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5Gateways Film Screening BYRON BAY AREA

Chris is on his way to Byron Bay in New South Wales for the Five Gateways Activation workshop this weekend. It feels like a divinely inspired journey to bring the Openhand energy to the far reaches of the world. It's certainly a long way from our home town of Glastonbury. It's so heart warming to have been invited to Australia.

Here I am - Creating the Conscious Kitchen

I am a aware that I've been a little absent from my usual posting presence on Openhandweb since Chris returned from his epic Florida, Hopi Lands and LA trip. I assure you I've been checking in, keeping up to date with emails and and very much here in spirit. My absence has all been for a very divinely inspired reason... I thought it would be nice to check in with a blog update.

Skip along to Five Gateways!

Hi friends downunder! Our Five Gateways event at Byron Bay on May 18th/19th is fast approaching. I'm certainly very excited to be back visiting Australia - the last time was when we were putting the final touches to our documentary 5GATEWAYS. There's a wonderful group gathering already, joining us at the aptly named Starseed Gardens. It promises to be a fantastic event, powered by the usual catalytic energy. So if you've been thinking about coming but waiting until the 'last minute', well this is the last minute! Why not skip along and join us...Full info

Hopi Video Diary

We've just released our latest video diary in which Chris shares his experiences during a recent visit to the Hopi Lands. What is their prophecy all about? How relevant is it to our Ascension? What do they mean by the return of the "Blue Star Kachina" and why is it so significant for humanity right now. It would seem they have a very poignant and accurate view of what's happening. Here's a link to the video diary...The Hopi Message

An interview with Chris Bourne by collective evolution

Chris was recently asked to do interview with Joe Martino for the Collective Evolution Magazine in Canada. It offers an excellent, insightful window into Chris's world, from his early journey; the car crash; how Five Gateways came in to being; how it can support people on the path; why he's here and what Openhand is all about...

Return to Avalon: Rolling Journal

A wonderful group of Openhanders are returning to Avalon today to join us on this week's Walking the Path here at the Chalice Well. It's fairly recent that we've been using this particular venue and it's proving very special indeed to those who visit. It's been a place of pilgrimage and spiritual healing for many hundreds of years. Sitting at the base of the Tor, nestled on key lay lines and one of the ancient approach ways to the Isle of Avalon, it does indeed have a very special feel. Come join us in the rolling journal...

Embodying Higher Consciousness - Video Diary

Every moment offers us an opportunity to embody higher consciousness.
Each time an insight unfolds and each time deep conscious awareness drops in, we are being awakened to that which has been resting dormant within us.
Each time something profound happens, it has been sent so that we can embody that experience as a more expanded expression of our own divine beingness.

Miracles happen - Hawaii Video Diary

This morning I found myself contemplating the nature of miracles. What are miracles and how do they happen? The most amazing experiences of life can happen when we move anything out of the way that is the divine flow; when we let go of expectations and attachment to outcome. Miracles happen...

From Avalon to Hawaii

Destiny has called me back to the Hawaiian Islands once again. Even before touching my feet on the earth there I am feeling her energies igniting my soul! It feels as if this trip contains the seeds of a deep purposeful unfolding, perhaps even on a planetary level. I already feel the devas, the spirit of the land and can taste the scent of an ancient paradise in the air. I am looking forward to sharing snippets and highlights of the journey as it unveils itself over the next couple of weeks. I have a small camera, laptop and slow internet connection - will see what I can do...

The spiritual journey: Five Gateways of Ascension

When we look beyond the veil into most spiritual traditions, we can clearly see that there are experiences common to all. The spiritual path has been experienced, described and dressed in many shapes and forms, yet for me, it is falling through the form, seeing what is beyond the veil that has really shown me the core of unity through it all. It seems that there is a destined journey for the human soul. In what ever way, myths, legends, stories and spiritual traditions have portrayed it - once a soul awakens to the unity of all things, the journey of spiritual evolution, is undeniably real.