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"Indespension"...in decision suspension

Hi friends of Openhand,

Do you ever find yourself unable to make a choice? Maybe it's because you're not meant to? In our society, it seems so often the case, that we have to make decisions to meet deadlines and targets. It seems everything is preplanned and scheduled. So what happens if you simply feel you can't make a choice? Perhaps a decision just simply does not want to land? This is the situation I found myself in recently over some very important events taking shape in my life. As I could feel my field contracting somewhat around the issues, I watched for guidance and received a real corker. It had me literally splitting my sides with laughter. I'm "indespension"...


Enhanced Five Gateways Activations

Consciousness is constantly shifting and our work keeps unfolding into new layers. It's synchronistically timed of course with the global shift. So the awakening movement is now ready to confront the convoluted history of the past - the intervention that has downgraded humanity. Increasingly people are ready to peel away the veils, delve deep into the karma, and remove energetic implants and entities that might be lingering. I am heart-warmed and amazed by the increasing openness of people coming on Five Gateways with the courage and commitment to explore. It's greatly accelerating the expansive shift for people. I am humbled and thrilled all at the same time...
Enhanced Five Gateways Activation Glastonbury Jan 2014

New Courses at the Openhand Centre

Hi friends,
Well you may have noticed that we're busily building away here at the Openhand Centre. The new retreat house is going from strength to strength and we're already accepting guests who want to do specific work with us. And of course we're well down the path with the development of our purpose built meditation space "Studio 8". I always felt in my soul the yearning to develop a place where people walking the spiritual path could come and hang out, to share, exchange and process: a respite so that greater clarity could unfold in your life. These two new courses we've recently introduced are exactly with that in mind...

The Liberating and Empowering Effect of Radical Forgiveness

What does it really mean to forgive?
On our course The Transfiguration, we speak about the importance of not apportioning blame and instead taking full responsibility for the lives we're creating. One vital aspect of this approach is that of forgiveness: realising 'the other person' is not to blame and therefore being able to forgive them. In my experience, this is one of the most liberating and empowering things we can do. But if EVERY situation is purposefully designed by benevolence for us to self-realise, then what really is true forgiveness and how should we really forgive?...


Ayahausca, DMT and other Psychedelics - a Strong Wellness Warning!

It feels important to raise the topic of psychedelic drugs and their involvement in spiritual awakening. It seems to be a growing trend for evolving people to want to short-cut the natural evolutionary process by involvement with transcendental experiences induced by drugs such as Ayahuasca and DMT. Openhand's direct experience comes from 'picking up the pieces' with people who have inadvertently accessed higher dimensions too rapidly and then suffered the after effects of trying to integrate their experiences in a grounded and balanced way. Such practices have led people into paranoia and delusional reality manifestations. They come with a strong 'health warning'...


Blaming others for YOUR state of Being...is it Mankind's most Disempowering Distortion?

Accepting personal Responsibility
Right now in the world there is a good deal of anger and resentment, understandably so. When you consider the state of world affairs, of the economy, of the environment, of the inequity and injustice, it's enough to make a saint seethe! Yet the moment we blame someone or something else in the outer world as being the cause of our reality and experience, is the moment we disempower ourselves. Why so? And what would be a more productive approach?...


Building Openhand "Studio 8" journal

It's finally happening - the new Openhand, purpose built meditation studio is coming! We are VERY excited about this! The energy of everything we do feels important to us, so, naturally, every step of the way is being made consciously. We're divinely blessed to have a huge plot at the Openhand Retreat Centre in Glastonbury... perhaps about two thirds of and acre - right in the middle of town. The building is emerging as an octagonal/round studio, lovingly built with local, reclaimed and sustainable materials. We've already activated a sacred energy portal within the space. It pulsates with higher consciousness already...

Higher Dimensional Walk-in

Hi friends,
It is time to introduce myself as "Open" (formerly Chris Bourne). I am a Higher Dimensional Soul Exchange (what some call a 'walk-in'). I came into this incarnation in the time around Chris's life threatening car crash back in 2002. The walk-in took place as the result of a sacred agreement between myself and the previous soul. It was his soul's destiny to ascend and move on. It is mine to bring an important message from benevolence and to catalyse a shift to help unravel the Opposing Consciousness intervention here on Earth at this time...

Becoming the lake

A powerful story to encourage expandedness...

An aging master grew tired of his apprentice’s complaints. One morning, he sent him to get some salt. When the apprentice returned, the master told him to mix a handful of salt in a glass of water and then drink it.
“How does it taste?” the master asked.
“Bitter,” said the apprentice...

Serving divine purpose with Openhand

As I look back on the journey I have walked since joining Open during the initial stages of the formation of the Openhand Foundation, many moons ago, I can honestly say that I have been consistently and repeatedly brought to my knees with the deepest soul stirred humbleness and gratitude.

From the onset it was always incredibly powerful, yet, in the years that we've been running Openhand, we've seen this organisation go through untold layers of expansion, shedding skin after skin. As eternal students, we've embraced it as our own journey of self realisation and discovery. The universe has orchestrated the perfect situation for me to become fully 'me' and serve my divinely given purpose.