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Awakened Living Views

Living Spirituality in Daily Life:
A new paradigm is emerging as the old fear based reality breaks down. If we can begin to live this new sense of beingness more and more, then increasingly this New Paradigm becomes our reality.

These articles and points of view, are all about activating seeds of awareness that may encourage you to live more accordingly to your higher self, and to shine that forth in the world around you for more successful, joyful, harmonious and fulfilled living ...

Climate Change Deal: "One Giant Leap"? Or just one Piddling Step?

So after fraught negotiations for more than 20 years, a deal has been struck by 195 countries to try to stave off the worst effects of catastrophic global warming. Hailed as 'one giant leap' for mankind, it promises to raise $100 Bn a year to help poor countries adapt their economies. It focuses on phasing out fossil fuel emissions and switching to renewables with a goal of zero net emissions by later this century. Sounds good? Hmm. $100 Bn a year may sound like a lot to us on the 'breadline', but when you remember the FED pumped close on $17 Trillion over just a few years to prop up fragile economies, likewise the Chinese, and with the European Banks close in their footsteps, it's piddling by comparison...

Superflares and the Power of Embracing Change

It's a paradox isn't it: we cling to life so desperately because somehow we think it makes us secure and happy. But actually all that happens, is we squeeze the juice out of life itself. Society tries to 'insure' our existence by working to control the resources and climate of the planet, but all it does, is drive society ever close to oblivion. We are on the edge. There are so many ways that life could be wiped out here. But by a simple switch of perspective, that doesn't have to be something to fear. Quite the reverse. It could fuel the freedom to approach life in a way you've perhaps never before done...

What do You want for Christmas?

Traditionally the midwinter festivities were a time of joyous celebration and connection with family, friends and community as the year's work was mostly complete, the days were short and the nights long. Following the winter solstice the days would begin to lengthen again, bringing back the light and newness to the world. Still today, it is a period when people generally have holidays and spend time with their loved ones. A period of relaxation, connection and celebration. So what are the festivities really all about. What do kids really want for example? Here's a video that might really knock your socks off...

Steve Jobs: Finding your Passion

I watched the Steve Jobs movie recently. Have you seen it? In many ways, he doesn't come across that well in it - intense, uncaring to those around him, confrontational and self-serving (although of course we can never know the real person from someone else's perspective). No doubt though, there was a brilliance to him, a 'genius', who believed in what hid did, because he'd truly searched and found his real passion in life. One he was prepared to die for. So maybe there's something we can learn from his life and his stories, that speak of the passion of the soul, and the importance of following that calling?...

Creamy Coconut Curry and Why I Love Fairtrade Ingredients

A curry is a dish of food pieces cooked in a richly, spiced sauce. Every region of the world has it's own style and technique, often inspired by whatever is available locally. Unlike much of the world's population, I feel incredibly fortunate to be able to buy ingredients from all over the world in my local health food store. Spices and tropical ingredients really bring culinary magic into my life - I feel totally blessed!

Daily Inspiration for the Soul

I think there's a huge misunderstanding about the purpose of the soul, and with that, life itself. I put it to you, that the soul is an expression of the One - of pure presence. And it's purpose is to actualise the One in every moment - as an expression. When you hit this sweetspot of life, without needing it to go a particular way, then you channel the enormity of the universal flow through you. It shapes things you couldn't possibly have previously imagined. But you have to let go into it, and here's the challenge: genuinely not needing a specific outcome; instead, giving yourself wholeheartedly, 100%, without reservation to the path that naturally wants to happen.

    I've always found the street art Parkour a great metaphor for this. Just sheer self-expression with no purpose. So watch this video, let it inspire your day. There's a reason why 75 million other people have!...

Meditation for Inner and Outer Peace

In the wake of the saddening loss of life in Europe recently, I feel the most appropriate Openhand response, is to encourage quiet internal reflection. The world is undergoing energetic realignment, which will always undermine the security of those who try to control our world.

Who are you without your labels?

Labels, labels everywhere! Yet, who are we really without our labels? Take away the labels and what remains?
What remains is something incredible... the YOU that you were born to be.
We are not our labels.
We are not black or white.
We are one, boundless and free.
I had tears by the end of this video. Tears of recognition. Tears of joy. Tears of 'YES"...

Mother Nature Speaks: "I am prepared to evolve... ARE YOU?"

Gaia is Shifting into the 5D

I recently found this little gem of a video, capturing the 'words' of Mother Nature so perfectly. Having such a profound connection with Gaia, it sent shivers through every cell of my being. These two minutes speak volumes, about how Gaia is evolving and moving on, and she's compelling all sentient life to join her.

Listen to the words, feel the energy and allow it to take you exactly where it is meant to...

Balanced Majestically on the Spiritual Blade Edge of Life - "The Walk"

Have you seen the movie "The Walk" yet? It's a must for all on the spiritual path. It's the stupendous true story about the french man Philippe Petit, who from an early age, clearly allows his soul to animate his dreams, his life and his destiny. Inspired by the circus, he becomes a tight rope walker, and then, at a time when the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre are being built, has this ridiculously crazy idea to suspend a wire between them....and walk across! The film is gripping from start to finish. I found it profoundly inspirational in a very spiritual way...