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Awakened Living Views

Living Spirituality in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this New Paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...

Why Spiritual Life is all about The Process!

In my frequent travels around the world, I'm blessed to meet with lots of evolving people, all from different walks of life, but all with commonality about this great shift into the New Paradigm we're experiencing. You're yearning for a new sense of equity and justice for all - a vibration where all sentient life is respected and supported. And another phenomenon that's uniting people is how tough the path is being right now. There's lots of density and resistance people are experiencing, lots of earth-shattering challenges. It's like you're being tested to the limit. My heart goes out to you. What's it all about?

Celebrating Inky the Octopuses "Great Escape"

It's great for people to be able to see the world's dwindling wildlife up close. But when it comes to imprisoning sentient creatures in zoos and acquariums, is it really worth the cost to consciousness? How much do creatures suffer when deprived of their natural freedom? How would we like to be imprisoned? Well here's a creature that voted with his tentacles. Inky the Octopus made a daring escape from his acquarium when the lid to his tank was left slightly ajar. He made light of 'foot', skidaddled down a drainage pipe, and back into the expansive freedom of the ocean - right where he belongs. Yihah!

The Vital Importance of Taking Time Out

I've just taken an unexpected break away from my busy (but enjoyable) Openhand life. It was well worth it. Just taking time away from the landscape you've thus far created is absolutely invaluable - priceless. It means of course that you can 'take stock' of what's going on in your life, what changes might need to happen.

You don't even have to focus too hard, just letting go of any routines means that your bodymind can soften, relax and the soul then gather in strength - upon which, it will shine through into your life with greater clarity...

Raw Hemp Energy Balls Recipe by Trinity

We are really big fans of Raw Hemp Energy Balls here. They have a wonderful way of helping to raise your vibration, whilst providing premium, nourishing soul food. Super easy to make too!

Hemp is one of natures finest superfoods. I am not talking about the stuff that gets you high. I am talking about the hempseed that is available in any good health food store; the tiny, nutty, seed that has the perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fats; the delicious little gem that is jam packed with antioxidants and other nutrients; the complete protein filled treasure trove of goodness. Hemp well and truly deserves a place right up at the top of any discerning health-seekers daily food list.

Brussels UnBroken

So yet another terrorist attack has left its shadowy veil in the heart of Europe, as at least 30 people are killed in the Belgian Capital Brussels. Here at Openhand our hearts and meditations go out to all the people who have suffered. We are with you in spirit, our brothers and sisters. How do you make sense of such atrocity? To me, the only way is to find the truth; to forgive, and allow it to inspire evolutionary change. It's realising the redundancy of a system that pits people again people in a very dog-eat-dog world; instead, going within, feeling the pain of suffering, locating the tightness within ourselves, expanding out through it, then radiating this into the wider world. As simple as it sounds, such expansion of consciousness is the only thing that can ever make a real difference...

What if You did Things Differently Today?

We're living in two worlds right now. The one of the old rules, the old systems, the soft synthetic shoulder to park your dreams on. But then there's another world; one that is forming from the light cracking through the old system. It's a magical place of infinite possibility. It rejuvenates your soul and breathes you back alive. But you've got to look for it; you've got to work for it. The path isn't easy, it's a constant conscious choice to find it in every moment, then to open out into it. It's about challenging previously accepted norms, approaching life differently then you have done before. It's looking for something new - searching deep for that vibe that brings you alive...

All About Maca - one of the most Supportive Spiritual Superfoods

Maca for the Spiritual Journey

Most of us don't find the spiritual journey easy. Personal, spiritual growth involves confrontation of who we truly are, breaking down of the old realities that not longer 'serve' us. It can push us through and beyond limits that we never even thought possible. Yet here we are - getting on with it. It's essential that we take care of ourselves on this journey. For me one of the most supportive foods I've ever found is maca! It's one of natures few true adaptogens - which means that it has the power to help us cope, adapt and thrive in the most challenging of times.

Vote 4 Consciousness

So the US Presidential Campaign has irrupted in physical aggression between the Trump supporters and his detractors. The only real surprise is it's taken so long: Mr Trump's abusive rhetoric has been aimed in all manner of judgmental directions. Perhaps one great surprise though, is that his overt judgmentalism, has still attracted millions of supporters. Sadly, it has to reflect the state of mainstream consciousness. But these are challenging times we're moving into. There's so much fear being evoked; souls can feel the foundational energy of the old reality being unwound. What can evolving people do to smooth the waters?...

Not so 'Smashing' Heat Records

Anyone who follows Openhand will know we're certainly not afraid of the truth. Confronting the truth of life is, to us, the only way to truly set yourself free. You'll have to work with some deep karmic challenges in the process, but let's face it, that's what you're really here for. Despite the denyers (really? still?), climate change is seriously hitting the fan. According to the UK's Guardian, it appears January 2016 was the most abnormally hot month in history. In December, temperatures in the Arctic were a massive 30-35 degrees above normal. The director of the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre described the conditions as "absurd". How can evolving people work with this very inconvenient truth?...

Trinity's 'Ginger Ninja Flu Shot' to keep you super healthy in flu season

There’s nothing like a Ginger Ninja Flu Shot Juice to blast away those nasties! During the colder months, with central heating, confined spaces and less fresh air we are exposed to so many more viruses, like the flu. I am however, pleased to say that I have a few tried and tested tricks to keep those invading organisms at bay. Once those nasties take hold it is harder to shift them. However, if you’ve fallen prey to the flu or some other illness that wants to wipe you out, then you can kick back with a shot of super charged goodness.