7 Day NewYear Retreat: LA PALMA, CANARIES, 25th Jan-1st Feb

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Something phenomenal is happening. The next evolution of humanity is emerging right before our eyes. Where everything in the 3D is breaking down, we're able to reclaim this energy and thrive from a new form of 5D consciousness. We're dreaming a new higher dimensional reality into existence where all our needs are met from divine union. That's the immaculate opportunity avaliable for those who dare to venture into the realm of infinite possibility.

This is a tremendous 7 day Transcendental Retreat on the stunning Volcanic Island of La Palma in the Canary Islands far from the matrix with phenomenal scenery, high vibe energy and light. Join us for the experience of a lifetime. (PLEASE NOTE: this is Santa Cruz De La Palma, not Las Palmas)

Retreat Highlights

  • Guided meditations to connect with your authentic True Self, your "Sacred Ground of Being", to experience the deep inner peace of the Void of Presence
  • Ground breaking processes to dissolve karmic blockages, activate kundalini and unveil the Spirit Light Body, your vehicle of Ascension in The Shift.
  • Experiential understanding of your emergence of soul into expanded "5D" consciousness, to manifest greater success and fulfillment in 3D living.
  • Helping you integrate the higher dimensional interplay of The Shift, negating the effect of Entities & Implants and connecting with your cosmic soul family to support you through your evolution.
  • Relating your transfromation to global events from Abrupt Climate Change, Civilisation Instability and the effects of the Pole Shift that you may ride the Earth's transformation successfully and resiliently as your Divine Being.

Ground breaking Meditational Practice "Illuminate"

We'll be applying a new Openhand deep meditation practice called "illuminate". It's using cutting edge internal focus to move past the grasp of ego, through layers of karma, and centering in the divinity at the core of you. We'll help you feel the enlightened consciousness around the Void of Presence and establish this as the Sacred Ground of Being from which to step forth in life. Your authentic self emerges from this Infinite Potential, and the space-time-continuum of life bends around it for truly successful and abundant living.

Over the last 17 years we've crafted ground breaking meditations to support the evolution of humanity. We're using meditation, self-realisation inquiry, and movement to emotive music to break through karma, touch deep inner peace and unleash "5D" consciousness.

That's the essence of this event on the stunning sunshine Island of La Palma. It's about touching the deepest levels of your true self and unfolding that, so as to connect up with the powerful earth shifts of consciousness now taking place. Then embodying the new consciousness to thrive successfully in the shift. It will be nothing short of life changing.

Turning a Powerful new Chapter in the Earth's Shift

People the world over are beginning to talk about the new 5D paradigm that's beginning to unfold around us. But it's hard to see when your eyes are still focussed on the bare essentials of daily 3D living, where everything is beginning to break down around us. The soul of humanity is positively yearning for something much more evolved and divinely interconnected - to live a sacred life, that has a sense of belonging and connection to the wider Universe.

That's the dream that many are yearning towards, which can get clouded by the growing anxiety of enviornmental catastrophe in the 3D. So how can we build a new way of living, right now, that will carry us optimistically into the next emergent reality in the 5D? The answer is to embody the new 5D consciousness that the world is progressively unfolding into. Pathfinders and Wayshowers the world over are living in this new way, uplifted, invigorated and supported by the flow. It's high time for more people to benefit from this new consciousness and positively thrive in it.

Introducing Openhand - A Higher Dimensional Bridge

Openhand is a higher dimensional consciousness, which may best be considered as an integrated team of Ascended Master Energies working with the Benevolent Mission in the ether supporting Humanity's Shift into 5D. When you know how to work with it, you may use it beneficially to break down karmic blockages and infuse authentic soul beingness into every facet of your life, which leads to divinely supported living right now.

But to be clear, this is never about telling you your truth. The New 5D Paradigm can be theorised, yes, but it must then be realised. It's about holding a cauldron of alchemical exploration for you to get to know the deepest aspects of yourself.

Who are you at your deepest core?
What new gifts of beingness can illuminate your life right now?

Held in a Safe and Protective Space

During the work, you'll be held in a safe and protective energetic vessel, where the veils over authentic reality are thin. We'll be resonating authentic soul vibration - keys to unlock the door of your next big shift. We'll be taking you deep into the Void of Presence, integrating soul, helping process Karma, unleash Kundalini and activate your Spirit Light Body, which is our vehicle of Ascension.

5D consciousness is not something to wait for. As the energy of the old Karmic Construct now unwinds, you'll find ever more higher dimensional energy to support you in 3D living right now. Our new process "illuminate" is perfectly crafted to help you fulfill this.

Guided by "Open" - a Higher Dimensional Bridge

I incarnated somewhat unusually via a soul exchange, which initiated during a life threatening car crash. It was my passion to come here and support the Great 5D Shift of Consciousness taking place on the earth right now.

I work with a higher dimensional team that I call "Openhand" who are an intimate part of the benevolent mission gathering all around the earth to facilitate the shift. I act as a higher dimensional bridge able to resonate soul frequencies of your higher self and bridge you into higher dimensions of consciousness.

Supported by Aspasia and Rich

Aspasia is Openhand's Community Coordinator responsible for weaving the organisation of our events together in terms of booking and administration support. She is also a very experienced spiritual facilitator who skillfully co-creates explorations of Awakening with all souls (see her website: AspasiaAwakenings). She will be coordinating the event from the UK. Please contact Aspasia if you have any questions about the nature of the event or travel and arrival arrangements... courses@Openhandweb.org

Rich West will be attending the event as a support facilitator. He's been working in the Openhand Facilitation Program for considerable time with a depth of facilitation experience. He has a strong and solid presence, but is also empathic and gentle with it. (He has a good deal of "bear" energy!). So people feel held and safe, whilst at the same time, able to go deep and express their issues. Rich is also developing a speciality in helping people pass on consciously. Check out his website for full info...Partingthewaves.com

It will be our pleasure to be of service.

Retreat Outline and Format

We'll be hosted for 7 days at the rustic, secluded and highly conscious setting of Aurora Retreat Centre near to the Volcanic heart of the Island. You'll be staying in restful, quiet and highly comfortable, eco-cabin-style accommodation that is highly conscious and comfortable. It's perfectly configured to give you plenty of space and time for reflective contemplation. For those who attended previously it's the experience of a lifetime!

The light is utterly remarkable, the vibe highly expanding...

During session times, using meditation, breathing, movement and guided inner inquiry, the work will naturally guide through blocking consciousness, that you may peel it away, and then shine the light on new emergent aspects of soul that want to come through. These then go on to radiate positively through your life. It is only such authentic beingness that can make such profound and lasting change.

All food will be tasty, conscious and vegan courtesy of our onsite retreat chef. We'll be taking meals amongst the orange groves!...

Our first day will be acclimatisation, where we'll connect you with the prime energy centre of the Island. The scenery is utterly breathtaking...

Formal self-realisation sessions will take place from Monday to Thursday, with plenty of free time for your own inquiry and rest...

On the final day, we'll be taking you either on a pleasurable and relaxing boat trip with whales, dolphins and stunning coast lines...

or else peaceful hiking before departing on Saturday in the morning of February 1st (or at a supplementary cost, ask to stay on if you wish to)...

Check out last year's amazing Journal of the La Palma January Retreat Here

Administration details

Venue in The Canaries: The retreat will be taking place on the magical Island of La Palma (Santa Cruz De La Palma), at the rustic, secluded and highly energetic Aurora Retreat Centre near the Volcanic Heart of the Island.

Dates & Timings: The retreat takes place from Saturday the 25th January to Saturday 1st February. The formal work takes place from Monday to Thursday. Your arrival and departure can be flexible depending on connecting flights. There will be a welcoming dinner at 6pm on Jan 25th, and departing breakfast on Feb 1st. You are free to arrive or leave within those dates. The retreat includes two days of rest and relaxation where we'll take you out to see some of the natural sites - the amazing energy of the volcano for example, hiking in stunning countryside, or a boat trip out with the dolphins and whales.

Cost: The full price, including all facilitation fees, healthy vegan meals and conscious 'cabin-style' accommodation at the Aurora Retreat is £750.

Travel: The budget airline Easyjet has recently established a low cost route from London Gatwick (for around £100 return if booked early). This is also a great connecting flight if you are flying to La Palma from outside of Europe. There are also lots of daily flights to La Palma from Tenerife, and a number of other direct flights from destinations in Europe such as Berlin, Amsterdam and Madrid. Collection to and from La Palma airport will be provided - a connecting telephone number will be given prior to the event.

Reservation info: To reserve a place or to get more information, email Aspasia... courses@openhandweb.org ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

Not-for-profit: Openhand is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the upliftment of mankind through the sharing of this unique philosophy.

Outcome, Booking & Further Info

Here's a Video Diary taken from the La Palma retreat in January 2019...

For those new to Openhand, we've been around on the planet some 17 years now, providing a helping hand in this pheomenal shift taking place on Earth right now. After countless iterations to define accuracy, we've developed the 5D Shift Project, which is a framework for your progressive spiritual unfolding through 3 stages of development (discover more... The 5D Shift Project). This retreat will draw essentially on the stage 1 material. But even if you've done stage 1 before or if you're already advanced down the spiritual path, this is all energy work. It will meet you in the ether exactly where you are, and advance you along the steps you now need to take.

Now is the time, to look into the external mirror, and see the limited physical being that you are not! Let the veils of limitation fall from your eyes and from your being. Here is the golden opportunity to step out and become all that you can be. Spiritual beings were made for these times ahead of us. Your purpose and destiny for being here, is set to come fully into view. Honour, own and embrace it. Step courageously and fearlessly forwards into your divine being. And this wave you're about to step onto, will become the ride of your existence!

Resrevation Info:

That Reservation Info again: To get more information, and register, email our community coordinator Aspasia: courses@openhandweb.org ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from them within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

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Really looking forwards to the New Year Retreat on the Island of La Palma. It's such a special place. Because of the openness in the field and high vibes, I've received many important downloads there to orientate my life.

If you're hanging on the fence waiting for the last minute to book, well this is the last minute!

Here's a video we shot last year in front of the dome studio...


Wow Erica - it's cold there! Sending you a warm hug.
I will definitely spare some throughts for you and everyone in North America when we're there.

A big cosmic blanket heading your way!

Open Heart


Fond memories of the time I spent on the La Palma Retreat! What a beautiful island
Maybe I’ll be able to go again one day! It would be nice to feel the warm sun, it’s -27 degrees C
Much love