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Here's the Openhand library of Spiritual Articles on topics including Enlightenment, the Soul, Meditation, Spiritual Evolution, Chakras, Karma, Kundalini, Multidimensionality and Ascension.

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What being authentic means - and what gets in the way

Authenticity is one of those fascinating subjects - an important part of the spiritual journey. The egoic mind feels threatened by it, because the true energy of authenticity means the demise of ego led behaviour. If we logic it solely through the intellect, then we can rapidly lose the meaning behind it. Authenticity is a simple way of being that rises spontaneously, without control, from the core...

Deception on the Spiritual Path

It's so easy to create illusionary realities on the path. Subtle essences of ego know how the soul is likely to act in particular circumstances. We've 'seen' what 'Enlightenment' looks like and a part of the soul might want to copy that. It's kind of like an echo of the real thing. These are the shadow identities that can be so deceptive. We're in a place of bliss perhaps, but is that where the soul is meant to be? It's not helped by the persistence of an "Opposing Consciousness" in the field, a purposeful energy with an underlying agenda to limit mankind's evolution. But if we can be honest with ourselves, there'll be an unease with any false dawns. We'll find the true light...

The Journey: just like flying

Whether we know or not, each of us is on a journey. Even when you touch presence, that's not the end, just the beginning. It's not a fixed journey, it's constantly shifting and changing according to the realisations we make. Destiny is not a destination, but a way of being. There's a constant underlying pull designed purely to reveal the majesty and splendour of who you are. If we know how to align with this underlying pull, in every moment, then our lives will become simply magical. The "aha" moment lands that actually, there's simply nothing else going on...

Gobekli Tepe: a key to humanity's history

I've felt a pull to travel out to the 11,000 year old mystical site of Gobekli Tepe for some time. Sitting in Mesopotamia, between the rivers Euphrates and Tigris, it is just 30 miles north of Syria - an energetic convergence zone throughout history. By all traditional thinking, it simply shouldn't be there: intricately carved, multi-ton pillars, arrayed clearly with spiritual alignment and some 6,000 years older than previously recognised civilsation. How and why did supposedly simple 'hunter gatherers' build it? This was the impelling question that drew me there...

Embracing Spiritual Abundance

In the many years of awakened life I have witnessed abundance spoken about in a myriad of different ways. I’ve noticed that in all its different guises, there are two main ways in which it is interpreted:

    1. Having lots of what we desire


    2. Seeing the divine in all things

Are You Creating You or Being You?

When we embark on the spiritual journey we have two main choices:

We can either:
1. create who we want to be
2. be who we truly are

There are many ways to the top of the metaphorical mountain. There are also many ways to ensure that we keep walking around and around in circles. In this article we'll look at the difference between the two...

The Hunted Gatherer

There are so many questions about the human diet. Does humanity really come from a hunter gatherer heritage as traditional anthropology would have us believe? Are we meant to eat animal protein? And what about the B12 question: if on the other hand we evolved to be vegan, which to many awakening souls feels more compassionate and natural, how can we acquire sufficient B12 in our food? The subject of human diet is such a hot potato. Perhaps there's a good reason for it...

Homo Divinicus

Wir leben in einer monumentalen Zeit. Die Menschheit erwacht aus Äonen von Amnesie. Gaias Energie hat sich fest in der fünften Dimension zentriert und sehr starke evolutionäre Bewusstseinssprünge werden die Erde nun von den einschränkenden und ausbeuterischen karmischen Energien unserer Vergangenheit befreien. Für viele ist es in diesen frühen Stadien noch eine Herausforderung, das volle Ausmaß dessen zu begreifen, was gerade stattfindet.

Twin-Flames und Seelenverwandte

Wir erhalten immer wieder Fragen rund um das Thema Seelenverwandte. Es scheint, dass viele Menschen darauf aus sind, ihren "idealen" Partner zu finden. Also, worum geht es bei dieser Sehnsucht wirklich? Werden wir uns irgendwann auf einer verträumten weißen Wolke treffen und in einen ewigen Sonnenuntergang segeln, während die Cherubim ihre liebliche Musik für uns spielen? Oder steckt doch ein bisschen mehr dahinter?...

Die Gabe der Katalysatoren

Einige Seelen sind hier inkarniert, um einen energetischen Raum zu halten, der eine empathische Unterstützung erwachende Menschen bietet - die Emapthen. Andere Seelen jedoch kommen mit der spezifischen "Mission" einfach durch die Energie, die sie verkörpern, Illusionen zu zerbrechen und die Saat des Wandels zu säen. Solche Menschen kann man als "Katalysatoren" bezeichnen. Sie haben häufig einen sehr konfrontativen Einfluss auf ihre Umwelt und vor allem auf die Menschen in ihrer Nähe. Es ist, als würdest du beginnen, all die Illusionen zu zerstören, auf denen unsere Gesellschaft aufgebaut ist. Am Anfang kann das Leben für Katalysatoren sehr schwierig sein, bis wir lernen, das volle Spektrum dieser Energie zu integrieren, und zu lernen, wie man diese Energie sinnvoll und mit Umsicht einsetzt.