Thank You.

.Jen's picture

Hello Little Sage Sarah,

I feel so touched by your sharing. There is such a transparency and authenticity to the feeling of your words. I can relate with aspects of what you share with regard to communication as well as both the depth of and detachment from feeling. What an inspiring journey you have been on. I am sure you will find this community incredibly supportive on the path. Welcome! With love, Jen

Open's picture

Hi Little Sage,

Welcome to Openhand, it's wonderful that you feel to be so open. You are amongst friends, and it may surprise you, that in this family, you are definitely not at all unusual or strange. You have a classic star soul configuration and energy - a soul that has existed for a good deal of time in other constellations and vibrational paradigms. Such souls often struggle to fit in and be accepted here.

Blending is important, but only in order to be functional in a 3D sense. What's most important and most exciting, is when you can fully unleash your gifts into the world in a managed way. By that I mean learning how to contain the energy without suppressing it or denying it; finding ways to express confidently, as and when it feels given and right to do so. This is no small challenge, but one which you 'signed up for' (otherwise, you simply wouldn't be here).

I don't believe you're quite where you think you are though - not between Gateways 3 and 4. Much more likely is between Gateways 2 and 3. I sense that when you left your marriage, this marked the commitment to the soul - the realignment to walking the path of the soul and only that. It sounds strongly like Gateway 2.

But I don't feel lower and higher self are fully integrated yet. You said...

    "Right now I often alternate between feeling joy and excitement, so happy to be alive in this time , to feeling crushed by the matrix, frustrated with my challenges with connecting from the heart with language, economically vulnerable, concerned about my ability to support my daughter and myself. I can't go back to the old -- but I'm not yet totally at ease with walking the path never knowing whats next."

This sounds much more like someone getting used to walking the path and confronting inner darkness leading to Transfiguration. In fact we describe this 'roller coaster of emotions' in a similar way in the film.

Perhaps the confusion is happening because of your star soul nature - the fact that you can more easily access higher dimensional experiences than human souls can, and from an early age. But that still doesn't mean you're transfigured - lower and higher self fully integrated.

The challenge now would be, to integrate this higher spiritual awareness into all aspects of your daily life in a grounded way; to work through the density and challenges, finding expressions that work. Over time, this will lead to integration (of lower and higher self) and then transfiguration.

I trust this helps

Open Give rose

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Thank You Jenny and Open for the warm welcome!

Open, thank you for the guidance. Confidence is an issue for me, 31 years spent trying to fit in never let much chance to explore my abilities. Although creativity is flowing easier and easier each day, the struggles to trust with others is still a big theme. Expressing myself to others does feel as if it is an important part of my path. I agree transfiguration isn't complete, - the subconscious wounded child fears still sometimes feel like mine and although I always feel strongly now what is not right, what IS right is more elusive. I haven't come to discover how to live in a way that is nurturing for me. Its too much trial and error, but never losing the commitment or falling asleep to the truth. its been ongoing for the past 2.5 years however a good deal of that time unravelling the big mistakes of career put in motion prior to committing to authentic self and learning (still) how to function in 3d in an authentic way and without the protection and care of my ex husband, with only the past 8 months spent focused more spiritually.
I read once about "wanderers" which I think is similar to what you called star souls. It resonated deeply, especially the part about always feeling there was a mission. When I made the decision when I was 19 to live logically focused I felt as if I was telling myself " I know you feel you are supposed to be a different way but I don't know how to do it".
Have you met others like this who have ascended through the higher gateways? Did they too have karma despite being from away?

Thank you


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How do we function in the 3D? I'd say always confront the tightness of difficult behaviours and choices. Always take the opportunity to unravel through the conditioning then let an emerging aspect of beingness guide the show.

Yes I've met many ascending. There's relatively few yet though through the higher gateways. And yes, all have karma who come here. That's the nature of the place. And there's different types of karma - different levels of it. Not just 4th dimensional. We kept it simple in the film - only so much you can convey. It's meant as a unifying starting point.

Keep well


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There was someone in my life who I was holding on to with tightness.... I was empathically connected to this person who I was romantically involved with, and although this person was a drain to me, I thought that I was meant to keep trying to make it a healthy friendship. I realize now, that even within our platonic friendship I was desperate for this person to validate and love me. The connection that remained between us also confused me and made me feel like I was supposed to keep giving to that relationship.
On the last full moon during a spiritual circle I attend people were talking about letting go, and that relationship came to mind, and in that instance I noticed my resistance and tightness was about letting go and stopping the giving. I was scared to let go of it. That night I walked alone staring at the full moon and committed to stop feeding the relationship. When I was home I deleted his phone number and cut our social media ties. The week that followed felt like a gradual decompression and yesterday I had a very spiritual experience when I was walking outside... I felt freer and lighter than ever before in my life. I was free of not just the weight of other peoples expectations of me, but also free of what I expected and thought of myself. I was filled with a warm sense of well being, ... that no matter what happens in my life, or the result of the endeavours I am currently engaged in, I will still be me and will be OK, simply by virtue of being me. Since I let go, I no longer am struggling to be authentic in my interactions with other people... the fear is gone - though I am not sure before I would have called it fear - it is effortless for me now.

Although I still have some mental patterning, for example before doing tasks or making calls etc that normally would have been met with a huge amount of anxiety and resistance I will still have a thought like ... "oh no this is going to suck" but rather than feel that or experience fear or feed the thought, I just do the task or make the call with ease.

Not sure if this would be considered a gateway shift, but I definitely FEEL that there has been a definite permanent shift in my energy. Like more of myself is available to me and within my interactions with others now. SO excited for life, and feeling so amazingly OK with whatever is awaiting me in my future.

Thank You! The teachings here definitely facilitated the thinking that led me to identify a huge source of tightness in my life for what it was. The relationship as I see it now, was a result of my old way of trying to connect with people- through codependency, control, and people pleasing behaviour -- and letting go of my desire for this person to give me love has opened up my heart to receiving love from the people in my life and those I encounter everyday.

I think I'm still at Gateway 1 (just got here) but I'm struggling with some of the new challenges, fear (sometimes overwhelming) and some physical symptoms that I don't know how to respond to (pain in the base of my skull, lower back, etc). Also having a hard time keeping things balanced. An help or suggestions are appreciated!

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Hi 76,

Do you have a daily meditational practice? My sense is that the best way to begin, is to find some solidity within your experience - that which is apart from the pain initially. Don't intentionally supress the pain, but find a centred sense of peace.

That could be a breathing meditation, deep consciousness bodywork like yoga for example, or spending plenty of time in nature. You could also try some of the guided meditations in our audio section....


Afterwards, you could then connect with one of our facilitators, who will gladly help you work forwards through any pain and density...


With best wishes


Excellent suggestions, thank you. I've started gardening recently which I really enjoy, and have been practicing breathing and meditation exercises. I often stop the latter after only brief periods because it gets a little intense for me and I get a little scared sometimes, but hopefully more practice will help. I've also noticed that when I hike or sit quietly in the woods/park, animals come much closer to me than I'm accustomed to. This occasionally frightens me too. Is this something anyone else has experienced?

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Certainly animals get ever closer, as your vibration harmonises and calms.

Why would you be afraid of that? How does the fear make you feel?
If you can't answer immediately, then try sitting in a quiet place and regress yourself into the experience: seeing the images and feeling into the feelings that come up. It's an important part of liberation from it.


Thank you for your insight. In the most recent scenario it was a young female deer that came extremely close and showed a lot of interest in me in the woods by my home, and I think I pushed her away with fear (although I also didn't want her to come too close to the road, where cars could hurt her). The previous day it was a really beautiful snake that came very close (crossing my path prior to starting my hike with a friend), although it certainly wasn't trying to bother me and showed minimal interest in me. Both frightened me immensely, as I thought they would harm me. I will try to take your kind suggestions to better understand this and work through it.


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Finally read a few more of the earlier exchanges in this article and what a beautiful exchange a few years back you and Lesley had Open.

I read your "Moved to the core" post and you managed to find a way to express this whole Journey / Process with Graceful, Beautiful resonating words, I read pretty much all your articles and all are really good but this "Moved to the core" sharing is UNIQUE and SPECIAL.

May I recommend that at some point where you see fit you add the direct link to it in the 'Whats new' section, as u do with some of your posts. it is only a recommendation as I now know where to find it and have access to reading it now a few more times Smile

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Shortly, in the not too distant future, Openhand will be launching the "Great 5D Shift Project". It's a monumental task, with the majority of work going on behind the scenes, through the ether. In essence, it's about connecting together, through the different densities, a multidimensional bridge, that connects up the various benevolent groups working to support the Great Shift that is now gathering apace.

    The shift is not haphazard. Humanity is not alone in his endeavour. There is a vast array of support and guidance through the ether out there, in higher densities, many of whom are now coming together at this time in support.

In the 3D, there are countless practices and spiritual approaches out there that are already beginning to touch this bridge, whether intentionally or not. In other words, there are plenty of practices that have the capacity to bring you to it. The various forms of meditation for example, yoga, tai chi, various dance, movement and bodywork; sacred sexuality, and in fact a whole plethora of different consciousness expanding philosophies and practices that have sprung up through the years.

    This is what I find so exciting about the project: there's no one way to it, there's no one "right way" that everyone must and should follow. In fact for each soul there will be a unique way, YOUR WAY. A good facilitator or mirror may point you to the inner Gateways that you must pass through, but only YOU can pass through then, and only in YOUR way.

5GATEWAYS will be, and is, a fundamental part of this facilitation. Let's be clear - it is not a religion, it is not some kind of dogma set out that you "must follow". It is not some rigid belief system. It is a routemap, which points out milestones, at different "altitudes", that people tend to experience as they ascend the spiritual mountain.

    You may well have your own treasured practice, your own way - brilliant, that's to be 100% encouraged. But let your practice be constantly evolving, constantly growing, where you're constantly inquiring and testing the approach - otherwise it may only take you to a plateau.

What shifts are you making? How is your consciousness expanding? What are you experiencing as a result? And then, how do you notice your journey is beginning to relate to the 5GATEWAYS routemap? Do you notice some of the shifts spoken of happening in your life? The idea of the routemap, is to cause people to truly question where they are at within their evolution and to spur people on.

    People from all around the planet, in all walks of life, say how accurately it reflects the kinds of experiences they're having.

So the 5GATEWAYS routemap will play a key role in this Great 5D Shift Project. Right now, great work is happening by spiritual people across the planet. But it is very dissipated with little cohesion bringing resources and groups of people together - connecting them with a common sense of purpose and destiny.

It feels like a monumental task to work to try to make this happen. But it feels greatly worthwhile. I know it will mean many more people can make this Great 5D Shift unfolding all around us.

So where are you in the Gateways do you feel? What kinds of experiences are you having? By sharing, maybe I can offer a few reflections on how you might move forwards.

Open Smile

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    Gateway 1:"Awakening": you directly sense the interconnectedness of all life and know that what effects one effects all. The intensity of experience through the five senses will have made a dramatic leap, as though the 'volume' was suddenly increased. You're connecting with the magic of the soul and beginning to experience life through it. You start to feel an at-one-ment with all life - a compassion and love for other sentient beings.

    Gateway 2:"Realignment": as you increasingly tune into the interconnectedness and joy of life, your soul begins to infuse within you, until a profound change happens: the soul takes over from the ego and assumes supreme leadership in your life. There's a sense of always yearning to come from the higher choices, the higher truth, in every moment, in every thing that you do.

    Gateway 3:"Transfiguration": the path of the soul leads you on a journey of inner purification, which can last many years. Progressively it takes you to a dramatic shift in perception from identification with the personality to being the Seer - pure presence - expressed as the soul. This is preceded by a full kundalini activation, where lower and higher self are united as one - it's experienced as a powerful and liberational energy rising up the spine into the pineal gland (the Third Eye). You now live life as 'the One', the Seer of all things.

    Gateway 4:"Enlightenment": this is the passage through your past life karma, where aspects of the soul have identified with traumatic circumstances in previous incarnations - how you passed on for example. As your soul unfolds into the causal body, you activate your karma in waves. It impacts your daily life and relationships - you live elements of your past lives through the current moment. You're being invited to reintegrate those lost fragments of soul, bathe in your karma and release it. It ultimately leads to your Enlightenment: being the Seer, expressing freely as the soul through life without attachment.

    Gateway 5:"Resurrection" - we don't just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven, each of which is connected through a main chakra. As the full energy of the soul is unleashed and flowing freely through you, your seven bodily vehicles of expression are finally cleansed, reactivated and re-energised. You unfold into multi-dimensional living as a way of life. You are now 'ascended', living in the Higher Paradigm, here and now.

What is your experience? Do share below...

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I remember being 16 years old and having the experience of Unconditional Love flowing through me like a waterfall. I have always felt the interconnectedness of all things, it just is. Realignment for me has been a struggle over the last 29 years of getting lost in the drama of the 3d and falling off the wagon and getting back on repeatedly. There is so much BS Dogma out there to fool you into thinking you are less than what you are and waste your time chasing rainbows. I am so happy that I found this group about a year ago. I have a large apprehension right now as the pieces click into place to go to Brussels this summer. Change is uncertain and a little scary. Sitting here typing this my mind is running a mile a minute thinking about the paths i have seen so many others take. Those further along than me are mostly single and i am so lucky to have finally found a partner that is so amazing i can't find the words to describe our relationship. Ultimately we are all alone always but it still scares me in a way. The unknown but it is also infinite possibility in the yet unlived moments so the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Part of me wants to run into the wilderness and dig myself a hobbit hole and shut out the rest of the world but i am too social for that. So here i am in the Don'T USA. I have seldom been more ashamed of being part of this country than now. WTF the shadow side is sure in the light and it gets crazier by the day!!! but i digress there you have it raw and uncut.....Please share your thoughts on my ramblings Namaste Brothers and Sisters Eddie

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Yeah, i can feel you Eddie. I am too feeling some apprehension and at the same time a lot of excitement as it gets closer to Bruges trip. Being the only financial supporter in the family adds some spice to it but i am learning to trust the universe will provide with necessary resources as my journey unfolds. My spiritual journey got a boost at the time of my personal relationship challenges which felt at times like going through burning gates. I am very grateful that at the same time i was reading Openhand books which helped me with the process confronting and dealing with the challenges. Strangely, but being in the middle of the storm i also felt more alive and connected to my soul as if i could feel the sweetness of it. Now, I am not looking for a storm but ready for it (or at least that's what i think and feel). With Love, Anatoly.

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Hmmm..well this is interesting. Lately, I have been consciously connecting to the Openhand energy and energetically infusing the space before I go to bed. I had a powerful dream last night that I was at an Openhand gathering and sitting at the "top" of a spiral with you Open - you went down to the cirlce and I went down as well. When I arrived I felt this powerful wave of souls arriving into the circle. There was interference happening from just outside the circle. Open and anyone who could feel it were holding a vibration and it was removing the interference. At first I stayed outside the circle and then joined and held the vibration. The people inside the circle were crying and releasing all of this struggle. At one point there was an asian man in the center of the circle just looking at me with tears in his eyes. I woke up at that point and my body is still in the vibration that was there in the dream. I felt to share it because I can feel the sense of family gathering around me more now - and the Openhand energy right here.

As for gateways, I would say I have been sitting in the corridor to Gateway 2...I am aware of places that I am invited yet not yet felt able to proceed - maybe that's resistance, maybe it's right - maybe it's a little of both. I feel strongly to just keep being me - and I keep watching the outer circumstances shaping and reshaping...I can't see where it's all going, but it's clear it's evolving and that by staying in what feels real and true for me, unravelling is happening.

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Heyas all!
Open, I'm pretty sure Ive been in, lived in, experienced all that which is written there in the 5 gateway's about a million times over the course of my life. Which is a bit odd, its like knowing/seeing it all unfold and then jumping back out of the in between per say and pointing a finger at it all whilst saying OH WTF is that. What is happening here. Thats pretty much the moment Ive jumped off the ledge and entered back into focus/processing/must understand completely the entirety of this that I have experienced.

Treebrother, I would like to comment a bit on your comment about the Don't USA and shadow side. It's been said a gazillion times before, spoken and thought all in same, yet different ways.. But without a don't, there is no do. Without a shadow, there is no light. Without shame, there is no acceptance and so on and so forth you know.

Could just be me. I kinda live/love/cannot be anything but it all you know. I am the shadow side and I am the light side. I am the in between more or less too. I keep trying to comprehend fully both and everything in between, but then I see a squirrel outside my window and go Squirrel!!!! I love squirrels Smile Then I realize I've just freed myself from the intense contemplation of it all and just decided to let it all just be as it will be. 3d, 5d, 20d.. Some day's its just all the same to me. It's like running through a sprinkler as a child. Left, middle, right. In one side, Oh look its the middle - how precious! Ooh now I'm on the other side lol
Is that not the dance of life?! Are we not supposed to enjoy everything while being in this state called life, or should it be limited?!

Ive tried many many times before to talk to other people about these sorts of things and most just say Michelle, you just need to dumb it down a bit more because you just flew back up in the air and I'm trying to get you, but I just cant. Because most if not all, are to me, picking sides. I do not understand this, it is illogical for me pick a side. Because what one perceives as shadow is just another form of light in the spectroscope.

Oh anyways, I finally purchased all the books. I am muddling through Breakthrough. I say muddling because I keep stopping, inhaling sharply and thinking OMG! Maybe that is what was and is screaming my name out. But then I don't understand this screaming of my name, I mean I know I'm half deaf and all but I'm not that deaf!!! This makes no sense to me, back to the drawing board I guess Smile

Want for others what they want for themselves, in all things and in all way's

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I don't know if this makes sense but my experience through the gateways does not seem to be linear. I flowed in and out of Gateway 1 for many years. I now have an amplified sense of at oneness with all life and feel much sadness when I witness others having a complete disregard. Although at times my sense of oneness can get a little murky so I hesitate to claim that I am all the way through gateway 1.

Gateway 2 has been difficult for me probably because I spent so much of my life unconsciously out of alignment. To realign many things first have to unravel and that has been overwhelming. And as I go through the process I face challenges from family and friends who question what the heck is going on with me and I have no answer because they wouldn't even begin to understand. Old friends drift away so that kind of takes care of itself but family is more difficult. The unraveling also brings up fears because even though things were out of alignment they were comfortable and a roadmap of sorts. The more I unravel the more out of my comfort zone I go with only the longing of my soul to be in flow pushing me forward.

So I recognize I am still working with gateway 2 yet I have been going through physical, emotional and spiritual inner purification for years. It has been an unfolding and been progressing in a way that keeps drawing me in deeper. Also at times I have the sense I have activated and am working through some past life karma.

So without overthinking this, it feels like I am "multi-tasking" and working through multiple gateways at the same time not because I am trying to overachieve or rush the process but just because that's how things appear to be showing up for me.

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I have not yet gone through the first gateway - I don't 'feel' it or see it but I know its there. I think you said once Open, dont open it, just step through, but I don't know where to step. I understand the words, they make complete sense, but the soul is stuck. <3 Namaste

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I want to change my above answer! To a complete affirmation of I have zero idea of which one I am at.

I walked away from my earlier answer and just threw my hands up in the air and thought well....who's to say and who's to know really. Then that internal dialogue happens and Ive felt all day going hmmmm!! Those moments in time in my life that used to be full of complete sorrow when looked at by me had dissipated, had been what I thought to be processed completely.. Then all of a sudden I'm looking at them again, picking them up inside me and seeing the story all over again. Like I'm telling myself my story all over again and a part of me is thinking, been there, done that do I really need to integrate into again?! I relived parts of my life in a few hour's time and just feel very very tired now.

So I have no idea, all I know for absolute certainty is that I did not have to come here, that I chose it. To help people. Yet somewhere in that I forgot to help myself too, which is what I'm working on.


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Thanks for the great responses everyone - thanks for tuning in Ok

Please allow me to share some deeper thoughts on relating to the 5GATEWAYS in this Great Shift, raised by your contemplations...

Vulnerability and being in Relationship

Eddie, I'm with you, I can feel your vulnerability in all of this, and it will carry you a long way. And with regards to "single people moving faster", well, remember the story of the rabbit and the tortoise? In the Journey of Ascension, for me, it's more about being sure to fully complete each stage. Being in relationship challenges in deeply profound ways - if you're being honest with yourself (as I know you are), then it brings up all the stuff we have to work with.

Finding the eye of the Storm

Can you feel the storm brewing out there everyone? Just look for example at the day-by-day craziness unfolding in the US. But as you point out Anatoly...

    "Being in the middle of the storm i also felt more alive and connected to my soul as if i could feel the sweetness of it.

Exactly! When we don't resist the truth of what's coming up, then you don't distance yourself from it. This may sound like a contradiction - how does that help? When you intentionally distance yourself from something confronting you, then you create polarity - identity - in relation to it. It actually makes the circumstance even more real. However, if you go right into the heart of the situation, then you become as-One with it - The One in it. You find the eye of the storm and burst the myth of the illusion that the situation always was. Because how ever challenging, it's a choice as to whether you let circumstances define you.

An Ascending Family

Jen, your vision of an ascending family is incredibly powerful - thanks so much for sharing, it touches my heart. So often in this Great Shift, people on the path say they feel alone. It's not surprising - it would seem that because comparatively there's so few of us, we've chosen to incarnate spread all over the world. In a physical and intellectual sense, we can feel very separate. But through the ether we are not. And now is the time to focus on that connecting energy more and more. It's not something you have to follow though. It's our own soul that we must follow. But at the same time, consider there's this vast vortex of energy building, that you can tune into, that helps you feel the ascending direction of the shift - a bridge that helps you tune into your higher dimensional self; and also one that helps bring ascending people together toward this common destiny. It's simply breath-taking - awesome!

The Gateways are not Simply Linear - but interrelated

Hi Wyndè and Ann - thanks for sharing - somethings you both said caused me to feel to reiterate something very important about the Gateways that I talked about in the book - they are not simply linear.

What is a Gateway?

It is the transition through a particular density of being. For example, your soul may be causing you to challenge the sense of separation around the physical density. So you are engaged strongly in very physical things - challenging existential questions for example. Your soul might, for instance, manifest a purposeful lack of resources in your life so that you could constantly remind yourself you are not physical. You could be working on passing through Gateway 2 (the plane of the emotions): so you manifest the temptation of giving up your power in relationships, so as to work on regaining it. You might be working in Gateway 3 - on the plane of the intellect, where you might be challenging inner child conditioning.

AND MOST LIKELY.... you will be working on several of the Gateways together. Because of course, you are a multidimensional being. So your soul interrelates through several of the Gateways and may well be working on them together.

HOWEVER.... the likelihood is, that at any given time, one of the Gateways will stand out most strongly. That's because the particular pattern of experiences you're manifesting at the time, will have a particular density of vibration. And so your centre of consciousness is pulled more to that vibration.

ADDITIONALLY... although you might be working on several Gateways together, the ceremonies themselves, which mark the completion of a Gateway, are linear. You can't, for example, completely pass through the plane of karma in Gateway 4, before you've become fully transfigured in Gateway 3. Likewise, you won't realign with your true soul's purpose in Gateway 2, until you've fully expanded out of the isolation and separation caused by identification with the physical plane in Gateway 1.

The incredible power of Gateway 2

I'd like to be really clear about Gateway 2 and what that's all about. Often people will get partial tasters of the higher Gateways and when presented with the routemap, may feel they're already through some of the higher ones. When Gateway 2 completes, it comes with the most powerful surrendering to the soul's path. It's like a breaking down, giving up trying to shape and control the physical life. It's like you could literally give everything up, so long as you're now coming from the soul. It's because you realise nothing is really in truth in your life, if you're not coming from that place. So the only place to really begin, is to locate and come from, the soul's impulse in every moment. Even if you're in density and can't fully feel it, even if you make 'mistakes', nevertheless there's that practically complete commitment to looking for the soul's impulse.

How to move forwards when you feel stuck?

Heather I feel you. How do you move forwards when you feel stuck? What do you actually look for? If you feel stuck in your current situation, then I would suggest just observing what's going on and your responses to it. What do you feel internally in relation to what's happening in your life? Work to be as much in the moment as possible - so you're witnessing yourself as stuff is happening. That way, you will start to disassociate from the experience itself. And by that, I don't mean distancing from the experience. I mean you start to realise you are not the experience itself; that there is something else within, that is not defined by the experience. This in itself begins to unleash soul. It leads to the awakening and arising of soul out of the separation. So keep working with exactly what is presenting in the moment and you'll come through just fine.

No worries folks, I can feel you; you're doing just great!
Keep observing, keep feeling, keep working with what shows up.

Sending you all much love and support

Open Give rose

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Thank you Open, thank you so much. And just seeing those words from Js touched me. “Yes. I feel the same.”

One thing that struck me is how I think I have misinterpreted 5 Gateways – I didn’t realise one could be working through more than one Gateway at a time, so I have been trying I guess to ‘tick all the boxes’ that would indicate to me I have gone through Gateway 1. I am not connecting with the magic of the soul because I can’t feel it or see it, so can’t get through the Gateway. I asked once on a workshop in Glastonbury, because I couldn’t see or feel my soul, did it mean I didn’t have one and your words gave me hope. Of course I have a soul. But two years down the road and I am still stuck.

So although I feel stuck myself, why do I find it so delightfully easy to support others becoming ‘unstuck’ if you like? I facilitated some motivation type training with colleagues and felt the pull to cover ‘being the best version of you’. I may not be able to feel my soul or see where it is, but oh my goodness – I can feel it in others. Literally feeling their confidence grow, seeing the almost imperceptible straightening of shoulders, the chin going up, eyes once locked to the floor, surprising themselves with their sudden ability to look into another’s eyes, feeling the toes dip gingerly into the water as they take a sneaky peek at who they are, feeling their joy when they realise that what they see is pretty freakin awesome! Now I feel all that and feel the humble joy of being able to gently support that amazing transformation. It makes my heart sing. So why can I see and feel another’s soul and be able to watch them realise just how worthy they are, but not my own? It doesn’t make sense at all.
I’m diving in to that ‘not making sense’ and trying to become one with it. It’s good to know you are all ‘out there’. It really is. Thank you. xxx

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Thank you Wynde for the encouragement!
Open your words hold a deeper meaning than they appear to. NAMASTE AND THANK YOU!!
Heather, you can only see the light in others because it already shines in you. Its really that simple. So why worry about the details just be you whatever that is right now. Then keep refining and unfolding that as you go. When i stopped trying to see the magic in life, I began to BE IT!!! Namaste dear sister, Eddie

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You Treebrother are always always welcome!!!

Heather, go to a mirror and look yourself in the eyes and just say Hello Beautiful. There you are. Clap your hands joyously, lift your arms above your head and dance around. Sing your song. There you are. You have been you all along. The body is just hmmmmm, the vessel to carry you forward. You want to feel you? Rub your hands together really really really fast then clap your hands once and just hold them inches apart. There you are. Does it make sense now? I pray that it does for you, because Sister.. YOU are a beautiful soul! My love and my heart goes out to you and your lovely journey in this life.

Open Thank you for the clarification, I get more things today that I did yesterday. I know what was screaming my name and a lot of things are making perfect sense to me now. The US and the world in its entirety is definitely on the brink of something good. Change isn't often easy, but it is what it is, its change and yup...It happens and humanity deserves the absolute best and its high time for that! This is our planet, we were born of this earth, this earth does not belong to an individual but to each and every soul born upon it. Without borders, without constraint. Regardless of opposition this is where it will go.

Much Love to you all

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Hi Dear Heather - if you can see and inspire soul in another, then you are ALREADY inspiring soul in yourself!

Perhaps we need to expand the understanding of what soul is and truly feels like.

There are many qualities of the soul that animate your being. There are obvious ones like love, joy and compassion. And there's also experiences of deep inner peace, self acceptance, expansiveness; and also will, commitment, bravery and courage. There's also diplomacy, selfless service, and pure divine magic which just seems to happen around you without even doing anything.

    The the soul is intangible, not physical, you can't see it or touch it.
    To me, it is best considered like the wind through the trees,
    it is known by the trace it leaves.

And so how do you best know your own soul?

It's essentially a sense of rightness in the things that you do - like when you help others for example and derive joy from that - you're doing something selfless, beyond the small self "I". And that could be something as simple as putting up a kind, supportive comment on this thread. It's when you drop deep into yourself and you're right in the sense of aligned vibe - "aha, yes, this is me." Like coming home and sinking into a hot aromatic bath.

The soul is simply a sense of rightness in how you're being. An ease with that.


Open Ok

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Thanks y'all for the insightful and inspiring discussion! And thank you, Open, for raising the topic.

I've been feeling into where I'm at in the Gateways since I first read this post. I felt it as an invite to go deep into what conditioned patterns are holding me back (always a feast for the Grays). I looked back to when I first joined the Openhand community in 2013 and feel pretty darn good about how far I've come since then in expanding my consciousness. Back then, my soul longed to express and free itself. But I was too fearful to express my feelings honestly, in general. I would suppress, suppress, and suppress some more. Then the lid would blow off, and I would over-express, pissing myself and others off, blaming myself, feeling ashamed and guilty. I still have my moments, but I'm far better at expressing how I honesty feel now without dishing out the 'loaded' words. That's not to say I always get it right about how I dish it out. But better, yes, indeed.

Thanks to participating in Openhand workshops, I came to realize that I had denied the vulnerability of my soul and had attached to a false, love/light spiritual identity, and had sunk massively into an 'anything goes' mode, allowing others to trample over me with disrespect and a lack of kindness and compassion. I burst that love/light bubble a while back! Now I call it for the most part when whatever is happening feels deeply misaligned, disrespectful, and unacceptable to me. I am getting better at 'calling' it respectfully but firmly from a calm, centered space.

I have honoured my soul's longing at various points in my life to express aligned, right action due to the powerful uprising of warrior will I felt from deep within, but I didn't always do that with calm resolve. Sometimes I got the balance between Ray 1/will and Ray 2/Surrender just right. The Peaceful Warrior. Sometimes not. At times, I quelled the uprising of warrior will out of fear and did not act on what felt right and aligned in the deepest depths of my being. Now I act on those feelings much more often and then move into right, aligned action. What a sense of joy and fulfillment that brings! That's not to say it's always an easy path! That's an understatement! But I increasingly have experiences when I spontaneously go for it. Instead of getting stuck in a mind maze of intellectual over-analysis and dissection, dampening the embers of my soul in fearful 'what if's'. It's a powerful sense of fiery commitment, resolve, and rightness that proclaims ultimately, "I'd rather be dead than not act on what feels right. This is who I am. This is what feels right here and now. This is where I stand and hold."

So when all is said and done, I feel I'm in Gateway 2/Realignment, aligning most of the time with the fiery will of my soul, supported by synchronicity, flowing with the divine, taking that first step down a path of light that beckons, "Come hither! We are with you."

In feeling into the invite that Open put out there (Where are you in the Gateways?), I have been contemplating the conditioned habit patterns that hold me back at times from aligning with my soul's authentic pull. When I first got into the Openhand way, I tried to 'control' aligning with what I discerned as right, denying deep-set patterns of behaviour that I have been immersed in throughout my life. That kind of 'forced' alignment most certainly did not feel effortless and harmonious. It felt like torture, in fact. So I've learned to honour my conditioning (I am not to blame but I am responsible for letting it go), finding patience and acceptance while observing myself caught up in all those ruts, those neural pathways, aware of OC's tentacles in the background. Continually refining the balance between Ray 1 warrior will and Ray 2 surrender and acceptance.

All in all, I feel I'm getting close to letting go of what no longer serves my evolutionary journey and realigning most of the time with my soul's will and the flow of divine benevolence. And when I do, I'll be heading down the corridor to Gateway 3/Transfiguration. I have some fears around that as in, "Lord Shiva, please don't let my kundalini awakening be too disruptive!" Smile

x Cathy

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Hi Cathy - a brilliant sharing and so open and honest. Honesty is always the leading step for strong evolutionary growth. Consequently I too have witnessed the massive changes in your process during the time I've known you - awesome Ok

What you've described reveals so well why the Gateways model can be so powerful. We get to really see where we are in it. You know then what you've got to work with.

I commend how you're approaching it Cathy - it bodes well for the journey.

Much love

Open Give rose

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Treebrother, Wynde, Open - thank you so, so much. So this is the interconnectedness of all things?

So when I literally feel and see anothers soul (which I can do very easily)I am also looking at my soul? When I see anothers soul expand, grow and shine its beautiful light, I am watching my soul shine its beautiful light? And all this time I doubted that I had a soul. I rubbed my hands together Wynde and could really feel the energy tingling. So the trace I leave - when my words of compassion and encouragement bring tears of joy and I feel my heart sing, yes, it is like sinking into a deep aromatic bath - that's my soul.

So stop trying to look and search and just be it, because its all there. The interconnectedness, the raised awareness, its all there. Thank you so, so much for seeing something in me that I couldn't see. Now I think I understand what you meant Open when you said don't open the door, just step through. Don't struggle, just be. Namaste - sending so much love and gratitude. xxx

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Ever since I took 10 days silent retreat Vipassana in India I have felt the shift.
"Everybody" told me that I HAD to go to India. After Vippassana I thought that was the reason.
I had allready dicovered Cabo Verde before I went to India and felt a triangel in me, Norway, India Cabo Verde. Lately, living in Cabo Verde I have discovered that the Indian hippie woman I have "seen" and felt, is actually me living before in Cabo Verde. I feel I am supposed to fullfill what she started.
After my sense of oneness, I have become much more sensitive in general and to vibration. All my life I have been singing and making music so I understand frequences. I feel what my body want, and I workout and eat with that purpose, not to "feel something" like the previus me. I observe my thoughts. I've startet feeling Bluetooth, emotions/feelings like breezes of wind and people''s vibe. I have just good interactions with everybody I meet, but I need my solitude where I can write and be creative, in nature.

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It has become abundantly clear to me that I have only had a small pre awakening. So I here I am at the beginning again or maybe for the first time for real. Spiritual Experiences themselves are only Transient. The shift of consciousness is irrevocable? Is this how it is? How we are Being is what determines how we Create? Then by looking at what we are creating we can see a reflection of our current true nature? So far I have learned best by watching others and comparing to my own experiences. This serves me less now than it has. Here i am getting a little more Naked. Strangely enough it feels ok in this group. You are all beautiful Namaste Eddie

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That is so synchonistic Eddie. The words from T.S.Elliott popped out of a page to me earlier. Something I really resonate with. I read your post and felt a dancing through the ether...

    "We shall not cease from exploration and the end of our exploring will be to arrive where we started... and know the place for the first time"

I have had one constant feeling on my journey. It is that the more I 'see', the less I understand. With each falling veil I feel more and more naked; more and more a beginner. To me it is about what is left when it all falls away.

Perhaps you are ready to compare your experiences to the incredible light of your own soul.

With love

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Hi Eddie and all,

I can see the value in sharing experiences and hearing of experiences that you resonate with (and those you don't resonate with sometimes can be gems too). They can point us in particular directions or assist us in understanding our own truth. Yet I also recognise the value in letting go of comparison, something I continue to work on... Comparison implies that one is better or less than the other. Theodore Rossevelt once said that "Comparison is the thief of joy", seems about right to me!

We are all equal, just different, wherever we are on the path Smile

Trin - love that quote Give rose

With love, Fiona

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Thought and felt i would share some of my journey. I have been interested in the spiritual development for quite some time and longing for shifts. But when it came, it hit me like a freight train and challenged me to the core. Imagine leaving a "normal" life with family, kids and other attributes (what they call an American dream), and then it happened. Metaphorically speaking, it was like driving a nice car in the countryside all happy and then all of a sudden i hit the invisible wall and all my shit started flying that wasn't holding well and what remains is the core of me. It was like being in the shit storm. My wife had a strong need to explore her sexuality with another man with a mix of compassion and ego (Wow, did i really say that). And i agreed to it at least at the soul level.

This is difficult to write about ... but will keep going. There was some denial that it was happening and attempts to run away from it. But I knew i had to face it and work through it as it was my stuff. For some reason, i wanted to know all the details even though it really hurt. It looked like i was being sadistic to myself but now i know i was using the situation to go to all the places where i felt resistances and denial. Yes, it got really hot. I felt like i wanted to hold on to "hot coals" until they cool down at the point where i didn't need the situation to go away. And it did cool down and transformed me and our relationship. I am now more authentic and our relationship/partnership is more authentic. I know there will be challenges ahead but i am ready to deal with them when they come.

The whole experience was a breakthrough and i felt some shifts in consciousness in the process. I know i had to work through some attachments in physical and emotional planes. I am not where i am on the journey but i am excited about the coming transfiguration course in Bruges.

With Love,

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