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Awakened Living Views

Living Spirituality in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this new paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...

The Dark Side of Bottled Water

Is bottled water good for our health?

The massive water dilemma: which water should I drink?

What choices do I really have?
Water is a bountiful gift of nature. We see it all around us in the falling rain, lakes, rivers, the ocean, early morning dew, waterfalls, taps, swimming pools, showers and even plastic bottles. Until the recent industrial era, we drank water freely from streams and rivers, without a second thought as to whether it was safe or not; it just was. So where did things go so wrong? With our bodies composed of somewhere upwards of 60% water, it is an important element for human life; a basic human right. When did water become a controlled commodity? One of the biggest problems that we face today, is that there is so much conflicting information out there about which water we should drink; it is difficult to make a conscious choice...

All about Avocados and their health benefits

One of my favourite memories ever, is a sitting in the jungle in Maui, cutting open an avocado the size of a rugby ball; followed by four of us tucking in with spoons, savouring every bite, whilst the rest of the world momentarily fell away. When it comes to avocado, I have to say that I am the world's biggest fan. My mum (one of my favourite people in the whole world) who lives on the rather paradise-like-avocado-heaven-island of Kauai, loves avo too and is rather blessed to have her very own avocado tree in her garden. When it's not in season, someone else's tree always is. This still doesn't explain why my mum's tree is NEVER in fruiting season when I go visit...

A Wave of Transformational Change is building in the Field

It's coming.
Can you feel it yet?

We certainly can here at Openhand - the feeling of energy building in the field, which could amount to a Wave of Transformational Change. Shifts are taking place in the matrix web of frequencies. There's a new level of instability in it. It's difficult to imagine that won't affect 'normal life' on the surface. It seems perfectly timed to begin in September, as our Divinicus work is launched, with the new book and World Tour.
So what do we intuit is going on?...

Why dolphins don't fight back and what they teach us about benevolence

I've long since been fascinated by the gifts of insight that animals have brought human beings. Overlooked by most, yet embraced by a few who have woken up, the way animals act can teach us so much about how we've strayed from our true, innate benevolence. Ever since I remember I've felt a deeply profound connection with dolphins, noticing that they show an unbelievable benevolence toward human beings. This wouldn't seem so amazing if I hadn't witnessed the insane crimes and mass murder committed against dolphins by human beings (like in Taiji, Japan). Even in the midst of this horror, dolphins still show the most humbling depths of soul, despite their sheer strength and physical ability to seriously injure or kill their perpetrators...

The Amazing Health Benefits of the Humble Herb Rosemary

There's something about rosemary that keeps me spell-bound and faithfully infusing it into my diet, in ever more imaginative and different ways. It holds an alchemical key to unraveling a turbulent mind whilst imbuing a calming, yet invigorating energy. All I need do is gently rub the leaves between my fingertips and inhale the rich, pungent aroma and I am transported to a space of easiness, clarity - soothed yet uplifted. Rosemary is an evergreen shrub with intensely scented needle-like leaves that thrives in a warm temperate and Mediterranean climate. Growing into a large woody shrub, this powerful herb displays a gorgeous, bee-friendly fanfare of tiny blue flowers in the spring...

How to make a perfect Berry Smoothie

There's something deeply satisfying about the vibrant sweetness of a summer garden berry smoothie, especially with fruit freshly gathered from your own raspberry and strawberry plants (if you are fortunate enough to grow your own that is). For years, my soft fruit crops never seemed to yield enough to allow me to bring any back to the kitchen, because I'd devour them straight off the plant! These days, I feel incredibly blessed to have fruit beds that have lovingly evolved and grown to incredible abundance. During berry season, I enjoy a tasty a smoothie on most mornings for breakfast. It also works wonders as a refreshing afternoon treat.

Wild Nettle Soup and all about Nettles

I must admit that I get really excited about adding wild nettles into my springtime cuisine. Mother Earth is an amazing friend. If we respect her and take the time to connect, she unveils a carpet of super foods without the need for us to rush off and fill our shopping baskets or spend a small fortune on supplements in supermarkets or health food stores. Nettles are jam packed with high vibrational goodness and have been well documented throughout the aeons for a myriad of health benefits. They are said to help urinary tract infections, act as a diuretic, help break down kidney stones, destroy internal parasites, to relieve gas/colitis/coeliac disease, alleviate asthma, hay fever, hives, dermatitis, arthritis and even help prevent hair loss...

The Shocking Human Cost of Technology

Technology. . . What does it mean to you?
How does it shape or influence your life? How attached to YOUR technology are you? Be honest. What would life be like with less or even without technology. Is that even possible? How would such an incredible number of people on our planet survive in a world without an ever embedded infrastructure of advancing gadgetry and gizmos? Hmmm ok, so there are some pretty big questions there for starters. Perhaps some of these conundrums will be decided way off in an interconnected galaxy where universal consciousness first flows and when the time is right the things that need to happen, will. Or maybe, as with most things, it’s that we each have a choice as to how we choose to live our lives and the amount of technology that feels right for each of us is in fact OK.

Chocolate Soul Food

Denial is not a river in Egypt! The key to enlightened living is to allow the soul to express its fullness through all things, yet not to get attached or addicted (that's the tricky part!). Society has distorted the soul's impulses to enslave people in conditioned and distorted realities. So how about healthy and evolutionary soul food instead? How about sometimes activating those endorphins that remind you of the sweetness of life? Many people love chocolate. The problem is the refined sugar, dairy and the processing. So how about raw vegan chocolate instead? Difficult to make? Not at all. Here's a lovely video explanation by Trinity...