Daily 5D Shift: Transmutation through the 4th Industrial Revolution

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The 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. In the false pretext of the pandemic our lives and the very structure of society are being transformed. The controllers would have us move into a synthetic high tech reality that is carefully regulated and monitored. BUT, they will NOT have it all their own way! There's a heart-warming emergence of consciousness on the planet for both young and old who are challenging the narrative and determined to live freely, supported by the Benevolents and "White Hats" who are helping punch gaping holes of light through the dam.

I've been writing about mediating through the 4th Industrial Revolution recently on Openhandweb - it's essential to stay abreast of the rapidly transmuting situation that we may thrive in it...

Controllers Playing Catch-Up

An economic reset is immanent. I'd be highly suprised if it didn't happen (or at least begin) within the next 6-9 months. Why all the unsustainable money printing if there wasn't a way out of the humungously growing debt?  The stimulus packages are the sweeteners of the lockdown, but the kicker is yet to come - your country offering a new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) providing of course you tow the party line - including the escalating controls of the plandemonium.

At least that's the plan, but it will far from go all their way. In fact they're playing a frantic game of catch-up. Because day by day, money is pouring out of the centralised banking system and onto the Blockchain into crypto currency. Here there is real value to be found - Bitcoin, which has a limited supply, it can't be endlessly diluted, and the likes of Ethereum that builds smart contracts (DAPPS) for a new way of decentralised connection and communication from peer to peer. It's a breath of fresh air, which is breaking the hegmonay and control of the system. The dam is springing leaks left, right and centre.

Here's an Overview of Cryptocurrency in the upcoming Quantum Reset

We're living in a process of transmutation. And even if you struggle to keep up with the technology, even if you have little interest in the Blockchain, that's okay, the most important way to benefit and thrive is to recognise the process of TRANSMUTATION that is taking place through the field. It's all churning right now. Which although destablising, offers great opportunity for evolutionary growth.

Take a look out into the world right now. What do you see?

Our Lives in the Lens of Illumination

Plenty of people have gone into fear, panic and worry. They can feel life changing strongly around them. In fact they're even clinging to the mask and the pandemic measures, which seem like a measure of a new "normality". It's like clinging to the deck chairs as the ship starts to sink - it gives the insecure ego-mind something to latch onto. Alternatively, you can just let go. Yes, let go! You could embrace the insecurity and uncertainty, let it come through you, and work with it as an engine of transformation and change.

Wherever you might get tight there is a golden opportunity.

This is all about the revelation of soul. Where do you attach to the physicality? Where do you unconsciously limit your limitless being?

You'll feel it in all the contracting tight spots - where you get fearful and panicky in society, where you get frustrated in relationships, where you go into unconscious routines and patterns - where you zone out. These are exactly the places to catch yourself and work through with a daily process of transmutation: you regress back into the situations; feel the tightness; express it so that you can illuminate it; see the attachment and then let go by becoming The One in it. You then unwind out and express your gloriously liberated new found aspect of soul. Woohoo!

At Openhand we call it the Breakthrough Approach

A Golden Opportunity in the Shift

In all the years I've been here, I have never witnessed such an opportunity than at these times - the shadow side is rampant, which is in fact a great impetus - it activates all the inner triggers. And if you don't surpress, then you have a golden opportunity to work through and transmute the inner density.

As I've been saying for some time, we're coming now into a "hybrid state" in society - a new paradigm is shaping. Let's be clear, it certainly won't be the 5D Paradigm yet, which will still take some considerable time to unfold within a great process of Earth purification. But it is a step in that direction. Even dredging up the swamp is necessary, because that's where the buried nuggets of soul gold (such as personal sovereignty) are to be found.

Here's a Download Meditation on attuning the Chakras to Infuse Soul Sovereignty

Believe in the Divine and the Light of Your Soul

So if you're finding it hard work right now, if you're going through bouts of insecurity and even fear, if you find yourself challenged in all aspects of your life, that's okay, you're doing the right thing. It's necessary. The old world consciousness must be dug up and worked through. And the most profitable way you can respond is to allow the process to happen - turn into it as it arises and work it through. It will seem unpleasant and inconvenient, but that's exactly what triggers the necessary buttons.

It will look dark at times because everything is dredging up. That's okay too. Believe in the light of your soul. Trust in the benevolence of divinity. If you've made it to this step, then everything is working just fine. What is the next step?
In this moment what is the invitation? What are the signs and synchronicity saying? Go with the flow of the moment and trust that it will all work out.

Life on the planet is terraforming in unpredictable ways. But you don't need to predict. You don't need to have it all planned. No logic will win the day in this transformation. Instead trust in the unraveling feeling that comes through your heart. And in the higher knowing that simply lands in a flash of inspiration. We're being helped and spoken to by an army of angels in the field all around us right now. The light is coming through the darkness. Let's make sure we pick it up and amplify it through. Take that step that breathes an uplifting gust of fresh air into your soul!

If you want to engage in the process of Spiritual Transmutation in these times of profound evolutionary change on the planet, consider coming to one of the...
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Thank you dear open for your light..the benevolent timeless grace always that has been always, the Holy spirit of my God....working tirelessly to uplift mankind in the form of knowledge, revelations, art, beauty, health, heritage, togetherness, much more than is seen by the eye....behind the scenes

sharing reflections - how truth is actually our mirror, be it in different shapes, sizes, even ideologies and how sovereignty is so important, loved the picture of merkaba recently posted..

convergence of the light for balance and rejuvenation..to take place


sending love 


The three leading crypto currencies in terms of market capitalisation right now are Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP. Here's a very brief overview of some important recent developments. I thought to share, just to give a sense of what's happening..

Bitcoin: a great deal of institutional investment is pouring in from companies who see the bankruptcy in the fiat money printing scandal. Bitcoin is seen by a growing number of investors as the new digital gold - a store of value. Hence the price is progressively moving higher. What many don't seem to realise however, is that without major technological development work, it will not be able to withstand a new quantum computing system. Personally I feel Bitcoin to be an excellent short term hedge against paper money deflation through the next 12 months. After that, it will all depend on how the technology develops.

Ethereum: it adds value to crypto by the creation of distributed applications for denstralised peer to peer connection, both for payment and a raft of other emerging possibilities - electing government by the people and of the people for example, but also a vast myriad of other unimagined opportunity. Ethereum is the front runner with these Distributed Applications (DAPPS) and as yet is greatly undervalued in price. It's limited by slow contract per second speeds (CPS) and high "gas" (exchange) prices, but this is set to change when Ethereum 2 is released. If this is achieved by the end of 2020, then the price will very likely hike much higher.

XRP: this is an interbank exchange currency designed to allow swift exchanges between different currencies (CDBCs) at radically reduced cost and time. It's a highly advanced crypto, which may get used widely within the new financial system. There's no guarantee of this, but the development team "Ripple" are making numerous connections to update the old banking processes. If they succeed in gaining market share, then the price of XRP will strongly evaluate.

There's a plethora of new "Defi" coins being released all the time, each with unique applications and approaches. If the space interests you, it's essential to do your own research and investigation.

Please Note: At this time, crypto currency is highly volatile, but the metrics are strong looking through 2021. The presidential election could be disruptive depending on who wins. Likewise if the stock market bubble bursts crypto will also likely initially fall, although still the fundamentals are strong for 2021.

Here's a really insightful overview of what the central bankers are planning right now with regards transformation of the banking system. If you're not familiar with the terminology, CBDC means Central Bank Digital Currency. It is NOT crypto currency although may look similar. Crypto currency is decentralised and can't be so readily manipulated...

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Don't know about cryptos, but this is just insane, really seems that they don't care anymore. Money is a week point in the system, it's just too easy to print more and more. Hard to see happy end when this bubble burst...