5D Shift: Starsouls Mastering the Karmic Challenge of Sirius

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120 million years ago Sirius B dramatically exploded in a White Dwarf Ascension. How is that relevant to the situation on Earth right now? There are many parallels. The Sirius star system had humanoid populations not dissimilar to ours. They had sophisticated civilisation that provided a vehicle for evolutionary growth, AND, by their reckless exploitation of the biosphere, created an unstable - explosive - situation. Populations were shattered by what ensued. Many were karmically traumatised. It is this karma plenty of them brought to Earth to resolve out. Once more an unstable situation has been created, which energy workers must now step up to realign...

It's the Karmic Influences we Bring Forwards that Matter

I have distinct past life memories of what took place back then in the Sirius star system. I cannot remember all the detail. Which is actually not relevant or necessary. Only the influences we carry forwards are important. We live in a spacetime continuum, where everything is interconnected and continually reshaping in this one moment of now. So as reality shifts, IT ALL SHIFTS. Meaning the energy that formed the reality of past events has also shifted. It literally means the past no longer exists - at least in the form it was back then.

The continual reshaping of spacetime continuum has a very important consequence for processing karma - do not get hooked up in the detail of what happened in past lives. The detail doesn't matter. What matters are the karmic influences you brought forwards from past lives...
Read about Karmic Regression Therapy.

We will however create similar circumstances as the past life karmic events. Karma continually reshapes new landscapes and new learning situations so as to integrate the attachments you might have had, thereby offering the soul another 'bite at the cherry', so as to self-realisae and integrate soul through those particular situations. When Sirius B exploded 120 million years ago, there were many related influences that Sirian souls have brought here to Earth. So how might we learn from their karmic distortions and evolve past them?

Unbalanced energy systems risking explosive "Inflexion Point"

On Sirius, an advanced civilisation had learned how to manipulate the field and create a seemingly endless supply of resources and "free energy". But nothing is ever truly free! Each planetary system is a closed one, just as your own energy field - although interconnected - is sovereign to you. You have your own landscape in which to learn, evolve and grow, just as a planet does. Hence if you exploit the energy of the system, or bring other energy into it, then it will have an effect on the whole.

Read about the situation on Sirius and how it might relate to your personal karma...DIVINICUS: rise of the divine human

On Sirius an unbalanced situation was created, with an excess of energy being manipulated, and anchored into the 3D. It created a bottleneck, which restrained and constricted the natural flow of the system as a whole, which was always interconnected with the wider movement of the Universal Torus.

The system was brought to breakpoint. The natural aligned consciousness was wanting to move with the Universal Torus. Meanwhile the anchoring reality the Sirians had created, caused pressure to build into a very unstable "Inflexion Point" - with the energy pulling in two strongly variant directions. The result was catastrophic - the imbalance created a trip switch, igniting a breakdown at a molecular level, ultimately resulting in the obliteration of Sirius B, and anihilation of populations on Sirius C also - those of the planet Nibiru for example.

Understand more about the "Inflexion Point" in the 5D Shift Here

The Alarm Bells in the Earth's Field are Sounding Strongly

There were energy workers incarnated there who knew in advance of the unstable situation as it built, just as there are here amongst us today. In some instances we were listened to. In some misunderstood. In others, judged and persecuted, just as here on Earth right now. If the message is too inconvenient, then "shoot the messenger" is an age-old reality avoidance mechanism. Nevertheless, we must continue to work to communicate the urgency of the situation, just as on Earth right now.

For the last three nights, I have have been propelled on astral journeys into various choke points in our energy field - bottlenecks in the flow like on Sirius. I can feel the strengthening Inflexion Point where the Old 3D Reality, and the perpetuation of the status quo, is pulling against the Shift into the new Fifth Density Paradigm taking form. 

I became an expression of this dynamic in the field, and could clearly sense the torsional pull in two opposing directions. Although not unbearable at this point, it nevertheless sounded serious alarm bells. As I returned more into 3D form, it caused a huge sense of physical dizziness, making it hard to stand up straight.

In these instances with subsequent astral journeying, I was able to realign those particular bottlenecks. If you're a field energy worker, or have the capacity to be so, then it's about feeling the blockages inside of yourself, becoming as-one with them, then working to realign the energy in your own field, as if it is your blockage. Right now, my concern is the imbalance of the Inflexion Point in our shift risks becoming dangerously unstable once more, which is increasingly being reflected into 3D reality.

Take a look at the political situation for example, the mindless urge toward nuclear confrontation, the mistreatment of the animal kingdom or the out-of-kilter weather patterns or the astronomical imbalance between the haves and the have-nots. All of these are symptomatic of a very unbalanced karmic platform. As an evolving soul, your help and support is urgently called for. What can we do?

There are seven billion reasons to step out and become the spiritual facilitator you are.

There are seven billion possibilities to shine the light of all that you can become.

There seven billion ways to feel the love and supportive resource of the divine.

Become a Spiritual Facilitator with Openhand...here's how

Step out and Become the Miraculous Being that You Are!

The current situation on Earth bears many similarities to that on Sirius before it exploded, and fortunately,there are some key differences. One is the much greater acceptance of diversity - of ethnicity and uniqueness. Yes, there has been serious racism, and in some quarters of course there still is. However, minds and hearts are opening. The group consciousness is imagining greater interdimensional possibility. Humanity is challenging the accepted 'wisdom' of his true origins. More and more evolving souls are beginning to sense, and know, their connections to starsoul families.

Now is not the time to continue to play it small. Yes, you may still carry the karma of past persecution, both on Sirius, in other star systems, and here on Earth. But you don't process karma by avoiding it. You have to step boldly in its direction, and unpack your fear of it.  Starsouls - and all souls realising themselves - have an incredible opportunity right now. Your gifts and energetic skills are greatly called for. You are the "Rainbow People" - the ushers in of a New 5D Paradigm on Earth. Are you ready to pick up the baton?" 

All you have to do is dare to become yourself. Often the most incredible gifts of being, begin as a subtle vibration. Pay attention to these 'threads of consciousness' - dare to 'pull on them'. They can lead to the most miraculous of gifts - being able to predict the synchronistic flow; to diagnose and activate someone's karma; being able to realign old reality constructs; to channel higher dimensional wisdom; to be a beacon of light for the shift into 5D consciousness. There is nothing like divine service. In helping others, you always help yourself become more of you. Its a win win situation!

Spirit Warriors, Energy Healers & Light Workers: let's Step up and Step out

I urge all souls who can resonate with what I'm saying to step up and step out. Let's gather together and support each other to be more of the greater potential and possibility we can be. Let's resonate dormant frequencies of beingness, to bring each other more alive. Whether it be here on the internet, or more ideally - additionally - gathering face-to-face in groups. Lets amplify and channel the light so as to stabilise the Earth situation whilst more souls can make the shift into 5D Consciousness.

The time is now. There is no other time!

If you resonate with what I'm sharing, then come and get involved with our work. It helps people process through this kind of ancient karma and to ascend out:
Openhand's 5D Ascension Program

In loving support

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Dear Open ,

I am at a very strange messy place in my life. I am currently witnessing the death of social structure namely my marriage around me . And also have become acquainted with someone I have known since Sirius( that's what I call him ! ) . It seems almost surreal. Like I'm in between parallel Universes at this point. 

Thanks to the massive amounts of change within me ,the Pl@ndemic seems to have faded into the background . I am processing furiously every single day . Each day seems more like a year at this point . 

As I am looking within what held me to the construct ,I am witnessing large amounts of fear and self betrayal. It is not easy to witness and feel into. On the other hand my thymus gland seems to have become activated and I am feeling strong kundalini surges almost continuosly at this point . Twin flame also seems to have become activated with this person ,though we seem to be mirror opposites in many ways ( especially pl@ndemic wise ...) . Around me ,as I enter into more authenticity ,my friends seem to be getting very trigerred and having to confront.many aspects of their own constructs . 

It's is a strange time in my life as my brain seems inept at keeping up with all the changes occurring so I HAVE to go with my authentic feelings rather than  any outcome in either direction. 

I am continuing to meditate and Bow as much as I can. 

This song is what is keeping me afloat somewhat .....

(And Games that never amount to more than their meant will play themselves out)

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Hi Megha - this are deeply challenging times for sure. Everyone's going to be feeling it unless in denial - denial is not a river in Egypt!

And the way through it all is definitely the Twin Flame connection - which is what I personally take from your marvellous video - it also tends to be felt physically in the Thymus. The Twin Flame will guide us to the right places and circumstances to get what we really need to.

Stay with it all and know that you are profoundly loved and supported each step of the way.

Open ♥️🙏


07/08/2021 Openhand Journal

Avalon Rising has kicked off brilliantly, with souls joining from all over the planet and surely aswell from across the cosmos! We have people from Canada, America, Mexico, UK, EU, Africa, India, China, Australia and Newzealand - what an amazingly well traveled group!

Today I will be journeying people through the ancient karma of the Sirius shift. It was pretty tumultuous and so many people are carrying that with them here today. In many ways the civilisation went through similar challenges as it is going through now. But whereas the whole reality broke down and exploded suddenly there, we're unwinding out of it more gently.

If you can't be with us at the Summit, then take the time to browse through my article and explore how it may help you make sense of the kinds of things you're experiencing. If you need help processing that through, do contact us and we'll connect you with a facilitator... contact us

Love to all

Open 🙏


Following story captures a part of my journey that can be described as healing the Sirius karma, and working with this archetype within. The conditions in  the ´world out there´, and all of the shenanigans within the society, brought even clearer to me this feeling of shortcoming cataclysm. Even though it is a part of my reason for being here at this moment in time -  to carry forth this message - living in the times of simultaneous implementation of great purification, felt to be awakening some ancient memories, deeply stored in my psyche.

In order to tune into the nature of current reality, where it is abundantly clear that global pandemic is governed in a way to enslave the true spirit of humanity, my wish was to see how can I internally connect to this sense of manipulation, where might the sense of ´superiority complex´and taking advantage of someone who is more fragile, originate in me?

*Facing the collapse of the planetary system (which became known to me as Sirius B) my attention was drawn into the feeling of pure despair. In screaming pain of agony, I was witnessing sudden demise of civilisation. Dispersion of myself happened on various planes - how could I even find myself back again? I heard myself wandering. The answer appears to be Earth, planet of staggering proportions of light, yet having some issues with anchoring it into the planetary field. The wish for interaction was mutual - I needed a place, where I can retrieve my sense of Self and Earth needed someone to assist in the process of crystallization.*

Eons later, I would find myself writing this message in the form of a human being, the child of Earth itself. As I was merging with it´s essence it was of immaculate importance to find myself in the embodied version of the life form there. Once again, I´m in position, where planetary grid is shifting it´s form towards a reality that is step closer towards an actual form of a light-body. and call for crystallization of ´higher densities´is in place. In order to navigate shift towards new way of being a call goes out to humanity, the open hand of benevolence has never been offered so directly to Us. How can I grasp it this time?

I would still be missing some insights in order to transpire the transition, that can harmoniously support all sentient life shifting towards new way of being. It has become clear to me that inflection point has been reached and journey to higher dimensions awaits. Without perpetuating the status quo and risking another explosive environment, I was contemplating about the energy that is still clinging to it´s agenda and wanting to derail 'organic unraveling' of the upcoming shift. In midst one of my journeys into the unknown, ´free-whilling sessions in nature, I was tuning into it´s essence once more...

Feeling of split hit once again. Witnessing two streams of energy; one strongly pulling me upwards into the lighter and expanded version of myself. Yet there was another - the sense of body/physical being left out behind almost starting to panic. How can I make it through what´s there to follow? The ecstatic feeling of expansion, became deadly painful, it felt like being torn apart and I was wondering how can I reconnect again. Anyhow, it seems that unraveling is close, after all there was a part of me witnessing the experience. Through awareness of my human self, I was able to recognize two initital streams of energy navigating my life at the moment. One that was drawing me to the ´temptations of various experience of the physical´, most commonly described as the sinful snake. On the other hand, there was this sense of higher dimensions - my own Soul, blended with various energies in the field - some of which still felt distorted.

I didn´t need to wait long, in order to find out more. Some days later, I was swimming in the lake and starting to feel that my ´landscape´ is becoming increasingly multidimensional . Finding a place, where I could hold on to something, I was diving again deeply into field.

This time I was seeing how a pain of a lost civilization, has been recreating the rippling effect of interdimensional shift, throughout various times. If the Universe can´t make it for us, we will do it for ourselves. Always re-creating the exact same conditions of almost reaching the heavenly land, dissapearing just in front of the horizon in a massive cataclysm. Looking deeply into the eyes of itself, I was able to recognize the pain of loosing the planet and control of itself. There was this sense of sorrow and heartbreak - to the benevolent mission, that was in charge of delivering message and navigating the shift at that point in time. It was at this point, that I was able to forgive myself - for the mission that hasn´t been accomplished. This opened a doorway, so that unraveling can happen more naturally. No one needs to take the process of planetary ascension upon Oneself, and try to fix it single-handed.

I want to bring story back to the present moment of now, and summarize how it is playing out in the moment. Appreciating the gift that this page is offering, the invitation is there once again for me to verbalize the language of energies in the field. Feeling a deep resonance with the group setting at current terrestrial gathering, I am grateful to be able to read daily reflections - supporting my own process. Reading  reflections about the process that emerged in the group (Annunaki&Anshar), the pieces of puzzle are falling together.

To me the energy that was described as Anshar is in big way represented as distorted version of some energies originating from the `Sirius shift´ described above in my story. The closest I´ve come to them in my current lifetime has been through so called PAT (planetary ascension team). Anyone wanting to dwelve deeper in the topic, might easily find it online. I have been aware of this group for some time, which helped me to blend more with it´s agenda and recognize my own sense of manipulation and control. It´s operating in very sophisticated way and proclaimed sense of self-righteousness. Applying the sense of superiority that plays out on every nuance of fear, that might be stored within oneself. The implants in my field, that I´ve became aware of, were sophisticated and it takes a great deal of conscious observation in order to work on removing them.

For the moment I need to be honest about all of the energies, archetypes in my narrative. They are a part of me, to some extent at least. As my wish to realign this aspects within myself, the spirit of fox is coming strongly to me. If one posses the skills of manipulating the reality to some degree, how can they be used in accordance with nature (toroidal flow itself).

The synchronicity of the moment speaks clearly to me - as a part of myself is wandering in the ´quantum space´, sharing it´s narrative on the virtual platform and in my human form, I am ´stuck in the foreign country´as my car has broken down. The problem is simple - the connection tool between the gear and handle to shift the gears is damaged. And it has stuck in the 3rd gear. How about, being stuck in the 3D? my car (which to me represents so called ´light body´) is speaking to me...

I feel I am stuck with a reason - just to acknowledge the moment of unraveling of my beingness from the 3D perspective of my human self. The time is ripe for me, anyhow I am frozen in the space together with my partner, which might be called vacation from the very social setting. This is the ultimate story of Love, as some call it.

It all seems just at the point of time, when the actual journey of unraveling begins. What´s converging for me are years of healing the ancestral story of my lineage, tapping into the galactic heritage of my interdimensional journeys, tuning into the frequency of my ´Soul group` as the feeling sense of lightness and beauty. On that note, it feels like I am parking my ´cosmic vehicle´ on the welcome shores of Openhand. It seems as a nice way to find a spot to recharge, as the true capacity of my being from the energetical point of view is just about to take place.

As my ´holidays´ are finishing, and I will be traveling back to my earthly sense of home, the reflections of true Home are stronger again. The forest house, that was literally built by taking the things in my own hands, seems like a proper invitation in order to re-align the Ánshar energies´ within myself.  I feel it´s time for some work on the cosmic infrastructure of our planetary setting and spiritual facilitation in assisting fellow human beings in transition. Let us merge in crystallizing new grid together, so that the sentient life of the current planetary setting, can safely land in the freshly-made structure of the planetary field. New Earth awaits.

My message, that is landing on the virtual platform, wishing that it can aspire a heartfelt re-alligning taking place for anyone coming across. As the feeling sense of connection is established in the ether, it feels like: Some day we´ll meet "in person". I am looking forward to this day.

Wishing joyful days to everyone, let the the following Lion´s gate bring some miracles to all.




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Hi Sunbow - what a powerful and emotive sharing - thankyou for your resonance 💙

Today we're going on to explore the phenomenon of harvested souls - highly relevant for what's actually unfolding across the planet right now.

In this work we're always working to drop polarity, because that just sets yourself up as an identity - another falsehood. So it helps to always see the truth within the distortion. So what might the truth be in havesting? When I reflect on the Sirius catastrophe, where the civilsation was obliterated, many souls we cast out into the ether in an extremely traumatised state. I get the sense that 'harvesting' was an approach by the group to 'magnetise' wayward souls back together. Maybe not a bad thing, but now it's gotten out of control by restricting and removing sovereignty. Still, by acknowledging the original "truth", we can empathise with the proponents. Empathy is a powerful tool of healing and reconciliation. If we maintain the polarity of judgment, then you perpetuate the "us" and "them", "perpetrator" and "victim". The "other side" continues to fight. But if we can regress them into their pain through emapthy, then they're much more likely to see the "error in their ways and let go of the process.

This will be our approach today. We'll see what connections we can make in the ether to begin to unwind things here.


Open 🙏

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get the sense that 'harvesting' was an approach by the group to 'magnetise' wayward souls back together. ...


The magnetism speaks very strongly to me. From the perspective of One, it feels like a 'safety mechanism' to bring all parts back home. The pull back mechanism of Unity Consciouness to the Source, the ascension process itself. As with the complexity of each shift - it seems to me that on this level, the invitation is there for souls on the earthplane to graduate in the awareness of 'immortality' and live lives from this point of connection.

As within the matrix, there is distorted version, that is playing out as 'harvesting'. From the very societal perspective, I would see it as 'stealing' the energy.

How can I be loving and emphatise with the 'thiefs'? I hear you asking... 

Realizing that my body, my 'own field' has been hijacked for many years, in order to pursue 'someone else' agenda, it might be difficult to comprehend at first glance. Yet realizing, that I invited all of the 'invaders' just by me being here, opens a gateway to forgivness. Just as I knew steping onto this side of the 'veil', that I will forget my connection for awhile - so might everyone else in this grand game of Life. My own sense of yearning for Home, has been strong enough to awaken this memory, even in those who are so lost, that might not even know what they are looking for. It feels like a part of my own story, to illuminate the concepts that has played a role in my life, even if it means something as - embracing the social memory complex - that has lost it's own connection (or might not even have it). It feels very empowering to read about embracing it within your own field in order to be remainded of The truth.

Stepping beyond my 'personal story' in order to fully grasp the reflection in society today, the message came strongly as following;

Today I was reminded to review an ages old interview with Hidden Hand (presented himself as incarnated aspect of Luciferian energy...). Reflecting the mirroring nature of current reality - that is so poignantly expressing one's own shadow and serving as a catlyst to look inside.

On the other hand, the opposite approach (more like an up-graded, or counsciouss version of it) in facing the reality was shown, synhronisticaly to be an Openhand. To make it short, it give me a feeling that core meassage of the group is offering/ready to be seen more widely in society and serve as a perspective of what's truly happening out there. The writting on the wall is becoming so appearant, that the message is ready to be recieved.

Wishing that it lands strongly within me, and everyone willing to face it, 

Thanks for your reflection,


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Hi Sunbow - yes, I concur with regards the 'benevolent' intention of soul harvesting. In the Openhand approach, in order to process and transform anything, is to be able to equalise and normalise with the energy by seeing the truth hidden within the distortion: all distortions are of truth.

One of our experiences at the Avebury Facilitator Conference was journeying immediately after the catastrophic Sirius Shift. The civilisation was shattered and many souls were set adrift in the ether, lost and disorientated. What was left of the leadership then used false light to attract and weave them together - in a similar way that souls are brought into the angelic realm on passing over. But to be clear, with the second, authentic approach, the soul always retains sovereignty and free will: they are supported to re-enter the cycle of reincarnation.

During the Facilitator Conference, one of the participants actually regressed back to a situation as a soul set adrift in the ether after the breakdown. And then being harvested into a collective. She described the sense of being protected and of belonging - not needing to think what to do. Everything was taken care of. So this would be a (distorted) reason why a soul might choose that option in today's society for example.

It's an important realisation to be able to empathise though and thereby to cataylse - by understanding and empathising with your 'opponent', you build a bridge by honouring their truth. It makes them amenable to realignment. That's why it's essential not to polarise by demonising these beings - no matter what they may have done in their past or even now.


Open 🙏



Hello Everyone. What an incredible day!
I’ve been feeling this inflection for quite some time. It seems that the possible timelines collapse and the consciousness separation (high/low) is speeding up. More people are becoming aware of the inorganic reality and possibilities that exist inside the spiral of the simultaneous time realms. During this phase our external reality is becoming increasingly more surreal.  To me it feels as if I entered the pages of Alice in Wonderland. It’s actually very helpful in my internal sorting out (what is me and what is not). My body finishes last stages of detoxification and most of the grey hair I had have turned back to dark blond.


We are at the transitional phase of walking in the spaces between time. Many are willing to see clearly the holographic dream that we once thought was reality. The matrix, the AI interference that directed our consciousness is really revealed at this moment. All that dark stuff, such as human trafficking can't hide anymore behind the deception. Perhaps i's because this matrixy paradigm can’t perpetuate itself without our consciousness, without our belief in its realness. Now that more people are withdrawing their energy from the variety of dogmas and belief systems we can see the man behind the curtain.

Regardless of how deeply engaged we are in this reality, in each moment there is a possibility of withdrawal of our energy from it. This reality is upheld by a compelling belief. That’s ALL. All it takes is to have a little willingness to doubt it. That doubt will create enough cracks to eventually rip apart the obsolete belief systems that are holding your consciousness hostage.

I’ve been to Giza earlier this year where I re-connected to the 4th stargate and the While Lion energy. It used to allow passage through Sirius B to the Andromedan core. Andromedan core spirals out and connects into our Milky Way during this time of transition. At this time there is incredible amount of energetic activity sourcing from Andromeda, especially in the Giza region.

Those of us who are connected to the Andromedan energies may be experiencing energetic activations to allow us to anchor those frequencies in different areas of the planet. Also, you may be called to allow for more toroidal movements in your field which will aid greately the stargate portal mechanics as well as the general realignment.

Today (8/8) has been a really beautiful day with some incredible deep cosmic energy flows, which my energy field recognizes as love and home. It brought me to tears several times as there was so much purity and love coming down that my body didn’t know how to process that other than through tears of joy.

And, just a few words about the cosmic portal as I understand it:

Today the blazing Sun in Leo links up with the bright star Sirius and creates a cosmic alignment known as the "Lion's Gate Portal". 
The energy that enters the Portal comes from the Source of All. It then passes through our Sun and Sirius, and enters the Earth Grid Point near the Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza.

This day connects us to the ancient wisdom of Egypt, the frequencies of the Cosmic Halls under the Sphinx, as well as the mysteries of Cosmic Consciousness.

At the 4th Stargate

Photo: Yours truly at the Planetary Stargate March 2020 

If this resonates with you, reach out or comment.

With love and unity.




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Thanks Margaret - feels like a monumental sharing - literally!

It's all coincided marvellously with our day here at Avalon Rising, our World Ascension Summit, where we journied deep into our past, through Egypt and Atlantis, all the way back to Sirius - what an incredible journey!

Open Praying Emoji

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Hi Open and anybody who is reading this,

How awesome. Did you say you guys journeyed through Atlantis yesterday? Well, "coincidentally" I did, too. 

Right after I posted here yesterday I went to Lake Louise. It's a beautiful and quite massive earth vortex point and a very deep glacier lake of unbelievable clarity. Energetically this lake has always been a gigantic crystal temple to me. Imagine a massive crystal structure with sharp towers raising from the depths of that lake refracting light in the Aurora Borealis hues. I can feel its resonance in my bones (do you know your bones have crystal properties?). This vortex point is pumping liquid crystal frequencies into the earth's grid. It's so potent that it doesn't seem to be disturbed by any nearby inorganic structures, like, for example those dark obeilsks near Avebury disturb the local field. I really recommend this site for anybody visiting Western Canada.

Lake Louise 08/08/2020

As far as I understand it, crystals are neutral beings, but they can store and propagate an incredible amount of consciousness records. They can amplify and modulate light frequencies and generate complex fields. The earth body as well as human body has crystalline elements and it functions by circulating the life force through the variety of matrices. This means we all have the ability to amplify, dampen the energy in the field as well communicate our complex energetic states. For instance you can pick up an energy signature of someone who just left a coffee shop by simply sitting in their chair. And by that I mean you can literally get their consciousness signature, what they believe their story was, and its peak emotional elements in the moment when they were sitting on that chair. 

Yesterday at the lake I was reminiscing about all this and about a beautiful and pure way of life from long ago when many of us dwelled in the crystal structures, which were not really buildings, but living, interactive energy structures. There was lightness of being and so much inspiration and open exchanges that were a part of an everyday life. Then something happened and it was all destroyed, but my old Atlantian consciousness is requesting that I hold equal compassion for the destroyed and the destroyers and don't create another polarity-driven story.

To conclude I'd like to share with you something funny: as I was leaving the city, heading west towards the mountains, there was a really long construction site and new, temporary speed limits were placed on both sides of the road. I asked my son to take this photo. Do you see? :-) 

With love and unity,


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Hi Megha.
Yes, it is so simple, isn't it! :-)
To me it boils down to: nothing in this world (in the matrix) will tell you who you are. It's not what this world is for. It's to show you where you are attaching to the illusion. But you knew it already.

With love and unity.



What I'm feeling this year's 8/8 Lion's Gate portal is all about, is exposing the shadow side - light bringing various shady elements of the control system into awareness so it can be challenged and inravelled over time.

Widespread systematic human trafficking and child abuse is hightening on society's agenda to be confronted and dealt with. Will there be mass arrests in due course? It's time for justice to be served, which will help the unravelling no end.

So this is the sense of the energy I felt to share with this video. It may feel a degree dark, but concentrate on the unravelling of light through it. Let's bring our consciousness to bear in the field...


Plenty of people are here processing ancient Sirius karma, which is manifesting especially during the pandemic. It's especially poignant today because it's a key Sirius conjunct as explained below. So if you have any peculiar feelings and movements coming it, then it could be related to this 8/8 Lion's Gate. Do feel free to share your experiences today below and I'll gladly offer a supportive reflection.

In loving Support

Open HeartPraying Emoji


This 8/8 Lion's Gateway is marked by an alignment between the Earth and the star Sirius. As the star Sirius rises in the sky, Orions Belt directly aligns with the Giza Pyramids, and from our perspective on Earth, it appears that Sirius (the brightest star we can see) comes closer to the Earth.

Plenty of people are processing and unravelling ancient Sirius Karma here at the moment, which in the Openhand view, has caused the instigation of the pandemic to escalate the shadowside that it may ultimately be unravelled. We're certainly at a crucial point in that process right now, as the energy field gathers for new phases. Humanity's future for the next decade ahead will be greatly shaped by what transpires in the next immediate few months.

This alignment is called the Lions Gate, or Lions Gateway because it occurs when the sun is in the astrological sign of Leo (the Lion). As a Zodiac Sign, Leo is associated with the heart center and represents the individualized expression of the Divine - the reclamation of soul sovereignty and a powerful expression of that. It's the actualisation of the God-head within you, and essential plenty of us attain that right now.



There's lots of instances of "Transhumanism" coming up right now in people's karma. What is this exactly how might it relate to the current situation here on Earth?

I've included this brief exploration here under the article on Sirius karma because I'm aware that Transhumanism was also a practice from that civilisation.

Put simply, Transhumanism is a state where a human being has been married into a machine or vice versa - technological 'augmentations' have been applied to the organic being. For example, enhanced cognitive adaptations in the brain, enhanced eyesight, hearing and movement function. What needs to be understood, is that there are plenty of ET groups out there, both in our solar system, and further afield in the galaxy, that are working to 'evolve' themselves through their own intention and design. Usually these are groups of souls that have disconnected from the natural flow of life and undertake the practice of 'harvesting' souls in order to bolster their number.

What I'm seeing in working with people, on the current Divinicus course for example, is that some people are regressing into these kinds of past life experiences. They can literally feel the energetic karmic imprints in their field. It can cause a good degree of discomfort and trauma. It's also something to be aware of because it's abundantly clear that's the way the instrumental ET groups here, such as the greys, are wanting to take humanity with their agenda for a synthetic reality. Some of these kinds of 'augemtations' are already being implemented which some people are willingly accepting.

Why could this be such a negative issue?

It's possible that some augmentations could be beneficial, where mobility has been lost for example or a particular sense impaired or lost. But quite often, the implants come with a frequency that diminsh the infusion of soul, making it harder to pick up and embody. That's the main concern.

If you get the sense that this may have happened to you in a past life, you may well be picking up curious sensations or rigidity in various areas of your field - often around the head for example. You may hit a karmic layer that feels constricting, metallic in some way or non organic. If this happens to you, the first thing is to become completely accepting of it and that something like this might have happened. Then work to remove the energy from your field in a similar way you would any implant.

Here is Openhand's lead article on removing entities and implants, including a link to our meditation to support the removal...

Understanding Energy Implants and How to Remove Them

If you sense you might have had some of these kinds of experiences, do share here below. I'll happily share a supportive reflection.

Much love and support

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Dear Open, 

I have been conflicted about posting this for a variety of reasons probably including karmic. But what you have been posting has resonated so strongly with an experience Marye and I had that I just HAVE to. 

3 days ago, Marye and I just sat together in meditation. As I was keeping a space for her I 'saw' her as a bionic human.. Meaning I could see how her spine and half of her brain had been rewired into a metallic suit. The person was Marye indeed, as I knew. Also in my knowing was that this was on Sirius.

As Marye felt into all the sensations, a lot of grief and rage were uncovered. As was a deep sense of feeling like one part of her body was controlled from the outside. There were many more elements to this particular happenstance but this seemed to be the one to share. (All with her permission, of course) 

I made a heartfelt connection with members of her star soul family (?) who began what sounded to me like a rewiring process. In my seeing, I saw green tendrils of a plant surrounding and growing into the suit side. ( which as I am writing seems to symbolize making the inorganic, organic) 

I am not a facilitator, so for me this experience was fantastical. And the grief was real too. 

When we talked afterwards, I learnt she has a Masters in AI ( What are the odds) 

There was a bulb flickering in my living room throughout the session. It flickered back to light when Marye said something about me having done facilitator training in a past life, which was very interesting. 

I had originally thought of writing you an email, but feel like I need to share this with a wider audience. Hopefully it helps move stuff. 

I also have a feeling ( and this could just be innate stubborn optimism) that by doing this we are somehow dissolving the energetic basis for this to recur. 

Curioser and Curioser 


For me, deep grief I have come to recognize as Sirius grief came up. 

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I'm very grateful on behalf of the Openhand community you shared this experience on Transhumanism Megha Thumbs Up Sign

Sometimes these subjects can seem very 'out there' and not relevant for a lot of people, yet they are a fundamental aspect of a lot of people's karma and provide a context for why they might be experiencing the things they are within their own fields - strange feelings of implants, feeling disconnected from the natural flow, feeling controlled and manipulated - these kinds of feelings. So it's essential to bring awareness to the subject so that people may begin removing these influences.

For anyone else reading, check out Openhand's lead article on Entities and Implants and if you suspect you have some of this karma, you might want us to hook you up with a facilitator to help remove them...

Understanding Energy Implants and How to Remove Them

Gain Facilitator Support

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I felt to repost this article again today, "Starsouls Mastering the Sirius Karma", because it's clearly strongly activating through the current situation on earth. It's something that's coming up in the Divinicus Group that I'm leading online right now.

The Sirius Shift took place around 120 million years ago and was a shattering experience for those who were incarnated there.

Just like today, they too had built a sophisticated society based on technology. They took were exploiting their environment to the point of destruction. They were applying sophisticated technology such as (so called) "Free Energy" - yet were ignorant of the quantum impact of it. And their society too had a controlling "elite" that has transferred here.

So a lot of people carry baggage here from that time. When you think about the pandemic, and not being able to breathe, well that reflects the karmic impact of the atmosphere breaking down and literally feeling like you couldn't breathe. So we recreate what has attached and defined us karmically in the past.

But here is a great opportunity to unwind from that. And souls are realising this, which is an incredibly positive sign. More and more as the groups come through the Openhand retreats, people are able to regress into the karma, touch the source of it, then animate and express it. Thus they become liberated from it. And this awareness is rippling ever further afield. It's causing an awakeing of sovereignty and a steady emergence from the shadows of the past. I do believe that will happen here on a wide scale, which is very encouraging to witness.

So I encourage all to read through the material and to work with what comes up for you. Whatever triggers, is a golden opportunity to heal. And if you require assistance resolving through the karma, then be sure to get in touch - we'll connect you up with one of the Openhand Facilitators... Contact Us

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Dear Open, 

I have in the past few days been struggling with a tightness around my throat. And it mirrored to me very interestingly. As the world goes mad about Covid, I have been treating a little boy with an infection that started in the left foot. And then spread to the chest. It's a bug that's well known but a slightly, more insidious strain. And it got him near Deaths door, before the antibiotics brought him back. This ignited feelings of not being good enough and a Failure within me that I suspect also come from Sirius. I seem to carry such blame and grief. 

(The baby is much better today AFTER I have felt into this deep emotion).

On a very different note, something seems to have shifted today. As I was remarking to my dear friend Marye, it's almost as if a trapdoor has opened up in the field. A possibility that I did not perceive thus far. Not sure what's that about 

Curioser and Curioser :) 

Lots of love to all 




What do you do when you feel numb to everything and hollow? How do you process karma when you haven’t released energetic implants? And each time you try, it seems an uphill climb. How do you play it big when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel? 

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Hello Mystique. The key is to go right into the experience you're having. "Being numb to everything and hollow" - this is the karma to work with. When you soften deep into the numbness without needing to change it, then if there are implants, that's where you'll find them.

If it's an uphill climb, then let it be an uphill climb, BUT, without loading that with judgment. It is what it is.

If you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, stop looking. Embrace absolutely completely the situation you now find yourself in. Surrender. Accept. Feel right in.

There comes a point where you explode the myth that it is.

It does sound like post Sirius Karma to me.

Wishing you well

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Thank you, I will apply those. I think I’ve been in the 4D bubble and lost my footing. My physical life seems outside my control which affects my spiritual search. I live with family but there’s a massive disconnect, there’s a vibrational mismatch but I can’t move at this time for financial and health reasons. I have no one to engage such topics with, which I consider dangerous on a path such as this. In my dreams, I am being pursued by negative entities that take various forms or dreams of unwanted sexual nature, I don’t know what it all means. Surprisingly, I have no fears, just numbness, whereas in my bubble there was so much love and light and oneness. It all seems so confusing. I definitely believe I was and possibly still being manipulated (including genetics) by deceptive forces on the path, since I’ve had no facilitator, community or friends. Just individual practice, with highs and now lows.  

I appreciate your time ... and grateful this platform exists 

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Hi Mystique - are you able to locate a centre for the numbness? Have you explored the sacral chakra?

So when the dreams are playing, they're used a distractions from a key bodily centre. As long as you're distracted, then you're releasing energy from the unconscious spot. That's how the entities would be able to stay in your field. They can only do so where someone is inadvertantly releasing energy.

My enocuragement is to work to ignore the drama, but rather look for the epicentre of the numbness and work into that.

Much love

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Trust that you are good and well. I'd like more info about becoming a warrior.

Is it even possible from this side of the world to go through the teachings?

Love and light, Always. 


I very much felt to respost this article here today about starsouls mastering the karmic challenge of Sirius. Because I do believe it is playing out on earth right now within the virus situation.

One thing that people often experience when they have Sirius karma is challenges with breathing. I do believe it's because of the way the physicality broke down in the Sirius Shift - the air literally decomposing in people's lungs, in a simular way to which the virus can cause breathing issues here.

I do get the sense this is what's manifested here right now.

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I too resonate with the Sirius karma, however, am feeling it in the heart area.  I have also had thoughts of guilt that arose because I do not have the fear of the pandemic/pandemonium.  I do not fear the thought of loss life, belongings, restriction that seem to be so prevalent right now. I have felt more relief than anything.  I believe comes from to the rest that our Earth Mother is getting and the increase in persons going into nature causing tremendous healing with our Earth Mother, it is tangible to me.

Some relief is also present because I have fewer persons I have to interact with.  (Being empathic can be challenging.)

I also have felt karmic threads from the Lyra/Vega experience transmuting through our collective.  

I have not been writing much over the past year, but have found myself increasingly communication with my herbal and spiritual groups over the past 4 months or so.

Grateful for you, Open and a forum where we can express.

Much love, Namaste! Praying EmojiEmoji Sun Behind Cloud Emoji (The sun comes out after the storm!)


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Nice to hear from you Julie - thanks for sharing your experiences.

I often witness that when karma activates in people, they feel it in the heart first, even though the source of it - the cause - maybe somewhere else. It's because the heart chakra connects into the causal body where karma is stored - although it can then relate out to a particular part of the body.

I'd be interested to hear what lyra/vega experiences you have?

Very best wishes

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I'm not sure how to explain the feeling of this energy.  When I contemplate it my entire body feels a pulsating sensation of energy from head down to toe.  Then back up and about my shoulders I feel like a pressing or something trying to push down from the back top of my shoulders all the way up the back of my spine up beyond the top of my head. Like it's trying to break you in half, but the half isn't midway in the body it's higher up just above the midpoint of the shoulder blades.  The words that seem to fit are repressed - oppressed.  And then a sense of sadness (not grief),futility; and weighty, perhaps.   Not quite finding the words to articulate it properly.

Right now, I don't quite understand it, so, will be sitting with this one for awhile. 

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fascinating article, and comments, that I really resonate with .. especially ..

Now is not the time to continue to play it small! Yes, you may still carry the karma of past persecution, both on Sirius, in other star systems, and here on Earth. But you don't process karma by avoiding it! You have to step boldly in its direction, and unpack your fear of it.  Starsouls - and all souls realising themselves - have an incredible opportunity right now. Your gifts and energetic skills are greatly called for. You are the "Rainbow People" - the ushers in of a New 5D Paradigm on Earth. Are you ready to pick up the baton?" 

when I read this i felt a huge uprising of emotion, with tears running down my face !

I felt like I have been pulled in two directions for some time now , again the article and comments resonate strongly with my own experiences

thank you all for your wise words and sharing





Hi Margaret - thanks for the powerful sharing. I especially liked this...

Sometimes, in difficult moments, I suddenly drop in the now and there is such a richness in this intimacy with self, time slows down and a possibility of choice appears… like a jewel buried in a dark soil for ages.


Open yes


Yep. There is something powerful happening in the field. It feels to me like a new thick wave of consciousness passing through this planet. It stirs my soul and I’m feeling more awake than ever.

Open said:

“If you exploit the energy of the system, or bring other energy into it, then it will have an effect on the whole.” – this made me think about the synthetic reality supported by the mass media and various “social movements” – it seems (just like Anatoly had noticed) the “general” energy doesn’t want to flow there anymore. What remained and fills in these fake constructs is this harsh energy such as rage, fear, judgment and lately female victimization. The latter one is especially interesting – it feels like women are given false carrots of empowerment, which are not really empowering. They are traps, because hope based on a lie is a trap.

So, it feels to me like the matrix system is now fed by this stream of unbalanced and unsteady flows of energy. Collective consciousness is peeling off the old paradigm and the matrix gets supplied with the volatile stream of that what remains. Actually the inflection point image illustrates it quite well. The bottom current is represented by a dotted line, which to me represents the instability of that lower flow.

Open said:

Now is not the time to continue to play it small! Yes, you may still carry the karma of past persecution, both on Sirius, in other star systems, and here on Earth.” - Yep. No more hiding. The experience on Syrius had taught me the importance of personal choice and the futility of looking back. Some choices may break you temporarily, but there is nothing as corrosive as standing back with a yearning of an unfulfilled soul. No more, not for me.

It’s not all so easy on my front though, it’s been challenging times. The painful distortions that I somehow managed to conveniently banish out of my view came back to life and there is nowhere to hide. With this current wave of consciousness I began to receive tons of messages via dreams and geometrical patterns as soon as I close my eyes. It feels like my consciousness is replaced with a new one, bit by bit (mostly during sleep, so I sometimes wake up a different person).

I’m feeling those two currents mentioned in the article pulling my energy simultaneously within. It sometimes triggers a fight or flight response in my body. My guidance tells me to remain firmly in the moment (especially at the peak of a distortion) to pay close attention to what is. Sometimes, in difficult moments, I suddenly drop in the now and there is such a richness in this intimacy with self, time slows down and a possibility of choice appears… like a jewel buried in a dark soil for ages. There is a choice to remain within the old patterns (the lower/unconscious energy current) or to just be free (becoming weightless, going up up). Inside every ache there is a treasure. Go there. 


PS When I was typing this post an email came in... it was from Sirius XM, the subject line was "Don't miss another minute". I get it. I'm paying attention. All in. I just love this when it happens!!! Hahaha



We've played it before here on Openhandweb. But it seems entirely appropriate to play it here again. The poem "Rage against the dieing of the light" from that marvellous film Interstellar....



Some interesting synchronicities i recently noticed while on a business trip.  First of all, while reading the article, i found that the salad apparently good on outside is mostly rotten inside.  Also, while traveling a lot of disabled signs coming up in parking lot or airport.  While in the meetings, i felt so out of it and not feeling like participating at all.  Feeling like the old paradigm is coming to the end - the energy is not there anymore.

Anyway, i feel the urge to help with the shift.  Thanks Open for bringing this to the spotlight again!  I have been going though some internal energy movements myself recently.  Along the spine and head activations - some energy movement, pressure in the head.  Hard to describe all of it.  

I will be connecting with all of you in the ether and also looking forward to La Palmer trip.

With Love and Support,


P.S.  I know i still have to work through my own shit but feels like i am making progress. 


Hi Open. 

Thank you so much for this article. I was also there when Sirius B exploded - and I have been back there with my consciousness, working through the effects of that experience, many times since. 

If anyone is feeling that karma from this experience may be coming up for them and would like help working through it, as a member of the Openhand facilitator team, I’d be very happy to help facilitate you on this. 

Blessings to all and thanks again for the article! <3

Here's a link to Tonya's Biog in the Facilitator Network