Your Twin Flame: A Magical Alchemy to Guide You Through Life

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The alchemical phenomenon of Your Twin Flame is a deeply uplifting revelation on the path. Having an understanding of it, and crucially the right internal alignment, is going to be essential to your happiness and fulfillment in life. In the Openhand Approach, your Twin Flame is your divine compliment, that can manifest all around you through signs and synchronicity, accompanying you on your journey, and guiding you to the right circumstances you need to have in order to evolve and grow. Let's explore...

The Twin Flame Activating Ascension

To understand the Twin Flame phenomenon, let's begin by reminding ourselves of the purpose of the soul. From the Openhand perspective, it is to undergo plentiful incarnations in order that it may fully align and integrate itself as a unique expression of The One. When the soul comes into being, it notionally sub-divides into a polarity: one aspect continues to reside at the source; the other comes into incarnation. The Twin Flame that resides at the source, may be considered the 'homing beacon' that activates the other part of the soul that is incarnate, brings them awake, and initiates the journey of Ascension back to the source (an inner journey).

It's essential to understand, that contrary to popular belief and misconception, your Twin Flame does NOT incarnate. Because it's the other unmanifest aspect of yourself. People may get a taster of the true experience first through another, but to be truly active, is when they're dancing all around you through signs and synchronicity. Therefore in my view, The Twin Flame phenomenon is often best experienced when on your own. If you can comfortably sit in the aloneness, but actively watch all around you, for sure they will come shining through.

It could be in the call of the dawn chorus, the number plate on a passing car, or in the lyrics of a song that completely melts your heart.

The pull and the guidance of the Twin Flame is to create momentum and direction on the path of the soul. Without it, our journey would likely be random, chaotic and meaningless or even non-existent. Our Twin Flame draws us back to the source like a universal magnet; it is our memory of the original condition of absolute completeness expressed through the finest quintessence of form. To be in conscious connection with your Twin Flame is a wonderfully alchemical dance through life, that is highly creative and uplifting.

The Twin Flame Experienced in Reflections All Around

Usually, the Twin Flame will not be experienced until much work has been done in the lower physical, emotional and mental bodies, because any density there dims out the connective light of the Twin Flame. Also, where there's still a division between higher and lower self, this will also confuse and block out the Twin Flame experience. But as the soul integrates through the Ascension of Consciousness (check out the 5 key expansions...5GATEWAYS), then the Twin Flame will activate and come into view as reflections all around you.

Upon incarnation, one half of the soul remains in the highest levels of consciousness close to the source. Its purpose is to continually draw the other back to its true nature. It does this by manifesting reflections of itself through the weave of life surrounding its 'other half'. For example, the half that is incarnated may suddenly find themselves drawn to a particular cloud formation, the miracle of mother nature or a synchronicity that makes you feel blessed. As we feel the stirrings of love, joy and harmony, it is our Twin Flame that we're likely connecting with reminding us of who we truly are.

'She/he' illuminates our pathway and the beauty we experience on it. The connection generates the feeling of belonging, of yearning purpose, and loving inquiring direction through the external drama that helps unwind the conditioning that gets in the way of our full potential.

Frequently the Twin Flame will appear in symbolic representation - a spiritual vision for example, perhaps some mythical creature. Sometimes it will appear in the people you might be attracted to or form relationships with. In a sense, the Twin Flame may cast an energetic 'enhancement' (a kind of rose tinted filter) around someone close to you in order that you may see the reflection and find the self love within - that's the ideal.

Earlier in your journey, you may well be seduced into thinking this partner is your Twin Flame. Indeed plenty get duped in this way thinking "this is it", "I've met the partner I've been looking for through countless incarnations". If you have such feelings, what may have happened, is that you've possibly met up with a key Soul Mate at that time to bring a dormant aspect of yourself alive.

So what exactly is a Soul Mate and how does it relate to the Twin Flame?

It's also highly beneficial to explore the Joy of Multidimensionality

Soul Mates and Their Relation to the Twin Flame

The term Soul Mate has a tendency to arouse romantic images of a pre-destined ideal mate, upon which reunion results in the blissful, harmonious 'answer to all things'. However, the truth is likely to be very different from this ideal. Essentially, besides the joy of loving connection, there'll also most likely be the triggering of internal density, so as to support one's evolutionary process through density and karma.

A true Soul Mate represents a very close reflection of the Twin Flame that is possible in physical incarnation. But they will also hold essential keys to activate and unlock karmic distortion. You often find yourself looking into a mirror - one that compassionately exposes your shadowside too - so it's not always comfortable and harmonious!

Where you come into relationship with a Soul Mate, they'll likely present a continually updating mirror in order that you may activate and peel away distortions; find inner completeness and connect in divine union with your Twin Flame within. To achieve this coherency and alignment is going to require an activation of all your triggers and density that gets in the way. And often a Soul Mate will be there to activate this density. So although we might have wonderfully alchemical and loving relationships with a Soul Mate, nevertheless, they can be highly triggering too.

Attaining a balance between acceptance and growth will be essential to a healthy evolving relationship, where both parties facilitate the spiritual evolution of the other. Thus there is much to be gained by being in these Soul Mate relationships, although there needs to be great care in not getting lost in the other or burying uncomfortable aspects of oneself that you might be afraid will create unpleasant dissonance.

Remember, the sand is necessary to polish the diamond!

How To Work With Internal Triggers on the Spiritual Path

Twin Flames and Soul Mates: Beware Opposing Consciousness

I've personally encountered a highly deceiving dynamic of Opposing Consciousness within the Twin Flame/Soul Mate dynamic, which I've come to realise is highly prevalent within society at this time, and designed to hold people in inertia by limiting them in relationship. Firstly, the misconception has been propagated that your Twin Flame incarnates and embodies, and that the ideal is for you to meet and be in union with your Twin Flame in the physical. Or else a blinding attachment is created around a Soul Mate, which seduces you into losing an aspect of yourself in them - it's easily done, and often I've seen the Black Snake energy binding energy fields together in co-dependency - it's purposefully limiting of one's Ascension.

The risk is to form unconscious energetic bonds that limit the natural kundalini cycle within you that flows back to the source. Unwittingly, you start to depend more on the partner for upliftment rather than generating the energy fully within you by what you experience all around. This attachment causes energy to bleed from the relationship, which can get preyed upon by Opposing Consciousness feeding off the energy. Sometimes people are lured into this relationship by Opposing Consciousness - a 'honey trap'. It's something to be alert to, and when in physical union, especially sexual, then to always be bringing your soul energy back inside yourself, always completing the kundalini loop back at the source within.

In a conscious relationship, the ideal is for each to become whole and complete. Not needing of the other to fulfill them. And it's essential that you find the dormant aspects of yourself that the other may reflect and activate. So for example, finding the divine masculine that the other is manifesting to you, or the reverse - activating the divine feminine for a more masculine being. The risk is that key aspects of you remain dormant and unconscious. This is where entities may latch onto and then hide in the energetic dynamic - it becomes limiting for both parties.

If You're Concerned that There may be an entity that's influencing your relationship and limiting your evolutionary process, do check out Openhand's Removing Entities Meditation

Embodying the Alchemical Power of Sexual Kundalini

It's essential to add that even though this Opposing Consciousness dynamic is highly prevalent and purposefully limiting people's Ascension, not to let it put you off going into relating experiences, because there is much to be gained. Likewise, you may discover that you get the fullest sense of completion and Twin Flame joy, by living alone - although often this requires much dedication and surrender to attain.

Whether in partnership or alone, it's highly likely you'll start to activate powerful feelings of sexual kundalini. And it's essential to integrate these activations so as to bring full creativity to life. Such that ultimately, the energy does not need to be expressed sexually. You discover how to hold that potential inside yourself. In which case, you become a dynamic co-creator with the universe all around you. This is the measure of true alchemy.

Tantra is the art of being fully engaged in life, and experiencing its fruit, yet always working to be conscious and bringing the energy of the external connection back inside yourself, into completeness. You can engage, but let go. This is the ultimate internal alignment.

Containing Sexual Kundalini through Tantra, To then Manifest Creatively

Twin Flames and the Divine Dance

Frequently you'll read of people searching for their true Soul Mate. Unfortunately, this is just another alluring deception of the matrix in which we live, attaching you to the endless spinning wheel of need or desire for physical and emotional fulfillment through something external to the divine within.

The key is to find the divine completeness inside yourself. Then you won't have to search for a partner - the field will effortlessly manifest the perfect reflection you need at that time, even if that is to be alone for some time and dancing with the divine multidimensionally; or else feeling the reflective connection of your Twin Flame in nature. And when a Soul Mate does materialise, remember the invitation is that both parties are continually evolving - you're challenging each other to activate the dormant aspects of yourself.

When you release your attachment and reconnect with who you really are, peel away your distortions and allow beingness to magically and effortlessly shape your reality, then your Twin Flame will materialise in a highly reflective way that seems to manifest all around you. When you can fully embody this highly alchemical dance with the Universe, either in physical partnership or not, then you'll have attained the grace and majesty of life itself - the ultimate relationship that is constantly bringing you alive. What's more, it encourages those around you and with whom you're in relationship, to work towards a similar alignment.

This is going to greatly support and alchemise humanity's Ascension process.

If you resonate with the Openhand view on Twin Flames and would like to explore a deeper awareness in your life, for guidance, upliftment, joy, and success in your spiritual evolution, then join an Openhand seminar or retreat. It's a major aspect of the work we do.

Openhand Ascension Academy

In loving support

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Thanks for writing and sharing such a wonderful article. Its great to connect with Openhand again. Feels like coming home. Last few months has been a rollercoaster ride. I have been in places and situations that my soul chose to be , triggering different things inside but also seeing the reflection of my soul in different people. Its wonderful and alchemical. But I also get the sense that I was a degree lost in them, struggling to find the sacred ground of being at times and consequently directed by the external. But I realize the power that is residing within oneself is irreplaceable and it always come from a place of acceptance - of all the various nuances of our body mind.

 The key is that it's about bringing that dormant aspect of beingness alive in you.

This one strikes home. I could not agree more. The mind makes judgment of what is based on the desires and insecurities. But this is the lesson and the real reason. I can intellectually see what dormant aspect of myself wanted to get activated and why I chose a particular pathway. Its not about getting anywhere or getting anything. Its the expression of myself and coming into who I really am and coming into alignment with the universe. Its beautiful to be committed and driven without attaching to a particular outcome. Its beautiful to see through life and see the purpose in life. 

Thank you for being!  



After being somewhat hesitant, I thought I would express my full agreement with what is said in this article.

The Twin Flame effect is one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had in my life and treat this as a greatest divine gift received so far that I will never forget. While at that time when it happened, a little over a year ago, my understanding of what was going on was still pretty mundane, though it was clear that whatever it is, it’s magical, it’s majestic and worth enjoying every moment. Even if it seemed like falling in love, it was no ordinary case for me.. But only few months later by reading the Breakthrough book by Open I got that aha moment – that it was! My understanding of a Twin Flame effect replaced that most common explanation of meeting your Soul Mate.. Different sorts of magic starts manifesting in my life, the synchronicities appearing everywhere around, a sudden increase in desire and determination to delve deeper into self-exploration of who I really am and how to be all I can be. And so all processes and progress just accelerate. (Here I came accross with Openhand – the family I was looking for for so long Heart)

“The Soul Mate is not our Twin Flame, but has consented to partner at that particular time in your journey in order to embody various aspects and reflections of your Twin Flame - ideally to bring them alive in you. It might also be that a character manifests but is not available to you - they might already be with another partner or else geographically distant. The key is that it's about bringing that dormant aspect of beingness alive in you.” - It’s a good luck to experience this through another person, a man, even though he’s never became my life partner (so far) nor I am seeing him often. It’s a miraculous moment when you look into eyes of other and the very next second involves the unequivocal knowing that I am looking into my own soul, that in those eyes I see a reflection of myself and that feeling is impossible to convey in words. The divine dance begins within. As if hundreds of Angels are holding the space and the whole room is filled with the golden light of the sun (on non-sunny day and with the blinds completely closed), and walls expanding as much as twice.. As if you know each other without any words.. The perfect feeling of calmness and comfort while being in silence and complete understanding of the wordless answer to the question..

Time goes by, and the longer I am on my own, the more I feel being enough of myself and enjoying my own company. No, I do not reject the possibility and willingness to share my life and space with someone, but perception and understanding of relationship I want is changing and constantly evolving. I feel so grateful for having this time to be with my self as most likely at that time I would have lost self in the relationships again.. Like the divine hand from the above is keeping me away from that edge of cliff.. Meanwhile, the knowing of my direction in this life becomes undoubted - coming back to the Source to meet my Twin Flame again and merge into one.. forever.. I step back from the hectic search for the purpose because now I know – I am in purpose just by being here no matter what exactly that is..  And much much more..

It is also obvious that this beautiful moment only happens once in a lifetime and I will carry that miraculous experience in my heart until the last breath.

Thank you for the brilliant sharing in this (and more other) article - it so resonates. Praying Emoji

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It's a beautiful sharing Asha, a highly accurate and colourful sharing of the Twin Flame phenomenon - I would encourage all to read OK Hand Sign

This line stood out for me strongest...

It’s a miraculous moment when you look into eyes of other and the very next second involves the unequivocal knowing that I am looking into my own soul, that in those eyes I see a reflection of myself and that feeling is impossible to convey in words.

Beautifully put!

Thanks for sharing

Open Praying Emoji


Once again, thank you Open. You posted this to FB at a real crucial time. I am going through all of this right now. I have been becoming more and more aligned but recent personal events have shifted the alignment, entities have attached and my vibration has lowered. Not somewhere where I want to be. I have been so focused on what or who is going to complete me I have lost my way a little. It's time to refocus on the inner work. Thank you for explaining what a twin flame is, I have been falling along the path of attachment and all it's done is lower my vibration. Thank you ❤🌻❤


Hi everyone and thank you Open for this post.  I wish to respond 💕 or add my view point.

About 3 years after my intense twin flame experience the number 369 came into my awareness poping up in multiple places to set me on a little mind mission to understand it.

This quote popped up too.....
"If you knew the magnificence of the three, six and nine, you would have a key to the universe"~~Nikola Tesla.

I became a little obsessed with these numbers (just has he had 🤣) and for 3 days and nights I pondered over their meaning and came to this hypothesis which is based on Nikola Tesla's quote, his life, his obsessions and what I believe was his twin flame connection and also my own tf experience.

Tesla background story : 

He fed thousands of pigeons in New York his only friends. 

I believe his twin flame projection was a female pigeon. 

 "He loved that pigeon as a man loves a women and she loved me.  As long as i have her there is purpose to my life".  The night his beloved pigeon died he saw a light in her eyes he described as more intense than the most oowerful light in his laboratory.

Here's my hypothesis on 369:

When the masculin energy (9) is in balance with the female energy (6); think yin&yang.  The energy created from that union creates the third energy (3).

female/male as in TF connections. = Unified third energy = Kundalini = holy spirit = 3rd energy (the third person of the trinity.

The 3rd energy created is atomic!!!
...and i know that indeed it is!!

I have personally experienced grace and healing within and alignment with source energy.  I believe that what Tesla meant by the key to the universe and understanding its magnificence derives from the twin flame connection.

Just a thought from a Bradford girl.

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Thank you for sharing your experience Leela.

That is a beautiful interpretation of 369.

Here I'll give my own intuitive feeling and interpretation of it, since I've been guided by countless synchronicities throughout my entire life. 

I'll start with some figures all relevant to my family. 

The door of the home I am born and partly grew up in(my father's home) is 144, that figure sums to single digit 9.

My grandfather, father and brother(three in line) are born on 4th of November (411- yes, all three of them), that figure also sums to single digit 9.

My mother's birthday is 4th of April (44), that figure sums to number 8(representing ♾️ infinity). 

One of my sisters is born on the 24th of March(243), that figure sums to single digit 9.

My other sister is born on the 14th of April (144), that again sums up to 9.

My own birthday is 28th of August (288), that, once again sums up to number 9.

My grandmother is born on the 3rd of September (309), and that sums up to single digit 3.

I am not sure of the birthday of my other grandparents, however I trust the presence of 3, 6 and 9 would be exposed by them to.

Here, my personal interpretation of the combination 369 and its presence.

There are countless 9's as a total digit present (summing each of my family members birthdays). Number 9 is a very strong Humanitarian number, such of completion and end of cycle. 

I've felt throughout my life that I have a grand mission to fulfill, simply by being truly myself (no matter what those external of me think, say or do). And this is the profound truth.

I feel that I'm completing a cycle of deeply instilled dogmatic beliefs, by wiping the burden, abuse and pain that each of my family members feels deeply from within myself(Here I'd like to add that I am the eldest of all my siblings).

For there is a continuation of each and everyone of them within me. That's my intuitive feeling and inner knowing. 

So I walk my own path, despite the countless tests and challenges.  I walk with my head held high , knowing that until I'm true to SELF and my inner most precious guidance, the Universe will always and forever provide a mirror 🪞 for me to see myself.

Number 3 I see as a half of the Infinity, plus as the Trinity (As you- Leela mentioned above) and I agree with your interpretation completely. 

Number 6 and number 9 in resonance depict "As above, so bellow. As within, so without." ; ONENESS, ☯️ ; the darkness and light within us; the feminine and masculine- intertwined and growing with and within eachother; as it represents Ego and Love.

The presence of the digit 8 within my own date of birth holds a massive meaning too- that of Infinity and ONENESS.  It is what I carry within and with myself. It comes from my mother.🙏🤍

The blog creators I also fully agree with. 

Beautiful interpretation of Twin Flame and Soulmate. For we must love without attachment. Because attachment leads to expectations, to loosing oneself within the other, to pain, to loss of inner and outer freedom. Ego is attachment , LOVE is unconditional and UNCONFINED.

I have found my own way to shield and recharge, my own way to centre and be at peace, my own way to return back to source- that is my centre; my soul(that brightly burning flame).

I heal and diclutter by writing my soul open; exposing my deep emotions, without fear. In order to heal we must allow self feel- everything and all. That's my message, that's my path, my goal.

To be the love and light that we are at each and every moment. 

Apologies for this extra long perspective, I hope it inspires another to look within for all the answers. 

For everything lies within and nothing lies outside of us. 

Blessed us all be ❤ ✨🌠🙌