5D Shift: The 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

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The 4th Industrial Revolution on planet earth has just begun. Society is set to be transformed in the biggest shake up since steam power. The cogs first swung into gear with a revolutionary new "White Hat" technology called "Blockchain". It has since been seized upon by society's controllers, fuelled by an interdimensional ET consciousness that would consume humanity into a synthetic AI based agenda. The shadow system is currently rolling out new lines of digital banking communication like railways into the Wild West, yet challenged at every twist and turn by Benevolents, punching holes through the ensuing density so that the light can break through.

The controllers would lock the shift down in one way, but with awareness and creative willpower we can ride the inflows to ensure maximum sovereign freedom is available to those who claim it. The caterpillar has just become a crysallis. Who wants to be a butterfly?

The 4th Industrial Revolution is Upon Us

"Never waste a good crisis". So sayeth those in the World Economic Forum who would seize the opportunity to transform society following the humungous changes instigated in the name of the pandemic. It was almost so perfect for them, you'd have to imagine it was planned that way (of course it was!). But what I see is that even they are pawns in a greater game that's been played out across the cosmos for aeons. And that is the "harvesting' of souls by an interdimensional ET consciousness.

As unpleasant as it may sound, as humanity unfurls his interdimensional wings, fledgling souls are going to have to get familiar with the vast array of life forms in the field all around us, a proportion of which do not have humanity's best interests at heart. These controllers have disconnected from the usual cycle of growth through reincarnation, to that of manipulating consciousness and genetics so as to create synthetic realities of their own intention and agenda.

Understand More About the Interdimensional Intervention on Earth

AI, advanced technology and transhumanism are the tools of their trade. BUT, this is well known and well observed by the benevolents that are working tirelessly to illuminate this fallacy, to bring light into the darkness and shine a realigning pathway for all with the interdimensional sense to see. Just as the crisis has been engineered purposefully to reshape society, so the benevolents are seizing the day. As society now transforms, we have a golden opportunity that we must each grasp with soulful hands.

It won't be by any means easy, at times we'll be pushed to our limits. But that will be the crafting of our spiritual mastery, with expanded awareness paramount at this pivotal point.

Here's how to remove entities and implants from your Field

It's looking pretty dense and dark out there at these times. I see around me many small businesses being closed, people being layed off and the 'house-for-sale' signs going up everywhere. Meanwhile the likes of MacDonalds and KFC thrive as (at the time of writing) the stock market of the big corporations booms (unless the controllers purposefully pull the plug that is). It would be easy to get distracted and depressed by it all. BUT, remember where this is all really heading...

Gaia will "reset" the planet too, in the most tremendous shift imagineable, where the winner and loser, profit and loss, predator and prey mentality will be swept away in the tsunami. Right now the foundations of a New 5D Earth are being formed in the ether all around us, based upon the 5D Crystalline Grid. The 4th Industrial Revolution will transform society in the short term, yes, but it will be short lived. The 4D industrial bubble will burst, as new day dawns for 5D Earth.

Explore How the Field is opening up with the 5D Crystalline Grid

Angels Amongst the Blockhain

The controlling agenda of the 4th Industrial Revolution all hinges on a new digital economy running on the "Blockchain". It's a distributed ledger system, which was originally built for cryptocurrency, where pioneers across the planet could exchange payment for services at lightning speed with minimal cost and crucially, OUTSIDE the heavily manipulated and stacked central banking system.

Since it's instigation, the first generation Bitcoin has punched a gaping hole in the controllers financial dam, where now capital is flooding across to a new reservoir, which initially at least was beyond their hegmonay and manipulation. Yes they've piled in since, yes they will do their damndest to control it. Right now, behind the scenes, there is a race on to do just that. But as flowers bloom in the desert after spring rain, so these new technologies are opening countless new petals and blooming. Innovation and inspiration are totally natural. They walk hand in hand with freedom and sovereignty. And nothing or no one will stop us!

Here's an initial understanding of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

A veritable army of angels are amongst us, and in the ether, at this pivotal time for humanity. Plenty of souls are waking up BECAUSE of the pandemic. A wave of sovereignty is sweeping across the planet that will be hard to contain. Right now, a parting of the waves is taking place. Where some will willingly follow the carrot of the universal credit into the synthetic reality, others will find new ways to connect and collaborate. Above all, we must learn to ride the energy of the soul, which is interconnected with the Universal Torus and feeding this transformation. It's time for us to become courageous and emboldened.

A Game of Smoke and Mirrors

DNA manipulation through Vaxxs is very much their long term agenda, because when you manipulate the DNA, you block out the carrier signals of the soul. It makes people more acquiescent. It's all about controlling people within a synthetic transhumanistic agenda. If they can wrap you into a new autocracy, then increasingly people will be more compliant to their attempts at increased regulation.

Let's be clear, at this moment, most of us are dependent on the resources mined by the corporations. For too long humanity has willingly fed from this teet, despite it's destructive behaviour that we've clearly witnessed since even the times of Romulus and Remus. And it's this that we must extract ourselves from.

For every soul that chooses freedom of action and sovereignty, another hole is punched in the controllers intentional dream. Let's be clear what we face: the controllers aim for a highly synthetic reality with the bulk of humanity consumed within transhumanistic conurbations, interconnected through the new digital technology, all orchestrated by AI. This reshaping is ALREADY happening in the name of the pandemic by the removal of the middle classes and the intentional destruction of small business. BUT, what they are also acquiescent to, is that with many more of us, they cannot risk complete rebellion and breakdown in these early stages. This in turn opens channels of possibility for those who dare to reclaim your sovereign power and freedom of action.

So what can we do?

7 Ways to Gain Freedom of Action in the 4th Industrial Revolution

1) First and foremost this is a game of increasing awareness. Consciousness is ascending across the planet, which is exactly why the controllers have risked emerging from the shadows with their clear agenda. Consciousness is the key, as waves of light now penetrate through, each of us that is prepared to open up to the soul and trust in its guidance will find new reconfiguring pathways through the terraforming density. At times you'll not even see the light at the end of the tunnel. That's okay, it's often only by looking backwards that you see all the steps have clicked into place. So above all, understand the process of Ascension and how the soul meditates through the Shift.
Understanding Ascension...Primary Concepts

2) If you have a flare for technology, and the idea of helping break down the hegmonay of the shadow state, then do explore the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. It's a veritable minefield at the moment until greater ease of function is developed, but tremendous opportunity exists for increased financial independence and freedom of operation. It will be manipulated by the controllers for sure, it already is to put people off entering this new hybrid paradigm. But they are lagging behind the curve and with each passing day, new opportunities and possibilities are emerging. So if you resonate and have a technological flair, do explore the early adoption of cryptocurrency. However, do your own research and be careful of security - their are plenty of thieves out there, including those in the banking industry!
An outline understanding of the current flows in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

3) Innovation and resilience will be crucial soul frequencies to master and embody. Consider that the world around you is terraforming. Also greatly so due to climate change. Plenty of working patterns will perish. It will become nigh on impossible to live in particular climate ravaged zones. Be mindful that food chains will become increasingly challenged at times too. Importantly don't wait until some crisis happens. Ask the soul, "what am I being invited to do right now?" Learn to follow the soul, even if things don't at first seem to make sense. As challenging as it seems, actually due to unleashed flows of consciousness, there's much greater opportunity. But continual innovation of beingness and how you live will enable you to thrive in this transforming world.
Here's an Openhand video on how to progressively Innovate to Thrive

4) Some people will choose to go more "off-grid" and look for ways of living on the fringes of the system. This trend is growing stronger by the day. Small community groups are springing up all over the place, which is a trend that is set to flourish. In the book DIVINICUS I've likened these to "Islands in the Storm" that will pop up across the globe and flourish in the transition. There are already plenty of places where you might live in community and exchange labour for off-grid food and accommodation. Explore the Woofer network and Helpex

5) Plenty will choose to mediate through the system, like "Ghosts in the Machine", in some ways appearing like "good citizens" yet exploiting loop holes at every possible twist and turn. The shadowstate is progressively trying to remove civil liberties. But crucially their legal systems stand under the Common Law. If you know how NOT to consent, if you know how to disassociate yourself from the legal fiction that is your name on your birth certificate, then you can NON-COMPLY with pretty much all of the bogus statutes and regulations that have been introduced. It will be a challenge, and you'll need to pick your battles. Also be aware that high level lawful action is ALREADY taking place around the world against the legality of the plandemonium measures. The dam against the flow of civil liberty will ultimately break.
An understanding with reference material on reclaiming your Sovereign Rights

6) Perhaps the most important driver in all of this is Gaia herself. Have no doubt, she is working with us. The Old Paradigm needs to go, because it didn't serve the interests of all sentient life. The intervention needs to be unwound and realigned - stripped away from the earth to other locations in the cosmos more of their frequency and karmic healing requirement. So she will purify, and do so through a mechanism of progressive climate and environment unraveling in the greatest shake up the earth has ever seen. Over time, this will break open the globalist industrial resource chains. Therefore within the new Hybrid State itself, local resilience and community support will become utterly essential. Explore for example the Transition Towns movement and how it might inspire you to connect with more local community support groups where you are.
Here's an insight into the global Transition Towns Movement

7) We're here to heal karma. This is what's created the old 3D construct in the first place. For example: how to work in harmony with others yet retain individuality and sovereignty?; how to be at one with all sentient life?; how to be in the dense physical, yet not disconnected from the divine flow?; how to become fully multidimensional, yet grounded, integrated and coherent in beingness? These are just some of the inquiries humanity is growing through. Plenty of you reading this will have healing gifts and frequencies of beingness specifically seeded to support emergent souls in the shift. Maybe you incarnated to facilitate the emergence of a new humanity? It is for sure a powerful growth area on the planet right now and greatly needed by the wider population.
Unfurl Your Destiny and Thrive by becoming a Spiritual Facilitator in the Shift

Acclimatising to the 3D/5D Hybrid State

The 4th Industrial Revolution has begun. Clearly it's been planned for some considerable time, but it won't all go the way the controllers have intentioned it. The flow of light is spontaneous and unpredictable. It will always find ways to breakthrough and breakout. It's a universal process of light permeating the darkness, breaking down density to progressively establish higher harmonies. Hence despite the intentions of the shadowside, we're going to find ourselves morphing into a 3D/5D Hybrid State. And as dark as things may at times seem on the planet right now, nevertheless, it's exactly because the density is being so challenged.

Let's not forget that humanity actually needs this mirror and co-created it so as to expose progressive layers of karmic unconsciousness - it's how you wake up and integrate greater soul coherency. So as challenging as this metamorphosis may seem right now, it's entirely necessary. And we must each summon the courage and commitment to progressively unravel through it. We are seeded to do it. We CAN do it!

When the caterpillar becomes a crysallis, it has no idea it is destined to become a butterfly. But one day for sure, the sun will shine, and for those who've endured the intense inner work, multidimensional wings will unfurl and take to flight, as a bright new day begins.

Through this process of metamorphosis, we must develop strong daily spiritual practice. If you resonate with what I've shared, and could benefit from support in unfurling your multidimensional wings as we enter this new 3D/5D Hybrid State, then explore Openhand's Evolutionary Events 2021.

In loving support

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22/10/20: How fast the landscape around us is terraforming in this 4th Industrial Revolution. We will look back on these months in times ahead and realise "that's when it all happened". Yesterday, the international consumer payments giant PayPal, with 346 million customers worldwide, announced that in the weeks ahead, it would be selling 4 cryptocurrencies on it's customer accounts. Do not underestimate just how massive this will become.

Thus far, the Blockchain has been the sexy new domain of the Misfits and Mavericks, who jumped ship en mass after the creditcrunch of 2008, saw the writing on Wall Street, and looked for a different way of decentralised exchange and connection, using currencies that had real value because of their limited supply (Bitcoin for example will only ever see 21 million coins mined). Thus far it has been the domain of the "White Hat" pioneers and wayshowers, that has rendered many a sleeplness night to the central bankers and controllers. With this announcement yesterday, that is all set to change.

The first four cyrptocurrencies to be sold on PayPal will be Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Ethereum and Litecoin. All four instantly jumped several percent in value. In the last 24 hours an extra $10 Billion of increasingly worthless cash burnt across to Bitcoin. This is coming at a time when we are about to experience negative interest rates for savers in the current banking system - meaning rather than receiving interest on savings, you'll have to pay for having the cash in the bank. When you consider that some crypto wallets offer 5% interest on Bitcoin and Ethereum (check out Blockchain.com), then how long do you think it will be before the ripple becomes a tidal wave?

I have to say aswell though, that this "revolutionary new offer" by PayPal is not all that it seems on the surface. Lift the hood of this exciting new "car", and there's a governance that plenty of new consumers won't initially get the significance of. What am I referring to? Cryptocurrency is meant to be decentralised, where you can trade anonymously with anyone anywhere in the world. When you buy crypto on PayPal however, you WON'T be able to take it off their centralised system! Wow. That's a massive implication. My guess is that's why they were granted the initial license - it's the system's way of luring people in, but then controlling and limiting them. The exchange fees are likely to be high in comparrison to a crypto exchange or regular Blockchain wallet. But I do accept it will likely stimulate mass adoption of genuine cryptocurrency, which can only be a good thing for the Blockchain. I imagine plenty in the know will soon circumvent and go to the exchanges to get their crypto.

What will this mean for regular banks?

I get the sense that the controllers are ready for some of them to start to fall. It might be it's their way of "saving the drowning people" by instead offering the new CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). We've already heard that 80% of them are currently developing or testing their own CBDCs. What you have to consider is that in the fractional reserve banking system, the regular consumer banks require minimal amounts of their customer's savings actually on deposit. This used to be only 10%, which subsequently fell to 1% and as I understand it now, due to 'special pandemic measures', there's no longer a requirement to hold any of the reserves - wow! What would that do to a bank if just 5% of the customers switched across to crypto? The bank would fold quickly unless they instigated a bail-in (where they withhold your deposits). Hmm. Something to think about (don't say I didn't warn you!). Especially when you're on negative interest rates and having to pay to keep your money there. And by the way, the new crypto banks (like the Kraken exchange) are required by their license to hold ALL their customers deposits on account.

Kraken Becomes First Crypto Exchange to Charter as a Bank in the US

I wonder where "Kraken" got it's name from? Could it be this famous movie? Hmmm. Highly synhcronous I'd say...

The Hybrid State Begins to Take Shape
The Openhand "Gods" told me some months back that we were moving towards a "Hybrid State", and I do believe that this movement by PayPal is a very significant indicator of that. It signifies a new kind of freedom wanting to break out more widely, but also that the system will try its damndest to seize some degree of control. My sense is that society will shift to two basic tiers: those being controlled by the reconfigured corporate system, and those who've managed to find a degree of freedom by being light on the toes and savvy about what is now taking place.

IMPORTANTLY, enough light is breaking through and stirring up the old swamp for the continued emergence of consciousness. More people will awaken and begin the journey of Ascension that our planet is desperately calling for.

Do check out Openhand's lead article on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the 3D/5D Hybrid State

It's essential to get a good understanding of what's terraforming all around us.

I will be giving a Facebook LiveStream this coming Saturday, where I'll share an energetic perspective on what I feel to be taking place. Do share with your friends because it's likely to be an unmissable inquiry...

The 4th Industrial Revolution - Openhand Facebook LiveStream 24th Oct

And finally for today, I felt to share this crypto news video about the PayPal development. BUT, let's be clear, THIS IS A SPIRITUAL SHIFT. Even though it presents as monetary and technological, it's all happening BECAUSE of the shift in consciousness. Few, if any, spiritual commentators are talking about this 'hybrid state' development right now. There's either the usual "love and light" disconnect or else the doom and gloom of the conspiracy movement. It is neither. The light is stirring up the swamp and breaking through. It's a very positive sign and important that we each capture and amplify the soul flow through our own lives.

Daily 5D Shift: Transmutation through the 4th Industrial Revolution

Openhanders be bold. Times of such tumultuous change favour those of courageous hearts.

20/10/20: For today's insight into what's going on in our crazy times...
I felt to share a video from a lady out of Japan who calls herself "Crypto Eri". In it she's sharing where some of the main players in the financial sector currently stand with regards the great financial reset that is right now gearing up strongly.

Just to remind everyone, the real reason for the instigation of the pandemic and lockdown measures are what we're coming into now - the 4th Industrial revolution happening all around us. And this in itself is caused by the controllers wanting to lock down the Ascension. It's all interconnected.

Check out the lead article on the 4th Industrial Revolution Above

Two of the speakers are Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund and Jerome Powell, Chair of the Federal Reserve. You'll hear Jerome Powell say that 80% of the national reserve banks are either experimenting with CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies) or else actively developing them at this moment. There is a fair bit of financial jargon, but I share it because I believe what's coming will be essential to all our lives and how we best mediate through these times. Here at Openhand we will do out best to illuminate higher consciousness pathways through the shift and at the moment, through what is being termed the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Don't let the video phase you, but see what's your take on the sense of it. And then do share in commentary below. What do you feel about what's going on?

Other Updates on Openhandweb today:

If you feel a degree overwhelmed by life's changes on the planet right now, check out this insight...

And how to catch higher dimensional waves as they sweep in on the planet...

Also some wonderful inspiration from the soul-stirring Mei-Lan...

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I'm on a shamanic course learning to implement shamanic principles into modern life. Anyway we did a meet your future Ancestors 200 years into the future. 

There was a moderator two people from present day and two of us were to connect 200 years into the future. I was in the future.

The moderator began asking questions on our behalf to the present day people.  How are you coping what are your immediate concerns. 

So four people doing the exercise several others tuning in to the exchange. Several groups doing this exercise. 

Right away I got the words, " thank you for your sacrifice."  Also the appreciation that there were far fewer humans in the future. 

At the end of the exercise the future people were invited to say a few words. Well all I had was thank you for your sacrifice, you are so brave to live in those times. 

Now I understand that what I saw or felt was a probability and not a premonition.  But it was like looking back to pre second world war. Thanking those people that were about to go through tumultuous times and the massive sacrifices they were about to make.

Do you see what I mean, no war here but a massive change, which will be lets say be challenging to humanity. Open your efforts to help us through are so welcome, crypto and Blockchain yes its the future. But there are still so few on the path. The tipping point has to be very close and a great test awaits us all. 

The spiritual community think that something will happen, quickly, and we will all be in a new Paradigm of love. light and mutual understanding. Hey I don't know what I don't know, but I cannot ignore that feeling of awe I felt as a future me for the present me. 

I'm smiling when I say this. " Winter is coming."

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Thankyou so much for your sharing Keith - deeply inspirational Thumbs Up Sign

As you say, no war indeed, but a massive change. And the point being it is happening right now - all around us.

Everyone needs to be awake and aware in order that they become the instigators of the shift and not the victims of it.


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According to NASA, and other space agencies, all Terra Earth's brothers and sisters have undergone inexplicable, to their physical belief systems, energetic changes.

Do we believe we exist outside the environment our Provider/Creator Earth lives in?

Just as our bodies do not exist outside the millions of years of genetic evolution, neither does our home.

The change to a higher dimension is a done deal, for everything in this area of our Universe.

Of course, with those whom have an intentional choice (man and all the energetic beings that surround and exist with us), there is, apparently, still time to choose a different vibration, reality, string.

Darkness can only exist in places we refuse to shine light.

So much love for you!

I really appreciate reading your articles. You speak so much truth and it's so good to finally read something that's TRUE. Everything you wrote was so on point with what's occurring. I also especially love your positive messages that the light will break through. I feel the same way! I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 when I was 17. I am 33 now. I have gone through many years of trauma and suffering but am coming out on the other side now an realizing it was all apart of the bigger divine plan to make me a enlightened master. I am beginning to grow my wings and transform into the crystalis as you say. Such a beautiful message. Thank you! Another message I really resonate with is the lotus flower and how it grows up from the muddiest and murkiest of waters.... This is how I look at what is occurring and also if you look at the process of BIRTH, it is a very painful process. We are going through the labor pains of birthing a new civilization , a new earth of pure absolute divinity. The most pure and beautiful place in all of creation! So yes of course it's going to be a bumpy road at first, but I have seen the future and it is beyond words to convey :) That vision keeps me going in the darkest of days. Thank you again dear brother of the light.

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Thankyou for sharing a snapshot of your journey Rachel - very inspiring.

Open Thumbs Up Sign


I've followed the rise of cryptocurrency for several years - I've always been intrigued by its tremendous opportunity to break open the central banking hegmonay. And it's been highly effective at doing so already. It wasn't going to take long therefore that the controllers and mainstream bankers would jump into the fray and try to own it - at least control it. One of the new trends I've seen developing in the sector in recent years has been the "pump and dump" phenomenon by the currency traders of the big banks - they pump funds in, drive the prices high, then dump for a quick profit. It does irk! Crypto has far more to offer than a quick profit - a good way to view it is as digital bartering - which was more the energy with which it began.

For all those interested in this new sector, it is therefore highly volatile and that's what we're witnessing right now. Crypto took a nose dive these last few days due to criminal irregularities in the BItMEX trading exchange.

However, it is bouncing right back again. Beware at these times though, because the stock market bubble is expected to burst in the immediate future, which will temporarily nose dive crypto too. It's definitely something to be aware of. If you're into Bitcoin and Ethereum, they will likely be effected in the short term by a stock market dive, so explore stablecoins like Tether. It could be a good hedge against volatility in the few months ahead, especially due to the presidential election in the US. Most definitely do your own research (I am not a financial advisor!). Also watch the signs and synchronicities - I'm finding the light is able to speak through these new technoligies pretty well. My attention has been drawn to Ws everywhere recently - a double dip and a double rise!

if you'd like a more left brained view in the current situation, here's someone I find has some great insight...

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