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Awakened Living Views

Living Spirituality in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this new paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...

The Ghosts in the Machine new documentary

Every now and again a film comes along that captivates my attention. 'The Ghosts in the Machine' is a new documentary that looks incredibly inspirational and compelling as it touches the truth about the sentient lives that are hidden in the shadows of our highly mechanized world.

I feel so grateful that there are people in this world making films like this and am looking forward to seeing it soon. The movie premieres this month. Watch the trailer here...

Spicy Spelt Biscuits (sugar free & vegan)

Sometimes all you need is a simple biscuit, so I came up with a tasty little treat. The delicate hint of warming spices entwines softly with a playful infusion of lemon and orange zest; whilst the date that sweetens this biscuit balances and brings the best out in everything. Spelt works well in this recipe as a nutritionally superior and healthier alternative to its distant hybridised cousin wheat. I also negate the need for diary by using organic coconut butter, making for a well rounded, healthy, sweet treat.

Total ban on GMO's in Russia and other GMO news

With increasing evidence that GMO's are bad news on so many levels, I am really pleased to see the list of countries banning production and growth of genetically modified foods growing. If anyone is in doubt of the safety of GMO's then you really do have to ask why so many nations are saying 'NO, we don't want it thanks'.

Malty Maca, Mango & Coconut Smoothie

In a culture that tends to bombard us with pollution, free-radicals, electro-smog and a myriad of vibrational lowering stress, I love to know that every morsel of what I eat is supporting my health and helping keep my vibration high. I love starting off the first meal of the day with a fresh juice or smoothie, loaded with nutritious gems.

Trinity's Healthy 'Fig-a-licious Tart'

I love dispelling the myth that healthy food can't be absolutely delicious. There's something really satiating about eating a dessert that not only tastes scrumptious, but is also full of healthy ingredients. My 'Fig-a-licious Vegan Tart' is free from diary, egg, wheat, gluten, refined sugar and it STILL tastes delectable. We absolutely love this one here, so I felt to share it for anyone else looking for a tasty, gluten-free, vegan treat.

Mainstream Predicts the Collapse of Civilisation

My attention was drawn recently to an article in the mainstream about the predicted collapse of civilisation "happening within decades". It's something many are talking about in the alternative media and we've spoken of in our Great Realignment series of articles. So why are the mainstream talking about it now and who is behind the study? Knowing these things might offer some clues as to what events may unfold in society. For me, digesting the distinct probability of collapse means you can prepare yourself, especially your consciousness, to let go, take centre stream and allow the soul to guide the ship...

Breaking down is good for the Soul

So my website got hacked last weekend! A bit of a blow. In fact, getting your website hacked, especially when it's an expression of your soul, can bring up a lot of stuff. Aside from being blacklisted by Google; not knowing if I'd just lost three months of soul inspired work; wondering if that back-up will actually work after all; having to deal with lots and lots of unhelpfully-helpful people online who keep insisting they empathise with your concern (when you know fine well they don't!); after spending 22 hours straight chasing your tail, feeling more confused than ever, like no one in the whole, entire world can ever help - apart from all that - it's just not a fun thing to have happen!

The Underground, Year Round, Ever Growing Greenhouse!

Make no mistake, the world is coming into major transition and change. Economies are inflating like helium filled balloons, debt is escalating like runaway trains and it's unlikely to be long before big shifts happen. If not the back end of this year, then I would say certainly in the next three. That's why growing your own food is important, especially as GMO, chemtrails and pesticides continue to decimate topsoils and contaminate the food chain. You don't need much, a window sill will do, or a balcony that gets some sun. But if you have some spare space in your garden, what about this amazing idea - the 'underground greenhouse' - for all year round growing...

Sweet Potato & Turmeric Falafels

Healthy, Gluten Free
Falafel is a traditional deep fried middle eastern dish. We can enjoy a wonderfully healthy version by adding a few extra things like turmeric and sweet potato then bake them in the oven instead. I like to add turmeric, because it complements the other flavours so well and gives a gorgeous yellow glow to the plate. Turmeric is an all round winner when it comes to health. It's excellent at supporting the immune system whilst being great for skeletal, joint, skin and digestive system well-being too...


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