Entering the "Dreamspace" - 9 Ways to Become Multidimensional

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There are two ways of living your life: one, as if nothing is a miracle; two, as if everything is! We're living in two world's not one: the old is one of systems, logic and control, which strangles the juice out of life. It's a reality long past it's self-by-date, essentially because it's divorced from the flow. Then there's another world - it's one of mystery, miracles and magic, where everything has a deeper meaning, a deeper significance and purpose. It's this that I call the 'dreamspace'. In fact it's far more real, far more fulfilling than 'reality'. What is this dreamspace like? How can you become multidimensional? How can you live it?...

Can you hear the dreamspace calling you?

In my life I work to live as spontaneously as possible. Quite frequently yes, there are agreements I've made with people that have to be honoured, appointments to be fulfilled. But as much as possible, I leave the moment open, to flow as one with the deeper underlying purpose.

This evening, on my way home, there was a clear pull to take a detour. I didn't know where to, but as usual, when the dreamspace is calling more strongly, it'll speak through signs and synchronicity. In this case, my attention was spiked to the movement of cars, number configurations on number shields, and the sudden darting movement of birds. It led me out into the country, until there by the side of the road, on a hill overlooking an open Somerset valley, was a Kestrel hanging in the air; majestic, wings outstretched, hovering, and very much calling to me.

So I honoured the invitation, pulled up just as soon as I could, and followed the guidance. It took me to a quiet space, high on the valley side, surveying the panorama, which looked very primordial in the dimming evening light as the sun began to descend behind a distant hill. The busy road in the background steadily faded away, as if into some distant galaxy. My soul was transcending space and time. The trees, bushes and rocks were speaking to me. Not in words of course, not even in thoughts, but with feelings, that brought me completely as-one with it all. Now the mystical dreamspace was speaking magically. What an experience!

What's the purpose of the dreamspace?

The dreamspace is the space between the spaces. Each and every moment has a deeper purpose, a deeper meaning and message, which seldom people hear about within society because their minds are too full, they have too many unnecessary objectives, their consciousness is too distracted by the endless gadgetry. It divorces people from the real juice of life.

You have to empty the mind, still the distraction, drop into the heart space, and feel through the senses to truly transcend the moment into the dreamspace. It wants you to know yourself, as an intimate part of the miracle of existence. It wants to invite you deeper into yourself, and into the co-creation with nature. It wants to dance you all the way back home again, to the open arms of the divine.

You have to be listening, feeling, and open to how you're being guided. You have to be patient, relaxed, without intention or deadline. Nature has eons to catch you. Eons to reel you back in. But only if you are listening and feeling.

Accessing the dreamspace

Here are some important keys to accessing the dreamspace...

  1. Spend plenty of time each day in stillness, softening the internal contractions, the resistances to quiet emptiness.
  2. Reduce your reliance on electrical gadgetry. No one's saying don't use the mobile phone, just use it only when it's smart to do so.
  3. Spend as much time as possible letting go of intention-created life. At least take quality time off without a plan.
  4. Go free-wheeling by yourself often, responding only to the landing of higher knowing or a pull through the heart.
  5. Allow the guidance to carry you until you feel to stop. Soften into that place and time. Breathe, observe, notice all five senses keenly, and then feel through them, so as to transcend the physical density.
  6. Feel the lightness of the moment - how it connects with life around you, especially nature.
  7. Notice how this deeper connection makes you feel. What sense does it resonate inside?
  8. Imagine the dreamspace is now speaking to you. What would it be saying? It'll be telling you how to change your life, how to reveal more of your true self, what Right Action to take.
  9. Celebrate in the joy of synchronicity, the language welcoming you back home as a cosmic child of the universe. Congratulations, you've arrived!

More real than 'reality'

The dreamspace is that where the movement of divine energy is beginning to breakdown old constructs and reshape new ones for the purpose of education, exploration and further evolutionary growth. It's searching out and manifesting the possibility of a higher harmony - one that serves ALL life in the co-creation.

That's why the dreamspace landscape is more real than 'reality'. Because it directs to what reality is already newly becoming.

It feels like the whole of life is celebrating with you, singing and serenading you. In a way that cherishes your very nature. That's the sense of it when recording this video from an Openhand retreat that had very much the sense of a magical "5D" dreamspace...

What are your experiences of the magic of the dreamspace?
Do share. I'd love to hear.

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18/08/2021 Journal Update

When you enter the lonespace, then the dreamspace can follow swiftly after that. The "Dreamspace" is the quantum field from which everything materialises. When you're in it, you're with the flow, preceding what then manifests. In this space, everything speaks into your perceptions - the birds, the clouds and even the interplay of society.  Essentially you're transcending every experience and finding the deeper picture, the deeper message and meaning - where the divine is speaking to you constantly. I find it sublime. Here's the sense of that in this great Pink Floyd video, "coming back to life" - indeed, how appropriate...

Do check out my 9 steps for entering the dreamspace in the article above.
There's simply no other place to be!

A cosmic hug out to you all.

Open 🤗

I felt to repost this article again today...

Entering the "Dreamspace" - 9 Ways to Become Multidimensional

When you feel embraced and held by the divine in your life, it beccomes simply magical. Like when our facilitator group experienced the interdimensional magic of the crop circle recently...

Feels like divine magic at play...

Rich, magestically holding centre space...

Peace, healing, mysticism and serenity...

An epic conclusion - sending loving vibes to you all out there in the Openhand Coummunity HeartHeartHeart...

So what's your experience of the multidimensional 'dreamspace'?
Do feel free to share....

Hi Wyndè,

How wonderfully light you take the challenges and knock backs Thumbs Up Sign

I especially liked this...

But!! On the upside, the zapping itself got me to sit and meditate with all my rocks, which in turn gave me the most beautiful internal view of just me and my light within turning into a more powerful kind of shield that's shaking loose all the dust and debris upon it. I must of let my guard down or something and this was my own way of showing myself that I needed to strengthen and feed my human spirit more, which is a good ripple effect outwards.

Go for it! Shake loose!

Open voltage emoji iconThe Sun Emoji

Hey Hey,

I feel like lately I want to put my dream space on timeout, its going so fast that I barely have time to just sit, breathe and reflect. I keep waking up in the morning even feeling as if a 1k mph conversation has just taken place and if I don't take a moment to just lay within that and let it sink in more or less an odd thing happens when I jump up grab some coffee gather my pups and go outside with them. I get light headed and nearly faint. Thankfully the squirrels have taken it upon themselves to jump from the tree onto my fence and stare at me for a few nuts. Which brings me more into focus I guess. Otherwise I actually might get hurt fainting or some gawd awful thing.


I got zapped too, not once but twice. The old me would of annihilated on the spot that which thinks its ok to harm me. Without a second thought, you hurt me, you go. Nature is as nature does. Which is a very integral part of my being. But I've also learned a new way too of understanding, so even though this that which wants my attention and focus and will go to great lengths to get it zaps me, I instead just say ummm no, not appropriate there.. Just as I am learning a better way so must it.


I'm learning more empowerment within my dream space and yet giving allowance for that which wants my attention here and there.


But!! On the upside, the zapping itself got me to sit and meditate with all my rocks, which in turn gave me the most beautiful internal view of just me and my light within turning into a more powerful kind of shield that's shaking loose all the dust and debris upon it. I must of let my guard down or something and this was my own way of showing myself that I needed to strengthen and feed my human spirit more, which is a good ripple effect outwards.


Needless to say, when I asked the universe to show me what I should know and I saw the signs on vehicles of “feed the human spirit, by riding the wave.” The wave is as easy as the internal view is allowed to be. I rarely if ever share what I see, but just in case it helps.

  1. The earths core exploded outward because it was frozen

  2. A very large wave is coming – flow and water

  3. get your ... to the top of the mountain quick in whatever that means to you, physical – spiritual or both. I feel like I've been sitting there for a long time, just looking outwards, watching and waiting sometimes helping others climb up, but then keep getting pulled down to the valley for this n that.

The rest I'm not saying because I don't see it clearly enough. Which in turn reminds me to hunker down inside myself and only view what I need to instead of frolicking through the flowers and wading in streams of light! Which is a lot of fun and I'd so much rather do that than live in this density but it is what it is and tomorrow is never the same as today.


Oh and I keep hearing a lot of words, most lately its hopeful and comfortable.. ON repeat nonetheless. I'm about at the point where I just say ya ya ya back atcha, variance works well.. try that – how bout petunia.. that's a fun word :)


Wishing you all the funnest and most enlightening dream spaces ever!!


Hi everyone - I felt to repost this today, "Entering the Dreamspace - 9 Ways to Become Multidimensional" - we've been exploring endorphins that we may step out of the density of processing in these challenging times. So here's the point to it all - reclaiming our divinely majestic multidimensionality! For me certainly, that's the value of the work and the processing - to liberate soul in beautiful expansions and to set it free through life - the miracles and the magic that then transpire for you. There's nothing quite like it!

How is it for you when you enter the multidimensional "Dreamspace"?

Open voltage emoji iconThe Sun Emoji


What a beautiful video and article!

I love that you bring up the dream space, give it a name, and make it real. I have always had the dream space, but it took me a long time to realise it was authentic. In younger years, it was the place I always fled to when harsh and cold 3D “reality” became too much for me (which was quite often). I’ve never actually felt at home in this world. The dreamspace became my shelter, my muse, and my solace in desperate times. I saw things there, felt presences, created things, and somehow I never felt alone. I was actually less alone in the dreamspace than I was in the “real world”. 

My whole life I thought this was just my vivid imagination or my mind playing tricks on me. It wasn’t until in recent years when I had a psychic awakening, after a traumatic event, that I realised that this dreamspace was a genuine reality. Visions I had in the past suddenly made sense and presences I had felt were actually angels or spirits sitting with me, comforting me in times of great distress. It took a few weeks to understand I wasn’t going crazy due to the grief, hearing voices and seeing visions every time I closed my eyes. But eventually I adjusted to this and opened myself up to the guidance of the other realm, and step by step more layers of multidimensionality have begun to unfold in my life (as well as layers of distortion of course).

Thank you Open, for inviting us to share. I wanted to share this because I LOVE the dreamspace, and I LOVE that it is real! It’s infinitely AMAZING and in a strange way I’m actually grateful for the traumatic event that forced my consciousness to open up this way and give me the opportunity to reclaim that part of my existence.

Thank you,



Thanks for sharing Leela - what a magical "dreamspace" experience!

And what an image! It speaks volumes. When I look at it and intuitively feel, I see the guy - Rodin's "Thinker" - crouched over, lost in thought. Of course it wasn't necessarily meant that way, but it's what I see. Especially in contrast to the magnificent white horse, which so speaks to me of the mythical "Pegasus", who carries souls into 'heaven' and whose head is more upwards pointing.

Wells Reclamation Yard

So why can't you find your dancing shoes?

Are you getting a little tied up in the lower densities perhaps? Or thinking too much about what to do?

To live in the dreamspace, we need to be responding much more to the instant landing of higher knowing, and the heartfelt pull, rather than over questioning things. 

I'd say adventurousness is the key here. Just allowing the adventure to sweep you up, then to witness these magical signs more and more.

Some people might say... "well I have to live and exist in the 3D world". Yes that's (partially) true. We're actually living in two worlds not one. And the energy is beginning to unwind itself from the lower physical world and into the Fifth Density of the Middle Realm. So there's a flow from one to the other.

It means we can create things here and now, in the 3D - jobs, living circumstances, relationships - but crucially, from a more connected and expanded 5D consciousness.

If we pick up and ride the higher dimensional flow - by being more in the dreamspace - then not only will we live a more expanded and joyfully connected life, but we'll find our higher dimensional creations increasingly supported and reourced.

The first step is to keep taking time out, keep accessing what we're calling the "dreamspace", until the gathering shift becomes a way of life.

I was out in the countryside here in Devon yesterday and was drawn down to the banks of a river. It was in flood and flowing strongly with lots of debris. I felt it represented the mainstream, pulling strongly AWAY from the higher connection with it's constant bubbling distraction. A little further down, there was a peaceful pool, which was gathering water from the mainstream. And the sun was shining on it. It gave me the sense of 5D peace. As I stood and watched, a beautiful flock of Canada Geese flew in and landed in the pool. It was a warming synchronous feeling - that a wave of souls would detach from the mainstream and expand into higher consciousness. 

Finally I was inspired to share this tremendous "dreamspace" video that came to me yesterday after my walk. It's by the musical shaman "Nahko Bear". Medicine for the people. Take a breather from this crazy 3D world - enjoy...

Sending love and support

Open smiley


....I so want to join the dance but i have misplaced my dancing shoes!

@5 Gateways/last day. – Jan 2017

....Driving to home but still in Glastonbury my thoughts were with your sadness/missing the twin flame (within). I instantly had a revelation regarding our 1:1 conversation and felt to write it down in my phone diary

Pulled into the next turning engrossed with the task of looking for my phone which was in my handbag.  My mind busy composing the diary entry, when my eyes settled upon the sight before me.  The 'dreamscape' before me was spectacular, a true wow moment.

"Wells Reclamation yard – wow.  Everything and particularly Rodin's 'The Thinker' - one outside (a comical painted version) the entrance gate and another within (the serious real version).  Through the entrance gates was what I percieved as the rest of the 'world' within that yard! or Noah's arc with everything on board.

I wanted to step inside but there was a huge padlock on the gate.  I sat there for ...who knows how long.  This was the ultimate surreal event one foot in and the other on the outside, my mind enchanted, feeling such joy to be experiencing the 'magic'  the 'dreamscape' I was flowing through.

Your article made me swell with emotion and the memory of such 'happenings'. 

....i don't know why I can't find those dancing shoes anymore!?

Wells Reclamation Yard


Hi Openhanders, I felt to draw attention to this sharing again today: becoming multidimensional by entering the "Dreampsace" - a space which is more real that apparent 'reality'!

It's especially important (I feel) at this time of year, where there's a relentless build up by society into the festive Christmas period. During which, it tends to become very consumptive and 3D orientated. It can easily pull you in.

But the changing of the year can also be very magical, including the winter solstice, so I feel to encourage a deeper commitment to divine connection.

To me, living in the dreamspace - whilst engaged with all of life - is where it's really at. There's simply no other place to be!


Open smiley

Lovely exploration Reyko!

You said...

    "I watch a blue dragonfly land, turn it's body to look at me, then fly off; those actions were perfectly timed with the flow of those thoughts in me head. And then the dragonfly tried to eat some smaller insect, and failed. It knew that it had just communicated a message to me.

For me this is the pure juice of life, which so often goes unnoticed. I think when people speak or start to work with divinity, they're looking for the 'peak experience' that blows them off the scale. And if they don't immediately get it, or only get it every now and then (through some practice like yoga for example), then they become disappointed.

But when you can 'clear out' in daily life and trust in the emptiness - that the emptiness will speak - then 'small' miracles like this happen all the time.

Except of course we realise they're not small at all!

The entirety of the flow is now shaping, and you've become a part of that.


Open *OK*

Thanks for the article dude! So what do I remember of this Dreamscape?
I remember a time of when entities (good & bad I now know) would be very easily able to telepathically speak to me, I trained myself to be able to be pick suble thoughts but now I just ignore most of them as they not from within, and I was just wondering about in a little Cornish garden noticing the flow of life: the blades of grass dancing with the gentle wind softly whispering the shimmering beauty of the setting Sun. I was contemplating how entities on a more instinctual level of consciousness (ants & insects) could be used by the higher entities (like the ones in my head) to communicate to me so to be in the higher divine flow. Then the thoughts:

Simple: they are always in the flow, you just gotta look to see it!

enter my head, as I watch a blue dragonfly land, turn it's body to look at me, then fly off; those actions were perfectly timed with the flow of those thoughts in me head. And then the dragonfly tried to eat some smaller insect, and failed. It knew that it had just communicated a message to me, a bigger and more intellectual being, for some higher power but it didn't expect the entities in my head to make his pray easy to catch as a reward (I'm sure they could). Naa it was just happy to be in the flow of things, that was all the reward it needed.

Being in the flow is its own reward.

That was the day a dragonfly changed how I view life, in Just One Second.....

Not totally sure how I would answer that question, but I know the article and the question make my heart swell, bring tears to my eyes, and an awareness of my connection with the space around me.
This is something that I will explore more consciously. I sense that connection with that space is always there, but awareness isn't.
As always, you manage to pin the tail on the donkey!
Very timely, thank you.

It's a wonderful sharing Heather - exactly what I'm referring to.

The more we step into, and make space for, this 'dreamspace', the more it speaks to us in the ordinary moments and ultimately becomes your expanded reality.

Keep breaking through!

Open *OK*

This is right on time as always and so beautiful to read. Thank you Open. These links really do help make sense of what is happening. I was thinking yesterday about my visit to the Tor after the eclipse. I was drawn to go and I felt a sense of disappointment as there were a good number of people there. The benefit of the visitors was that was that I was able to step inside the Tor - I always experience fear when I stand inside alone and it disappoints me - I still felt unnerved, but thought I might 'face the fear' as it were with others present. Afterwards, as I sat on the hillside, a kestrel became visible - about 50 feet away, but on the same level as me and I immediately thought about the Five Gateways and the transition through gateway two - something I 'want' and am subsequently finding it difficult to achieve. (If that makes sense) Within seconds I was able to close my eyes and every noise disappeared. The wind, the 'chatter' from the crowd, it was silent and a deep sense of quiet and relaxation followed. It was just ten minutes or so, but it was perfect. In that few moments I think I experienced the dreamspace. The fear of the Tor quelled, the 'need' to go through the gateway quelled. The message was to stop searching and be still. It will fall into place when it falls into place. The connection with 'everything' and 'nothing' was profound - just ten minutes but it was amazing. Thank you <3

Thanks so much for the kind support Ben, Alex & Catherine.

You know people often wonder how they can help raise the collective vibration. Well it may seem simple, but most have probably no idea how a simple, supportive feedback loop helps build the energy.

You're awesome guys. Blessings to you!

Open *OK*

The dreamspace comes alive for me when all the harsh sights, sounds, and distractions of the matrix fade away into the background, and I simply don't hear or see them anymore. It feels like floating through the air and landing in a light, feathery, translucent world where everything and everyone is a beloved friend, showing me a magical path forwards that unlocks the best-est of me. One steps lightly here as though on the wings of a butterfly. And as I take each step, my trust in the kindness and benevolence of the Universe never wavers. In those glorious moments, I know I can fly to the moon and sing amongst the stars.

I absolutely love the feelings this article evokes, Open. Thank you.

x Catherine

I enjoyed the imagery in this article. (So felt to express some more!)

our souls present us with flowers but how often people are too busy to acknowledge them.
we can be in a conversation with the world around us, the world through/beyond the mundane, I think from when we start to let go of our fixed perceptions of the world, that's how I see it. We start seeing and sensing more beyond the labels and stories that we tell ourselves.
But... just to seemingly contradict myself(!) I like how indiginous peoples across the world often had labels and stories that led people to that space. They brought the dreamspace alive through story. I think stories have a place. So perhaps that's a good place to start - rather than fixed ideas, to see the 'new story' that unfolds in that place.

thanks for posting! :-)

Great article Open! Very timely for me.

I think that there might be a typo in the last section - More real than 'reality'.

You wrote:

"one that severs ALL life in the co-creation"

Do you mean serves instead of severs?