Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

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A rebellion of consciousness is happening that's starting to establish itself in the most exciting of ways. Phase 1 Lockdowns may have eased, but just as predicted, in places we're already witnessing stage 2. The erosion of civil liberties is steadily slipping in. Mandatory face masks in places and digital health passports being planned for example. BUT, there's a growing movement that's realised the state regulations and statutes introduced are subservient to Universal Common Law. It recognises the first principle of "God", our Source Creator: that of the inalienable right to self-determination, free movement and expression. Here's essential insight in how you can begin to reclaim that right.

Please Note: I am not qualified to provide legal advice on the statutes and regulations of the system. I have not been corrupted in that way. As you will come to see, in particular ways, I have rendered myself outside of the jurisdiction of these. But I cannot, and do not, offer legal advice. What I'm sharing is a reflection of how people have begun to extract themselves from this corporate fiction.

The Universal Law of God

For some time, I've had the unquenchable feeling that humanity could begin to challenge the lawfullness under which some of these draconian new measures are being instigated. To begin with, let's be clear of the kinds of things that are currently happening and being slipped in under our noses: phase 2 lockdowns in isolated parts (the City of Leiscester in the UK and various US states for example); firing infrared into the pineal gland to test for the "virus"; digital health passports for travel are being planned; microchips are being inserted in various countries; the mandatory wearing of face masks on public transport in some countries; trackntrace in many countries. This clearly appears to have the underlying intention of denuding personal liberty and even downgrading consciousness to make people controllable within a stated global agenda (check out agenda 21).

LETS BE ABSOLUTELY CLEAR, such measures stand in absolute flagrance of the Universal Law of "God". Specifically: as your soul emerges from the singularity of the Source Creator (the singularity), it is automatically bestowed with the inalienable right to self-determination, freedom of expression, movement, and the unrestrained actualisation of itself.

You may rightly question, "what place does this have within the legal systems around the world, how can this understanding actually help me in that regard?" The truth is, in the most profound of ways. And in ways, which when more people realise, can even come to topple the very system itself. What we need to realise is that this Universal Law of "God" of which I speak, is actually (either accidentally or by design) ALREADY enshrined in what's known as the "Law of the Land", under which most countries of the World stand. Not only that, but the statutes and regulations currently being introduced in the name of the pandemic are not lawful, and are being  challenged most effectively by those who know how to act under the "Common Law". What's more, we each bear these inalienable rights and don't have to be a lawyer to enact the power. In fact since most lawyers and legal representatives stand within the system, they are obliged to fulfill the charade of the system, which is purposefully stacked against you and designed to disempower you with legalise, BUT, crucially, only by your consent to it. We unwittingly consent because of the way the system legality is presented to us. However, you can stand outside of this system in basic and simple ways that even the system itself has to recognise. You just have to know what your rights are and how to enact them.

That's not to say the system won't try to ride roughshod over these rights, but more and more people are successfully challenging the legitimacy of the system and succeeding, as you'll see below. I should also say at this point, to enact this sovereign right, is going to require you to invest some quality time of investigation. But the rights are basic, fairly straightforward to apply, which movements around the world are ALREADY enacting with great success, by regular people just like you. That's the rebellion of which I'm speaking that is growing day by day around the world which is now being engaged at the highest levels, calling into account, in the courts, the very functioning of the system itself. Particlarly because of these new draconian measures being introduced, that many of us deam unfair, unjust and unlawful.

It represents, in the most poignant of ways, clear evidence of what I've been feeling taking place in the underlying field - a clear movement to reclaim personal sovereignty in these pivotal times for humanity. Do stand up and take note, research the infromation I'm about to share, because currently a war is being conducted on your consciousness and it's high time to do something about it. And what's most important, we can win!

The Legal Fiction Created for You at Birth

What we need to understand is that practically all countries in the world are registered corporations, the statutes and regulations of which (I purposefully don't use the word "laws") are really non other than contracts. People are being conned into accepting these contracts by adopting a 'legal fiction' within these systems (based on your identity), which when you acquiesce to, and identify with, means you're actually agreeing to the contracts laid down in these regulations. BUT, when you know how to disagree with them, even these state corporations recognise your greater power under the universal Common Law, and specifically, the Law of the Land. In the videos and reference material linked below, you will see how regular citizens are ALREADY challenging the state corporations and their statutes. For example by getting inside the loop of the issuance of the contract and making the governors of the corporations legally liable (in financial terms) for what happens to you. The mere enactment of this liability alone, in very basic terms, can be enough to send the corporations running.

It goes even deeper than this. When you were born, a birth certificate was created on your behalf (without your consent) and entered into the system - you unwittingly became property of the corporation that masquerades as your country of birth. This now depends on you identifying with the 'legal fiction' that is your name. Whenever an agent of the said corporations (the police for example) acting on behalf of the corporations engage you with regards to the regulations and statutes, they're actually enacting contracts with you (it's easy to know, because you merely have to ask them what regulation or statute they're engaging you about). In which case, it you identify as the legal fiction, you are inadvertantly acquiesing to these contracts. Which is why they always want you to identify your name and address. However, it is possible to extract yourself from this 'legal fiction' and register yourself, as a Living Human with a Lawful Identity, under the International Common Law Court. By doing so, you now stand under the jurisdiction of the Common Law, and crucially OUTSIDE of these statutes and regulations (should you so choose). This is what plenty of people are now doing (around 500 people per day in the UK). Personally, I have taken it even a step futher than that, which I also invite you to contemplate. And this is enfolding the deeper spiritual truth. Which is that you are not even your identity. This is how I apply it to me...

I am Open. I am a sovereign being of the Source Creator, and stand under the Universal Primary Law of personal sovereignty, freedom of movement and expression. I am embodied as a Living Human standing under the jurisdiction of the Common Law. To be perfectly clear, I am NOT the legal fiction of the corporate system that was created for me through my birth certificate and WITHOUT my consent. However I now own the legal fiction to navigate the system.

You make it clear that you are a sovereign being of God (the Source Creator) registered under the jurisdiction of the Common Law. You've extracted yourself from the legal fiction created for you, but you now own it as the primary means by which you navigate the system. Furthermore, if the said agents of the corporate system continue to try to enact the regulations and statutes (through contracts) of the corporate law against you, they are in effect acting fraudulently (providing they're acting on oath to uphold the Law of the Land). And so you reserve the right to render them personally liable for any sufferance to you that this might cause. This can be done by recognising the oath that such servants took upon entrance into their service. For example, in the UK a police officer takes this oath...

I, do solemnly, sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of constable with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, and that I will uphold fundamental human rights and accord equal respect to all people, according to law.

What they're actually agreeing to in reference to "law" is the Law of the Land which is enshrined in the Common Law. Not the corporate legislation and statutes. Therefore it becomes possible to accept their oath and render them liable under it. You'll see this principle being effectively applied in the In Power video at the bottom, with regards to the bosses and agents of the corporations.

For example, personally, I would value each day of my freedom of movement at around £100k (a very conservative estimate), for which I would render any agent restricting that freedom personally liable. I would make it clear that as a Living Human, I stand under the justisdiction of the Common Law Court to which I am within my rights to call the agent into account. What you'll witness in the video material below, is that how bosses of corporations, politicians and even judges are leaving their posts where this personal liability is being accurately enacted. Because it is lawful. And in many cases they are acting fraudulently.

If you explore for your particular country, I believe you will see that all such agents of the system actually swear an oath to something that equates to the Common Law - such as the constitution in the USA, which was formed from the Common Law.

The Walls Come Tumbling Down

We are at the early stages of these realisations. And I'm not saying this will all be straightforwards in the beginning, by any stretch. BUT, people around the world have begun this process of liberation from the corporatocracy of the system. With each one of us that does it, by merely taking ownership of your Legal Fiction as a Living Human, you will find the system beginning to break down of itself because it is built on the premise of you identifying AS the legal fiction created about you. I recommend it's high time to begin to investigate what I'm sharing and to start to take action by reclaiming your sovereignty under the overriding law of our Source Creator  - that of "God". It's up to you of course whether you begin. But what's essential to realise is that we've reached a crux point in life on the planet and within society. The way things are going, if we continue to blindly acquiesce to the system, then our rights and freedoms will be progressively taken, making it much more difficult to retrieve. We need to act now, so as to protect our civil liberties in the Shift.

Make no mistake, the Shift of the planet into higher consciousness will still happen, this will all unravel at some point in the medium term. But what we're talking about is your freedom of movement and expression within the Shift right now - the ability to self determine. A crucial aspect in the Ascension of Humanity, is clearly the reclaimation of personal sovereignty. It's fundamentally integral, at whatever the apparent personal cost (cost to the ego). It's clear this is a driving dynamic of the Shift itself. The Shift is causing, and thereby inviting, this direct confrontation with anything that would restrain it. It is the untangling unravelling process itself.

Here below I share an overview of some of the practical ways in which people have already begun. I urge you to inquire. Then to begin to consider ways in which you might get involved in this reclamation of your sovereign birth right.

I should futher add, that at times, and in particular ways,  I do give limited consent to the corporate governance system where it provides a fair service. For example, I do consent to pay taxes in order to support the infrastructure of society in a way that benefits the people. Likewise I consent to pay vehicle tax for driving on the roads, council tax for my residence so that rubbish can be collected for example. But I retain that as my free will sovereign choice and based on the fairness of the various services provided.

Registering Your Lawful Identity under the Common Law

As peviously mentioned, unwittingly, we've thus far consented to a legal fiction created about us at birth. In a very simple and speedy online process, you can register your birth certificate with the International Common Law Court (which is what I've done). This very straightforward act, which extracts you (as a "living human") from the  'legal fiction' and thus stands you outside of the corporate statutes and regulations (the 'contracts'). Instead you (as a "living human") stand under the jurisdiction of the Common Law Court. You do still have to know how to enact this jurisdiction to make it effective, but standing under the Common Law is the first step.

It means that should you wish to, you can challenge the 'contracts' issued against you by the state and without your consent, by not acquiescing to the legal fiction they created about you. The imposition of a vaccine for example. I hasten to add, to enact this, would require some depth of understanding gained through research.

Here is important reference material I suggest you come back to having completed the rest of my article...

Intro Video on Taking Back Your Sovereignty Through the Common Law Court

Question and Answer Session on How the Common Law Court Works

To register your birth certificate under the Common Law Court, and thereby establish your Lawful Identity, go to this website and investigate the process...

The Common Law Court

Enacting Common Law through Liability

Here is now the most exciting and adventurous part - the means by which you can begin to enact your inalienable God given rights. It's where you start to make the agents of the corporate governance personally liable, in a straightforward financial way, for their actions against your freedoms, health and well-being. In the example given in the video below it is concerning the impact and removal of Smart meters. But as will become increasingly clear, this can then be applied to all aspects: the imposition of a mandatory vaccine; lockdown that damages your personal freedom and rights to earn a living; face masks that damage your health etc etc.

This is one of the most inspirational videos I have seen in our times. In it you will witness for sure a couple of embodied angels directly challenging the system and succeeding. I urge you to take quality time watching it, digest what is taking place, and then (as I have) get involved with the "take back your power" process. It's early days, but as you'll see in the video, the effects are already quite astonishing...

Here is the In Power Website where you can sign up to gain regular information on the progress of this process... In Power

Our Time Has Come

Back at the beginning of this year, 2020, I pointed out that it would be a year of special significance - a parting of the waves, where to thrive and succeed in the Shift you'd need to make an internal decision and begin to navigate with 20:20 spiritual vision. Specifically, meaning to learn how to connect with your soul and to follow it. Because the Shift is beginning to separate out ascending consciousness. It's time to decide if you choose to be on board that process. The train has begun to leave the station.

Right now we are witnessing, in graphic terms, the initial effects of that Ascension process. The lockdown  of society has been instigated BECAUSE of the Ascension of consciousness on our planet. It's a last ditch attempt to try to curtail it. This agenda will not, cannot, ultimately succeed. But the question is, how many souls will extract themselves from it? Who will go with the Ascension?

What's currently revealing itself in this Ascension Process, this elevation of consciousness, is the immaculate way in which the Universal Law of freedom of expression is enshrined in the very Law of the Land by which we live. Corporate governance stands UNDER the Law of the Common people, UNDER the Universal Law of God. In this Great Shift taking place, "God", our Source Creator is now revealing that to us in the most spectacular of ways.

Will you take back this Universal, Sovereign and Inalienable right?


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(Special thanks to Aspasia for the diligent research material referred to in this article. Her work can be found here...Aspasia Awakenings)

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Thank you so much for this information.  I have been Awake for over 30 years about the Child Trafficking but not until 3 years ago about the Corporation of our Countries and how the Legalise terminology utilized by the Black Law Dictionary created to TRICK US.  It is Legal Fiction.  Bless you and I am signing up for the Inpower movement right after I finish typing this message.  I want the Truth and the Truth to save peoples lives!  I knew something was wrong about these Smart Meters and I told my husband several times that they were designed to Spy on our usage and control it. TREASON!!!! I NEVER knew they evoked dangerous radiation and dramatically affecting the health of my family!  I want to do this in my home and help as many people as I can as well!  Love, Light and The Truth!  The Great Awakening is upon us!!!!


All contracts by the government are fraud and illegal. 


Here's a snapshot from Berlin where tends of thousands took to the streets to march against the bogus science of the VIR pandemic and the blatant falsehoods played out through the media. Interstingly this one is from the UK Guardian, funded by G8tes - even they can't deny some aspect of truth!...


Just 147 people have died in Melbourne from the said vir-us. Not many in a sprawling city of millions. Yet this is what I've gathered are the restrictions to civil liberties being imposed according to an article I just came across. It's shocking, and all totally unlawful. It shows you what the system is capable of and why we must all work as best we can to keep unravelling the charade...


Police may now enter anyone’s home without a warrant.

Curfew 8:00pm.

$1,652 fine if outside without “a valid reason” – an amount being raised by the day

Can’t visit any family or friends.

$200 fine for no mask (mandatory masks at all times).

Can only exercise once per day, for up to 1 hour. 

Only one person per household, per day can leave the house (including for groceries).

Can’t go more than 3 miles from your home.

Weddings are illegal.

No gatherings of any size.

Army is on the streets fining/arresting people.

“Since March 21, a total of 193,740 spot checks have been conducted by police across Victoria.”

Protests/activism is illegal; people have already been arrested for peaceful gatherings.

Media is EXTREMELY biased, calls protesters “right wing conspiracy nutjobs” and won’t allow discussion of whether these lockdowns are right or not. 

Several thousand people were placed under house arrest and unable to leave for ANY reason, with food rations delivered by the army, leading to appalling levels of personal trauma. 

Australia won’t release how many fines they’ve given out, but an ABC news report says it’s over $5.2 million so far.

Streets of Melbourne are empty, even in a city of 5 million+ people. People are HATEFUL to each other, everyone is cannibalising their neighbours (calling police to report any little infraction of the rules and turning on each other like some socialist hellhole).

Billboards outside on the street that say in capital letters: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STAY HOME.” They feel extremely oppressive, like we’re being yelled at by a very oppressive government.

Let our hearts and meditations go out to the Aussies.

Open HeartHeartHeartPraying Emoji


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Hi Open,

I feel the oppression here greatly, have been wondering lately how things could possibly go another 30 years with all this craziness.  The person who bought this house for me decided not to give it to me, turned into this ugly controlling landlord. Another lesson for me in be careful who you trust.   He ordered me around yesterday and told me not to talk, not to say one word!  What balls!   I said Stop ordering me around!  I refuse to be silenced so I gave voice to the fact nobody will control me!  This person is very controlling and if you don't do what they want, they'll just evict you out onto the street.  Oh well.  I will stand in my sovereign power.  This person is a "Democrat" and not awake at all.  They don't believe anything but what the gov't says.  Will be a rude awakening at some point for them and for so many others who are still asleep.

So I feel today to start selling off some things but really have no idea what direction to go in yet, only to try to sell things for starters.  Lighten my load in case a door opens for me.   I'll just see how it goes.  New restrictions are always being ordered on people though my town in all these months has had NO vir--us!  They were showing zero cases on the news but changed it back to 89 yesterday but that's from day one back in Mar.  The newer numbers are "presumed" cases but the last ones turned out not to be the Vir.  Only 1 person in the hospital, everyone else recovered in the county.  So far the police have not enforced anything at all and are not being defunded.  Yet anyway... so the VIR. is definitely propaganda.  It's a pandemic of control!

So what to do?  Our online event is tomorrow, I plan to be there.  My new laptop gets a hot battery after an hour, (I used it at your last facebook meeting) so I may have to switch back and forth from the old to the new laptops to keep the batteries from overheating, and be let back into the event each time to give my new laptop batteries time to cool down.  Will start on the new laptop and see how it goes.

Many times I feel like this entire crap is so hopeless but I'm still hanging in there.  One day at a time....


In reply to by Sherri Sunnygirl


i feel for you Sherri - yes I know how ridiculous and respressive things can be. BUT, this is where we have to build trust in the expression of sovereignty - that it will carry and the control drama will break down/transform.

So engage in the outer yes, but of paramount importance is that you stay embracing the higher dimensional light too.

Very best wishes

Open HeartPraying Emoji

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This man has had many small strokes and because I have a lot caregiving experience and medical intuition, I saw it happening and got him an ambulance in time and saved his life.  He told me I saved his life.  So I'm not sure what he's been so angry about lately, not just with me.

He says he sleeps terribly night after night but doesn't believe wifi, cell phones on by his head at night, smart meters on his house etc...cause loss of sleep.  He thinks Socialism is a good thing and wants Trump out of office and Biden for President.  I don't know why so many of those Democrat or Liberals seem to have this cognitive disconnect that Socialism is a great thing, maybe they're all still asleep?

But anyway, he ordered me a solar light that came in the mail today, for emergency use if they shut power off.  He says he's also going to put in a new hot water heater, which would be great.  So, I stood up and let my voice be heard when he thought he'd control my voice yesterday.  I was mad for a while, and had to work through it until I could see him with compassion and breathe out the anger.  I keep myself and him surrounded with white light at all times, believing this helps.  He does not live here with me but comes to do work here some days.

So he's over being mad for now.  I'm still going to find things to have a yard sale just because I don't need so much stuff.

Looking forward to the summit tomorrow.  I think I can get in just fine to the zoom room on both laptops.  Will get on early to be sure.  I expect it will be a great 4 days!

HeartPraying Emoji




OMG, did I wake up and somehow I slipped back to April Fools Day? Apparently now in the USA goggles  are being recommended to protect against the Virus. Take a look at this...

Now you're having a laugh, really. You're making a break as a commedian, right?!

I have an even better idea, how about we all get space suits and that'll even prepare us for our colonisation trip to Mars!

Goggles, are you kidding me?...

In reply to by Open


Don't you just adore synchonicity. So here's my priceless encounter in the Health Food Store in Glastonbury right after posting this about masks, goggles, spece suits and Mars...

I walk up to the counter with several people around me wearing masks and felt a wave of humour come over me as I approached the till. A jolly young lady was there to serve. I couldn't help myself but broadcast quite loudly,
"you know what, they'll have us wearing googles next!"
To which she smiled, laughed and replied,
"I do hope so, I look so cool in goggles".
"You know what's coming after that?" I replied, "Space suits!"
"Oh yes!" she said, I'll look so cool!"
And before I could add about preparing us for colonising Mars she said...
"You know what, we'll look dead cool on Mars".
To which I replied on leaving...
"Well I promise to come and break you out of the geo-dome!"

It was priceless. Just priceless. I laughed so hard my jaw was aching!

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😂😂😂 I know right? I Read it last night and i was like, i cant be reading this right!?

ON another note in Cyprus they are preparing us for another lockdown.  They are also introducing the local lockdown.  There are so many measures and laws to challenge that i Get frustrated.  I Get frustrated because i cant reach the People on top and hold them accountable or challenge them. 

In reply to by V@so


The same is happening here in the UK Vaso, which again, I had to laugh about....

Here in the UK they have 'locked down' the North of England. Apparently this is a very well behaved virus - it's not going to fly over, around or through this imaginary wall!

You just have to laugh

Open Smiling With Sweat Emoji

Wake up quickly people - surely we can all see where this is heading.

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Hi Open,

Wishy Washy Fauci is a nutcase, he changes the story daily on what is and what isn't.  And the people just stay asleep and go right along with it.  I saw some woman say she was safe because she wore contact lenses and eye glasses.  I've also heard talk of maybe a national lockdown in the U.S., not just localized states or cities.  I think that will just trigger more mass rioting!  There's no shortage of riots as it is and these people are burning down cities.

 But I question people every time I go out, and every person at this point says they will never take any vaccine, nor will they get any RF chip.  ( Fauci seems concerned about the growing resistance to the new vaccines coming out soon. )  Yet the majority seem to be going along with the mask mandates.   I took my own thermometer to my dental appt. yesterday and used it and the woman didn't really care or look closely at the temp. results.  I still see some people not wearing masks too.  It is not enforced at this point.

I've felt for the last week or more that things are being greatly rushed to control the people.  I see a lot of hurricanes are forming too.  It will be a crazy hurricane season this year and get this....they are calling it COVIDCANE season!  I'm not laughing at the stupidity of it all.

My little 3G flip phone quit working here as they are powering down the towers and installing 5G rapidly.  I don't want a smartphone so I'm looking into getting a landline again and get rid of the 3G phone when it finally dies.  I also lost a dental filling, had a friend take me to my appt.  He was going to pay and let me pay him back.  The dentist said no charge for the $200 filling and only $27 for the visit and x-ray.  All that was needed was to just put the new plastic filling back in as I could still chew on the tooth with no pain.  My friend said he had money and wanted to pay so the dentist let him pay the full $227.  The my friend told me I did not have to pay back any of it.  So that was great and I'll see about joining the Inpower group.  Synchronicity shows up and blesses me greatly many times when I least expect it.  And I'm happy to let things flow as they choose.

I want to learn all about the Inpower things but they say in the U.S. those cards are not valid.  They are determined to fight against people having their freedoms.  I also noticed many more are taking the concealed carry gun classes and gun sales are skyrocketing!

So I'm looking forward to the summit Aug. 7th.  Will see you there!  P.S.  I will be the one not wearing a mask or goggles!  hahaha

Sherri  Praying EmojiHeart  


Here is a group of frontline Doctors speaking out against the pandemic of fear. It was taken down after 3.2 million views, when what they were sharing was simply something alternative to the mainstream narrative. I found it back up again but who knows how long it will stay. It's well worth watching and sharing.

- They're explaining how the virus can readily be treated with Hydroxychloroquine, which has been certified for many years for these kinds of things, but now the mainstream is blocking it.
- They're saying how the lockdown has been creating far more challenges than the virus itself
- They're challenging the pandemic of fear that's been created

Here's the 3rd version of it. Do share. It's important to all our freedoms...

Frontline Doctors Speaking out About Pandemic of Fear and False Science

Because they're deleting it left, right and centre, you can view it off social media here at this link. When you watch it, ask yourself what kind of system we must be in that needs to ban a collective viewpoint from qualified and highly experienced front line doctors. I guess it doesn't support the need for billions of dollars of vaccines!

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Here's the last link left on Breitbart since they were the ones who filmed it originally. They must be over the target for the establishment to come down this fast and hard on them. Hopefully it gives more people the strength to stand up and speak their truths.


I was sitting in my favourite cafe bar in Glastonbury at the weekend called "Excalibur" - yes, sword of truth, and fortunately the owner is very awake and switched on. I was having a healthy plant based organic lunch from the buffet and sitting watching people in the high street. It was great to see Glastonbury coming alive again - it had a bustling atmosphere with people in and out of the conscious shops - an ancient Bazaar kind of exchange.

I'd say about 20% were adorning masks as they went into the shops and so being intrigued, I'd paid attention to behaviours. These people would be going in and out of the shops, putting their face masks on and off. Which means that whatever bacteria they capture in the mask, they're constantly collecting on their faces and hands, which they then go on to smear across any surface or item they touch. And most importantly, no matter how often they clean their hands, and bacteria is now busy collecting in the facemask.

A couple walk out of the shop opposite, take their masks off to cross the road, then decide to come in for some lunch. Taking their masks out of their back pockets (I wonder how santised that is!), put them back on to come into the shop, thus smearing 'whatever' all over their hands again, before then going across to the buffet and now covering utensils with whatever bacteria they might be carrying around with them.

And so the mask is being probably about the best thing you could wear and carry, were you wanting to more effectively SPREAD the virus!

The utter insanity of it all.

Open Praying Emoji


This takes it to the next step linking 5Jeez with VIR.  This is coming from National Library of Medicine which appears to be a US government institution.  Here is there statement


National Library of Medicine Functional Statement 

The National Library of Medicine 

(1) assists the advancement of medical and related sciences through the collection, dissemination, and exchange of information important to the progress of medicine and health; 
(2) serves as a national information resource for medical education, research, and service activities of Federal and private agencies, organizations, and institutions; 
(3) serves as a national information resource for the public, patients, and families by providing electronic access to reliable health information issued by the National Institutes of Health and other trusted sources; 
(4) publishes in print and electronically guides to health sciences information in the form of catalogs, bibliographies, indexes, and online databases; 
(5) provides support for medical library development and for training of biomedical librarians and other health information specialists; 
(6) conducts and supports research in methods for recording, storing, retrieving, preserving, and communicating health information; 
(7) creates information resources and access tools for molecular biology, biotechnology, toxicology, environmental health, and health services research; and 
(8) provides technical consultation services and research assistance.

With Power,


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OMG - so that's by the US National Library of Medicine Functional Statement. Here's the extract below.

Remember what I said right at the beginning, that I intuitively felt that the Virus was "switched on by the 5Jeez EMF".

Here's what the report says. It's dynamite. I've no doubt that in due time, no matter the censorship of organisations linking the 5Jeez and the Virus, that massive law suits will follow for the companies supplying it, and the plaintfiffs will succeed...

5Jeez (editor) Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells



In this research, we show that 5Jeez (ed) millimeter waves could be absorbed by dermatologic cells acting like antennas, transferred to other cells and play the main role in producing C0r0naviruses in biological cells. DNA is built from charged electrons and atoms and has an inductor-like structure. This structure could be divided into linear, toroid and round inductors. Inductors interact with external electromagnetic waves, move and produce some extra waves within the cells. The shapes of these waves are similar to shapes of hexagonal and pentagonal bases of their DNA source. These waves produce some holes in liquids within the nucleus. To fill these holes, some extra hexagonal and pentagonal bases are produced. These bases could join to each other and form virus-like structures such as C0r0navirus. To produce these viruses within a cell, it is necessary that the wavelength of external waves be shorter than the size of the cell. Thus 5Jeez (ed) millimeter waves could be good candidates for applying in constructing virus-like structures such as C0r0naviruses (C0VID-19) within cells.



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Companies have literally saturated this town with 5Jeez and still adding more antennas everywhere around here, and last week put a small antenna on the pole at the corner of my property.  It's disrupting my sleep.

Any idea how to make a Faraday cage of some kind?  I heard you can buy things to plug into the wall receptacles but things are expensive.  I can still buy 1 or 2 at a time each month.  I wonder if there's a way to surround my bed with some shield to stop the antenna from putting out those signals into my house or room.

I heard 5Jeez lowered immunity but had no idea it could cause the VIR.  I don't have smart appliances or smart phone and turn off my electrical things at night and keep the wifi off when not using and especially every night.  

I'm still following all the information to learn what I can and do what I can to protect myself.

Sherri  Praying Emoji 


I felt to share a legal notce I am personally carrying around that understates legal exemption from wearing a mask plus a conditional letter of acceptance should someone want to force me to do so - I would hold them personally liable for the health consequences. This is all lawful under the jurisdiction of the Common Law. However I do suggest you research your rights. There is also a badge to print out and wear, should you choose to, from the British Lung Foundation. For a limited period of time, you may download all of them freely from Openhand's drop box here...
Openhand DropBox Exemption Folder

Here is the content of the noitce of conditional acceptance and liability...


Notice of Conditional Acceptance


This is to notify you that I am happy to wear a mask as directed, on the condition that you provide the following:

    1. Proof that use of such masks can prevent the inhalation of substances or micro-organisms at the scale of “viruses”.

    2. Proof that prolonged use of such a mask will NOT cause Hypercapnia, Hypercarbia or Respiratory Acidosis in the wearer.

    3. A signed and witnessed statement from you, accepting full responsibility and full commercial liability should I be subsequently diagnosed with Hypercapnia, Hypercarbia or suffer an Asthmatic attack or any other respiratory distress resulting from prolonged mask wearing.

    4. A complete list of your medical qualifications.

  Please use the space below to provide the requested proofs of claim and sign and date it in the appropriate boxes to accept full responsibility and full commercial liability. Failure to do so will be deemed to mean no such proof exists and that you are not medically qualified to make a determination of the effects of prolonged mask use, and/or you are not confident enough to take financial responsibility for my safety as a result of your mask enforcement actions.

Please provide the requested proof and medical qualifications here:


Liability Statement

I, ………………………………. as the official enforcing the unlawful wearing of masks according to parliamentary preference, am fully aware that prolonged use of surgical and non-surgical masks reduces the levels of Oxygen that reach the wearer and increases the dangerous levels of Carbon Dioxide and toxins that are expelled via the breath. I am also aware that prolonged mask use increases the risk of Hypercapnia, Hypercarbia, Asthma and other forms of respiratory distress.

I understand the consequences for the violation of the ‘Nuremburg Treaty of Human Rights’ and that Government directive may not be Law.

I therefore accept full responsibility and full commercial liability for any violation of Human Rights with the fee of £1.00 per second up to a maximum of £75,000 for the first offence and up to a maximum of £150,000 for any subsequent offence or should the bearer experience, or be subsequently diagnosed with any of the above conditions as a result of prolonged mask use.

Signed in the presence of two witnesses:

Dr/Mr/Ms. ……………………………………… Autograph: ………………….…………….………..       Date:…………….

Address: …………………………………………….…………..………………….………………………………..…



Witness: ……………………………………………. Autograph: ………………….……………….…………..   Date:…………....

Address: …………………………………………….…………..………………….………………………………..…


Witness: ……………………………………………. Autograph: ………………….……………….…………..   Date:………………

Address: …………………………………………….…………..………………….………………………………..…


Here's a mask exemption card you can get from the British Lung Foundation to wear...

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Hi Open,

I have no way to print anything and I'm in the U.S. but I have found a way to beat the system and I notice MANY others are now doing the same thing.  I put on a cute cloth mask made by the lady who owns the local fabric store.  I just cover my mouth with it but leave my nose out so I'm breathing oxygen.  Many people are now doing the same thing.

The supposed big issue is they don't want anyone "coughing" virus germs on someone else.  Yeah right....  So the nose doesn't cough.  Problem solved.  Nobody has confronted me and I'm still breathing air and not carbon dioxide.  Not total compliance the way they'd like, but what can they say?! 

I also bought a 30 second digital oral thermometer in case they want me to get a temperature check to go into a building.  No more taking precise aim at my pineal gland to shoot their beam into my brain.  It'll be done my way or no way.  I get to control my life, they don't.  I feel much better since I made these decisions about my life.

I wish I could find some of the forms and badge like you have for printing off but it would have to be useful in the United States.  Hoping to find it catches on here.

Thank you for stand, I'm loving it.  SmliingPraying EmojiHeart

Update:  There is now a lot of fraud being exposed about virus tests showing positive and they've never been used and people who've never taken a virus test getting calls saying they tested positive.  Seems there's mass inflation of the real numbers of those with Covid.  So the governors of many states, including Oregon, are now tightening the restrictions again starting tomorrow, July 24th.  They just refuse to stop the bullsh*t.  They want the small business people to close up forever.   So hopefully people are going to have mass rebellion against this.  They won't win this one in the end.  Too many people are NOT going to submit to lockdown again.

Sherri G.

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Hi Sherri - great that you're taking these measures - well done Thumbs Up Sign

We do have to work to go further though...
1. The masks are both a challenge to health, BUT ALSO, they are symbollic of the control system and the ongoing pandemic measures. By acquiescing to face coverings we are still giving power over to the system. This is what we must work to unwind.
2. I strongly suspect that the testing up the nose, is more about putting DNA material in, rather than taking it out! Because testing could just as easily gain DNA samples from inside the mouth.
3. The Common Law works for ALL countries. So the documents I shared could be applicable anywhere - although there's sure to be country specific badges if you feel the need to wear them. I simply carry around the letter of exemption.

Open Praying Emoji

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Hi Open,

My first suspicions on those tests up the nose was that they had to have something on the swabs.  I'd never submit to a test like that.  I know that they can get DNA through mouth swabs so I was immediately not trusting what they are doing.  I'm still seeing people not wearing masks around here.

There's been much news lately that so many tests are positive for the virus but they are new and unused.  Talk about a scam!  But who is going to do something about it is what I'd like to know.  Why don't the people wake up and see what's going on....

Dr. Fauci was saying on the news yesterday that they are fast tracking 300 million new vaccines at warp speed and will be available this Fall and those who want to get them can.  Even though they are over $3,000 for one vaccine he says they can be offered for free but he was seeing a resistance from people about the vaccine and that was not good.  Well I'm thrilled there's resistance.  I'll never get one and I tell everyone I know and see that they take huge risks to let someone tamper with their DNA. 

Wish I had a way to print those forms you are sharing.

Thank you for sharing  Praying EmojiHeart




It becomes mandatory in the UK to wear a face mask in shops from tomorrow Firday 24th July. So I wrote to my local health food store that has tended to obey the lockdown stipulations. Here is an example of explaining liability. I do trust that I did it respectfully and kindly enough whilst being clear about my rights...

Hi there - firstly let me say how much I enjoy your service. I have been a regular customer of yours for many years <3. I wanted to inquire if you will be insisting on people wearing face masks as of Friday when the new government guidelines come in? I thought you should be aware that many people will be against that, including me. There is no scientific proof that masks actually deter the spread of the virus and in actual fact, the reverse can be true, as they collect bateria over the course of the day. Plus they do nothing to stop the transmission of virus particles that are airborne, because they are much smaller than the weave of the mask. The World Health Organisation website has stated earlier in the pandemic that they do NOT stop the spread of the virus. The masks also put a lot of stress on people who might already have some medical condition. You may or may not be aware that preventing people entering a store without wearing a mask is potentially a contravention of the Equality Act, and could render you liable to prosecution. So I'm hoping you'll have the fairness to allow people to enter without wearing one who might have a genuine health reason not to do so. Wishing all at your establishment well in these challenging times.

I just received a positive and friendly response back that whilst they will encourage wearing them, they certainly won't enforce or police the issue.

These are the kinds of small acrtions we each need to take. It's an expression of sovereign rights and ensures that our freedoms will not be further eroded.


Open Praying Emoji


I went to get on a public transport bus yesterday to be told by the bus driver that I couldn't board unless I was wearing a mask.

I told him that I had a medical reason for not wearing one, in that it was detrimental to my health.

He let me on without questioning.

I did receive a lot of negative looks from the people on the bus who were all wearing masks, but I just smiled back.

We can do it. You just have to be prepared for a degree of confrontation. And that's all a part of Sovereignty.

Open Praying Emoji


Well they want money to join in the InPower and I already spent mine for a ticket to your summit.  So for now that will have to wait.  I don't run up a big credit card debt.



Hi Open,

I just watched the InPower video about Smart Meters.  The house i moved into here came with a smart meter out at the utility pole about maybe 80 feet from the house.  (we don't use metric measurements here)  I called the elec. company right away when I signed up for service, about having the smart meter removed and they said the could do it but I'd have to pay an additional $30 a month on my bill!  That was last year and it's probably higher now... and I get social security disability since 2011, which is very limiting financially.  I'm in my early 60's but still able to think for myself and maybe be able to get into those groups of people who stand up against the 5Gee, smart meters etc...

So now the agenda has gone crazy with installing 5Gee, the virus and lockdown, wearing masks etc..and I'm pretty certain next will be forced vaccines.  I do have the physical paperwork showing an allergy to flu shots/vaccines from the one vaccine I had almost 20 years ago.  Not that I expect the agenda to honor that piece of paper from my medical records.

Now the U.S. has started the temperature check on the forehead by using the infrared device to check for fever before I could go into the eye clinic to get some contact lens soap to clean my lenses.  That was my first time to get that check and she very deliberately aimed it at my 3rd eye.  I don't intend to allow that again after posting my question in Openhander's group (as Kellyanne, I don't use my name on facebook) and you and Ann replied to me.

So I'm willing to sign up for the notifications from Inpower to learn how to get involved with getting smart meters removed etc...  I also very recently got a new certified copy of my birth certificate, thinking to sign up for Real ID.  Not even sure if I should sign up for the REAL ID but the depts. here have put that sign-up date off since the virus here in OR. and to even renew my driver's license next year they say it's all being done online now.  I have a lot to learn about navigating a system when I don't own anything "Smart". 

I  only have an older flip phone with no text (but I could have it turned on for more money if necessary, but it's not like a flat screen phone to text, just the numbers keypad. And no data plan to be able to use online or if it's even possible on that old type phone)  I've wanted to find the groups that are forming to stand up to the utility co. that installed the smart meters.  If one becomes available around here I will join in!

So my next questions are:

1.  Do I need to get a smart phone?  (that's costly for me plus I'd have to have a data plan, more costly and not sure how I'd manage that each month.)

2.  Until I learn how to negotiate in the Common Law court system, can I still refuse to get the temp. check on my forehead?  Is it any less harmful to the pineal gland if you get it in your neck as Ann Beck had answered my question in the Openhander's group?  I think the Dr. used a little device in my ear to check temp. in the clinic last year, not sure how safe that is either. 

I try to avoid doctors and clinics as much as possible and never get vaccines since the bad reaction about 17 years ago.  I weaned myself off the myriad prescriptions they piled on me all the time and only have one more to stop taking and my dr. knows this.  So I've started removing myself from the harmful things even before learning there's a way to start making them liable for what they do to my body.  I switched to herbal and homeopathy remedies which have helped me so much.

At this point I don't know if my pineal gland is fully open yet but I'm working on becoming more aware and awake.  I know this process takes time, you had said 10 years or more to awaken etc... but the way the agenda is being pushed so rapidly, sometimes it feels to me like the vaccines coming out soon are going to be the beginning of the end sooner than 10 years.  So rather than hide in my house for not being able to get new driver's license, drive a vehicle etc...I'll start looking into the things you suggested in your article here and learn the system for making the agenda liable to me.

Above all I'll still be working to rise up in the Shift.  I have my ticket for the upcoming summit in August and I'm sure I'll learn more.  Looking forward to it!

Thank you for all the inspiring topics and information.  It really helps!  Praying EmojiHeart



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Yes I've been hearing about these virus temperature checks on the forehead for a while now - actually shooting infrared into the forehead and thereby straight into the pineal. It haven't had it done to me, but it makes me shiver at the thought - and pretty disgusted about it actually.

I can easily imagine that if it's done a number of times, it could damage the pineal. My real concern is the widespread use of it on children.

I'm sure it's possible to check temperature elsewhere in the body - the whole body is an even temperature.

So how to stop it?
(I should prior add that I am no legal professional and cannot offer legal advice. But I do most certainly maintain that we can protect ourselves within the Common Law - which is why I'm suggesting that people explore their rights under that jurisdiction)

What I'm discovering is that probably the best way is to confront with personal liability. Which would go something like this...

- When I've had this done before it gives me headaches, so please take my temperature on my wrist
- If they object and want to continue: Can you show me evidence that this causes no physical harm? (the point being to SHOW you evidence)
- Again, if they persist, and you're still strong to confront: I'll have the test, but I'll need you to take personal liability for any harm it could do.
- If the tester still wants to continue wants take their name and details and add it to a notice of liability that you carry with you. They probably won't want to go this far.

Now they may try to restrict your entry to the building or facility - this is where it's important to know your rights of freedom of movement. If it's a public building, they actually don't have a right to stop you. Because under the Common Law you're entitled to free movement - and these are statutes and regulations that are being introduced - those of the corporatocracy, which are 'contracts' that we unwittingly acquiesce to. So you may challenge them as not standing under the Law of the Land. They actually don't have a right to stop you, and if they try to, once more, you may hold them personally liable.

Understandably, you may not want to go into this 'rigmarole'. But the problem is this is only where it's begun - face masks, trackntrace, quarantine, infrared testing. If we willingly lay down to all this, then the strong likelihood is (based on intuitive feeling and observation of the direction of the general trends) escalation will continue until many freedoms and liberties we take for granted are gone. And you end up with a dummed down consciousness.

This is why there's such an invitation right now to stand in your own sovereign power, whatever the apparent personal cost (to the ego).
And this in itself is the forging of the soul. I would say that's the clear invitation for humanity right now - that's a main underlying theme of what's going on.

In loving support to you all

Open Praying Emoji

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Hi Sherri,

You said...

The house i moved into here came with a smart meter out at the utility pole about maybe 80 feet from the house.  (we don't use metric measurements here)  I called the elec. company right away when I signed up for service, about having the smart meter removed and they said the could do it but I'd have to pay an additional $30 a month on my bill! 

The thing that we need to get our heads around, is that when the utility company tells you this, it's still an offer. They're still offering a contract that you can refuse, no matter how it looks. You could then search the name of the CEO - write a letter saying you don't accept the contract and find the hike in price discrimination - why should it be more expensive for you to provide the figures? Write with a notice of liability giving them 2 weeks to respond. In the meantime look for another utility company.

This may all sound like a rigmarole, but this is exactly the point.... how cheaply are we prepared to sell our soul?

That's where we're at in the shift right now. How blindly do we accept the conditions thrust upon us so as not to create a fuss?

This is what reclaiming sovereignty is all about. See how good it makes you feel - even if you don't practically succeed.

Some of these confrontations you'll succeed at, others not. That's not the point - the fact that you went out of your way to express the soul means you embody the soul - and that is priceless!

Open Praying Emoji

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Thank you for that info. Open.  I have the most expensive electric company in this area.  I already asked at the beginning if I could get the one I used to have in another town.  Answer: No, the lines only service certain addresses and they all use the smart meters now.  3 electric companies service my street on both sides as this is rural.  My elec. co. services 7 states in the Northwest, not just Oregon and my power lines are across the street.  They will not install new lines from a different co. and I talked to the other co. and they can't install their lines to my house.  I was on top of that at the very beginning.  I'm pretty good at being the squeaky wheel to get things done.  lol  The co. I used to have just installed a little wifi antenna on their pole at the front corner of my property and I"m pissed about that too!  They have those things all over the place everywhere now.

About serving them a notice of liability, don't I need my birth certificate to be registered somewhere and be able to get the Notice of Liability contracts from somewhere?  I just started learning about this topic very recently, had no idea it existed until your article. So I did get a certified copy of my birth certificate during the lockdown recently.   I could research and seek to find the CEO of the power company and write and mail them a letter on discrimination by charging me a higher price for not using the smart meter.  I could CALL my elec. co. and ask them for the CEO name/address and tell them why I need to send a letter.  haha  wonder if that would make them think about discriminating against me.

Keep in mind, I don't even own a smart or flat screen cell phone of any kind.  My old sm. flip phone only has talk.  No text no voice mail, no data or anything so I can't do business on my cell.   It doesn't even use G's like the newer phones.  So I've been trying to find things I may need, like the external drive to upload photo or info.  to be able to do something on my laptop and am being told the technology for that has not been available for almost 2 years.  Jeez, it's way beyond me...and I have to parcel out the funds some each month on my credit card then pay that off.  Which is ok, but I don't have a large credit limit because I have just never got into debt so never needed a big credit limit.  Interest charges are high so I try to never let a balance run over into another billing cycle.

I felt the most important place for my money to be spent this month was for your Avalon Rising Summit.  I'm sure I'll continue to learn more as I go along.

And...something occurred to me.  If this is all an illusion on the planet, do we still pursue things?  I know we're here for this time of transition and I'm also trying to wake up and get self realized.  What a process. Sometimes I get frustrated that I don't just suddenly remember.  But then I let go of that so to stay in the flow.   By the way, I plan to get my own thermometer to carry in case someone says I need a temperature check to get into a building. They can do the oral thermometer on me!

One step at a time..... Praying EmojiHeart



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Hi Sherri - what a great idea - carry your own thermometer for virus testing!

Just be clear when someone approaches you...

- can you show me factual researched evidence that firing infra red into my brain does me no harm?
- if you insist on continuing I need you to take personal liability for any injury caused
- I would prefer either you took my temperature on my wrist or I have my own thermometer

It's a suggestion - the point being to go with what your soul informs - then you're making the sovereign choice.

Open Praying Emoji

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Hi Open, 

I'm searching for more info. on the Common Law things, going to town and will hope to find a thermometer to carry in my purse.  I want to learn where to get the notice of liability!  I'm not familiar with that but open to learning more.  I'm a sponge to soak up whatever helps me create change while I'm still here on the planet.

One thing I know is synchronicity always steps in at the perfect time.  Things are provided as needed whether I have the income at the moment or not.  So my next steps are to find out all I can about this Common Law of the Land.  I heard our gov't was not going to be liable for the vaccine side effects.  Sounds like they're planning in advance for what they know will cause harm.

From birth I've always done it my way, even though I got spanked constantly for it.  I'm still a rebel. haha  And I'm still coming more into the power of my soul each day.  I really want to find the notice of liability forms.  I'm thinking things are happening enough that many people are suddenly resigning.  May be for that reason, but we all know that won't show up in the news.  My thoughts are to try and form groups of like minded who want to stand against the system of control.

Some stores are now reversing their mandates on masks.  No longer making people wear them, just suggesting, so it may be slowly unraveling some more.

Thank you for being here for us and I'll see you at the summit.  Praying EmojiHeart 


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I also do not own a smart phone, and a friend of mine recently gave up his, as it was causing his child to have behavioral problems. Since he threw out the phone all the problems have stopped!



You might reasonably ask, what's the big deal in wearing a mask in society? Even if the evidence from the last decade shows clearly they're not effective against viruses, what's the fuss? If I have to wear one to go into a shop and respect others who might be in fear, what's the big deal?

Here's why...

It begins with face coverings - having to wear them to go into shops. People them get used to idea that there's still a virus, still something to be scared of. And then the government says (as it already has hinted in the UK), we'll have to wear masks until there's a v@cc1ne. This might be your line in the sand. BUT, by now, plenty are prepared to accept the v@cc1ne so as to get rid of the masks. So now you need a digital passport saying you've had your v@cc1ine in order to use basic services we take for granted in life - it begins with travelling by plane, but doesn't stop there. You then need it for public transport, going to the doctors or dentists, when kids go to school, and before long, even entering a store. The v@cc1ne is not mandatory, but increasingly you're disenfranchised from society if you don't have it. That's the issue - it begins with acquiescence to wearing a mask, but now we're handing over sovereignty to the system, which has the clear intention of grabbing ever more freedom, until it's subdued you into its agenda.

An Openhander from Australia contacted me yesterday and shared this story...

A friend just (after much deliberation) decided to take a flu shot because she works with the elderly, and it was a prerequisite  - she’s been in bed for 3 months. She lost feeling in her arms pretty much straight after - and neck. It’s been a big journey of healing for her since. 

It's all about changing DNA, so you can't feel the infusion of soul.

This is why it's so essential rght now that we embody our sovereignty and confront the lies and the illusions.

We can do it. We can stop this. But it does require a wave of courage at this point.

Know that benevolence is there with you, and the light will find a way to mediate through all of this. But we have to be prepared to commit and follow the flow of the soul that wants to come through us.

In any given situation, how does the soul in you want to express?

Open Praying Emoji

I think Fox News shares a useful perspective on the subject of masks and where it's heading...


Anyone still lingering under the idea that life will return to 'normal' in society?

Make no mistake, a war is being engaged on the very consciousness of humanity right now. It's an unseen one, but the agenda is non other than trying to dumb down consciousness - to wrestle humanity into submission.

In the UK it's the compulsory wearing of masks in shops and offices, until you guessed it, yes, a v@ccine is introduced. It won't be mandatory but how do you live work and travel otherwise?

It's going to be economic too. Just as suspected. In the UK they're already talking about imposing taxes on property owners to fill the gaping hole that was created in the bail-outs - the bail-outs that went to the corporations! Can you see what's happening here? It's a purposeful attempt to dumb down and transfer ownership of property and resources to the state.

The next battle ground? In schools, conditioning the young to accept greater control and loss of liberty.

So where is our collective line in the sand? At some point, we each need to decide to act in favour of sovereignty. Before it all but disappears, as those in Hongkong are currently experiencing.

Here's a very interesting video. To me, it clearly reveals some of those battlelines - the new "green/left/socialist" deal, which really appears to be concealing agenda 21 - the restructuring of society into a quasi state of permanent lockdown and control.

I'm not a personal fan of Trump, but it would seem to me that he is fighting to keep more freedoms and liberty.

What's your view on the latest developments in the global situation? It's essential to keep illuminating the shadow right now, as it shifts through society...


Thanks for sharing ans amplifying this issue of reclaiming our sovereignty. It had an impact on me on another level. After reading this, resonating with it and sharing it with some people, I had a confrontation with the authority where I'm working. It helped beyond words to see, how I had created the situation and things were not done to me. It helped to quickly unravel through the issue and find the positive nuggets of soul gold. A small shift in perseption - the place I'm working is a conscious community, a family even, but its also a business organization where I'm being benifited and I'm giving back in equal measure. Unlike many other organization, there are unspoken agreements here and the rules are not carved in stones. This means that relationships are given more importance and sooner or later one end up crossing other boundaries noticeably. It also means one would make much more mistakes. I feel more soveigren and less need for validation, recognition mainly from the lead character here. At the same time I feel a loss, less investment in the outcome, a purposelessness and feeling of not really being at home. I wonder if it's really the identity or the ego that feels the loss, that was expecting something from the outside and came to face the reality. 

In reply to by Vimal


Hi Vimal - thanks for sharing, it's a very positive example you share from working relationships. Thumbs Up Sign

When you reclaim sovereignty, yes, there's less need for validation - very empowering. But you will have to also get used to the fact it can make you feel more alone in your decision making. You're depending less on the holding and security of those around you. Again this is a good thing, but it may well come with a sense of loss - loss of support and comfort. That's okay though - you're learning to be more independent in yourself - more sovereign.

Keep exploring - it's a great inquiry!

Open Praying Emoji



Thanks, Open. 

Just a couple of related comments. One is about just how much social media and Google track and identify us. I have apps which block them and name them all (rather like greys of the internet). It's a shame to have to choose between connecting and some really great insightful and inspiring videos; and being watched all the time.

Did anyone else's town get new extra nosy CCTV around lockdown? And some suspicious things on poles, which I think is for [that thing you call a different name, dive tree] and even microphones.

I checked out the site you mentioned, Open - the Common Law Court, as I am fascinated, but also a bit worried. Who are these people behind it who ask for all my details? I'm also unsure how helpful it is to carry those cards and register when most of the world doesn't understand what it means. I am wary of traps for alternative people. In my research on sovereignty, I found that many enforcement agencies fear free citizens and consider it extremism to curb. I hope and pray as it becomes more known that it will become accepted.

I'd like to make a final point, also related to sovereignty and an abberration of it I experienced today. I've had and seen encounters like this before. It seems that people who have no legal or authority over us - even without the steps you described, Open - try to get it by making relationships entirely one-sided. They don't recognise the people's sovereignty to question and to say no. I tried to go to the library tonight to get rid of some of the zillions of books I've had for months - one of them ironically being called I am Me, I am Free. I was leapt upon by a masked man who broke social distancing and aggressively held up his hands to stop me and wanted me to show my library card. I asked why I needed to identify myself to simply enter the building and return items, and that he was being aggressive. He then called his security colleague who was also aggressive and told me to dump my items and leave, on pain of the police! I asked his name, firmly (but no more so than he'd spoken to me) and he covered his badge and told me to get out, or he really would call the cops! I've complained, for that is a complete abuse.

It seems that these people don't want (or can't cope with) an even playing field, where my right to question and stand in my truth is as great as theirs. 

Open, I watched your recent video where you discuss police defunding. I've been asking a lot about law and police and my answer is a different one. I feel that police are often not the best people to call on to handle a situation, and that they are misused. It seems they're a go-to threat when we can't cope ourselves. I've seen railway staff, post offices, all threaten police to anyone who seems upset at bad service. I am prepared to say no to being asked for my details in many situations, or to acquiesce to searches and any testing and treatment that I've not chosen and consider harmful and unnecessary. But if we can't enter a library for querying why we have to queue and wait in an empty hall, and we can get nabbed for standing up to a bully bodyguard, then we have work to do to get our sovereignty accepted.

This might seem a small incident, but I've noted this for a while: that private staff, including security contractors, simply threaten when someone speaks back to them. They label any noncompliant behaviour as abuse and try to stop you doing what you were going to (in my case, go to the lirbary but it could be something more necessary, even that we've paid for) for the mere fact that you said no, or why? 

I feel that it's important as sovereign beings to challenge this. We hopefully can find ways to diffuse and be strong without being rude, but it seems hard when bigger matters about our freewill and civil rights may well arise and these security people don't seem well trained or very 'awake'.

How can we stand in our truth and awaken them?


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Hi Elspeth,

You ask some important questions for sure.

Perhaps though you're missing the most important one?

What are the questions you're asking saying about you?

Because these situations are all about self-realisation - that's the real sovereignty.

We may want to hide and protect. But the universe sees all. Are we worried about that?

You may work hard to be unseen in a particular way, like on the web, but you are pretty much completely transparent in the field and to the beings within it.

Why should we be worried about being transparent?

What have we got to hide?

Open Praying Emoji

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Thanks for sharing your further thoughts, Open. (I did wait to see if there were others). I did feel that, for a new person on the site, that the question you pose (and not the ones I asked) was a little personally directed. I feel that 'what have you got to hide' is the rhetoric of the surveillance state - which I know, from posts and links on here, is not what you favour, so it surprised me.

There is a world of difference between God, whose complete knowledge of me, as my creator, is a comfort; I like that there's a loving being who wants to be known by me and walk with me and hold me in his palm. She wants me to be all that I am. She lets me choose the level of relationship I have with her and her spirit helpers, who wait for me to reach to them before intervening.

And then, the dark forces who are often referenced on here, and in the links you give, who wish to use health, energy and data to control us. They offer one way knowledge - them of us, not us of them; and they act in their own interests; to stifle and control. They act without my consent, and (they hope) knowledge. They use the knowledge they try to gain of me to gain control.

With any healthy relationship, it's about mutuality and choice: the opening up as trust and intimacy unfolds. That's why I mind corporate ones, and not loving spirits.

I found out that pubs and libraries in England are asking for names and contact details for contact tracing, which is appalling. It raises data protection issues, accountability issues, and I fear for what it will be used for. I can see a social credit system coming in via compliance and security guards, and I've other evidence that those who speak out and have unconventional and spiritual views are being ill-treated (eg with financial support being refused or withdrawn).

Hence it's so important to be aware of what's happening and to stand together and speak out, which is why I enjoy reading this site.

I enjoyed the crop circles. To me, one looked like a sunflower in a Tudor rose, and the other reminded me of the Natwest bank logo. Significant?

warmest wishes



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Hi Elespeth - yes, I too am concerned about some of the types of data that is being collected - you're right to point that aspect out.

For example, I use a pay-as-you-go phone, that is in flight mode most of the time and stored in a faraday bag - no EMF can get through. It avoids the trackntrace programs for example and keeps bank details safe.

However what we also need to realise is that everything we pay attention to and appears in our landscape on the outside is an invitation to self-realise. That's why I asked quite a direct question - because just about everything you're sharing is about "that out there". The most important question we can ask in these cases is, "why did I create it?"

You're clearly expressing fear about what's going on. In which case fear is always a beneficial gateway - it shows where we're identifying.

So the key is to always own that, feel the fear and ask why? Where might one be attaching? In which case it always presents a great opportunity to let go.

Wishing you only well

Open Praying Emoji


I've been reading this during the lockdown and found many wise and helpful things - thank you, Open. I am particularly interested in this topic as I just preached on it - may I share the link? I think it is vital for us to stand forward. You'll note I'm an unusual faith hybrid - Glastonbury rather than Canterbury, I like to say. (I'm building a new church/movement based on this).

Would you mind me pointing out a way that we give our sovereignty away on this website? I try to avoid Google so try to not watch YouTube, which most videos on here are, and also not do recaptcha verification. It catches those who protect our online browsing identity from trackers and fingerprinters - ie those wishing to stay sovereign over our privacy. But I note it's required to send this, which is why I'd not joined in your interesting discussions sooner.

love Elspeth

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Greetings Elspeth,

Thanks for sharing your views Praying Emoji

I would say sovereignty happens through conscious choice. If you're making choices consciously, then they are sovereign.

I very much agree with the alternative views on google, youtube and facebook - they are indeed censoring - we experience it with Openhand. But, a huge majority of people connect through these platforms, those that we're working to connect with. However, our aim is always to bring people to this platform and to exchange here. That's our conscious choice at this time. Although we do keenly watch for other possibilities too.

Anyone can quite simply avoid the comment captcha mechanism by registering an account on Openhandweb - then you can post freely.

Simply click the register button in the top bar or here below...

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Best wishes

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Great article, Open.  I agree and have been echoing these concerns into the field for some time now.  You may find Anna from Alaska interesting as she has been very outspoken about many of these same points (  When I was in the US military I saw it sadly slip from a nobel force for peace to a mercenary force hired by the corporation, known as the US government, to exact global hegemony on behalf of the elite.  We took an oath to defend the constitution, but that was trampled over by aggressive politicians and military commanders in their efforts to subervert sovereign expression of the soul in the name of “national security.”  I could not take it any more and had to leave and am still debating how to make peace with that chapter in my life.  I continue to encourage those I know and those I meet to stand up and defend the truth! 

I have also seen and feel all of the technologies, remote viewers and consciousness that continues to try and subvert consciousness and keep me, and others like me, pinned down and to prevent them from speaking out.  Somehow my karma is making this a difficult process for me, but I know I stand for truth and that is where I will leave it for now!

Tough times lie ahead and I will continue to do my best to reflect the truth.  




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Hi Kyle - thanks for sharing - yes, the truth is being ridden rougshod over in many ways by those who profess to be 'in command'.

Here is a key to unlock the door (for each of us) which jumped out from your words...

I am still debating how to make peace with that chapter in my life.  
I continue to encourage those I know and those I meet to stand up and defend the truth!

The "truth" does not need defending. Let's be clear what truth I am referring to.

Inside of you is an inalienable truth. That is your connection and expression of source. It does not need to defend itself. It just is.

In the moment you try to defend this truth, the risk is you disconnect from it. Rendering you more likely to be controlled.

If you can first connect to this ultimate truth (as I've expressed in the Sacred Ground of Being), then it becomes possible to engage in the relativistic "truth of the system" and not lose yourself in that which you're trying to challenge.

Whenever you fight something, the risk is you define yourself by that which you are fighting.

We have to work to remember the paradox: we are Being, and not Being, both at the same time. We are condition and uncondition both at the same time. We are defined and undefined, both at the same time. You are the presence in the Sacred Ground of Being, and by 'fighting for it', you inadvertantly remove yourself from it. We are the relaxed freedom at the core of it. 'Fight' from this place (which doesn't feel like fighting!).

This ultimate freedom - the sovereignty of God, the source creator - is always there and it's essential we keep working to connect with it internally, as you engage the external. We need to keep softening into it.

In this way, you'll find your behaviours and the way you act in the system changes. You start to transcend the system and encourage others to do the same.

We can unpick the system, but the best place to do that from is from the hallowed place of The One.

Open Praying Emoji


Right now, people around the world have begun to challenge the legitimacy of the unlawful statutes and regulations fraudulently imposed by the corporations of the state, and even challenging the jurisdiction of the courts under which they're operating.

Let's be perfectly clear, in many cases, by systematically working to coerce people into accepting their legal fiction (through their birth certificate) and then adminstering these corporate statutes and regulations in court, yet having sworn oathes to the Law of the Land, they are acting FRAUDULENTLY. And may be held to account for it. What's more, by the very processes of the courts themselves, people are actively dismissing them.

Off the radar screen this is rapidly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, that is being enacted at the highest levels, recognising that the corporatocracy is working to remove our civil rights and liberties. In due course I do believe this worldwide action will come spectacularly to light.

In the meantime, here below I share two videos of regular people who are effectively challenging the very 'contracts' (not laws) issued upon them by the state and dismissing them. In the first a guy is pulled over by the police for having a faulty break light (which he agrees to getting fixed). Notice how he refuses to give his name as stated on his driving license - meaning he is not submitting or consenting to the 'contract' the officer may profess to have over him. By this very act alone, although he does have to be very persistent, he is allowed to go free.

The second video is of a regular guy in court in the USA. Whilst the sound is not so clear, he enacts some key points that I am alluding to. Firstly that he is not the legal fiction, secondly that the court has no jurisdiction over him (since it is trying to enact statutes and regulations of the corporations and NOT law). Notice also how the court tries to coerce and con him into accepting the jurisdiction by appointing him legal counsel to speak on his behalf. Fortunately he recgnises the ruse, and clearly states he has no "CONTRACT" with the said agent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am NOT advocating acting unlawfully. By sharing this material, I am exposing the fraudulent means by which agents of the state are coercing people into accepting bogus statutes and regulations on behalf of the corporatocracy. This is becoming especially essential as the said corporatocracy tries to remove ever more of our civil liberties and God-given rights.


Wow, thanks Open for the InPower video!  I just signed up for their community and super excited to start my first NoL (Notice of Liability) with smart meters.  They also have similar NoL for 5Jeez and vaccines which are so connected!  Finally, something that I feel is for me to engage with to help the existing corrupt system to fold on itself!

With Love,




Wow i ve Just been back from a gathering where we discussed the exact same topic!!

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I'm nsurprised Vaso - this awareness is currently spreading like wildfire within the awakening consciousness.

Increasingly people will come to understand how the very system itself is acting fraudlently under it's own Laws - and people are understanding how to hold them to account.

It's a vertibale wild fire!

Open Praying Emoji


Thanks O, I'm jumping in! 

Btw-I've quit smoking at last and just completed day 6 no smokes and hanging in there. Drinking lots of lovely rainwater, doing lots of deep breathing and furiously knitting lol! Need any scarves or slippers? lol.

Namaste and big hugs



I didn't plan it (because I never do!) but this inquiry above about how we might practically reclaim our lawful sovereignty in the world against the bogus statutes and regulations being slipped in, came together for Independence Day. Do take quality time to read and digest what I feel given to share, and especially the reference material. If you were wondering how to dismantle this unjust system in which we live, then here is how, person by person, brick by brick. I am convinced, in relatively short order, just like the Berlin Wall, we will come to witness the system istelf topple. Because whether we yet realise it or not, we the people are powerful.

I wish you all well on this Independence Day...