The Future of Cryptocurrency in the Unravelling 5D Ascension Shift

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Can you feel the field right now? The very system itself is straining and buckling at the foundations and it's all to do with the Ascension of Consciousness into 5D that's making it so unstable. That's why the controllers instigated the pandemic in the first place and that's why they continue with ever bolder, more ridiculous and desperate measures. If you're to thrive in these times, you have to ride the surf, being as innovative and responsive as you can. A new wave of tecnoloigcal transformation has begun...

Moving into a Two-Stream State

You'll have no doubt heard about cryptocurrency. If you haven't, you very soon will, because ALL currency is set to go digital and not all of it will be benevolent or supportive. We're beginning to move into a two stream economy right now, which will likely transform the 3D Paradigm in phenomenal ways within the short space of around 12 months (at the outside).

It's all to do with the Shift and the controllers response to it. The pandemic is being used as a humungous Emperor's New Clothes magic trick to collapse the economy and countless small businesses. It's going to make the wider population increasingly dependent on corporations and 'universal credit handouts' by government. Of course with the implication that 'we pay you providing you do as we say' - like 'get your vaxx update' for example. It's all a part of Agenda 2+1, a complete reshaping of the way we live in society based on the new green "woke" deal.

Here's an essential overview video to gain a sense of the agenda...
Navigating the 3D New Norm in the Unravelling Energies of the 5D Shift

Blockchain and the Bright Spark of Emergent Consciousness

But thankfully the controllers will NOT have it all their own way. Consciousness is emerging and ascending - initiating many a bright new spark. We're at the cusp of the next giant technological transformation imaginable - akin to when the internet exploded in the ninety's, except my sense is this will be even bigger. It's all to do with decentralised technology - in a word, Blockchain. It's this upon which the cryptocurrencies like the originator Bitcoin sits. And although it's accelerating strongly right now, we already have second generation technology such as Ethereum, which is adding value to currency by building distributed applications such as 'smart contracts' for decentralised exchange between people. But it's not just about monetary exchange - far from it. Imagine a decentralised system where you can distribute unbiased media fairly or elect government that is truly of the people by the people? It all becomes possible.

Since I advocated Ethereum here on Openhandweb just a couple of weeks ago, it's value has already rocketed by 74% and I do believe in the coming couple of years, it's growth will go parabollic (in relation to fiat currency). Call me romantic, but I love the fact that with ethereum you exchange "ether" and even their logo looks like the Merkaba. Coincidence?

Let's be absolutely clear, the back of the Old Monetary System is broken. It is dying. And very soon a 'reset' is coming. The controllers too will switch the paper money to digital, but it will not be the same as the pioneers of the new crypto revolution. Rather than supporting expansive freedom, these "Central Bank Digital Currencies" will be the opposite: an attempt at a broader enslavement of the masses - replacing bankrupted mainstream accounts with central bank ones but with strings attached - a monitored digital identity for example. I suspect that practically over night in plenty of countries paper currency will downgrade in value and shift to a second stream digital currency. Check out this Openhand lead article on escaping centralised control...

Can Cryptocurrency Help Us Escape Centralised Banking Control?

Elevating Consciousness: Languages of the Immediate Future

Meanwhile the elites will have taken over their own cryptocurrencies and so you'll end up with a two stream economy. BUT, it won't all be black and white. It won't ALL go their way. Far from it. Plenty of pioneers and entrepreneurs are expanding the blockchain technology at warp speed - and their consciousness is creating the new decentralised systems. Yes the controllers will try to regulate, and as I understand it, are in the process of developing their own blockchain financial system. At this stage, it feels very much to me like an enormous shake-out is going on, where the controllers are vying with the "White Hats" to control or take-over the new decentralised system. It's something I spoke of in the book DIVINICUS - that you'll see many iterations of the Old Paradigm before it finally unravels and topples.

We have an opportunity folks. If you can get your head around a new language, a new technology, then blockchain is what you need to pay attention to. In the immediate future, probably ALL of the apps that you use will be based upon it. But rather than just be the effect of it, why not jump into it right now and become one of the instigators, one of the early adopters?

The other new language to get your head around in this immediate shift is the Common Law - the new pioneers will be adept at nagivating and mediating through the system and not being constrained by it. Here's Openhand's lead article on that...
Reclaiming Your Sovereign Power under the Universal Law of "God"

It's also essential to add that many ascending people will NOT want to go down this route of the brave new technological hybrid world, and that's entirely understandable - why bother with all the complexity? They'll find ways of surviving in the system or going off grid entirely. Wherever you are though, whichever path you take, I strongly maintain the real future lies within our ascending shift. Explore Openhand's 5D Ascension Program.

Unveiling the Hybrid State in the Ongoing Shift

Let's be clear, what's coming is not the end of the shift, by any means. What we're stepping into right now is a hybrid state, where consciousness is ascending and thereby unravelling the Old Paradigm - which the controllers are desperately trying to restrain. As I explained in DIVINICUS, there will be many iterations of the Old Paradigm - many hybrid states - before it finally breaks down as the earth shifts fully into 5D.

Plenty will get sucked into the second stream, into the ravages of the synthetic reality no doubt. They'll buy into human technology augmentation - transhumanism - as somehow a good thing. It's the kind of thing that many are here processing from their Sirius Karma for example. They'll buy into the digital health passports and the vaxx's. Hell, they're even buy into the mission to Mars! But fortunately many are also waking up, and they'll extract themselves from this synthetic scenario. We'll be standing there right at the end, meditating together, as the culimating shift inexorably carries us into 5D.

Inform Yourself on the Cycles of Completion of 3D to 5D Earth

Putting One Foot in Front of the Other in the 5D Shift

So a great transformation of society is set for the coming 12 months. I did say don't sleep walk once the first lock down ends! And I did say 2020 represents a parting of the waves. So it does. Elements of humanity are waking up, shifting consciousness and responding to the radically transforming landscape.

Some of you will feel a degree overwhelmed at this point - I totally understand. It's what happens when a new wave sweeps in to unravel the old construct. Breathe deep, meditate long, AND, work to let go of the old construct in you. Ascension is now!

Keep exploring, keep attuning, stay awake and aware. Put one foot in front of the other. What do you resonate with? What clicks in and makes sense? What challenges you to be more of you?
Openhand's Upcoming Ascension Activations are crafted to help illuminate this Transformation

In loving support

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As long as the currency can be traded, it will lock you tight below 4th density threshold. There is no way, buying something for cheap and selling it for expensive to someone else will work in a heart centered society. Maybe in an intermediary phase, but it won't be for long. There is no need for any currency beyond the shift because it's not a density of need.

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Hi Lucky, thanks for sharing.

In many ways I agree with you. In 5D there is no need of currency or money. But we live here in the 3D aswell at the moment.

So unless you're living in a cave on light, I guess you'll have to pay 3D currency for food, rent, internet connection and energy. That's why I believe right now we're moving into a hybrid 3D/5D reality and since crypto is decentralised and open source, there's much more sovereignty and freedom with it. It's more self determing which for many, I do believe is helping them set themselves free from the shadowstate.


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The week of the Presidential Election is upon us, and I did predict it would be a topsy turvy journey for cryptocurrency leading into and through it. So it has been, BUT, another dynamic appears to be emerging. It's a little early to confirm, but it does look like that cryptocurrency is becoming a safe haven through all the turmoil and financial shennanigens going on.

I've always seen the Blockchain as a way to secure independence and freedom from the central banking system, one that's desperately trying to constrain society and perpetuating a dynamic of have and have-not - the 1% ruling the show. The Blockchain allows for peer-to-peer direct connection and exchange. It dilutes the impact of the system, punches holes in it and unleashes greater liberty. As endless fiat money is created by the system it is progressively devalued - and with that any of people's resources constrained with it. Hence I always felt that cryptocurrency would be a safe haven in all this craziness. This definitely appears to be the case as the main ones such as Bitcoin have rallied strongly to this point. Once the election has been decided and fully resolved, and after any correction in the stock market, it's likely we'll see a growing surge towards the end of the year and through 2021.

This is in a climate where government finances are struggling to cope with growing debt mountains - it's abundantly clear that an economic reset is drawing ever nearer, where regular banks are allowed to fail in the growing economic contraction, and regular paper money will then be replaced by Central Bank Digital Currencies (CDBCs) delivered on mobile phone apps direct from the central bank. This is clearly where things are heading.

Do check out my article above to get an oversight on the situation. I do believe it will help you prepare and make some important choices in your life at these pivotal times. Do feel free to ask me about my viewpoints on where this is all going...

The Future of Cryptocurrency in the Unravelling 5D Ascension Shift

And remember, this is all a part of the unravelling Ascension flow. It's a very positive development. The "White Hat" developers of the Blockchain have challenged the hegmonay and unbridled control of the central system. The Blockchain will become ever more accessible to a wider population in the years ahead. I do believe it will ensure a greater degree of freedom and liberty within the shift.

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Hey everyone - I've been aware that when I wrote my article about how we're moving into a time of new digital cryptocurrencies based on the new Blockchain, plenty would not want to go there. It's understandable. Especially as the future path is to return more to nature - to realign with Gaia and to reconstitue in the higher paradigm.

The key to realise is that society is clearly transforming into a new hybrid state right now, of which the new technologies will be the backbone. We can all find a way to thrive within this new version of the old paradigm. The light will absolutely mediate through it. So listen to your soul. But do respond to it. The times are changing and in some way or other, we must each change with them.

Openhand's interest in the new technological revolution is to work to master a degree of it in order to help people through the shift. BUT, central to the Openhand energy is the connection to nature, and here on earth, to Gaia's energy. So if you do feel a degree overwhelmed by the changes happening right now, do keep coming back to nature, do keep connecting in. I felt to share a favourite song with you all...


I found this a pretty insightful video on how life is set to change in society in the immediate future due to the onset of cryptocurrency. Do take it as only a metaphor - it's the key patterns to look at: the shift to a two stream economy; how the new emergent will relate to the old. He presents a synthetic reality, yes. Which I don't personally believe will look like this. I believe there'll be more expansiveness and freedom that signifies the shift to higher consciousness. But it is nevetheless a useful insight...

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Here's a simple way to open a Digital Wallet and buy some Ethereum should you want to explore...


- be very careful with your security as there are plenty of scams around
- be careful of phishing to grab your details
- make sure you have 2-factor security using a mobile phone or app
- make sure you have strong security preferences with your mobile phone number (in case thieves try to port your number to another phone)
- use a web browser that doesn't retain your browsing info (duckdukgo)

PS: I am NOT a financial advisor! The crypto world is highly volatile right now. But the future does look very positive.