Do YOU need more Lone Space in YOUR Life?

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The unquantifiable importance of solitude.
From time to time, I feel the need to take a well earned break away from our work here at Openhand. Not that I feel pressurised by my life, not at all. Even though it is frequently full on, I find it immensely rewarding and yet now and then, there's the undeniable heart-felt pull to spend time alone. I'm blessed to have a little old 4x4 camper van, so as the flow allows, I find myself taking off into nature and the countryside. For me there is nothing more pleasurable than finding some quiet, secluded spot, parking up and simply hanging out…

The importance of Solitude

I couldn't begin to over estimate the importance of solitude in my life as a catalyst for accelerating the path and clearing unwanted inner debris. When I do get the time to take off, I find the first few hours can be a touch demanding. If you don't fill the space with 'entertainment', I find the mind needs a little time for 'detox cold turkey'. Even if there's no longer the ego to contend with, there's still the need to clear the inner landscape and expand into the emptiness. When that happens, I find I can sit for hours simply watching life unfold before me.

    My favourite would be to park up on some secluded cliffs in Cornwall, like in the photo at the top - a treasured place of many an Arthurian legend near the mystical town of "Tintagel" (can you see the Dragon's head and his wing? Awesome!).

    I distinctly recall many magical hours there, simply watching the seagulls performing for me a merry wind swept soliloquy or the waves rolling powerfully in off the ocean or dropping naked into the icy waterfall at the mystical St Nectern's Glen (as in the photo left).

Amazing things happen when you spend time on your own. First there's all the mental chatter to deal with: "I should be doing this", "why aren't I doing that?" "how can I waste my time like this?" There's the nagging doubt that you're missing out on something or you really ought to be doing something more responsible and productive.

Once you drop through these layers and peel them away, the profoundness of awesomely ordinary simplicity tends to strike one like a thunderbolt to the third eye. How could you pass such simple beauty by and pay so little attention?

Deeper into presence

The deeper we drop into this sense of pure presence, the more connected with life we truly feel. From this place of the empty void, the flow arises more strongly and one can be completely overwhelmed by the simplest of things. A recent evening comes to mind where it rained the whole night through and strong winds buffeted my camper backwards and forwards. How wonderful! Rocked like a baby, I was enthralled for hours.

    And as I awoke, it was the turn of the crows to be the aerial acrobats. It seems one had mastered hovering on the breeze like the famous kestrel. At first I thought it could have been one, until that is a kestrel flew up in front of it and hovered right in front of my camper. Wow, what a spectacle. Anyone whose seen the Gateway 2 section of our film5GATEWAYS will know the significance.

It's these apparently simple things that become more prominent and speak so loudly when the mind and consciousness are still. To me, the crow always represents inner distortions. The aerial display was clearly revealing that the path to truth is by continually watching ones own tightness and tension. It's only then that freedom and liberation unfold their inner wings. As if to confirm, synchronistically as I write this, my ipod has started playing an old favourite "Free" (which I'll share with you below). Priceless!


"Okay" you might say "it's alright for you Open, but I have a family to look after and a busy job, I don't have the freedom to get away like that". Sorry to burst the bubble, but these are just excuses! Mostly because we're afraid of exactly what might happen in the void of stillness: "Will I have to look deeply at my own reflection? What will I see?" Even if it's just for a few hours, there is nothing more penetrating and cleansing than isolation and absolute stillness.

Speaking of which, the crows outside my window are calling. They're clearly saying I've spent enough time finger tapping and it's time to fly. It's felt good sharing this emptiness with you. I trust it inspires and encourages you to push the boundaries on the lone space a little more. When you do, me and the kestrel will catch up with you, hovering, hanging on the breeze in the space between the spaces.

Till soon.

(on behalf of Openhand)

And here's that video: "Free is all you gotta be..."

thank you for the article on solitude.Now that I am not working I feel drawn to going away for a few days. I am about an hour a way from Tintagel and St Nectern's Glen and feel drawn to going back. also to Merlin's cave. I feel an adventure awaits......

Beautiful, that evoked my week of hiking and solitude recently in that very area. Periodic time for self and silence has always been a must for me, space to allow the "silt to settle" and enjoy the peace that follows :)

Thanks for sharing,

Open, Thank you for this share. It's a very timely and inspiring piece for me since I recently decided to take a break from the continual mental stimulation and chatter of social media interaction that was taking up too much of my time. I was feeling the overwhelm of too much manic outflow without the balance of soft and soothing inflow. At first I experienced some jittery withdrawal tics and twitches, but I've gradually settled into the welcome, peaceful rejuvenation of silence, solitude, and Presence.

"Solitude is the place of purification." Martin Buber

Thanks for sharing the video - weirdly enough.....I did the think of a number animal was an elephant - how do they do that???!!!

Enjoy the space space.....

Great article. It's so so important. I witness in myself and others the affects of not taking this time - increasing identification with the busy matrix lifestyle, increasing inner chatter, and increasing interference from opposing consciousness.

I might add that, yes, although it is hard when you have a family and a busy life, i have found that free alone time in nature is even more needed, so if anything those could be motivations rather than excuses.

Thanks for another great article!

So many Synchronistic messages I am beginning to be more aware of lately :)and this article strikes the centre point perfectly, Just last night I was chatting with a friend as she was seeking or needing advice or just needed a friend to chat with, I listened to her and one of her fears was 'Being Alone' I provided my understanding of the importance of this from what I have learned from 'Openhand' .....I will share this article with her , Thank-you Open you are touching so many many people. <3

As life expands into more busyness this is exactly the message that is needed.
Sometimes when it doesn't feel possible to actually 'leave the premises', I will find a quiet corner, put on my headphones and take a journey with an Openhand meditation. That can be enough to inspire me to get organized, get my hiking boots on and head out the door.... leaving all of the things 'to do' behind for just a little awhile.
It is only me that makes excuses to myself! How crazy is that ??
Thanks Open - may you be blessed and refreshed on your sojourn.
Much love, Jan

Thank you Open. Right on time and well recieved. I read recently, 'you should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day - unless you're too busy and then you should sit for an hour' Blessings

Spending time in nature by myself is just amazing. I lose all track of time, cleaning my mind of, like you said Open, debris that does not need to be there. This aloud s me to remain in the moment and chariest this beautiful path we walk. While I write this there is a storm going on outside and this little bird is inside the lilac tree outside my window just pure beauty.

again Thank you Openhand for here
love & gratitude