Can Cryptocurrency Help Us Escape Centralised Banking Control?

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I oriignally wrote this article back in 2014 about the inexorable rise of cryptocurrency and it's value as a means of getting away from Central Banking Hegemonay. Cryptocurrencies offer the potential for people to trade and exchange with each other across decentralised platforms on a new technology basis called "Blockchain", which has the capacity to overturn technological dominance by silicon valley. Although big institutions are now beginning to take cryptocurrency seriously, and likely seek to influence its growth, nevertheless, it's highly likely to be a new way for us to trade with each other in the future, and especially beginning now, as fiat currency deflates due to excessive bailout funding in the wake of the recent virus pandemic.

Update note: When I originally wrote this intro article, I know that some people were inspired to investigate particularly Bitcoin. Those that did, will have witnessed a 20 fold rise in value since then. It's highly likely to double again in the next couple of years. But at this time, for anyone interested, I would encourage an exploration of the digital decentralised trading platform "ethereum", whereupon you trade "ether". The team behind it seem highly innovative and skilled. I would also advocate that you only involve yourself if you resonate with the ethos behind it, which seems to be about empowering the individual within exchanges.

Rise of the crypto-currencies

In my article Gaia's Dramatic Healing, I spoke of change happening strongly in the underlying flow that's going to put huge pressure on out-dated systems of inequity - like the financial system. Because of excess consumerism beyond what the world can sustain, and excessive unsustainable borrowing through unreal money printing, economies are teetering on the brink. What we need is a revolution that takes people away from the Central Banking Monopoly where 'energy' exchange has been hijacked by the 'Banksters' essentially frauding people on a mass scale. Well perhaps with the new 'crypto-currencies' that revolution has already begun.

Update note: the mainstream financial institutions are not going to go away over night, without a worldwide shift in consciousness. Mainstream institutions are now very much getting into cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But at least, as yet, they don't have control over it.

Bazaar Mentality

The Bazaar mentality of exchanging goods and services has been in the human psyche from an early time. Exchange between one another creates great uplifting feedback loops when they are fair, equitable and mutually supporting. Then printed money came along and changed all that - radically! Printed money is really just a promise to pay, issued by the original banks in return for a deposit of gold. So in this way, money was 'pegged' to the value of gold which people then began to exchange without need to exchange the gold itself. It also added greater flexibility than just simply bartering. And since there was only a finite supply of the precious metal, then the value of the money would remain consistent. This was all fine (to a degree) until in 1971 the US unilaterally terminated convertability of the Dollar (the global reserve currency) to Gold. The currency would now float freely in value and together with the Fractional Reserve Banking, essentially meant that through the Central Banks, Governments could literally create money out of thin air in order to fuel their political - and frequently short term - aspirations. As ever more money is printed, over time its value decreases through the inflationary effect on dwindling natural resources.

In effect, both the people and the planet are being held hostage by a system that owns all the resources and makes people work ever harder for less. The situation is worsened by the fact that the central banks are mostly privately owned organisations whose purpose is to make profit for a small group of share holders.

How can we change this unbalanced and vastly inequitable money-go-round?

Birth of the crypto currency

The problem for our ancient 'Bazaar' roots of equitable exchange, is that it's been hijacked by a third party that's replaced the fair value exchange for printed paper, which it then continues to devalue by printing ever more of.

- What if instead we could have an agreed exchange directly between people cutting out the greedy and deceptive middle man?

- What if the cost of such exchange could be extremely low rather than the current exorbitant exchange commissions?

- What if the amount issued of that currency could be limited to a pre-agreed sum so that it cannot be ridiculously devalued in the way that fiat (paper) money is being?

If people used such a currency - in agreement between themselves - and then started transferring trade to that system, it would greatly diminish the power of the Central Banks and the unfair involvement of corporations within government. You and I would decide between us what the value of goods and services should be without any interfering (and very greedy) middle man. Sound too good to be true? Well such 'crypto currencies' have already been growing strongly for some time. Like for example 'bitcoin' and 'ether'. They are digital currencies, which you can buy for your rapidly devaluing fiat money. You can then send packets of it anywhere in the world instantly at the click of a button to someone else who has an online bitcoin wallet, or to a virtual shop owner. Although in its early days, more and more vendors are now taking payment this way and the value of bitcoin skyrocketed over the course of the last few years. Although I hasten to add in these early days, it's value is fluctuating quite wildly as with any early adopter that has to iron out unforeseen glitches.

Update note: it would be highly surprising if digital currencies such as bitcoin and ether didn't rise strongly in the next couple of years due to the inflationary stimulus of the paper money economy.

Unstable waters?

"Instability! Criminality!" are classic cries by the state run media due to the unregulated and anonymous nature of trading. Personally I find that quite ironic and even hypocritical when you consider the outright fleecing that is institutionalised into the very bedrock of the state controlled system.

It certainly hasn't stopped me investigating and exploring this new exchange paradigm. Especially as I can already feel a crunch coming sometime soon in the global fiat monetary system. When it goes down, as it surely will, I'd like to be able to continue to exchange fairly with awakening souls overseas. It's quite a strong imperative of my soul to connect and offer out the Openhand work yet still be able to thrive in society for as long as it exists.

Fair exchange

So I see the emergence of new online currencies outside of the controlling regulation (the hyperinflationary 'stealing') by governments and banks as a great way to begin a new financial revolution by the people which serves the people as opposed to corporations (nothwithstanding that corporations will try to influence the new currencies and trading systems). We're also seeing the emergence of local currencies which can have the same effect. That's not to mention good old bartering which is once more on the rise and always reintroduced when the bubble of paper money explodes. So I encourage us all to look for the new ways to revolutionise the money go round.

Finally you might find this cryptocurrency video by the Mythical Good Morning crew both informative and funny, even though produced several years ago...

Roll on the revolution!...


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There are many ongoing and fascinating developments in the world of cryptocurrency. We really are at the dawning of a new revolution in technology, where dencentralised trading begins to challenge the hegemony of the ancient and decrepid centralised banking system - it really is this enslavement that underpins the corporatocracy in society which humanity is currently working to break free from.
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One of the great challenges we face is that of censorship of anything that questions the state narrative. But there are countless movements around the world that are emerging to challenge the bias and propaganda. I've spoken recently about how I see the shadow construct of the old paradigm being unwound through conserted action by a growing rebellion of consciousness around the world - one that's arising in a multitude of ways. Why would the likes of google, twitter and facebook block advertisements for cryptocurrency? Exactly because it challenges the centralised control.

Well this censorship is currently backfiring in a spectacular way, that could hit them hardest where they feel it most - in the pocket. A class action law suit has been initiated by the crypto world against these dinosaurs to the massive tune of $300 Billion for the unjust undermining effect that they've had. Now that is very big news in terms of the challenges the shadow system is beginning to face.

Check out the first few minutes of this video to understand what has currently been initiated. I do believe the dam is soon set to break...