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New Openhand MP3 download section

Introducing Openhand downloads

We've been listening! Finally, after lots of requests for the ability to download our meditations, we are pleased to introduce the all new Openhand MP3 download page.

Until now, you have only been able to play the files as a stream, directly from our server. Basically, we upload the file onto the Openhand website, somewhere behind the scenes; you click play and as long as you have a good web connection, you can listen to it. Magic!

Trinity's Conscious Kitchen

Oh my mouth is watering already!
After years of dedicated development, Trinity's new recipe book of conscious, vegan, culinary delights is almost complete. It's been a herculean production, not just developing and testing the recipes over several years at Openhand events, but also the photography and design of the book (which she's done entirely by herself). I've had a sneak preview and it looks stupendous. The colourful pages draw you into a world of higher consciousness activation, all through the taste buds, through vibration and imagination. It's not merely food, but a journey, an exquisite dance with the divine...

Trinity's Empath Course

We're excited here this week at the introduction of a new course run by Trinity Being an Empath. So little is really understood about what this truly means, yet there are probably many in society who experience it. Trinity will be constantly feeling what's going on through the depth of the field. And she'll frequently know what someone is truly thinking and feeling, even and especially the repressed aspects of themselves. The problem is that until you master it, the feelings and thoughts often get confused as your own. It's a great challenge to master the boundary between your field, your thoughts and emotions and other people's...

Walking the Path

Hi friends,
Another Walking the Path gathering is happening this weekend at the mystical Chalice Well here in Avalon. We always love these gatherings. Meeting up with real people, working to make a real difference in their lives and in the world. I often think that so much is written about spirituality (yes I hold my hands up!), but it makes very little difference unless we actually live it moment by moment. That's what this gathering is all about. We encourage each to dig deep, find acceptance and honesty with where people are at, and then to apply the Openhand Spiritual Compass for 'dissecting the moment' and understanding the influences you might be feeling. Here's a video Trinity produced which captures the essence of what we're putting forwards...

Openhand DownUnder

Rolling journal in Oz
Well yet again I'm making my way down under to the land of Oz. The Openhand community is spread far and wide around the world. I've often marveled at that. There's definitely a special synergy that connects us, but it has nothing to do with geography! We connect in the space between the spaces, but it's also compelling to meet face to face where that's possible - it definitely builds the energy more strongly and ripples outwards ever further. So I'm greatly looking forwards to it (thanks greatly to Graeme, Megan and Katie for generating plenty of energy). So come join the rolling journal which I'll keep updating as and when I get "a moment". Hang on, isn't there always "a moment?!"...

Openhand Advanced Course Dates for 2014

The Openhand calendar has been taking shape for 2014. We're pleased to announce our new 'shape' level 2 and 3 courses "Walking the Path" and "The Transfiguration", both at our new venue here in Glastonbury. Exciting times! These are enhanced courses from those previously, with the catalytic affect of the work having pushed through new boundaries. The Transfiguration especially is now a combination of the levels 3 and 4. It can take you as deep down the 'rabbit hole' as you choose to go and is definitely one to build up to. We're limiting the places to 12 for maximum one-on-one interaction and activation. Here are our current dates for 2014...

Soul Mates and Twin Flames revisited

Hi Openhanders!
A couple of years ago, Trinity and myself co-wrote an article about "Soul Mates and Twin Flames". It's proved to be one of our most popular articles: it has had many thousands of reads and has been circulated on many sites across the web. It seems many awakened souls are interested in finding that perfect 'partner'! It's also something that's recently come up quite strongly in the one-on-one spiritual coaching I do. So what's the secret of success? I'm often asked this question so I thought I'd briefly revisit the subject...


Unfolding into the moment from presence

Musings from the void...

Every Thursday the Openhand studio here in Glastonbury is filled with a group of delightful souls as we embark on a journey of authentic movement through SoulMotion and meditation together. It's an absolute joy to explore the nature of reality in this way.

5Gateways film screenings in Sydney October 2013

We are thrilled to hear that the Govindas Restaurant and Cinema are presenting the 5Gateways movie twice this month.

    Govindas is an edgy Sydney inner city restaurant, famous worldwide for its delicious international vegetarian buffet, warm friendly ambience and ultra comfortable boutique cinema, the Movie Room. Here guests enjoy the sumptuous vegetarian cuisine and then sink into luxurious cushions to watch the best of world cinema in blissful, heavenly comfort.

5Gateways screens on:

    Fri 18th October 8.30pm
    Sat 19th October 3.30pm

For bookings and further info please visit this site:

Florida Venue Changes

I'm really excited to be traveling back to America this week for Five Gateways and Walking the Path. Florida is a lovely place and I feel incredibly heart-warmed and welcomed by the people. Thankyou! I can feel the energy already building for a wonderful gathering of souls. Those who are attending, should already be aware of the 'last minute' venue changes that have taken place. We're blessed that the universe has shuffled things in our favour! If there's still any uncertainty about the change of details, do not hesitate to contact us. You can email Trinity here...Contact us