Quantum Financial Reset to a 3D/5D Hybrid State Ahead

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Since the beginning of the Plandemonium, society has been changing in unprecedented ways and not necessarily as the controllers would have it. The ongoing, catalytic and unravelling Ascension of Consciousness is wildly free and unpredictable, with maverick rebellious souls and movements popping up all over the place. That said, we stand on the verge of a quantum reset within the financial and technological fabric that underpins society, which will transform it in ways not seen since the emergence of the internet revolution in the 1990s.

We're moving inexorably towards a new 3D/5D hybrid state and it's essential to be on the right side of history in order to thrive in it.

The Writing on Wall Street

The soul of humanity is positively yearning for a more just and equitable way of living and being within society, where people are not controlled by an "elite" one percent of one percent lurking in the shadows. Along came a bunch of bright "White Hats" and invented a decentralised way of connecting and exchanging outside of the banking system called "Blockchain"; upon which cryptocurrency was established - the first generation being that of Bitcoin. Suddenly the dam of the controlling system sprang a leak and began to look decidely shakey. What if this leak was to become a stream, then a river, cascading into an ocean of mass adoption? The 3D system as we know it would get washed away in the surging tide, like castles on sand.

Relating Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to the Unravelling 5D Ascension Shift

The controllers may be many things, but they're certainly not dumb. You can bet your bottom dollar they saw the writing on Wall Street. I guess they also knew they'd have to reclothe and reshape to withstand the inevitable backlash that's been brewing by a more awakened and sovereign human consciousness. Thus, for those really prepared to inquire and join the dots, you can clearly see their bootprint all over the eco-friendly, leftish "woke" movement, trying to steer and cajole the political dialogue in that direction.

They'd need a new financial system to underpin a 3D metamophosis. What if they could hijack the Blockchain? You can clearly see the fat fingers of the financial "regulators" doing their utmost right now in that regard. But those behind the scenes chose to think out of the box, and into space. My sense is that although this reaching for the skies may have begun with the benevolents, it quickly got usurped by the controllers. You always get that in shifts of consciousness, it's never black and white. Each of us will need to move past that polarity - the rigid duality - if we are to evolve in consciousness. Best to see consciousness more as a progressive metamorphosis.

So what did they create in space?

A Quantum Financial System

Plenty of leaders around the world, including Trump, have been strongly hinting that the current financial system is 'broken' and something 'very smart' is on the way to replace it. What might he be alluding too? We know that quantum computers are already upon us - they work by creating different quantum states relating across semi conductors and have massive computational power. In recent days I've been hearing from various sources that a new Financial System already exists in the background, that is applying the decentralised Blockchain, but sitting on superfast, all new, Quantum Computers run by AI. Some even go as far as to say this new QFS is sitting on satellites orbiting the earth. Wow, sounds Star Trekish right? I have no way of proving it at this moment, but what does feel accurate to me, is that a new quantum system is on its way and may already be live in its proving state - quite possibly that was what Trump was referring to. Recent personal synchronicities for me have confirmed the creakiness in the old Swift Banking system and how it's springing huge holes due to security, slow speeds and overloading.

5D SHIFT: the 5G/5D Ascension Synchronicity

Right now, if you join the dots, the banking system, governments and regulators are preparing themselves for an enormous "reset", where the fiat money in your bank account suddenly switches to digital currency flashing around 'the ether' on a new QFS. It would have massive consequences, which are as yet, not fully predictable. Although already some alternatives are predicting debt will be written off and there'll be a new Golden Age of prosperity ahead. Personally I don't see it that way. If Donald Trump manages to stay in office, maybe there'll be more freedom and a degree more widespread sovereign possibility, but I still see some of the reclothed shadowstate with their fingers in the new QFS pie.

What will it mean for the maverick Blockchainers and the cryptocurrencies some of you may already be holding? If you manage to make the right choices based on the kind of reset I've described, some cryptos will see a quantum leap in valuation, whilst others will sadly bite the dust. Take Bitcoin, the darling first generation crypto that everyone is pilling into right now, like the new form of instantly mobile digital gold. Pinch yourself hard. Learn something about the technology before investing. In its current form the code would NOT withstand Quantum Computing. It would become as leaky as a sieve, and would need to be further augmented. That may be possible, but for me, synchonistically, I've been seeing the Great Bear in my visions of the stars lately. My sense is that Bitcoin will be a good store of value in the short term, as fiat currencies plummet, but in the long term the going could get shakey.

Keeping Your Feet Firmly on Terra Firma

But other cryptocurrencies will no doubt prosper in the migration across to a new quantum system - and I also imagine the 1st generation Blockchain system will run in parallel for some time anyway. Those projects that add value to currency, through distributed applications (DAPPS) will likely do well - such as ethereum and a plethora of emergent others. And if you happen to have a more risk-taking entrepreneurial "betting" mentality, pay attention to the dark horse XRP (actually I see it as a blend of black and white!).

Plenty behind the scenes are saying a new smart cryptocurrency will replace the dollar as the world's reserve currency for interbank trading when the new system is widely adopted by global banking. XRP would be well suited to fulfill this - that's what its founder company "Ripple" are positioning it as, and my sense is that this is being seriously considered. As I understand it, XRP is designed to hold a steady value, irrespective of the varying flows of currency. It's value is currently low, but that would certainly rocket if this adoption actually happened (...let me be clear, I am NOT a financial advisor and although crypto currency is growing greatly in popularity, it can be very volatile!).

Meanwhile what about those with their feet still firmly planted in terra firma? I can see the possibility of many things. I can see Plandemonium 2 featuring in 'cinemas' again this winter, terraforming society in an attempt to make people more compliant to the need for restructuring. Somehow the humungous debt in society will have to be dealt with. By pegging the new digital currencies to precious metals like gold (which Trump has also hinted at), maybe there'll be a debt reset? How will they pay for it all? I can see hard earned savings over a certain sum suddenly disappearing into a new Plandemonium Bond (giggle but the World Bank has ALREADY created one). As the fiat currencies switch to digital, there could well be a degree of devaluation. Maybe we'll all just have to bite the bullet and consume less? Which of course, where Gaia is concerned, would be greatly beneficial.

Many will lose their work and receive some kind of universal credit, which for some, will not be a bad thing at all. If people have more time to dedicate to what truly brings them joy - if more time can be invested in bringing consciousness alive, then that can only be a good thing. Of course this will also depend on a widespread challenging of the plandemonium narrative. In this new emergence of sovereignty, I do see the possibilty this can happen on a broad scale.

Reclaim Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

Ascension of Consciousness into 5D is the Ultimate Driver

What we're facing in the immediate future, is a wholesale transfomation of society, caused by the Ascension of Consciousness more to 5D, a clearing out of the 3D swamp (to some degree), but also the newly reclothed shadowside desperately trying to grasp the reins of the new Financial System in what I'm calling a "hybrid state". And the key for ascending people will be to realise this new 3D "Paradigm" can only be temporary. As I spoke clearly of in DIVINICUS, there will be many iterations of the old construct before it eventually sinks.

There's a saying that great change brings with it great opportunity too. Personally I regard the upcoming reset as a great opportunity for those prepared to get their heads around the machinations of the new system - which begins by getting a sense of the impact of the new Blockchain technologies - particularly the applications (DAPPS) that will sit upon the new financial system. They're already emerging like spring time flowers. There's a fork in the road up ahead, and if you want to thrive in the new Hybrid state, it's important to be aware of the likely impacts. Right now, history is in the making.

Make no mistake, the Titanic of the old 3D system will ultimately go down - taking this new hybrid state with it. And by far the best thing we can each do in preparation, is launch the 5D Spirit Light Boats. That said, we're living right now in times of tumultuous transition, that we'll each need to learn to navigate if we are to thrive in them. Some will want to go off grid. That would be my personal primary choice - but the Universe has its own design for us, and for now at least, my path is clearly directing me to surf these tidal changes that are already in flow. However, I certainly won't be losing sight of the ultimate goal - that of heavenly Ascension into the new Paradigm. See you there one day, washed up on 5D beaches!

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Here's an interesting video from a cryptocurrency commentator about what he sees as the financial reset looming just up ahead. It's clear to me this is highly likely to happen within the next 12 months, the first possibility probably after the US election and maybe over the Christmas period when the banks are closed. I think that would be a possible timing. Check out the video...

A few people have asked me privately about my views on Bitcoin, about it not standing up to quantum computing without further development and that this makes it a risky investment/currency. But let me elaborate on that.

Firstly, right now, 'the market' seems to view Bitcoin as 'digital gold' and therefore a good store of value and especially protection against the inflationary strategy of the central banks - eroding the value of paper money by printing endless amounts of it. For example in the USA right now, the amount of state borrowing is higher than the country's net assets - meaning it is essentially bankrupt. Like many 'developed' economies.

This is why it's clear a reset is coming - and most likely to a digital economy. And within this, it's highly likely there will be some degree of devaluation of currency. Hence the growing interest in Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies). Bitcoin, like gold, has to be mined (although bitcoin is mined on sophisticated computer systems). What this means is there's a limited supply of it and so it's value rises when there's increased demand. This is why many see Bitcoin as a safe haven in the reset and why the price is generally rising and could sky rocket.

However I still maintain my original point about Bitcoin not being able to sit on a quantum system. So I would say Bitcoin to be a good 'hedge' against paper money inflation, but only for a certain period of time. Perhaps a year or so. I personally hold Bitcoin, and will likely continue to do so until after a reset. But then I'd look to sell it unless some major development took place.

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I am full in Bicoin and crypto. (I feel also dogecoin, as it's a symbol of meme war).
 I also feel crypto as a way to quickly get financial freedom... But this crypto paradigm will be short. 

In reply to by Quentin (not verified)

Hi Quentin - crypto and the blockchain is certainly a new revolution out there, and I agree, will open up new freedoms for those wanting to have independence from the state. It is also essential to say, it's very turbulent in the crypto field - coins quickly go up and down from one week to the next. Although the ones with a solid track record are generally rising over time. Right now we're in a crypto downward "bear run", which I get the sense is about 'grey' new investors rushing for safety and exiting the market having witnessed the volatility. But those who've been in it for several years will be used to this kind of thing and won't be phased by it - to me it's where the future lies and you can't put the genie back in the bottle once out!

An interesting aspect about Bitcoin is that although I pointed out in my article that it would have to undergo development to withstand quantum computing, nevertheless, plenty new to the market see it as a safe haven. Interesting! It means people will probably have faith in it for some time to come. Personally I see other options which will come good in the medium term.

More and more of what I'm seeing out there and feeling leads me to believe there'll be a financial reset fairly soon - maybe in the first part of next year, where we switch to state run digitalised currency. I suspect that will include a heftly level of devaluation along with some form of Universal Credit. Which as I said in my article won't necessarily be a bad thing for plenty. But yes, if you are wishing to thrive more strongly and have more financial freedom, the blockchain is worth exploring and also the safe haven of precious metals like gold - I do believe the new system will likely be pegged to it.

Only time can tell. The essential thing is to be awake and aware of what's unfolding and choose the right path as guided individually by your soul - but definitely NOT in fear - great change brings with it also great opportunity. Particualrly for growth and emergence.

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Ugh. My heart breaks for those committed to the darkness... That have fallen into the false narrative of drumpf as a hero of light. The progressive, "People before Profits" movement is the light of Love an Compassion that seeks to improve conditions and alleviate suffering for all. We must raise up ALL fellow humans. The new technologies won't be centered around "money" but rather upon abundance for ALL. Clean Water, Cleaner food, clean up plastic, free energy, growing more healthy food, education, hunger, homelessness...I pray that ALL would connect with Heart+Mind Coherence for a chance to see through the dark manipulations!

In reply to by Doug Zerbarini (not verified)

Hi Doug - I share much of your sentiment indeed. Thumbs Up Sign

Here at Openhand we recognise the crucial aspect of this Plandemonium, has been the invitation to reclaim soul sovereignty. We're each invited to look in the mirror of what we have each created. Because whether we like it or not (at an ego level), we're creating everything. The shadow state only exists because "we", as a majority, continue to acquiesce to it. Fortunately, with the clearer revelation of the shadow side through its actions this year, many more people are finding themselves now in a place to see through the charade and challenge the narrative.

You say... "we must raise up ALL fellow humans". Who is going to do that? Who is going to determine what "raise up" actually means? Is that another kind of agenda determined by someone or some group of people? Who is deciding?

The key point I'm making with the article, is that shifts happen as consciousness emerges, and that this happens progressively, from one state to another. Hence it is never all light or dark - metamorphosis happens through shades.

Fortunately enough people are beginning to challenge the Plandemonium narrative - brilliant. AND, the same people (including pretty much all of us except those who are truly off-grid), depend on the financial system that underpins society - people continue to buy from the corporations and thereby give power to them. It could of course all collpase, or be brought to collapse - which would be disastrous and chaotic for all. OR, it could be progressively transformed by bringing greater light into it - which is my approach.

In my eyes the Blockchain began in that way - exchanging outside of the centralised banking system - creating new ways to connect and share. Many have taken back financial sovereignty and chosen to go that route. But as I said, you rarely, if ever, get a sudden change to something that is light. It usually morphs. So another key point of my article is that although the Blockchain is a benevolent creation, nevertheless, the controllers are working to take the reins, and will likely succeed to a degree - assuming the Quantum Financial System goes fully live. Hence the next hybrid paradigm will likely have both shades of dark and light in it.

I do believe it will contain more opportunity for a wider percentage of the population - which of course can only be a good thing. But the crucial aspect to realise about this and everything that's gone on, is the invitation for each individual person to claim sovereignty and raise themselves up. Whatever the conditions we each find ourselves living in, that will be the forging of soul, which this whole plandemonium has invited.

That's not to say we can't encourage and support each other, of course we can, which is what organisations such as Openhand are all about.

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We're in the turbulent process of moving into a 3D/5D hybrid state, where an infusion of light is transforming the 3D 'swamp', to a degree. Pivotal to understanding why the current financial system is broken, is to understand the nature of money and of debt slavery that the majority exist within. This is why Blockchain and cyrptocurrency (as discussed in the lead article above) became so popular - a maverick pionnering break from the lunacy of the 'factional debt banking system'. I featured this video below several years ago here on Openhandweb. It's even more relevant now than it was then. I think it's useful to inform yourself on the true nature of money and how a fictitious and fraudulent illusion underpins the Old 3D Paradigm...

Yes, to plenty reading the new article right now, "Quantum Financial Reset to a 3D/5D Hybrid State Ahead" (see above), it will seem like rocket science! Nevertheless, I encourage all reading to get a sense of it and then do some research of your own to get an early sense of the likely effects. In that way, you start to equalise with the transforming landscape, meaning your soul can more accurately align through it.

More to follow. Watch this space (LOL)!

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