The Spiritual Path: How to Vision the Future?

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Especially now in this turbulent transition through society as we shift to 5D, it's utterly essential you know how to vision your future. But to be clear, I'm talking about the authentic future that's in alignment with your soul. How do you recognise the future multidimensional landscape that is landing now? Then how do you determine the next step to take? Getting this right will remove much heartache and frustration. Even when you make "mistakes" you soon get to know why and are able to steer straight once more...

Setting Sail with the Soul

The first key to recognise is that you're creating from TWO aspects of your being: the soul-aligned aspect AND the shadow. BOTH internal configurations of your consciousness will cause the multidimensional landscape - the quantum soup - to bend around you and crystallise as your reality.

You set sail with the soul by following your sense of rightness in any given moment. You achieve this by expanding beyond the limitations of bodymind consciousness. That might be with deep breathing, deep consciousness bodywork or connection with nature. Crucially you're working to access the felt-sense of soul that flows within you and is beyond the regular five senses. You'll notice it as expansion, liberation, timelessness, joy and ease of flow.

Apply Openhand's Breakthrough Breathing to achieve Soul connection

Recognising when the Soul is Coming Through

When you're open to the higher flow you'll start to experience a couple of key phenomena occuring internally:

1) You'll start to get flashes of higher knowing and visions of the direction to take in given circumstances. You're starting to see and sense future-landing-now, which will be backed by signs and synchronicity.

2) You may begin to feel a pull through the heart to move in a certain direction and express in certain ways in given circumstances of your life - in relationships or how you live and work.

You'll harness and enhance these phenomena by giving plenty of attention and energy to them. However, even as you start to pick these influences up, don't expect it to necessarily be plain sailing. What happens is that as you move with this flow, it triggers the internal shadow, which then pulls on your karmic density. You'll start to feel this as tightness and triggering - perhaps the soul takes you in a direction that's activating fear? Or else you're caused to break an attachment or tie to a particular outcome?

To be clear, the One in you needs no particular outcome in any given circumstance or situation, although the soul is working to find rightness of expression. And so although in alignment there is no attachment to the outcome, there is still a movement to express this rightness of soul.

Quickly Dealing with Tightness and Karmic Triggering

Triggering will often happen in this endeavour, especially as you'll activate the shadow, and so it's essential to know how to break through your internal ties which pull on karma.

The crucial thing to realise is not to try to bury this karmic pain and discomfort by simply ignoring it, distracting or writing over it with some differently intentioned direction - misapplying the Law of Attraction for example. Because in the density are crucial aspects of beingness that the soul is looking for and working to integrate. So contrary to mainstream spiritual belief, Openhand advocates freely expressing and animating this shadow - because it's only in doing so that you get to illuminate the attachment fully so that you can let it go.

If you turn directly into the feeling expression of the activating tightness, wherever it arises and animate it within you, then you can quickly break through. Once you've illuminated the attachment and then felt the weight of the baggage you're carrying around, you realise it's simply better to let it go - to set it down.

Explore this Openhand Approach for Breaking Through Karma

The 7-Rays: Life's Game-Changer

Where you're at the point of letting go and setting down the baggage, the moment miraculously reveals new aspects of soul beingness wanting to come through. They start to ignite and well up through you. Then all you have to do is fuel the flame of soul by giving energy and attention to these new expressions of beingness.

They are experienced as the seven rays...

Understand More About the 7-Rays of Consciousness

If you can start to embody these new qualities, where previously you might have gotten stuck, then you'll find it's a real game-changer in life. Where you once created from distortion, now you're creating from soul alignment. Thus you harness the miraculous organising power of the Universe through you. And so you realise greater fulfillment, success, peace, harmony and joy in your life experiences. And even if you do get bogged down in density, at least you can quickly move through and forge soul from the experience.

Becoming a Conscious Co-creator with the Universe

It all makes navigating the flow of soul through these stormy waters much more manageable and enjoyable. You feel a part of the Universe benevolently creating and transforming life. You're actually visioning the future by becoming a conscious co-creator of the moment. What could be better?

If you'd like help and support discovering how to better navigate from the soul, and receive higher dimensional guidance in your life, consider getting involved with our seminars, course and retreat work:
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Bright Blessings

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17/04/2023 Shift Update: Visioning the Future

I felt to feature this article above today, The Spiritual Path - How to Vision the future. Being able to call on higher faculties to see what is wanting to create, as aligned with the natural flow, is an authentic way to create. We also need to be aware that holding intentioned visions in lower mind can be a trap for intervention energies. Previously, we've explored for example, how Tall Whites can get in the creative mix and "adjust" the flow more to their agenda in the matrix, and it's new iteration, the "metaverse". How do we deal with this derailing?

I'm going to be writing more on this in the upcoming days, because we definitely can strip this interferring energy out, especially calling on Star Being support. But for now, it's essential to recognise a couple of essential points:

1) Make sure the creative action is right and meant for you. How do you know this? As explained in the article above, the flow can often begin as a flash of knowing - a vision to move in a particular way, or a creative objective to step into. But then the crucial thing before embarking on it, is to make sure you can feel it starting to infuse the heart with a pull and sense of rightness. Be clear about that, and when you are, step positively into the creating flow.
2) Know that each creative endeavour, no matter how passionate about it you become, is always about self realisaiton and self actualisation. If there's still karma to unravel, then this is going to come up. And it might leave you with the feeling of being stranded in the density. This is where to quickly turn into it, whatever the inconvenience, and work with it, applying typical Breakthrough fashion. You'll unravel the karmic blockage and the light will start to infuse your path once more.

So in the days ahead, I invite you to test this approach in the various creative endeavours of your life: see where the flash of inspiration lands, but then also make sure it's building in the heart before you positively commit. Then not to get down hearted if there's some kind of bottleneck you have to work through - dive into it, work with it, then be sure to expand out the otherside. What new aspect of beingness is wanting to now come through?

Bright blessings to all

Open 💎


Great article - thank you so much for these valuable reflections! 😊 I wanted to clarify one thing… You expressed in some comments that we are not here to ‘fix’ the 3D situation - and I resonate with this message. However, I still feel a strong pull from my soul to take action and strive to move the 3D situation into a more aligned form. This quote from the article seems to perfectly describe how I feel this point: 

To be clear, the One in you needs no particular outcome in any given circumstance or situation, although the soul is working to find rightness of expression. And so although in alignment there is no attachment to the outcome, there is still a movement to express this rightness of soul.

So, my question is, in your view, could it be that some star soul missions actually call for expressions that strive to improve the 3D situation, but without the attachment to any particular outcome? Would it not be misaligned, for example, not to recycle or act in a caring way towards the earth because these actions ultimately won’t ‘fix’ the climate challenges? In the same way, should we not express ourselves in ways that align with a higher truth generally in society and the overall global situation, even though it won’t make much of a difference? In other words, should we not still ‘try’ instead of merely acquiescing? 

I would really appreciate your views on this! 🙏

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It's a good question Maria. Essentially summarised as... "if you knew the world would end tomorrow, would you still plant the apple tree today?"

I certainly believe it's right to make the transition as smooth as possible. And so yes, to me, and in my life, that does mean working to make conditions better where possible. But the crucial thing is to do it not because you want a particular outcome, but because it feels simply right in your soul. Then not to attach when things inevitably unravel.

To give an example, I spent the best part of 12 years developing a retreat centre in Glastonbury with a small team. It was run on the basis of highest consciousness and respect for Gaia - recycling where we could, being as resourceful as possible. We only named it right at the end. When I screwed in the last screw of the wooden sign we had made, Avalon Rising, then I instantly knew the venture was complete and ready to be released. Sure enough, it unraveled in the following weeks and months. Yet masses had been learned and integrated from it.

I trust this makes sense.

Open Praying Emoji

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This makes perfect sense. Thanks a lot for clarifying! And that was an interesting illustration - sounds incredibly frustrating to the mind, but simultaneously immensely empowering for the soul… It’s a paradox how the soul generates these higher visions, but without being attached to the particular end goals that the mind often may conjecture from them. More than anything, it’s liberating. In a sense, the soul calls us to simply express, do our best - and forget the rest…