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Awakened Living Views

Living Spirituality in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this new paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...

Rapid Biomagnetic Reversal Possible

Anyone whose read Divinicus by now, will know I speak of the strong possibility - probability - of rapid changes happening within our biosphere in the coming decades. Not just due to the activities of society and the intervention, but predominantly Gaia's response to that. She is moving on. One crucial stage within that, will be the dwindling of her biomagnetic field. This can happen during a pole reversal, which many now feel is already underway. It used to be the mainstream thinking that this would takes hundreds, if not, thousands of years to complete. Well not any longer. A group of mainstream scientists, including some from Berkley in California, believe it could happen within a human lifetime, within a hundred years...

Delores Canon - the Spiritual Marverick R.I.P.

Delores Canon was a great Spiritual Maverick whose just passed away. She was a person who delved deeply into her passion - past life regression and what that revealed. She had the courage to dig deep into unpalatable truths and to keep going, no matter what the mainstream was saying. Consequently she was subjected to much negativity. But that didn't stop her. She kept digging and digging, exploring and sharing. She's done much to open the mainstream view to the incredible shifts going on in the world right now. Delores, may your light shine on...

Trinity's No Bake Carrot Cake (absolutely delicious)

It seems like an eternity since I made my first raw carrot cake, some 15 years ago. A small group (4 of us) formed the 'Raw Pudding Club' - we'd gather before lunch, all bringing the most delicious raw desserts (with an occasional salad on the side ;)). We'd spend 12 hours straight endulging, chatting, learning, laughing, crying and inspiring one another with anything from food to optimal health to bushcraft skills or even how to fix your car. My 'Raw Pudding Club' friends will always have a special place in my heart...

Chickpea & Mushroom Burger (healthy, conscious cuisine)

Here it is... my "Chickpea (garbonzo bean) & Mushroom Burger" recipe.

This is an excellent way to enjoy a super healthy, high-protein, vegan, gluten-free meal, whilst using optimal plant-based ingredients. I've created this version to be pleasantly moist on the inside with a lovely soft crisp on the outside; so that you can enjoy it with OR without the addition of a sauce. It works wonders with a salad or potato wedges; or in a bap with salad/sauce toppings...

Ebola and could vitamin C be a cure?

I've been watching the ebola epidemic in Africa with great concern and compassion since the recent outbreak earlier this year. The rate at which it is spreading through West Africa is now reaching serious proportions. We've also seen the first cases reach the USA. I must admit, it all feels suspicious to me (given the way it has relentlessly spread). When you learn that the USA owns the patent for a strain of the ebola virus alarm bells might start ringing. I mean a patent for a deadly virus, how is that even allowed? I have heard all sorts of controversial reports (not mainstream media), although it's difficult to know what the actual truth and agenda really is. What does seem to be evident however, is that a lot of people are dying and the death rates are starting to snowball.

Trinity's Cocoa 'Soul Food' Truffles Recipe

Every now and again we love to eat special treats here at Openhand. I've discovered, over the years, that the most delectable treats don't have to involve complex instructions and loads of time - they can be quite simple. When I create anything in the kitchen, I always make sure that I am creating it from a space of openheartedness and presence. In that way a naturally, beautiful energy infuses into the food; it tastes better; and often stirs an inner, wordless presence within others too.

I'd love to share one of my favourite recipes. Something sweet and nurturing for the soul; a recipe that I have tried and tested in many different shapes and forms for the best part of 15 years (how time flies when you are having fun in the kitchen!).

Who pays the real price for consumer goods?

We've come so far from living off the land in small communities. So far removed! Days have long since passed where we consumed that which is natural and locally available. People used to take only that which was needed whilst returning our 'waste' to the earth as a natural flow. In the western world, most of us seem to have a comfortable life, with time-saving appliances; gadgets and technology; shelter & basic human rights.

Blackberry Coconut Smoothie - A foragers delight!

Blackberry season is well underway here in the UK, with a bumper crop of deep purple fruits adorning the wild hedgerows. If we take the time to explore, we easily find that mother nature brings us the most amazing bounty of freely available superfoods - like blackberries - without the need of spending a small fortune on supplements. These tasty, sweet berries are loaded with anti-oxidants, making them an excellent choice against free-radical damage and for healthy cardio-vascular support. Not only have they been shown to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties they are also rich in vitamin C and manganese.

The Sovereignty of Being - freedom of the Braveheart

There's something going on in the 'United Kingdom' which few are speaking off in spiritual circles but has a deep significance within the shifts of consciousness going on right now. On the 18th September, the Scots will vote for independence from the United Kingdom. It's stirring up deep emotion and division, with the 'yea' and 'nay-sayers' fighting neck and neck. It's no secret that the 'powers-that-be' in society are interwoven with the out-dated aristocracy, one that tries to bind the emergent consciousness into the old-world-order. They're terrified of what's taking place. It's time people take back personal responsibility and sovereignty...

That's why my vote would be for an independent Scotland,
because it mirrors the shifts in the underlying field now taking place.

Trinity's 'Look After Yourself' Kale Wrap

Even the healthiest amidst us take a hit with a depleted immune system every now and again. For me, I tend to work really hard and am not the best at learning when to take a break. No matter how well I eat, 'not knowing when to stop' sometimes takes a toll on my system. I start to experience tell tale signs, which - if I ignore - brings my body to a grinding halt, leaving me no other option other than to rest.