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Authentic Reality

What is really real?

Our reality is shaped and manifested by what we are being within. Typically many people tend to identify with the conditioned thinking and behaviours inherent in our society. This creates a matrix of collective thought forms which many then conform to. In short we create the false reality which society expects of us.

This reality only tends to offer a wafer thin slice of the multi dimensional, profoundly magical universe available to us. If we can let go of our conditioned beliefs and behaviours, then this new absolute authentic reality gradually unfolds into our awareness.

It begins by challenging the conditioned thinking that imprisons us. That is the purpose of the articles below...

Index of articles on Authentic Reality:

"The future unfolds out of the present"

How much of your time do you spend thinking about your future goals?
We live a world of seemingly endless goals, appointments, schedules and ambitions. Frequently these goals emanate from recognising an inner pull to be moving in a certain direction, as one with our path. However, could it be the risk of holding these objectives too tightly is to tend to live in the future and not the present?

If this was the case, wouldn't it be dangerous to our smooth unfolding?...

"Less is More"

What type of training is beneficial for us?
There are endless courses, workshops and training in the area of self development. It is a huge growth industry. Many people are discovering that their lives don't completely fulfill them. They want to achieve more, be more complete, break through inner barriers.

But what if you don't need training at all to reveal your greatest potential? What if all you have to do is unfold into yourself to discover everything you could ever be? What if just by being the real you, the environment shapes naturally around you to first reveal and then satisfy your heart's longing?...

"See the path between the obstacles"

What will your approach to 2007 be?
A couple of years ago on I was on a mountain biking holiday in Spain and one of the guides, Rob, asked me if I wanted to cycle up a 1000m mountain overlooking Malaga to watch the sunrise on New Years Day. It meant we couldn't drink on New Years Eve and we would have to get up at 4am - a small sacrifice I thought. We climbed in pitch darkness - both very dangerous and exhausting. We were rewarded with the brilliant sunrise shown in the picture...

"Magical mother nature"

Do you have the trust to be effortless in life?
I was out cycling in the countryside the other day. At one point I stopped on a bridge over a fast flowing river to enjoy the wonderful scenery. As I looked below my eyes were drawn to a shoal of fish some large some small, feeding in the current off the plentiful morsels of food drifting by. It was just one of those awesomely ordinary moments of mother nature and whilst I drew no particular inference from it at the time, the scene reappeared for me in meditation...

"Celebrate the divine in everything"

Can you 'read between the lines'?
Pick up a newspaper today or watch the TV and it's difficult not to be influenced by other people's negative views on life. Someone is always judging another. It's no secret that the media does well from bad news.

If we allow it to, this can 'harden the heart'. We get conditioned to only observe the negative in life. If we do this, we tend to live more in thoughts and ideas rather than the subtle inner feelings. This retards our evolution...

"The awesome power of non efforting"

Can we live our lives without internal effort?
In society, we are encouraged to struggle and effort for the things we want. But what if this this actually takes us away from our true heart's longing? What if by letting go of all internal efforting, we witness the universe magically shaping to give us complete fulfilment?...

"Following the heart"

Does the universe really work for us?
I have a great friend. When we met her life situation was not good. She was in a relationship that she knew didn't work and was doing a job that didn't suit her. Over the years she had amassed a credit card debt of £40,000. Just like many of us, she had succumbed to the endless subliminal messages of highly paid marketeers selling life styles. No surprise really - that's what their job is and they are very good at it. The whole of the industry is geared to convincing us that something "out there" is an adequate replacement for something "in here"...

"Flowing with truth"

Do you flow with the truth of the moment?
Do you find yourself continually struggling with the circumstances of life that you encounter from day to day? Perhaps its because you're not surrendering to the truth of the moment? Maybe you need to release an attachment to doing something in particular - like your job or a relationship that no longer serves you?...

"Moving from stillness"

Do you find the pace of life too fast?
Today's lifestyles can be hectic and demanding. It seems we grow up extremely quickly and then before we know it, we have taken on responsibilities, expectations and deadlines. We build a virtual prison for ourselves that can be extremely difficult from which to escape. Frequently it takes some kind of crisis before before we sit up and take notice...

"Always take the weather with you"

Do you always take the weather with you?
As I sat down to write this, as ever I went inwards and asked the question “what would you have me write?" Nothing immediately sprang to mind so I relaxed in the beautiful sunshine pouring in through my window. “God" frequently speaks to us through music so it was no surprise that the lyrics of a popular song flowed in called “weather with you". A few of the words touched my heart deeply so I thought I would share them with you...


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